Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
Through The Dragon's Teeth

Chapter 53: Through The Dragon's Teeth


'Dragons' - Dragonese

They finally managed to open the door. Hiccup and Roana kicked down the door and let out sighs of relief. The riders quickly got on deck and spotted Marina as she got on deck as well. The dragon riders dodged all the activity going on as they went over to Marina.

"Finally got out?" Merida asked.

"Yes, finally." Marina replied.

On the deck, Kale was shouting orders to the crew as they made adjustments. Marina and the riders ducked as Rat swung on the ropes above their head. Vlad, a bulker and European looking man, spins his plank around causing the group to duck quickly. His eyes widened in surprise as he noticed their crouched form.

"Oh, pardon me my ladies and lads." He apologized politely.

Marina sighed as she straightened herself up and stared ahead of them. Her face paled as she stared up at the daunting, jagged, rocky cliffs before them. The sky above it was a dreary grey and the opening to it was barely enough room of the ship to fit through.

"The Dragon's Teeth?" Marina whispered worriedly. The dragon riders looked at her in surprise before glancing back at the cavern warily. They heard a noise from above and watched as Rat leapt off the main sail and hung in front of them.

"Indeed Señoritas and Señors. Only the most FOOLISH OF CAPTAINS would dare venture into the teeth." Rat told them, shouting out at his captain bitterly as he did.

"Rat rig the port sail!" Sinbad scolded from across the ship. The man shrugged at Marina sheepishly.

"Excuse me senorita." He told Marina bashfully and whipped out of sight.

Marina pursed her lips thoughtfully and made her way to the back of the ship where Sinbad was holding the wheel with the riders behind her.

"Are you sure-" Merida started.

"Yes we've done this kind of thing before." Sinbad interrupted.

"But-" Carlos began.

"No, there is no other way." Sinbad interrupted again.

"But you-" Marina protested.

"And yes, you have my permission to stand there quietly and get a free lesson in sailing." Sinbad interrupted once more.

"You know-" Marina protested again.

"Besides…a ship is no place for a woman." Sinbad told her smugly, ending the conversation.

Marina and the rider's eyes widened at Sinbad.

"He did not just say that." Roana growled with narrow eyes.

"He did." Carlos responded.

Marina, Roana, Merida, and Audrey grunted at Sinbad's insult of their femininity. Then Carlos, Merida, and Audrey went back down the stairs onto the deck while Hiccup and Roana stayed at the back of the ship.

"Jin, easy on the main." Sinbad called in warning to his crew member, who shouted back in response.

As the ship approached the foggy entrance to the Dragon's Teeth, everyone was sent into an eerie silence. Although they would never admit it, the haunting atmosphere paired with all the legends of the place frightened all of them and all they could do was look around warily. As they fully entered the only sound that could be heard was the scraping of the main sail against an overhanging rock formation.

"Steady as she goes." Sinbad ordered, his voice echoing along the silent cavern. All the crew members and dragon riders held their positions as their eyes flickered around watchfully.

"Rocks off the starboard bow." Rat warned from his position in the crow's nest.

Sinbad nodded silently and steered the ship away from them. As they continued further into the cave, remains of shattered ships could be seen littering every surface around the water. Hundreds and hundreds of ships that never made it out of this dreaded place. Marina furrowed her brows as a faint eerie singing sound could be heard. However, she brushed it off, thinking it was just the wind blowing through.

"Steady." Sinbad called again, a tint of wariness in his voice.

"Hiccup, something's not right." Roana muttered nervously from beside Hiccup.

The boy glanced back at her and instinctively shifted closer to her form. He had felt a little uneasy too. The ship graveyard was creepy and he couldn't help but wonder how those ships crashed on top of the rocks while the water here was so calm. The riders, Marina, and Sinbad looked up at a mermaid on the bow of the ship as they passed by. However, Hiccup, Roana, and Marina noticed that it was still dripping, like it had just gotten wet. The singing was heard again and Marina walked over to the railing of the deck. She didn't notice the dazed expression that was making its way onto Hiccup and Sinbad's face.

"What is that sound?" Marina asked.

Sinbad lazily shushed her, as he was being drawn in by the music. Roana and Marina's eyes furrowed as they saw something leaping out of the mermaid forms of the boats, into the waters. The girl's eyes widened in alarm as more of the clear women leaped into the water.

"Sinbad." Marina whispered again warningly. As she reached her hand out to get his attention, she was alarmed to see him slumped over the wheel, his head resting causally in his hand while a goofy smile was spread across his face. Spike's barking grabbed the girls' attention and they rushed over to where he was. As they peered into the water below, water women with glowing eyes leapt out of the water gracefully.

"Sirens." Marina gasped.

The sirens circled the ship, enticing the men aboard who were stumbling around to follow after them. The girls peered over the edge again to watch them and the creatures sent them devilish smiles. This explained the wreckages. Marina instantly rushed back over and tried to shake the captain out of his stupor.

