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Thief vs Prince

Chapter 50: Thief vs. Prince


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The group plus their new additions, Roana and Luna, were flying across the big blue ocean. They hoped to see a new land soon and explore the wonders it might hold. Hiccup noticed something in the distance. He took out his telescope and focused on the object in the distance. When the focus was clear, he recognized that it was a ship. But he didn't recognize the symbol on the sails it had.

"What is it, Hiccup?" Roana asked.

"A ship. But I don't recognize the flags." Hiccup replied, pointing at the ship in the distance.

Roana took out her telescope to see the ship that Hiccup spotted. Roana knew who the ship belonged to.

"It's Syracuse." Roana said.

"Syracuse?" Merida asked.

"A city full of knowledge, culture, and good wine." Roana told the other riders.

"Sounds interesting." Carlos commented.

"Should we follow them?" Audrey suggested.

"No, if we do that, they might think we're enemies. It might be better if one of us confronted them and explained to them." Roana decided.

"That might work." Hiccup agreed.

"I'll go. I know their customs." Roana volunteered.

"Okay. Good luck." Hiccup said.

Roana and Luna flew ahead to try and talk with the captain of the ship. The others stayed behind as they waited for Roana to return. Soon enough Roana returned and told them to follow her to the ship. They flew towards the ship and gently landed on the top deck. Hiccup was amazed by the armor and clothing. Not to mention the boat as well. All of the riders dismounted and stood by their dragons.

"Everyone, I would like you all to meet Prince Proteus." Roana gestured to the man next to her.

Prince Proteus had long brown hair tied back in a low ponytail and dark gray eyes. He wore blue themed colored clothes with an armored shoulder pad on his right side with a strap around his left side and brown gloves on his hands with a sword strapped to his waist.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, your highness." Hiccup greeted Proteus.

"Likewise, so what's your name?" 'Proteus' asked.

"I'm Hiccup and these are my dragons. The black one is Toothless and the small green one is Sharpshot." Hiccup gestured to his dragons.

"Hello." Toothless and Sharpshot warbled next to Hiccup.

"I'm Carlos and this is Cielo." Carlos greeted, Cielo beside him.

"Hi." Cielo warbled.

"Princess Merida of DunBroch and this is Aileana." Merida gestured to herself and her Deadly Nadder.

"A pleasure to meet you." Aileana squawked, bowing her head.

"I'm Audrey and this is Quicksilver." Audrey introduced herself and her Razorwhip beside her.

"Please to meet you." Quicksilver grunted.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you." Proteus greeted back, "I never thought that dragons existed until I saw all of you."

"We get that alot." Hiccup shrugged.

"From what Roana had told me, you're all traveling together." Proteus commented.

"Yes, we're exploring." Merida agreed.

"Well, you're all welcomed to come to Syracuse for the celebration." Proteus said.

"Celebration?" Carlos asked.

"We finally found the Book of Peace and we're bringing it to Syracuse." Proteus replied.

"The Book of Peace?" Hiccup asked, interested.

"It's a historical treasure that is said to bring peace and harmony to all of the kingdoms." Proteus explained.

"Wow." Roana said, awed.

"Can we see it, please?" Hiccup pleaded.

Proteus pondered as he gazed at the dragon riders who looked very eager to see the treasure. He suppose it won't do any harm if he showed it to them. After all, not many have ever got the chance to see it.

"Alright then, follow me." Proteus gestured to them to follow him.

Proteus led them to the cabin on the top deck and opened the door. He went in first and the riders and the dragons followed after him. When they entered the room, they were curious about the light blue glow around the room. Proteus led them over to a podium where they were able to see an open blue hardcover book laid out on it. When they got closer, they were in awe at the book. They saw a light blue glowing page that had symbols on it. It was like they were floating on the ocean with no depth within it.

"Amazing." Hiccup whispered.

"It's beautiful." Roana smiled.

"I've never seen anything like it." Merida said.

"Fascinating." Carlos commented.

"Wow." Audrey gazed at it.

"Will this book really bring peace and harmony?" Hiccup asked Proteus.

