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The Northuldra Tribe

Chapter 43: The Northuldra Tribe


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The group met up with Anna and Elsa. But then they soon noticed that Olaf wasn't with them. So they went to go find him. They soon heard Olaf's laughing nearby and turned to where it was coming from. What they didn't expect was that a powerful tornado was coming towards them. Once it came, everyone was swirling around inside the tornado.

"Hey guys, meet the wind spirit!" Olaf shouted.

Everyone was flying going around, up, and down inside the tornado. They were trying to maneuver themselves through it, but it proved to be difficult.

"Coming through!" Kristoff yelled as he flew past Carlos.

"Oooh, I think I'm going to be sick!" Anna declared as she held her hand over her mouth.

"I'd hold your hair back, but I can't find my arms!" Olaf yelled, not noticing that his arms were on the back of his head.

Kristoff bumped into Sven and rolled around until Sven was riding on Kristoff's back. Elsa soon noticed a branch heading towards Anna. She quickly aimed her power at the branch which sent it away from Anna who shocked at seeing the branch.

"Hey! Stop!" Elsa ordered as a trail of leaves twirled around her arms and hands.

Unexpectedly, everyone was dropped out of the tornado and fell onto the ground. The dragons, Sven, and Olaf were a little bit dizzy as they tried to stand up, only to fall down on their stomachs. The group soon noticed that Elsa wasn't among them. They looked up and saw a sphere of wind above them.

"Elsa!" Anna screamed with her arm shielding her eyes, "Let her go!"

A blue mist began to cover the sphere as it was lowered to the ground. The group knew that Elsa was using her magic. The air in front of them grew colder and more powerful, which wasn't a good sign.

"Anna, be careful!" Kristoff yelled.

"That's my sister!" Anna shouted.

Suddenly, the winds dispersed and disappeared. Elsa stood in the middle of a circle of frozen figures. Anna quickly ran over to her sister.

"Are you okay?" Anna asked, worriedly.

"I'm fine." Elsa assured.

"What are these?" Hiccup asked, looking at the ice figures near them.

The group was fascinated by these ice figures. Sven was impressed with the one that was a reindeer. Even though the group had seen Elsa form many things with her magic, the ones in front of them felt different for some strange reason.

"They look like moments in time." Elsa said as she, Merida, and Anna touched the horse ice figure.

"Wow." Merida said, awed by the horse.

"What's that thing you say, Olaf?" Anna questioned the snowman who was standing next to a campfire ice figure and was pretending that he was getting heat from it.

"Oh, my theory about advancing technology is both our savior and our doom?" Olaf asked as he walked over to them.

"No, not that one, the one about…" Anna pondered.

"The one about cucumbers?" Olaf suggested.

"No. The thing about water." Anna said.

"Oh, yeah. Water has memory," Olaf said as he took off his arm and gestured the water that Sven was drinking from a puddle and the path the water would take when it would enter Sven's body. "The water that makes up you and me has passed through at least 4 humans and or animals before us." Sven widened his eyes at the fact and opened his mouth and let the water pour out. That caused Anna and Hiccup to hum in interest while the others were weirded out by that fact, "And remembers everything." The wind spirit blew around Sven, lifting him upside down with leaves around him and then put him back on his feet. The wind went over to Olaf and spun around him, lifting him into the air which caused Olaf to chuckle, "The wind's back!" The wind spirit spun around him so fast, it caused his sides to open up like an umbrella, "Delicious! I think I'll call you Gale."

The wind went over to Kristoff who held his arm out to it. It took ahold of his arm and spun him around and went into his vest, causing it to puff up.

"Get out there!" Kristoff ordered, patting down his vest which made 'Gale' leave and went over to Merida and made her hair blew upwards.

Merida chuckled and patted her hair down as Gale went over to the riders and spun around their waist which made them laugh as well, and went over to their dragons. Gale blew upwards, making their dragons float in the air for a moment and let them down on the ground gently. Then the spirit went over to Anna and spun around her body.

"Oh, hi, are you curious!" Anna commented and Gale made her purple cloak go over Anna's head.

"You in a better mood now?" Elsa chuckled as Gale made her braid come in front of her mouth.

Gale flew past the group and went over to another ice figure. It had a girl who was holding a boy in her arms. They looked to be the same age and height. The wind swirled around them. The group walked up the figure. Anna touched the boy figure.

"Father...That's father." Anna realized.