"Sinbad?" she yelled at him, but he wasn't budging. As the ship continued sailing on, it hit a rock on the side as they entered the rapids. The force of the hit threw Marina into the man, who was still attached to the wheel. So as they slipped, the ship turned to the side. Another rock forced them back straight and she called out again as she clutched onto his biceps. "Sinbad?!" she shouted at him, waving her hand in front of his face. "Jin…Lee?" Marina called out to the Asian twins before her. They were too busy dancing around in a daze to hear her.

"Come and get it ladies!" another member shouted, revealing his sickly thin torso.

"Kale?" she asked nervously. The man in question leaned against the railing at the end of the ship and ran his hand over his head seductively.

"Come with me and we'll speak of love." He muttered to the water.

"Carlos?" Audrey called out as he danced around and then tripped over his own feet and landed face first onto the deck.

Merida and Audrey watched with wide eyes as Rat blew a kiss to the sirens before slamming face first into the mast. They were all under the creature's spell. Marina then turned to Sinbad in exasperation.

"Who's bad….Sinbad." he muttered lazily, trying to be seductive.

"Uh! Men!" Marina scoffed, gesturing wildly to the dazed fools in front of her. The water turned faster. Audrey and Merida spotted the sirens sitting over on a mass of rocks, practically asking for the ship to be run ashore.

"Marina the rocks!" Merida called out frantically.

Thinking fast Marina yanked Sinbad's legs out from under him, causing the wheel to spin wildly and the boat to lurch to the side. She quickly snatched the spinning wheel, to steady the ship. As she gained control of the ship, the Sirens rose up on a big wave at the end of the boat. The men spotted them and reached for them sluggishly. Once they had their attention, the sirens crashed onto the ship, knocking them all over with a large wave behind them.

"I saw her first." Jin claimed as he was the first to stumble up and chase after the water women. The others soon followed. Marina glanced around frantically as she searched for an idea. Her eyes landed on the three female dragon riders and Spike who was sitting by his master on the ground. She handed the dog and riders two lengths of rope.

"Surround the deck now." She ordered them and the dog took off. Merida and Audrey surrounded the stumbling Carlos and men and tightened the rope, holding them in a pile together. Roana noticed Hiccup was about to go overboard and quickly grabbed him from behind and tied him to the post behind Marina. Marina smiled as she saw that they were safe for now.

"Amore, amore!" Audrey heard Rat calling as he swung down towards the water below.

"Rat?!" Marina screeched in alarm, forgetting that he was always in the ropes above. Rat held onto his rope and leaned down dangerously close to the water siren. "Roana take the wheel!" she ordered and dove for the pile of rope on the other end of the ship. Roana quickly ran over to the helm as Marina sprang into action. Throwing a rope above the mast, she bolted into over to the side as she spotted Rat get taken under. Hanging on to the two ends she leapt off and used her momentum to swing along the water surface, reach down and hook the back of Rat's trousers with the metal hook. As she swung back on the ship, she quickly pulled in order to raise him above the ship, before tying the rope around the mast. As she was finishing up, another siren made her way to land in front of Sinbad, who had just stumbled up.

"Spike, get Sinbad!" Marina shouted as the man was stumbling after the siren towards the edge of the boat. Just as his master was about to jump off, Spike grabbed onto his pants. Sinbad was briefly knocked out of his stupor as he let out a shout of pain while Spike yanked him backwards. Sinbad spun out in another direction where yet another siren was waiting for him. the woman caressed his face, bringing him back into the trance. The ship collided with another downed ship, throwing Marina against the railing harshly. The ship then went straight down a waterfall, causing Marina to fly over the railings and land into Sinbad's arms as she squashed the water siren he had been kissing. To her alarm Sinbad continued kissing the girl in front of him unknowingly. Marina froze in surprise as she processed that her lips were on Sinbad's. Trying not to dwell on it too long she reached up to punch him in the face, knocking him out on the deck.

"Marina!" Audrey shouted in alarm as she spotted a huge rock at the end of the cavern, where the water collided harshly with it. Racing back up to the helm Marina searched for an alternate route. Up ahead she watched a piece of driftwood float up to the rock before the water forced it up to crash with overhanging spikes. If they didn't do something soon, this would be their fate. As she searched around Marina noticed a clear escape…. right behind a large pileup of ships.

"Spike, the blades!" She ordered frantically. Roana let Marina take over the ship as Roana went to hold onto the railing and Merida and Audrey hung onto the railing on the stairs. Spike ran over and released the sharp blades along both sides of the ship while Marina yanked the wheel to the side, steering it towards the pileup. All of the girls smiled in determination as they plowed through the piles of wood easily before running over the sirens at the end. The creatures shouted in fright as they disappeared underneath the ship as it was launched over a makeshift ramp and flew out of the dreaded cavern, landing with a harsh thud onto the calm sea beyond.

