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The Next Right Thing

Chapter 45: The Next Right Thing


'Dragons' - Dragonese

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The sun began to rise as it beamed into the exit of the cave. Merida and Audrey held Anna, curled up, in their arms as she clutched her bag that had the 'remains' of Olaf while Hiccup, with Sharpshot on his shoulder, sat next to Merida and Carlos sat next to Audrey. They couldn't believe that they had lost Olaf. He was always the one that tried to find a bright side during their situation. It was hard to accept that they couldn't bring him back. But not only had they lost Olaf, they lost Elsa as well. They thought that she would be alright when she had powers.

"Olaf, Elsa, guys, what do we do now?" Anna spoke up.

The riders and Sharpshot glanced at each other and then back to Anna who began to sing.

"I've seen dark before, but not like this

This is cold, this is empty, this is numb

The life I knew is over, the lights are out

Hello, darkness, I'm ready to succumb

I follow you around, I always have

But you've gone to a place I cannot find

This grief has a gravity, it pulls me down

But a tiny voice whispers in my mind

You are lost, hope is gone

But you must go on

And do the next right thing."

Anna left Merida and Audrey's arms and knelt on the ground.

"Can there be a day beyond this night?

I don't know anymore what is true

I can't find my direction, I'm all alone

The only star that guided me was you.

Anna began to stand up as Merida and Audrey helped her up and placed the strap of her bag over her shoulder. Sharpshot jumped off Hiccup's shoulder and hovered next to him.

"How to rise from the floor?

But it's not you I'm rising for

Just do the next right thing.

Anna started to walk towards the exit as the riders and Sharpshot followed her.

"Take a step, step again

It is all that I can to do

The next right thing."

Anna started climbing the ledges in front of her. The riders climbed after her. When they reached the top, they saw a ledge not too far from them. Possibly could even jump across.

"I won't look too far ahead

It's too much for me to take

But break it down to this next breath, this next step

This next choice is one that I can make!"

Anna ran forward and leaped off the ledge and landed on the other side. The riders ran and leaped onto the ledge one by one with Sharpshot flying after them. Once they were all together, they headed towards the exit of the tunnel.

"So I'll walk through this night

Stumbling blindly toward the light

And do the next right thing."

Anna, Sharpshot, and the riders soon left the cave and stood on a ledge where they could easily see the mist that covered over the trees.

"And, with it done, what comes then?

When it's clear that everything will never be the same again?

Then I'll make the choice to hear that voice

And do the next right thing."

The group looked ahead and saw the dam in the distance. With a look of determination, Anna and the riders, Sharpshot flying next to them, went down the mountain side and into the trees. They ran until they reached a cliff where they easily spotted the Earth Giants sleeping against the cliffs in front of them.

"Wake up!" Anna yelled.

The Earth Giants continued to snore.

"WAKE UUUP!" Anna and the riders shouted.

An Earth Giant began to wake and stand, only to fall on another one, waking that one up. The first one landed in the river, splashing water everywhere, and spotted Anna and the riders. He did not seem happy to see the group of humans in front of him.

"That's it." Anna said, turning around and ran the other way with Audrey behind her.

"Come and get us!" Merida yelled, following Anna and Audrey.

"Come on!" Hiccup shouted as he, Sharpshot, and Carlos followed after the girls.

The Earth Giant nearly splat them if they hadn't started running. The giants soon left the river and stood above the trees and went after the group.

"Over here!" Audrey hollered.

Unexpectedly, one of the giants roared causing them to fly forward onto the ground, the trees to bend backwards, and spreading the leaves everywhere. Everyone quickly got to their feet.

"That's right!" Carlos yelled.

"Keep coming!" Anna encouraged the giants.

The giants kept trying to grab them, but failed. So they took boulders from the ground and started throwing them at the group. They stopped in their tracks when they saw a boulder skidded right in front of them.

"That'll work." Anna commented and turned to the giants and waved her arms in the air, "This way, guys!"