"This girl…" Elsa trailed off when she gazed at the girl figure.

"She's saving him." Carlos said.

"She's Northuldra." Kristoff concluded.

Suddenly, all of the trees around them were rustling and horns were blaring.

"What is that?" Audrey asked.

"Olaf, get behind me." Elsa ordered Olaf who went behind her.

The group began backing away from the figures. Hiccup took out his inferno and shield while Merida got her bow and arrow ready, Audrey and Carlos took out their swords. Anna took the ice sword from one of the figures.

"What are you gonna to do with that?" Kristoff asked.

"I have no idea." Anna replied, holding the sword in front of her.

The noises were surrounding them and no one knew where to look. Anna ran towards a bush and slashed it with a sword and saw a group of people carrying a staff which they now knew were the Northuldra tribe. The dragons got in front of the group. One woman stepped forward and pointed her staff at the group.

"Lower your weapons and stand down your beasts." The woman ordered.

Then they heard a banging sound and the group turned around and saw a group of soldiers with swords and shields.

"And you lower yours." A man with dark skin, who looked to be the leader, ordered.

"Arandellian Soldiers?" Anna asked, confused.

"What are they doing here?" Merida asked.

"Threatening my people, Lieutenant?" A woman with white hair questioned the leader of Arandellians.

"Invading my Dam space, Yelana?" 'Lieutenant' retorted.

"Why does that soldier looks so familiar?" Anna pondered, waving her sword around.

"Lieutenant, get the sword!" One of the soldiers yelled.

The groups were about to clash until Elsa made the ground below them into ice which caused them to all fall and slide on the ice.

"That was magic. Did you see that?" Lieutenant questioned, shocked.

"Of course I saw it." Yelana confirmed, scooting away from the lieutenant.

"Well, you chose a nice cold greeting." Anna commented.

"They've been trapped in here this whole time?" Kristoff asked, shocked.

"It looks like it." Carlos confirmed.

"What do we do now?" Elsa asked.

"I got this," Olaf assured as he went past Elsa and stood in front of the group, "Hi I'm Olaf," Olaf greeted. One of the villagers gasped and hid behind one of the other villagers. "Oh sorry, yeah, I just find clothes restricting. Bet you're wondering who we are and why we are here. It's really quite simple. It began with two sisters…" Olaf began dramatically.

Olaf then began telling of what happened to Elsa when she became Queen and putting Arendelle into eternal winter. Hiccup was surprised that Olaf could go into such detail about their previous adventure. Not to mention how well he portrayed each character. As he spoke, the riders were feeling quite uncomfortable of how he told them why they were in the Enchanted Forest while Elsa gently facepalmed and Anna grinned sheepishly.

"...Any questions?" Olaf asked. But no one answered and just blinked and stared at the group with confusion. "I think they got it."

Elsa thawed all of the ice around the villagers and soldiers. Both groups stood up. The riders put away their weapons, seeing that neither side was going to harm them.

"Are you really queen of Arendelle?" Lieutenant asked, holding his sword and shield.

"I am." Elsa replied.

"Why would nature rewards a person of Arendelle with magic?" Yelana questioned with suspicion, standing in front of her group.

"Perhaps to make up for the actions of your people." Lieutenant accused, standing in front of his soldiers.

"My people are innocent, we would have never attack first." Yelana defended.

"May the truth be found," Lieutenant said before he noticed Anna standing next to him while making a frame gesture with her hands which she could clearly see the Lieutenant, "Hi, I'm sor-, uh, what's happening?"

"That's it! Lieutenant Mattias, library, second portrait on the left. You are our father's official guard." Anna confirmed.

"Agnarr...what did happen to your parents?" Mattias asked.

"Our parents' ship went down in the Southern Sea six years ago." Anna replied, sadly.

"I see him...I see him in your faces." Mattias complimented.

"Really?" Anna asked with a soft smile.

"Soldiers, we maybe getting on in years, but we're still strong. Proud to serve Arendelle." Mattias stated as he and the soldiers got in front of the sisters and their friends, which caused the Northuldra people to back away.

"Wait, please," Elsa pleaded as she stepped away from the soldiers, "Someone has called me here. If I can just find them, I believe they have the answers that may help us free this forest. Trust me, I just want to help."

"We only trust nature. When nature speaks..." Yelana began until the tree next to them burst into pinkish red flames and she looked up at the tree with shock, "We listen."

