Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
A Light Fury

Chapter 47: A Light Fury


'Dragons' - Dragonese

It was the next morning when the dragon riders planned out what to do when the dragon would come back to get more fish. Roana had told them that the dragon usually comes around late in the evening. So they tried to figure out the possible hiding spots where the dragon might be hiding. Luckily Marius warned his people about their dragons ahead of time. That way, they won't be shot at while looking for the dragon. At that moment, Roana and the riders were getting ready to follow the plan.

"So you know a lot about dragons, right?" Roana asked.

"Yeah, I do. I've been studying and interacting with them since I was fourteen." Hiccup told her.

"That's also when you met Toothless, right?" Roana asked.

"He was my only friend when we met, but now, we have even more friends." Hiccup replied, petting Toothless's head.

"It sounds amazing to have a dragon." Roana commented.

"It is, when you ride on the back of a dragon, the world just opens up to you." Hiccup stated.

"Wow." Roana awed, petting Toothless's head, "I wish I had a dragon."

"Maybe you might, Roana, someday." Hiccup assured her.

"I hope so, Hiccup." Roana said.

At that moment, they heard the sound of a horn coming from a distance. The riders quickly mounted their dragons and Roana mounted on Toothless and wrapped her arms around Hiccup's waist from behind. Hiccup's breath hitched at that moment. He didn't know why, he had Rapunzel as a passenger before and her touch never made a reaction out of him. However for Roana, it was different. But he decided to leave the feeling on the back burner and focus on the dragon that was near the harbor. They shot into the sky and headed towards the harbor. When they got there, they spotted the white dragon taking off with a net full of fish who flew right by them.

"After it!" Hiccup ordered as he and the other riders went after the dragon.

They pursued the dragon below the cloud line, making sure that the dragon wouldn't spot them. It was lucky that the dragon hadn't yet. The dragon soon flew above the tree and disappeared into it. The dragon riders followed after.

"She disappeared." Carlos stated.

"Now what?" Roana asked.

"We'll have to continue on foot I guess." Hiccup suggested.

The riders spotted a clearing where they could land. They turned towards the clearing and the dragon carefully landed onto the ground and the riders dismounted.

"Judging by the direction of the wind, the dragon must have headed North of where we are now," Hiccup explained as he took out his compass and looked at the direction where the arrow was pointing to, "We'll head North."

He walked in that direction with Roana, the riders and their dragons behind him.

An hour had gone by as the group walked through the forest. No sight of the dragon at all. Hiccup stopped walking along with the others and let out a sigh of defeat.

"So now what?" Audrey asked.

Before Hiccup could say anything, Toothless ran past him and jumped over the bushes.

"Toothless?" Hiccup called out, confused.

Toothless's head popped up from behind the bushes. A fish's tail was sticking out of his mouth.

"I found a fish!" Toothless warbled happily, "Actually, a whole trail of fish!"

"A trail?" Hiccup asked as he went over to Toothless and looked over his shoulder and saw the trail of fishes up ahead of them, "A trail! That's how we'll be able to find the dragon!" He patted Toothless's head, "Good job, Toothless."

"Thank you!" Toothless warbled before swallowing the rest of the fish in his mouth.

"Okay, we'll follow the fish trail." Hiccup declared.

So the group followed the trail of fish.

The trail soon led the group to a clearing where they saw a dragon eating a large amount of fish. The large dragon was identified as a female Stormcutter and appeared to be injured. But this dragon looked familiar to them. Cielo was the one who immediately recognized the dragon in front of them.

"MOM!" Cielo roared as he hopped over to the dragon who turned her head when she heard Cielo.

"SON!" Cielo's mom roared back as she limped towards her son.

The two nuzzled each other once they stood in front of each other.

"I knew that I would find you." Cielo crooned.

"Oh my boy, I missed you so much." Cielo's mother crooned.

The dragon riders watched as Cielo was nuzzling against his mother. It felt good that they finally found her. But before they could walk over to the mother and son, a white dragon blocked them from coming near the two Stormcutters.

"Is that…" Toothless started with wide eyes.

"A Night Fury?" Hiccup finished with wide eyes.

