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Terror Mail

Chapter 48: Terror Mail


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Valka sat on the edge of a small cliff inside of the Dragon Sanctuary. She watched all of the dragons flying around and the younger ones playing with each other. But she had something on her mind, her son Hiccup. She hadn't heard anything from him yet which worried her greatly. She assumed that he would head straight to Rome. It had been several months since he left the sanctuary. However she had a strange feeling that he was taking a long detour before reaching Rome. She sighed heavily as she leaned her head against her open palm.

"Valka, is something wrong?"

Valka turned at the voice and saw her dragon, Cloudjumper, a Stormcutter, looking at her with worry. She sighed once more.

"I'm worried, Cloudjumper." Valka replied.

"About Hiccup?" Cloudjumper asked.

Valka nodded.

"I'm sure he's fine. He must have taken a detour or two before going to Rome. Not to mention that Toothless and Sharpshot won't let anything bad happen to him." Cloudjumper told her.

"You think so?" Valka asked.

"I know so." Cloudjumper assured her and pressed his cheek against her which caused her to smile a little. At that moment, the two heard a dragon chirping and turned to see a familiar Terrible Terror flying towards them.

"Sharpshot!" Valka shouted as she leapt to her feet and ran towards the dragon. She gently grabbed the dragon and held him close to her chest, "Oh, it's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too, Valka." Sharpshot greeted.

"Indeed it is," Valka said and then noticed the tube that was attached to Sharpshot, "Is that a letter from Hiccup?"

"Yup." Sharpshot replied.

Valka gently took out the letter in the tube and began to read Hiccup's letter.

Dear Mom,

Just want to let you know that I'm doing okay. Toothless and I have made a few detours on the way to Rome. Our first detour was in the kingdom of Avalor where we met a boy named Carlos and his Stormcutter, Cielo. We also met a princess named Elena. She actually went through a terrible ideal. She's the same age as us and she's trying very hard to try and rule her kingdom before she becomes Queen. But according to her council, she has to be of age in order to become Queen. However she's now the Crowned Princess. But all of us know that she'll become a great queen. Her culture is quite amazing especially when it came to their food, music, and traditions. Not to mention the creatures that live here as well. They have this really great sweet treat known as chocolate. All of us really enjoyed it. I'll admit that I soon got addicted to it.

After leaving Avalor with Carlos and Cielo, we made another detour in the king of Corona. There we met a famous thief known as Flynn Rider. When he met him, he was being chased and he dragged us along with him. While we were being chased, we looked for a place to hide and we came across a cave which led us to a clearing that had a very tall tower and in that tower lived a girl named Rapunzel. She had long gold blonde hair that was at least 70 feet long! But this hair was special. It could heal the sick and injured. She actually used her hair to restore my left foot and Toothless's tail! After some crazy encounters and situations, we found out that Rapunzel is the lost princess of Corona.

We then arrived in Scotland. You wouldn't believe how much wilderness there is here. We met King Fergus, who is known as the Bear King. He has a daughter who's around our age and three sons who are triplets. They're very young and quite the troublemakers who can practically get away with almost anything. The kids were very interested with our dragons and you should have seen the looks on their faces. However, their mother, Queen Elinor, wasn't very comfortable with them at first. But we were able to show her that our dragons meant no harm towards her family. We also found a Deadly Nadder in the area and she chose Merida as her rider.

After leaving Scotland with Merida joining us, we arrived near the kingdom of Camelot. There we met Lady Juliana and her two daughters, Audrey and her older sister Kayley. Their father was a knight in the kingdom of Camelot. However he died when he protected King Arthur from an evil knight named Ruber. Unexpectedly, he invaded Lady Juliana's home and captured our dragons. His plan was to use Juliana to sneak him into Camelot to kill King Arthur and take over Camelot. But he needed King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, in order to do that. Unfortunately, his pet Griffin lost it in a place of untold danger: The Forbidden Forest. So Carlos, Merida, and I joined Audrey and Kayley to go find the sword. In the forest, we met a man named Garrett who helped guide us through the forest. In a certain part of the forest which was known as Dragon Country and the dragons there were not friendly. But we met a talking two headed dragon named Devon and Cornwall. Let's just say the two never agreed on anything and were complete opposites. Near the end of our journey, they finally agreed on a few things. Long story short, we managed to defeat Ruber and save Camelot. We also gained another rider, Audrey and her dragon is a female Razorwhip named Quicksilver.