"This will all makes sense when I'm older." Olaf muttered to himself, backing away from the flames.

"Fire spirit!" Someone yelled as fire spirit jumped onto the tree next to the burning one and went onto the ground, creating a trail of fire.

"Get back everyone! Go to the river!" Mattias ordered as everyone back away and the fire spread.

The riders started to follow the tribe and the soldiers, only to stop and see Elsa putting out the flames with her ice magic. But then they spotted the reindeer leaving off in another direction.

"No, no, no reindeer! That's a dead end!" A male tribe member panicked.

"Come on Sven," Kristoff yelled as he hopped onto Sven's back and went after the fleeing reindeer, "We'll get them!"

"Elsa, get out there!" Anna shouted when she saw her sister in her flames, "No, no, no, no!"

Then Anna went straight into the flames.

"Anna, no!" Audrey yelled as she went after Anna with the riders following behind.

"Elsa!" Anna shouted, putting a part of her cloak over her nose and mouth, trying to follow her sister.

The riders put their arms over their mouth to prevent the smoke from getting them, but they knew that they had to find Anna fast or else they'll get burned from the flames. They spotted Anna when they heard her coughing. They were almost near her, but the flames were starting to get to them as well which caused them to fall to their knees while coughing heavily.

"Anna!" Kristoff yelled and headed towards her.

Elsa spotted her sister in the flames and quickly used her magic to douse the flames. Anna was still coughing as she tried to get to her feet. Unexpectedly, Kristoff grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto Sven's back in front of him. The dragons spotted their riders, the riders grabbed onto the saddles and swung onto them.

"Get her out of here!" Elsa ordered.

"No! Elsa!" Anna protested as Sven rode off with the dragons following behind them. They soon reached the village and saw Elsa kneeling down, holding a small blue salamander in her hands and flames soon died out. She sprinkled a few snowflakes which the salamander was catching them with his tongue. She chuckled at his cuteness. Then she noticed the tribe members and the soldiers behind her.

"They're all looking at us, aren't they? Got advice?" Elsa asked the fire spirit who said nothing, "Nothing? Hmm," The spirit licked his eyeball with his tongue, "Should I know what that means?" Then Elsa heard the voice and saw that the spirit had also heard it, "You hear it too. Somebody's calling us, who is it? What do we do?" The spirit jumped from her hands as she stood up and saw the spirit standing on top of a boulder while looking at her, "Okay, keep going north."

The spirit looked excitedly at her and leaped off the rock. Elsa was about to follow, however Anna hugged her from behind.

"Elsa!" Anna gasped then she let go and Elsa turned to her, "Oh, thank goodness."

"Anna." Elsa said, concerned.

"Are you okay?" Anna asked.

"What were you doing? You could have been killed, you can't just follow me into fire!" Elsa warned.

"You don't want me to follow you into fire, then don't run into fire," Anna demanded before her expression fell, "You are not being careful, Elsa." Anna reminded Elsa. Elsa sighed heavily at her sister's words.

"I'm sorry, are you okay?" Elsa apologized.

"I've been better." Anna replied.

"I know what you need." Elsa smiled as she took out their mother's scarf from Anna's bag and wrapped it around her sister who held onto it, who smiled softly at it.

They turned to the Northuldra tribe who were intrigued by the scarf. Yelana stepped forward.

"Where did you get that scarf?" Yelana asked, suspicious.

"That's a Northuldra scarf." A male tribe member said, standing behind Anna.

"What?" Anna asked, confused.

"This is from one of our oldest families." A female tribe member said, standing beside Anna.

"It was our mother's." Anna said.

Elsa gasped and grabbed Anna's hand. The two took off and went to the ice figure of their father and the girl. Elsa noticed the scarf the girl was wearing. Anna gazed at the girl, she then realized who this girl was.

"Elsa." Anna said.

"I see it, it's mother." Elsa said, caressing the girl's cheek.

"Mother saved father's life that day." Anna stated.

Soon enough, everyone gathered around the sisters and the ice figures.

"Our mother was Northuldra." Elsa announced as she and Anna held their hands.

The Northuldra tribe and the Arendellian soldiers were shocked at this. Kristoff and the others were as well. Gale swirled around the ice figure of Elsa's parents and flew up into the trees. At that moment, the ice figures began to glow a light blue. Then blue lights appeared in the trees, almost like stars in the night sky. Olaf lite up as well as he stood on Sven's back. It was a beautiful sight for everyone. The Northuldra tribe members began to hymed while stamping their staff on the ground. They placed their hands on their shoulders as they stood in a circle. Yelana stepped forward and held the two sister's hands.

