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Slight Detour

Chapter 5: Slight Detour


I don't know where Avalor was located, so I chose Spain and I thought it would be cool if Hiccup and Toothless explored this land.

'Dragons' – Dragonese

The sea was quite beautiful as Hiccup and Toothless flew over it. They were in luck that there weren't any trouble so far. But Hiccup didn't want to admit it out loud in case he might jinx their trip. The only one who was sleeping was Sharpshot who was sleeping inside one of Hiccup's bags. Hiccup was glad for the quietness of the trip. He began to wonder what he might encounter on this trip. It had been bugging him for a while. He knew that there might a whole new culture to learn from one he reached his destination, it might be something different or maybe it might be the same as his own. Then Hiccup spotted an island up ahead of them. As he got closer, he could spot a big town as well. He knew that it wasn't Rome. But it probably wouldn't hurt to explore it for a little bit.

Suddenly, Hiccup and Toothless soon heard a roar in the woods below them. Curious to where the roar came from, the duo flew towards the source. It leads them to a clearing where they saw the unexpected: a Stormcutter dragon. Hiccup was shocked to see one here. He thought his mother's Stormcutter, Cloud Jumper, was the only one he would ever see. But that wasn't the only thing he saw. It had a light blue body, the exact same shade of a clear sky. Its head and the base of its wings were yellow, matching the bright sunlight. But that wasn't the only thing he saw. There was a human boy interacting with the dragon as well. He looked comfortable around the boy. That probably meant that the Stormcutter knew the boy and maybe its rider as well. Trying not to appear as an enemy to the new dragon, Hiccup directed Toothless to land not too far from the dragon in the clearing. The boy and dragon spotted the two as they landed.

"Uh, hello there. Nice day?" Hiccup greeted. The boy and dragon stared at Hiccup and Toothless with curiosity.

"Who are you?" The boy questioned. The boy looked to be around Hiccup's age. He had short curly black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. His outfit was entirely different from Hiccup's choice of clothing.

"I'm Hiccup and this is Toothless." Hiccup introduced. Then Sharpshot popped out of Hiccup's bag and perched onto Hiccup's right shoulder, "And this is Sharpshot."

"My name is Carlos and this is my friend, Cielo." 'Carlos' introduced, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." Hiccup agreed, "I never thought I would see another Stormcutter."

"Stormcutter?" Carlos asked.

"That's the kind of dragon that Cielo is." Hiccup pointed out as he and Toothless walked up to Carlos and Cielo. Up close, Hiccup noticed that Cielo's body size was almost the same size as Toothless. Hiccup figured that he was the same age as Toothless.

"There are other kinds of dragons out there?" Carlos asked, interested.

"Yeah, but I'm not all that sure how many there are. I'm still trying to find new species of them along my journey." Hiccup answered.

"Have you seen my mother by any chance?" Cielo asked Toothless.

"Your mother?" Toothless asked.

"I'm sorry. We haven't." Hiccup added.

"Wait, you can understand me?" Cielo asked with curiosity.

"Toothless taught me dragonese." Hiccup answered, "But how are you here?"

"We were separated during a storm and I ended up here. Carlos has been taking care of me ever since." Cielo explained.

"Why are you grunting and growling at Cielo?" Carlos asked.

"Oh, I'm speaking to him actually." Hiccup replied.

"Really? You can understand him?" Carlos asked, curious.

"It's called dragonese. It took me awhile to get the hang of it and now I'm fluent with it." Hiccup stated proudly.

"Wow." Carlos awed, "So what can you tell me about Stormcutters?"

"Sure, I would be glad to." Hiccup agreed, "By the way, where am I?"

"You're in the kingdom of Avalor which resides in my country of Spain." Carlos answered.

"Avalor? Spain?" Hiccup questioned.

He had never heard of this kingdom. He knew that he was way outside of the archipelago. He wondered how far he was going to travel in order to get to Rome. But maybe he should take a break and explore this land. For the rest of the afternoon, Hiccup told Carlos everything he knew about Stormcutters and other kinds of dragons. Carlos was hooked onto the subject as he petted Sharpshot who curled up in his lap. When that conversation was over, his told Hiccup about most of the mystical creatures that lived in Avalor, Jaquins to be most precise. Then he told Hiccup about Shuriki, a power hungry sorceress who got rid of the royal family and now rules over this once happy and colorful kingdom of Avalor. But he also told him that Princess Elena is still alive who's trapped in a magical amulet. The royal wizard, Alacazar, found the amulet and went on a journey to find a way to free Elena. However it's been forty-one years and the amulet hasn't been found and Alacazar hasn't been seen since. Hiccup felt sorry for Princess Elena. The girl had lost her family and kingdom to an evil woman and is now trapped and alone in amulet without a way to get out.

"Hey, do you have a place to stay tonight?" Carlos asked which snapped Hiccup out of his thoughts and looked up at the sky to notice that the sun was nearly down.

"I'm afraid I don't since I just got here." Hiccup answered. Then the two got up at the same time. Sharpshot crawled up onto Carlos's arm and perched himself on his left shoulder.

"You can stay with me until you figure out your plans." Carlos offered.