"Yes, my father has always dreamed that this sacred treasure would be found and brought to Syracuse for protection." Proteus replied.

"But what happens if the book is ever closed?" Audrey asked.

"A definitive darkness will take its place and lead the lands to become ripe for chaos and disorder." Proteus told her.

"Somehow that reminds me of when Ruber merged Excalibur with himself." Audrey told the prince.

"Yeah, a dark trail of clouds was following us at the time." Merida added.

"I'm just glad that the guy was vanquished by the sword's magic." Carlos commented.

"A horrible time." Hiccup stated.

"Indeed." Audrey agreed.

"I assume that you've been on a lot of adventures lately." Proteus said.

"Yeah, we've had some pretty amazing ones." Carlos responded.

"If it's not too much, I would like to hear about them." Proteus requested.

"We would love to." Hiccup accepted.

Later that day, the dragon riders were telling Proteus about their adventures before they came across the prince. Let's just say that the prince was very interested in how they all met. He was mostly shocked when they spoke of Olaf the talking snowman. He didn't believe them at first, but they managed to convince him. However, they kept a few things that were secretive in Elena's kingdom like the Noblins. Overall, Proteus and his crew enjoyed listening to the stories of their adventures.

It was the next morning and the dragon riders were helping Proteus's crew. They were at different parts of the ship while gazing at the horizon while the dragons were flying up in the clouds. They were glad it was a nice and relaxing morning so far. But Hiccup had a strange feeling that it wouldn't last for long. So Hiccup went to the back of the ship and stared at the blue sky. He wondered what Syracuse was like. Every place they had been to so far, have been very interesting.

"Hiccup, look over there!" Sharpshot warbled, breaking Hiccup out of his thoughts. He turned his attention to the horizon and spotted a smaller but swift vessel, sporting orange sails just behind them. He quickly turned around and saw Proteus near the helm.

"Proteus, there's a ship coming this way!" Hiccup yelled, pointing at the direction where the ship was coming from. Proteus went over to Hiccup's side and caught sight of the vessel coming towards them.

"Pirates." Proteus said.

"Pirates?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes, I never thought we would encounter them so soon." Proteus replied and turned to his men, "Men, prepare for attack."

Proteus and Hiccup rushed to the deck where the other riders gathered. They looked over to the side of the ship and saw the swift vessel coming towards them. Hiccup spotted metal hooks on the side of the ship. These hooks then latched onto Proteus's ship, which caused the members of the crew and the dragon riders to slightly stumble. The riders soon spotted a man flip in the air while pulling out twin swords and dove into the middle of a mob of soldiers. The man's crew also boards the ship to fight the royal guards. The riders joined in on the fight as they took out their weapons and helped Proteus who was having a little bit of trouble of his own. But soon enough they were able to even the odds.

"Still fight like an old lady." A male voice commented, interrupting them.

"Sinbad?" Proteus asked,turning around.

When he let down his guard, he and the riders were instantly tackled to the ground. 'Sinbad' winced and let out a playful chuckle from his spot on the wall. He pushed himself off of it and advanced toward Proteus. Three men held him down, but let him up when they saw that their captain knew him. Proteus pushed them off and stood up to look at the man. Then the other pirates let the dragon riders go who brushed themselves off once they stood up. Hiccup finally got a look at the man Proteus knew as 'Sinbad'. The man had dark grey eyes, a circle beard, and short brown hair that stuck out from the black and red cap he wore which matched with his red and black themed clothes. He had one sword on his back and waist.

"Sinbad?" Proteus asked in disbelief. "What are you doing here?!" Sinbad pulled out his knife with a flare.

"I'm working." He easily replied. Turning towards the locked door he stabbed the handle with the knife and opened up the door. "You?" he casually asked, glancing back.

"What happened to you?!" Proteus continued. He was more affected by the sudden reconnection. "Where have you been?!" Sinbad scoffed.

"I'd love to stop and catch up but I've got things to do, places to go, things to steal." He told Proteus, avoiding the questions. His crew chuckled and stayed outside while the two friends walked into the room. The dragon riders decided to stay outside as well.