The group continued to run, leading the giants to the dam. Every step the giants' took made it harder for the group to actually run. The last one caused them all to trip and they looked up to see a giant holding his foot up, ready to smash them into the ground. But at the last second, Anna was grabbed by her waist while the riders were grabbed by their shoulders and were pulled away from the giant's foot. Anna looked up at the person who saved her and was surprised to see that it was Kristoff who was riding on Sven! The riders looked up to see that their dragons had saved them.

"Kristoff!" Anna gasped.

"I'm here. What do you need?" Kristoff asked.

"To get to the dam." Anna replied.

"You got it." Kristoff said.

"Thank you." Anna thanked Kristoff.

The giants began throwing trees and boulders at the group. The dragons followed after Sven through the trees, causing the giants to lose sight of them and gently dropped their riders near the cliff of the dam. Sven stopped near the cliff as well. The riders quickly got onto to their dragons.

"Help me up!" Anna said.

"Aileana, help Anna!" Merida pointed to Anna.

"On it!" Aileana squawked, she hovered over Anna who held her arms up and Aileana gently grabbed her arms to lift her up.

"We'll meet you around!" Kristoff said.

Aileana flapped her wings up and brought Anna to the top. When Aileana got to the top, she gently released Anna on the ground and stood next to her as the other riders came up and landed behind her. The group was surprised to see Mattias and the other soldiers in front of the dam walkway with their swords and shields.

"Lieutenant Mattias." Anna said.

"Your Highness, what are you doing?" Mattias questioned.

"The dam must fall. It's the only way to break the mist and free the Forest." Anna responded.

"But we've sworn to protect Arendelle at all costs." Mattias objected.

"Arendelle has no future until we make this right. King Runeard betrayed everyone." Anna explained.

"How do you know that?" Mattias asked, confused.

"My sister gave her life for the truth," Anna admitted sadly. The other guards were shocked and saddened at Elsa's sacrifice, "Please, before we lose anyone else."

Mattias closed his eyes and sighed. Then he opened his eyes with a look of determination and raised his shield and began to bang his sword against his shield and the soldiers followed his example. However that action was causing the dragons to shake their heads at the noise. The riders leaned forwards in their saddles and covered their ears with their hands over them. Anna looked over her shoulder and saw that the banging had caught the giants' attention and she quickly ran past the guards. The giants began throwing boulders at them.

"Look out!" Mattias yelled.

Mattias ran towards another soldier and dove towards him, getting his out of the way of the boulder. The riders pulled on the saddles and directed the dragons to avoid the falling boulders. Once they were out of the way, they spotted Anna running along the walkway of the dam and stopped.

"Destroy the dam! Come on! Throw your boulders!" Anna shouted towards the giants. A boulder came towards her and smashed a large piece of the walkway in front of her. "That's it."

Anna ran the other way, only for another boulder to break a large part of the walkway and made her run the other way. But as she ran, the walkway was quickly collapsing apart behind her. Seeing a part of the edge fall off in front of her, Anna leaped off the edge. But the distance to the other ledge got too far. Just when she missed the ledge, a hand grabbed onto hers. She looked up and saw Mattias on the ledge, holding onto her hand.

"I've got her!" Mattias called out. Kristoff laid down next to him and held his hand out to Anna. Hiccup and Carlos got behind the two men and grabbed the back of their shirts, ready to pull them.

"Anna!" Kristoff yelled.

Anna grabbed Kristoff's hand.

"Hang on!" Mattias said.

Hiccup and Carlos pulled the two men as they pushed themselves up to sit up as they pulled Anna up into Kristoff's arms. The five sighed in relief, but then they gasped as they and the others watched the dam collapse and the tidal wave head towards Arendelle.

Unknown to them, a large symbol of a colorful snowflake pattern appeared in the sky, catching the attention of the air, fire, and earth spirit. Elsa had been unfrozen and the ice broke beneath her, sending her to fall into the water which caught the attention of Nokk, the water spirit.