The girls breathed a sigh of relief as the ship steadied itself on the water, finally free of whatever they had just encountered. Audrey and Merida went over to the men and untied the ropes around Carlos and the men before making their way up to the upper deck where their friends were as Roana untied Hiccup.

"Ugh, what happened?" Hiccup groaned, placing his right hand on his forehead.

"Sirens." Roana said as she held her hand out to him.

"Sirens?" Hiccup pondered as he grabbed onto her hand and she pulled him to his feet.

"That's how all those ships had crashed." Audrey stated.

"They were lured in by the sirens." Merida added.

"Thank goodness you girls were able to save us." Hiccup thanked the three girls.

"You're welcome, Hiccup." Roana smiled.

Then Carlos came up to them.

"You girls really did save us." Carlos said.

"Sure did." Roana, Merida, and Audrey agreed while Marina just smiled.

Sinbad coughed up the seawater in his lunge and grasped the railing to steady himself. He carefully pulled himself up and peered at the view in front of him, noticing that it was not at all like what he last remembered. Straightening up to see the open sea in front of him he wheeled around to spot Marina at the wheel and the five dragon riders perched atop the railing beside her. Sinbad groaned, knowing that he had to thank her and the other girls. He steeled himself before making his way across the ship as his crew came out of their trance.

"What happened?" one of the men muttered.

"Sinbad saved us." Lee piped up.

"No, Marina, Merida, Audrey, and Roana." Rat corrected dreamily.

Sinbad groaned again, rolling his eyes skyward. Just what he needed, his crew fawning over the women that he was trying to deter. The men murmured out agreements as they realized what happened. Sinbad remained silent as he continued up the stairs to the deck with Spike going up the steps ahead of him.

"Aww it's our little hero. You were so brave! Yes, you were." Merida cooed at Spike he pranced his way over next to her and Marina, pleased with the acknowledgement he was getting. Sinbad stuttered a moment, trying to find his words before clearing his throat, alerting the women and the male riders to his presence.

"Still think a ship is no place for a woman?" Marina taunted, shooting him a knowing glance. Sinbad went to agree with her but stopped short, growling in frustration and clenched his fist and glared at her.

"Absolutely!" he shouted. Spike whined and rolled his eyes as the three female riders glared at Sinbad. "I mean, look at my ship! This railing was hand-carved mahogany!" he sputtered, gesturing to the demolished railing beside them. "And here! These moldings came all the way from Damascus!" he added, flailing his arms wildly. "Do you have any idea what I went through to steal these?" He asked her heatedly.

"That's exactly why women shouldn't drive." He pointed out smugly.

"Are you serious!?" Merida and Audrey exasperated.

"We saved your life!" Marina shouted.

"And now you're complaining about things you didn't even pay for?!" Roana shouted back at him.

"I would have been fine. I always am." He countered, brushing Marina aside from the wheel. She went to retaliate but took a breath instead.

"Right…." She muttered bitterly before she and the three girls storming away towards the lower quarters. The crew and the two boy riders watched them attentively, moving aside as the fuming females made their way through and headed down to the deck below.

"And you chipped the paint! Look at it, that's more than a scratch." Sinbad added tauntingly. Marina growled and slammed the doors behind her without another word. Once the doors shut the crew whipped around to stare at their captain pleadingly. Sinbad jerked his head back in surprise.

"Sinbad, if it weren't for the girls, we would have all been killed and this ship would just be another collection of destroyed ones back there." Hiccup reasoned, pointing at where they had just exited out of over his shoulder with his thumb.

"So very true." Carlos agreed with his arms crossed.

He looked back at everyone's expressions and groaned, screwing his eyes shut in annoyance before reluctantly stomping his way down the stairs muttering. "The dog…..and the crew…and those boys…those women." he pouted, physically hating that he had to go apologize to them. Once he reached the doors he pounded harshly, but no sound was heard. He glared back at his crew and the two riders. They all crossed their arms and looked at him pointedly. Sinbad groaned again and they watched in amusement as their captain was so infuriated by a woman. He pounded on the doors again.

"What!" Marina shouted, angrily popping out of the doorway.

"Thank you!" he shouted back in annoyance.

"You're welcome!" she spat back.

"No problem!"

"Don't worry about it!"

"I won't!"



"Goodbye to you!" she spat back at him and slammed the doors shut. Sinbad huffed heavily and turned to face his men and the two male dragon riders giving them a 'are you happy now' look. They all grinned before getting back to work on the ship, satisfied with how that went. He glanced over at his happy dog.

"You happy now?" he asked sarcastically.

Spike yipped as an answer, his tail wagging rapidly. Sinbad rolled his eyes. Without another word, he turned to head back in the opposite direction. Hiccup and Carlos glanced back over their shoulders at him as he was leaving and snickered. Unknown to him, Spike had ripped a hole in his pants to reveal a bare butt. The two boys grinned cheekily at the sight before shaking themselves out of it.

I only fear danger where I want to fear it. - Franz Kafka

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