"I admit that you five fight pretty well." A male voice said.

The five riders turned to the large man with dark brown skin, big gold hoop earrings on his ears, wore no shirt, and had long pants and boots.

"Thanks, I guess." Hiccup said.

"Not bad for a bunch of kids." Another thief commented.

"I suppose." Carlos agreed.

Suddenly they heard a very large thump from behind them. They turned around and saw large tentacles coming up from the front of the ship. When the head of the creature appeared, practically everyone was shocked at its appearance. The riders were more slack jawed at this creature.

"The Kraken." Roana whispered.

"The what?" Audrey asked, turning to Roana.

"It's the Kraken. A huge monster that terrorizes the seas. I thought it was just stories." Roana replied.

"Well you thought that dragons were stories, right?" Hiccup retorted.

"Can't argue with that." Roana agreed.

At that moment, the pirates left the ship and went onto theirs while the royal guards went off to fight the creature. The riders heard hurried footsteps behind them and Proteus and Sinbad came up beside them. They too were slack jawed at this sea creature.

"Dear gods…." Proteus mumbled.

The creature raised its head about the water and looked down at the crew, its arms flapping around and taking some of them out. The front of the boat tips forward as the creature continues to attempt to climb aboard the royal ship. The dog, known as Spike, ran toward the beast happily barking. He bit into the end of one of the arms and hung on while it tried to shake him off. Sinbad chuckled at his dog.

"Go Spike." He mused. After a few moments Spike was flung off toward Sinbad's ship, still chewing on the detached piece of tentacle. Sinbad sheathed his sword to his back and turned to a distraught Proteus and worried dragon riders. "Well I see you're busy, so..." He turned to the side and punched Proteus' shoulder. "Stay in touch." He walked to the edge of the railing.

"Wait, Wait! You're just going to run away?!" Proteus chased after him. Sinbad paused while holding onto the rigging. He turned to look at Proteus.

"Uh, yea." He told him, as if it was obvious.

Proteus and the riders dashed off with a scowl. Unexpectedly, a numerous amount of plasma blasts hit the tentacles which turned its attention towards the dragons who flew around the ship.

"Sorry we're late!" Toothless roared.

"Actually, perfect timing!" Hiccup shouted before he and the riders went off to fight the Kraken while the dragons were fighting off the other tentacles with their fire blasts.

On the main deck Proteus and the riders were with Proteus's men trying to fend off the monster. Dodging the tentacles they were slashing at it with their swords while Proteus threw spears. He and Merida jumped onto a limb and stabbed it. Behind them another arm knocked them off onto the deck. Proteus landed on his shoulder hard. After a few dazed moments, Proteus slowly started to stand back up. Carlos went over to Hiccup to help him up while Audrey helped Merida. The beast lifted up its head, revealing a mouth underneath. It shot out its tongue and stuck it to the soldier beside the prince, and pulled the screaming man into its mouth. Proteus and the riders reached out in desperation but could do nothing.

"Heads up!" came a shout behind them.

Turning, they saw Sinbad with a torch in his hand. With a smile he lit a barrel of gunpowder and jumped on the end of a plank. This launched the barrel into the air, so the monster could see it and catch it in its mouth. It did just that. Sinbad went over and helped his friend stand up, since he was crouched on the ground in shock. Proteus rubbed his arm, and looked back at the monster.

"Stand by for sushi." Sinbad informed, as they both watched in anticipation. The beast looked agitated and then shot up a little as it exploded inside. Opening its mouth it shot out a heap of slime all over the boat and smoke came out of its nose. This slime shot out over everyone and they held their hands up trying to avoid some of it. Along with the slime came the man that was recently swallowed. He landed not far from the prince and the thief and sat stunned for a moment. Suddenly he bubbled up with rage and gave a battle cry before running back to fight off the creature that swallowed him. Sinbad and Proteus along with the riders' eyes furrowed, watching this.

"Give that guy a raise." Sinbad commented with wide eyes.