As we left Camelot and went over the sea, we reunited with Rapunzel and Eugene. They told us that they were going to Arendelle to attend a coronation. They invited us along and we agreed to the kingdom. We soon arrived in Arendelle. The kingdom is absolutely beautiful. It turns out that trolls really do exist because we saw a huge family of them. No joke at all. We also met Queen Elsa who has the power to control ice! At first she didn't know how to control it and caused an eternal winter to the kingdom. Her younger sister, Anna, decided to go after her and try to help stop the winter. Then we met an ice deliverer named Kristoff and his reindeer friend named Sven. Funny enough, we also met a talking snowman named Olaf. He was actually made from Elsa's magic. When we found Elsa, she tried to send Anna away because she was afraid to hurt Anna with her ice magic. However, she accidentally hit Anna in the heart with her magic which caused her to slowly freeze to death. The trolls had said that only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart. In the end, Anna had sacrificed herself to save Elsa from getting killed by an evil prince and froze. But because of the love for her sister, Anna was able to break the spell that Elsa struck her with. Also because of that, Elsa realized that she would be able to end the winter herself and she did. A few months later, while Audrey was taking her medic exams, a strange thing happened. Magical spirits came towards the kingdom and forced everyone out of it. We all learned it had something to do with the angry spirits of an Enchanted Forest. When we traveled there, a HUGE wall of mist was blocking anyone from entering. Somehow, Elsa was able to open a path through the mist for us. The forest was absolutely beautiful. Strangely enough, there's a tribe of people living in the forest. They're called the Northuldra tribe. They're able to coexist with the spirits that resided in the forest which are air, water, earth, and fire. As it turned out, a few soldiers from Arendelle were also trapped in the forest along with the Northuldra tribe. To make the long story short, Elsa was able to break right the wrong that had happened years before she and Anna were born and became the fifth spirit and Anna became the queen of Arendelle.

We left Arendelle a week later and found out that Cielo's mother was probably near Rome. After spending the entire day flying over the ocean, we finally arrived in Rome and the city is amazing. I also met Centurion Marius and his adopted daughter, Roana. We really got along when I talked about dragons. We also found Cielo's mother as well and Carlos named her, Soleada. Oh and speaking of dragons, we discovered a Night Fury. However, this one was a female and she was all white with blue eyes. Roana thought it would be more appropriate that she should be called a Light Fury. Personally I think it fits. What's even better is that Roana bonded with the Light Fury and named her Luna! They're getting along pretty great. Me and Roana think that Toothless has a crush on her. Well, I hope they'll become mates later on. So Marius had gotten some teachers to help us sharpen our skills and let's just say that we're all enjoying our lessons even though they might be a little bit difficult. Well that's all I can write to you now. I'll write you another letter soon.

Love your son,


Valka smiled softly at the letter in her hands. She was glad that her son was okay and that he has friends with him as well. She always knew that her son was able to do anything if he set his mind to it.

"Hiccup's been having quite the adventures." Valka commented with a smile.

"I'll bet." Cloudjumper agreed.

"Says here that they found another Stormcutter." Valka told Cloudjumper.

"Really? I'm glad that he met another Stormcutter. I thought my kind was almost extinct." Cloudjumper stated, interested.

"Well I guess there are more of you out there, Cloudjumper." Valka said.

"Indeed." Cloudjumper agreed.

Meanwhile back on Berk:

All of the villagers were doing their daily activities which included attending the animals, fishing, plowing for cabbages, working, and smithing. They did the same thing every day for the past three years since Hiccup was taken and when the dragon raids had finally stopped. The reason confused them to no end, especially Stoick.

Stoick had stayed in his house since Hiccup was taken. He prayed to the gods every single night, hoping that Hiccup was able to escape from the dragon that took him and was trying to get home. A year had passed and no sign of Hiccup anywhere. Some of the elders believed that Hiccup was dead while the other half believed that he was alive and didn't want to return home. When someone had said that Hiccup probably didn't want to return, Stoick demanded a reason. The reason was simple; no one cared about him. Stoick couldn't really reject that thought. It was true that he wasn't treated very well while living in the village. What reason would he want to return to Berk?

At the moment, the teens of Berk were hanging around in the Kill Ring where they did dragon training. However, all of the dragons had escaped and the cages remained empty since the dragons no longer attacked Berk. With no dragons to kill, they were just lazing about.

"Ya' know, it just feels so weird that we don't have dragon attacks anymore." Fishlegs said.

"It's actually boring around here if you ask me." Tuffnut said, leaning against Ruffnut.

"We didn't ask you." Astrid remarked, sharpening her axe.

"Well, there's no dragons or Hiccup's inventions destroying houses anymore," Ruffnut agreed with Tuffnut, "Which takes out all of the fun."

"So what else can we do now since the dragons have stopped coming here?" Astrid questioned.

"It also feels weird that Hiccup is no longer around either." Fishlegs commented.

"Well, at least we don't have to clean up his messes anymore." Snotlout oiled with his hands behind his head.

"Not to mention, it's quite peaceful and less stressful without him around." Astrid agreed.

"Which is also boring." Ruffnut retorted.

"So boring." Tuffnut added.

Gobber was in the forge, repairing a sword for one of the customers. Smithing is what kept him busy everyday. During those days, he would always think of Hiccup. He wondered how Hiccup was doing so. He figured that the boy was off on an adventure somewhere outside of the archipelago; exploring, making new friends, and learning new skills. He knew that the boy was more knowledgeable than most of the people on Berk. He knew that he was capable of doing anything he wanted to do. He hoped for the day when he would see Hiccup again.

I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new. ~ Sigmund Freud

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