Just when the tidal wave was about to hit the castle, Elsa appeared, riding on Nokk, stood in front of the tidal wave and summoned her ice power to form a wall which blocked the enormous wave. The water clashed against the wall. With another wave of her magic, the ice wall disappeared and the water went in the other direction and soon settled down. The wind blew against the Arendelle flags, the rock road was settled, water was pouring down a waterfall near a bridge with two Arendelle flags on it, and the lamp posts were lit. The people of the kingdom along with the trolls cheered. Their kingdom was safe once again. Pabbie gazed at Elsa with proudness in his eyes as Elsa looked up at the people and the kingdom, she was glad that she made it in time and saved the kingdom. Then she directed Nokk to go in the direction of the valley.

Back at the Enchanted Forest, the mist began to lift as everyone was walking towards the entrance to the forest. The earth giants, Gale, and Bruni were surprised to see the mist disappearing. Kristoff was walking with Anna next to him, his arm wrapped around her shoulder. The riders were walking next to their dragons with the Northuldra tribe members and the Arendellian soldiers behind them. When they reached the end of the forest, the mist was gone and a clear blue sky appeared in front of them.

"I'm sorry I left you behind. I was just so desperate to protect her." Anna apologized to Kristoff.

"I know. I know. It's okay. My love is not fragile." Kristoff assured her as he held her close to him which caused them both to smile.

"Wow. Look at the sky." Ryder awed as he and Honeymaren stared at the bright blue sky. Honeymaren chuckled as she slightly nudged him, "I just didn't realize there was so much of it."

"34 years…" Mattias started.

"Five months…" Yelana continued.

"And 23 days." Mattias finished.

The two smiled at each other. Mattias held his elbow out and Yelana looped her arm around his. The two started to walk out. Then all of the reindeer ran out of the forest and into the fields with Sven leading, forming a huge circle. Everyone smiled at them as they ran while walking out of the forest. However, Anna stayed behind and gazed at them with sadness in her eyes. She wished that Elsa would be able to see this. At that moment, a small gust of wind blew around her. Anna followed the wind and turned to see a snowflake pattern in front of her. She reached out to touch it, but then it flew away and went out of sight over a cliff. She followed after it and saw the sea in front of her. Then she heard the sound of a horse neighing. She squinted her eyes and saw a figure in the distance. She gasped at the sight of the figure who was coming in and she quickly climbed down the cliff and walked onto the rocky shore. The figure was a woman who was sitting on a horse made of water while wearing a beautiful dress. The horse stopped at the shore and let the figure dismount. The horse went back into the water. Anna knew who this woman: Elsa!

"Is it really you?" Anna asked.

"Anna." Elsa said as she held her arms out to her sister.

Anna ran towards her sister and wrapped her arms around as her sister hugged her back. Anna began crying.

"I thought I'd lost you." Anna stated.

"Lost me?" Elsa questioned as the two released each other and staring at each other as Elsa held Anna's hand and wiped away Anna's tears, "You saved me. Again."

"I did?" Anna sniffed, trying to stop her tears.

"And Anna, Arendelle did not fall." Elsa said.

"It didn't?" Anna asked, sniffed.

"The spirits all agreed. Arendelle deserves to stand with you." Elsa stated. Anna wiped her nose with her sleeve.

"Me?" Anna asked, confused.

"You did what was right. For everyone." Elsa responded.

"Did you find the fifth spirit?" Anna asked. Elsa just smiled at her. Anna realized who the fifth spirit was, "You are the fifth spirit. You're the bridge."

"Well, actually, a bridge has two sides and Mother had two daughters. We did this together and we'll continue to do this together." Elsa declared as she leaned her forehead against Anna's.

"Together." Anna agreed as she intertwined her hands with Elsa's.

"Elsa!" Kristoff yelled, coming down the cliff with the riders on their dragons.

"You're okay!" Audrey exclaimed as the dragons landed and the riders dismounted.

Kristoff ran over and hugged Elsa. He let go and Merida and Audrey hugged. After the three girls hugged, Hiccup and Carlos came over and hugged her. They let go and the dragons came over and nuzzled against her which caused her to chuckle at their affections while Sharpshot perched onto her shoulder and nuzzled her cheek. The dragons back away and let Sven come to Elsa as she petted his muzzle.

"You look different." Hiccup pointed out.

"Did you cut your hair or something?" Kristoff asked as he leaned against Sven.