"Thanks that would be great." Hiccup thanked Carlos, "But what about Toothless and Sharpshot?"

"I'm afraid they'll have to stay outside." Carlos concluded, regrettably. Toothless and Sharpshot crooned with sadness. Neither liked being away Hiccup.

"I know guys. Just stay near the house, okay?" Hiccup suggested as he patted Toothless's snout. Toothless crooned with sadness as he pressed himself against Hiccup.

"Don't worry, Cielo will be here to keep you company." Carlos consoled the two dragons.

"I'll see you later guys." Hiccup declared before Carlos gestured him to follow him.

Hiccup was surprised when he saw Carlos's house. It was far different than the ones on Berk. They seemed to be made out of some kind of stone and only the doors and roof were made of wood.

"Wow. You got a nice house, Carlos." Hiccup commented.

"Thanks." Carlos stated as he and walked through the gate.

"So you live here by yourself?" Hiccup asked.

"No, I live with my aunt and cousin. They took me in when I was six years old after my parents died." Carlos explained.

"What happened to them?" Hiccup asked. Carlos took a deep breath and let it out. He never liked talking about his parents. But somehow, he felt comfortable to tell Hiccup about them.

"My parents were traders and explorers. An unexpected storm came and destroyed their boat. But no survivors were found." Carlos concluded. Hiccup placed his hand on his right shoulder.

"I'm sorry about your parents, Carlos." Hiccup apologized.

"It's okay. It was eleven years ago." Carlos pointed out.


The two turned towards the voice and saw a woman who looked to be in her late 30s. She had short curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her outfit was also different from Carlos's outfit. He could tell that she was wearing a pale green long sleeved shirt with a brownish red apron material that covered her chest which was combined into a long dress skirt.

"Where have you been? I've been so worried…" The woman trailed off when she took notice of Hiccup. "Carlos, who's this?"

"This is Hiccup. He's a traveler who needs a place to stay for a while." Carlos explained, "Hiccup, this is my aunt Rafa."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Rafa." Hiccup greeted with a smile.

"And to you as well, Hiccup." Rafa greeted back, "Please, come in."

"Thank you." Hiccup said.

Carlos and Rafa lead him into a room that had a table filled with different kinds of food that Hiccup didn't know of. Carlos sat down first and Hiccup sat right next to him.

"I get you a plate, Hiccup." Rafa said as she went back to the kitchen.

"Thank you, Miss Rafa." Hiccup said.

At that moment, Hiccup and Carlos heard the front door opened and a boy ran into the room. He had nearly the same hair as Carlos and his aunt, but his eyes were the color of hazel. He also looked to be the same age as Carlos and him. To his estimate guess, he figured that the boy must be Rafa's son.

"Carlos, there you are! I've wanted to talk to…" The boy trailed off when he noticed Hiccup.

"Oh, this is my cousin, Mateo." Carlos gestured to the boy entered the room.

"I'm Hiccup." Hiccup introduced himself.

"Hiccup?" What kind of name is that?" Mateo questioned, his left brow arched.

"From where I'm from, the runt of the litter is always named 'Hiccup', human or animal." Hiccup explained.

"Oh, sorry if that came out rude." Mateo apologized with his palms out in front of him.

"It's okay, after seventeen years, you get used to it." Hiccup admitted.

"But still, I'm sorry." Mateo apologized once more.

"Don't worry about it." Hiccup accepted his apology as Mateo sat down across from him.

"Dinner is served." Rafa announced when she entered the room once more.

Dinner had very interesting dishes. The most interesting one was the chicken and rice dish. He never had rice before. The chicken was even better with all of the vegetables and spices that Hiccup knew only a few about. Not to mention dessert as well: Spanish churros with chocolate was the sweetest treat he had ever tasted. It was deep fried dough in a round shape which can be dipped in rich chocolate. It was Hiccup's first great meal that he has had since he went on his journey of discovery.

After the dinner and dessert, Hiccup had explained why he was in Avalor. Mateo was very interested about meeting Toothless and Sharpshot. But he was mostly surprised to hear that there are more dragons out there in the world. He also told about his life on Berk, meeting Toothless, the times in Dragon training, leaving Berk, the battle of Red Death, losing his leg, and reuniting with his mother.

"Wow, you've done some amazing things so far, Hiccup." Mateo complimented.

"Thanks, but I would've been able to do all that without Toothless." Hiccup commented.

"But it's still incredible that you were able to do all of that." Carlos added, "But taming dragons is just as amazing."

"Yeah, you would be shocked about all of what I learned from my mother when she told me about the dragons she had been living with," Hiccup admitted, "However I felt like I should learn even more as I go on my journey and see what wonders I might see."

"I feel the same way," Carlos admitted, "But I feel like something is holding me back."

"I think you should go with Hiccup, Carlos." Mateo encouraged.

"Yeah, but can I really leave you and aunt Rafa?" Carlos questioned.

"We'll be fine, Carlos. You should pursue your dream." Mateo declared.

"I'll wait until you decide." Hiccup stated.

"Thanks, Hiccup." Carlos said with a small smile.

See any detour as an opportunity to experience new things.

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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