Angrier than before, the monster continued to attack. The two heroes ducked under a couple tentacles. Proteus grabbed Sinbad's arm and turned to go.

"Come on, come on!" he tried to rush his friend. But Sinbad had a different plan in mind.

"Wait, stand your ground." He put his fingers in his mouth and let out a chirping of whistles.

"What are you doing?!" Proteus exclaimed.

"Hey! Hey, hey! Lobster boy, over here!" Sinbad shouted, getting the beast's attention. It shot out its tongue again, but Sinbad moved aside. Instead he pinned the tongue to the deck of the boat, with his sword. This slightly immobilized the monster.

"Run!" Sinbad shouted.

"Fall back!" Proteus shouted at his men along with the riders, not quite catching on to Sinbad's plan.

They ran toward one of the two main masts. Looking up Sinbad saw a sharp and broken end of a mast pointing down towards the creature and formed another plan. He grabbed some rope and stopped at the base off the mast. Wrapping the rope around, they each grabbed a side and then grabbed the other's forearm. With a nod they quickly scaled up the mast. Sinbad snatched a dagger in his mouth and mumbled for them to keep climbing.

"And the plan?" Proteus asked once they reached the top.

"How about 'try not to get killed?" Sinbad told him. He quickly cut one of the ropes so the point was even more extremely angled down at the sea monster on the deck. Proteus was hanging onto the part of the rigging that was still attached. Sinbad climbed a bit higher up the mast. "Here, you'll need this." He tossed the dagger to Proteus.

"Where are you going?" He asked looking up at his friend. Sinbad had climbed to the very top of the mast and had one hand on the rope between the tops of the two main masts on the boat.

"Fishing." He happily replied. Swinging himself up like an acrobat he stood up on the thin rope. He began walking across it like a tightrope walker, all the while mumbling a 'left, right, left, right' to help him keep his balance. The pinned attacker on the deck looked up and saw him. Trying to make him fall, it reached one of its tentacles up to knock him off. Sinbad was too quick. He swiftly leapt to the other mast and to the top of the sail mast. Across the way Proteus nervously watched, hoping for the safety of his friend. Once he saw Sinbad safely on the other side he squinted in thought to decipher his next move. Sinbad, with his own dagger, cut one of the riggings and had the other pole pointed the same way as the one Proteus was on. With a smile he clearly saw what the plan was. Sinbad shot him a smug look once he regained his footing and held the dagger up, prepared to slice the rest of the ropes. Proteus did the same.

"Now!" Sinbad called. They both cut the ropes and the sharp poles made their way toward the beast's head. Hanging by the cut ropes they watched as the sea monster was speared to death by the large masts. They let out whoops of glee and the rest of the crew cheered. They gracefully jumped down and landed safely on deck. The monster was sliding off and sinking back into the sea. "You ok?" Sinbad asked, putting his dagger away.

"Yea." Proteus breathed out. He lightly punched Sinbad's shoulder. "Thanks for sticking around" He told him with a genuine smile.

"Ah, just like old times." Sinbad returned the smile and put his hand on his friend's shoulder. Behind Proteus he saw a tentacle sliding up to hit the prince. His eyes widened and he shoved Proteus out of the way. "Look out!" Proteus hit the deck from the force and the tentacle grabbed Sinbad instead.

"Sinbad!" Proteus cried. The tentacle holding his friend went into the water. Proteus immediately went to jump in and save him, but his guards held him back. The riders were about to go after Sinbad, but their dragons stopped them. A few moments later, they spotted Sinbad burst out of the water coughing and sputtering. A ship swiftly came up behind him and he was snatched out of the water and harshly flung onto the deck of the ship. The crew gathered around and saw that he was fine. A big cheer of 'he's alive' rang out around the ship. He walked over to the rail of the ship and looked over at Proteus on the royal ship. Seeing his friend alive and well, Proteus turned back to his own crew with a relieved smile on his face.

"Men all sails to Syracuse." He ordered.

Its nice when you meet up with old friends and see how much you've both grown -

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