"Or something." Elsa smiled as Anna put her hand on her shoulder and Elsa placed her hand over hers.

"Oh." Kristoff realized.

The sisters separated as they smiled. Then they heard Gale floating around. Elsa turned to Anna.

"Anna, I need to ask you a question." Elsa said with a sad look.

"Okay." Anna said.

"Do you want to build a snowman?" Elsa asked, smiling.

"What?" Anna asked, confused.

Elsa closed her eyes and a few seconds later, a flurry of snow came over the cliff and flew around them.

"Thank goodness, water has memory." Elsa said with a twirl of her hand, Olaf's figure was formed.

Anna smiled happily at the snowman. She quickly knelt down in front of the snowman and took out his branch arms, hair twigs, coal buttons, and signature carrot nose from her bag. She put all of the objects where they belonged. Then Olaf opened his eyes and was surprised to see who was in front of him.

"Anna. Elsa! Kristoff and Sven! Hiccup, Toothless, Sharpshot! Merida and Aileana! Carlos and Cielo! Audrey and Quicksilver!" Olaf said as everyone smiled at the snowman. The snowman smiled while chuckling, "You all came back. Oh, I love happy endings." Everyone gathered in a group hugged around the snowman and then back away to stand up, "I mean, I presume we're done or is this "putting us in mortal danger" situation gonna be a regular thing?"

Elsa chuckled at that and stood up.

"No, we're done." Elsa said as she patted his head.

"Actually," Kristoff interjected, "There is one more thing." Krist knelt down on one knee in front of Anna, "Anna, you are the most extraordinary person I've ever known." Anna placed her hands over her mouth, "I love you with all I am." Kristoff took out the ring from his vest and held it out to her, "Will you marry you?"

"Yes!" Anna squealed and leaped into his arms.

Kristoff was relieved as he held Anna in his arms. Sven began to cry as Elsa, Olaf, and the riders smiled softly at the new couple. Kristoff picked up Anna by the waist and twirled around and then stopped and put her back on her feet. The two kissed as Elsa and Sven walked over to them. Anna turned to Elsa and held her hand as Kristoff turned to Sven and petted his head. Olaf gasped and the others turned to see what it was: earth giants. They were shocked to see them. The strange thing was that they weren't attacking them, they were just standing there. Elsa walked over to them with Anna holding her hand. One of the earth giants bowed his head down in front of the girls. Elsa and Anna reached their hands out and placed their hands on its nose.

A few minutes later, the group reunited with the Arendellians soldiers and the Northuldra tribe. Anna ran over to Mattias and held onto his hands.

"Arendelle's okay." Anna assured.

"What?" Mattias asked, shocked.

"Elsa arrived just in time to stop the wave from hitting Arendelle." Hiccup said.

"Thank goodness." Mattias let out a sigh of relief.

"Ahtohallan is beautiful." Elsa told Yelana and Honeymaren as she held their hands. Bruni jumped up which made her let go of the two women's hands and let Bruni onto her hands, "Oh! Hello." Bruni started rubbing himself against her hands while making happy noises. She laughed at his cuteness.

"You know, you belong up here." Honeymaren stated.

"I took an oath to always do what's best for Arendelle. Luckily, I know just what that is." Elsa said as she stroked Bruni's head and looked up to see her sister, watching their friends leaving the forest. Anna turned and smiled as she ran to her sister and hugged her once more.

"While I still don't know what "transformation" means...I feel like this Forest has really changed us all." Olaf commented.

"You know, I think you might be right, Olaf." Carlos agreed.

The group and the Arendellian soldiers had arrived back to Arendelle and the citizens were able to return to their homes. Anna had told everyone that Elsa had to stay at the Enchanted Forest with the Northuldra tribe because she was now known as the fifth spirit who protects the Enchanted Forest. Because Anna was the second heir to the throne, she would become Queen. While in preparation for the coronation, Hiccup was helping the blacksmiths make a few things needed for the ceremony. A few days later, Anna had become queen of Arendelle.

It was a nice and sunny day at the kingdom of Arendelle, Anna was leaving the royal tent while everyone was outside clapping and cheering for her.