"We are called Northuldra. We are the people of the Sun." Yelana declared.

"I promise you. I will free this forest, and restore Arendelle." Elsa promised.

"That's a pretty big promise, Elsa." Anna pointed out.

"I heard the voice again. We need to go north." Elsa said.

"But the earth giant now roam north at night." A female tribe member protested.

"You can leave in the morning." Yelana suggested.

"I'm Honeymaren." The female tribe greeted.

"Honeymaren, we'll do all we can." Anna assured Honeymaren.

Everyone was settled at the Northuldra camp. Olaf was sitting with some of the children who were playing with his body parts which was sort of funny. Anna was talking to Mattias not too far from the camp while Elsa was sitting with Honeymaren while petting a baby moose as they sat by a campfire. While the riders were sitting next to the other campfires with their dragons. More children gathered around them as the dragons let the children pet them. Then Hiccup noticed Yelana walking up to them.

"May I?" Yelana asked as she gestured Toothless.

Hiccup nodded and Yelana held her hand out in front of Toothless who crooned as he sniffed her hand. He pressed his snout against her palm. She smiled softly at him as she continued to pet him.

"I never thought I would see dragons in my day." Yelana said as she petted Toothless's head.

"Unbelievable, right?" Carlos asked.

"Indeed," Yelana agreed as she stopped petting Toothless and looked at all of the riders, "You all have a strong connection with your dragons."

"Toothless has been my best friend ever since we first bonded," Hiccup said, wrapping his left arm around Toothless's neck, "At first he thought I was his enemy, but I proved to him that I wasn't."

"You'll always be my first best friend." Toothless warbled.

"Same for me and Aileana. She's like me. Spirited and brave." Merida said.

"Very true." Aileana crooned, nudging Merida's shoulder.

"Curious and adventurous." Carlos said, placing his hand on Cielo's neck.

"Very adventurous." Cielo warbled.

"Loyal and trustworthy." Audrey said, her hand on Quicksilver's neck.

"I'll always be loyal to my friends." Quicksilver crooned.

"I see. You're much like the Northuldra. You peacefully coexist with your dragons just like we do with the spirits." Yelana stated.

"Really?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes, but you have a more deeper bond with them than we do with the spirits." Yelana said as Sharpshot landed on top of her staff. She smiled at the little dragon and scratched him underneath his chin which caused him to purr.

"I plan on creating a tribe where humans and dragons can live in peace." Hiccup admitted.

"That's a hard task to do, Hiccup." Yelana stated.

"I know. There are many who despise dragons and won't forgive them of their past actions. But I also know that there might be people out there who believe that peace is possible." Hiccup said, determined.

"You will become a great chief, Hiccup." Yelana complimented which made Hiccup smile.

Suddenly they all heard big thumping.

"What's that?" Carlos asked.

"Earth giants. What are they doing down here?" Yelana asked, looking all around.

Quickly, everyone put out their fires, shut the doors, and hid out of sight. Hiccup and the riders took a peek from their hiding places and spotted the giants walking through the trees. Hiccup had to admit that they were huge. But Red Death was probably bigger than them. If it came down to strength, Red Death would easily beat them with its fire power. Once the giants were gone, the group quickly went over to Elsa and Anna.

"Hey guys that was close." Olaf said as he and the others ran up to Elsa and Anna.

"I know." Elsa said as Bruni, the fire spirit, jumped off Olaf and landed onto Elsa's hand, "The giants sensed me. They may come back here. I don't want to put anyone at risk again." Elsa turned to Anna, "And you're right Anna, we've got to find the voice. We're going now."

"Okay, we're going, let me just-" Anna began to say when she noticed that Kristoff and Sven were not in the camp while Elsa, the riders, and dragons began walking away, "Wait, where are Kristoff and Sven?"

"Oh yeah, I think they took off with that Ryder guy and a bunch of reindeer." Olaf said.

"They left?" Anna asked, shocked. Olaf nodded, "Just left without saying anything?"

"Who knows the ways of men." Olaf commented as he walked away to catch up with Elsa.

Elsa, Olaf, the riders, and dragons looked at Anna, who was still standing where she was, wondering if she was still going with them. Anna took a glance at the camp and followed after their group.

A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things. - George R.R. Martin

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