Hiccup and Toothless couldn't believe it. Right in front of them was a Night Fury! But this one was very different from Toothless. Instead of black scales, this one had white scales and blue eyes. Not to mention that she was a little bit smaller than Toothless. Hiccup realized that this was a female Night Fury.

"It's okay, miss Night Fury!" Cielo roared out to the Night Fury who looked over at Cielo, "They're my friends. We can trust them!"

The female Night Fury glanced between Cielo and the dragon riders. She noticed that the humans hadn't made any moves to harm the dragons beside them. But she would keep an eye on them for now as she let the group pass her.

"Mom, there's some friends I want you to meet." Cielo warbled and gazed over at Carlos and the other riders as they stood in front of Cielo and his mother.

"Who are they?" She asked.

"Mom, I would like you to meet my friends. This boy is Carlos. The boy next to him is Hiccup and his Night Fury, Toothless along with his Terrible Terror, Sharpshot." Cielo warbled.

"Hi." Toothless, Sharpshot, and Hiccup greeted.

"Aileana and her rider, Merida."

"Hello." Aileana warbled.

"Quicksilver and her rider, Audrey."

"Pleasure to meet you." Quicksilver nodded her head.

"And that's Roana, our new friend." Cielo nodded his head towards Roana who stood next to Hiccup and Toothless.


"Yeah, we let them ride on our backs." Cielo answered.

"You trust these humans?"

"Of course I do, mom. Carlos was the one who took care of me when I got lost after the storm ended."

"He did?"


Cielo's mother slightly limped over to Carlos. She stared at Carlos with serious, yet curious eyes. Carlos inhaled and let out his breath, turned his head away, and held his palm out. He soon felt a snout against his palm. He opened his eyes and turned to Cielo's mother. Then he smiled and placed his other hand on her cheek.

"You don't have a name, do you?" Carlos asked and Cielo's mother shook her head 'no', "Then I shall name you...Soleada."

"Soleada means "sunny", right Carlos?" Hiccup pondered.

"Correct. I thought it would be more fitting since she has alot of yellow scales around her face. So she kind of looks like the sun in the clear blue sky." Carlos explained.

'Soleada' purred at the meaning of her name and nuzzled her cheek against Carlos's. Carlos chuckled at her affection. He was beyond happy that they finally found her. Meanwhile, the female Night Fury was shocked at how the adult Stormcutter trusted the human boy so easily. Not to mention the other dragons as well.

"You know, I don't really think the white Night Fury should be called a Night Fury." Roana commented.

"Then what do you think she should be called?" Hiccup questioned, "How about a Bright Fury?"

"A Light Fury." Roana answered.

"Yeah, yours is probably better." Hiccup admitted.

"How can you trust that human so easily?" The 'Light' Fury asked.

"He saved and took care of my son when he was lost. For that I'm very grateful towards him." Soleada warbled.

"How do you know that he won't turn on you?" The Light Fury grunted.

"If he did, then why is my son in perfect health and why does he let the boy ride on his back?" Soleads warbled.

The Light Fury pondered on that.

"You could have a rider." Cielo suggested.

"I don't trust humans." The Light Fury growled.

"Why don't you give these ones a chance?" Soleada recommended, "Not all humans are bad."

The Light Fury looked towards the group. She noticed how at ease the dragons were around this group of humans. It made her ponder on how they gained each other's trust. At that moment, Roana slowly walked towards the Light Fury. The dragon turned and stared warily at the girl. For some strange reason, the two couldn't look away from one another. When Roana stood in front of her, she held her palm out and closed her eyes as she turned her head away. The Light Fury knew that humans were never to be trusted, but seeing the other dragons standing beside their humans made her think about her opinion of them. Taking a chance, she closed her eyes and pressed her muzzle against Roana's palm. Roana's eyes opened and turned to the Light Fury who pressed her muzzle against her palm. She smiled as she pet the dragon's head which made the dragon purr with satisfaction.

"So what are you going to name her?" Hiccup asked.

"Luna." Roana answered.

"Why?/Why?" 'Luna' and Hiccup pondered.

"Because she reminds me of the moon. The beauty that shines in the night, lighting the land when the sun goes down." Roana replied as she ran her hand over Luna's white scales.

"I like it." Luna purred.

It's the connection we can't explain. It's the relationship that is unlike any other. - Kirsten Corley

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