"Present Her Majesty, Queen Anna of Arendelle!" Kai announced.

Anna smiled at the citizens as she picked up part of her dress and walked down the stairs and went through the crowd.

"Oh! Hello. Hi." Anna greeted. Then she noticed sitting up proudly while wearing an Arendelle bow tie. "Sven, don't you look nice."

She scratched his chin. Then she heard Olaf cough deeply and she turned around to see the snowman wearing a fancy suit.

"Oh, my goodness! Olaf!" Anna gasped, surprised.

"Charmed, I'm sure." Olaf said in a gentlemanly voice.

"Charming." Anna chuckled as she did a small curtsy.

"You look beautiful, Anna." Merida complimented as she and the other riders along with the dragons stood behind him.

"Thank you, Merida." Anna said, smiling.

Anna had her hair in a bun which was similar to her mother's and was wearing a jade green gown and a beautiful tiara that Hiccup and the other blacksmiths had made for her. The riders were all wearing formal Arendelle coronation gowns and suits. Luckily, they found a fancy gown for Merida that didn't require a corset. The dragons had Arendellian medals around their necks.

"Your majesty." Kristoff greeted.

"Kristoff." Anna said, surprised to see Kristoff wearing a formal wear with his hair slicked back while holding his hand out to her with a small bow. She placed her hand in his, "Aw, did you guys get all dressed up for me?"

"It was Sven's idea." Olaf responded, pointing at the smiling Sven.

"One hour. You get this for one hour." Kristoff declared.

"That's okay," Anna grabbed his collar and pulled him towards, giving him a kiss on his cheek and messed up his hair a little, "I prefer you in leather anyway."

Kristoff chuckled as Anna walked past him. Olaf made weird noises and they turned to him and were surprised that he no longer had his suit on.

"I'm shocked you can last an hour. That was brutal." Olaf commented as he put his coal buttons back on as Olaf began walking away, "The things we do for love."

Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, the riders, and dragons followed the crowd which led to an intersection. In the middle of it was something tall that had a golden colored cloak over it. Anna and Mattias stood in front of it and pulled the cloak down to reveal a statue of the former king and queen of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna's parents when they were younger. Their father dressed in Arendelle clothes while their mother dressed as a Northuldra member.

"Our lands and people, now connected by love." Anna said as she stared at the statue of her parents. Then she spotted Gale, two pinkish red leaves, swirling around the statue and around her waist, "Hi Gale. You like it?" Meaning the statue. She quickly took out a message in the shape of a bird and held it out to Gale, "Oh, do you mind? I've got a message for my sister."

Gale lifted the message from Anna's hands and flew it into the sky and over Arendelle.

The message passed through the clouds and went to the entrance of the Enchanted Forest. It flew past a few trees until a hand caught it. The hand belonged to Elsa who had Bruni on her shoulder.

"Thank you." Elsa said to Gale as she opened the message and Bruni moved closer to see it, "Charades Friday night. Don't be late. And don't worry, Arendelle's doing just fine. Keep looking after the Forest. I love you." Elsa looked up with a smile, "I love you, too, sis." Then she looked up at the trees, "Hey, Gale? We're going for a ride, wanna come?" Gale flew past with a flurry of snow. Then Nokk appeared from the water and walked over to Elsa who held her hand out to him, "You ready?" She placed her forehead against Nokk's and put her hand on his cheek, causing a frost to cover his body.

He neighed happily as he trotted onto the land. He let Elsa onto his back and began running through the forest. She ran past Ryder and Honeymaren who were both riding a reindeer. An Earth giant bent down and let Rokk ride around his shoulders and onto the ledge. Elsa and Nokk continued riding through the forest. Bruni was bouncing from tree to tree with his flames. He scurried around the tree and ran on the ground. Elsa summoned a few snowflakes behind and Bruni gleefully tried catching most of them. Then she summoned a pile of snow and Bruni jumped into while making happy noises as his flames went off and steam was rising from. Elsa and Nokk finally arrived at the beach and ran across the frozen sea that led to Ahtohallan. Elsa sighed happily and continued towards Ahtohallan.

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