Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
Clearing Doubts

Chapter 40: Clearing Doubts


'Dragons' - Dragonese

A few days later, the kingdom of Arendelle was back to normal and the dignitaries were heading home. The dragon riders gave a helping hand on pulling the ships to the docks. At first, some of the people were shocked to see dragons. But Elsa and Anna were able to assure them that the dragons didn't mean any harm. The riders and the dragons had said their goodbyes to Rapunzel and Eugene before they left. The riders told them that they stay in Arendelle for a little bit before they go to their next location. Right now, Merida and Aileana were carrying Hans, in Aileana's claws to be most precise, to the ship he came on. The French dignitary was in charge of it now. Aileana was on the top deck, not to far from the jail cell on the brig.

"Alright, a little to the left." Merida instructed Aileana.

"P-Please don't throw me!" Hans begged, gripping hard on Aileana's leg, "The guards can just lead me safely into the cell."

"What's the fun in that?" Merida teased with a grin which unsettled Hans, "Let's go, Aileana!"

Aileana squawked and flew forward and with a powerful swing of her legs, Hans was thrown into the brig in which he went head first into a bucket as Aileana flew upwards and glided to the right and safely landed beside the French dignitary.

"I will return this scoundrel to his country. We shall see what his 12 big brothers think of his behavior." The French dignitary informed Kai.

"Arendelle thanks you, my Lord." Kai thanked the French dignitary as he, Merida, and Aileana bowed their heads towards the man who returned the gesture.

Down on the dock, Arendelle guards lead the Duke and his two thugs to their ship.

"This is unacceptable. I am innocent. I'm a victim of fear. I've been traumatized." The Duke began then pulled off very bad acting by adding, "Ow! My neck hurts. Is there a doctor I could...No? And I demand to see the Queen!" He ordered.

Kai stepped down from the gangplank to the dock while Aileana flew down beside him.

"I have a message from the Queen." Kai stated as he unrolled the scroll in his hands and read off it, "Arendelle will henceforth and forever no longer do business of any sort with Weaseltown." Kai said formally as the Duke's eyes widened.

"Weselton. It's Weselton!" The Duke corrected in a whiney tone as the guards ushered him and his thugs onto their ship and then got off, the men raised the gangplank as the last ship finally left the Arendelle docks.

Meanwhile, Anna was running through a crowd, dragging a blindfolded Kristoff behind her.

"Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on!" Anna ushered, excitedly.

"Okay, okay, here I come." Kristoff said before he ran into a pole, "Pole!"

"Whoops! Sorry." Anna apologized, directing him away from the pole. Anna skipped to the perfect spot and stopped, "Okay. Okay. Here we are. Oh!" She took off the blindfold and squealed excitedly as Kristoff opened his eyes. Before him sat the most beautiful, suped-up sled. Hiccup and Toothless stood next to it and gestured the sled while Sven posed in front of it - Vanna White-style, "I owe you a sled."

"Are you serious?" Kristoff asked, blown away.

"Yes!" Anna squealed, "And it's the latest model."

"No, I can't accept this." Kristoff protested.

"You have to. No returns. No exchanges. Queen's orders. She's named you the official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer." Anna declared.

Sven showed off the Ice-Master-and-Deliverer medal like he's king of the bucks.

"What? That's not a thing." Kristoff stated.

"Sure it is. And it even has a cup holder... Do you like it?" Anna asked.

"Like it? I love it!" Kristoff said as he swept her up high overhead and spun her around, "I could kiss you!" Kristoff stopped and placed her back on her feet and rubbed the back of his head embarrassed, "I could. I mean I'd like to. I'd... may I? We me...I mean, may we? Wait, what?"

Anna gave him a quick kiss on his cheek and his eyes widened at that.

"We may." Anna decided.

The two smiled and kissed. Hiccup and Toothless glanced at each other and smiled as they shook their heads. They knew that the two had feelings for each other. Olaf had easily seen it as well. Then Hiccup and Toothless left the two and walked towards the castle courtyard.

Elsa was surrounded by citizens along with the dragon riders and their dragons smiling and excited. The gates to the castle were wide open. In the courtyard. Everyone now aware of their queen's powers wanted to see them in action without the fear of an eternal winter.

"Are you ready?" Elsa asked smiling.

Villagers cheered. Elsa looked down as she stomped her foot on the ground and created an ice rink in the courtyard. The people, skates at the ready, hopped onto it and twirled about. Elsa then froze the two fountains on her left and right in a beautiful design and formed a snowball in her hand and tossed it in the air, it gave off a pop, then dispersed and a light snow flurries began to fall around them.

The riders were still amazed that Elsa could do this kind of magic as they watched the two sisters ice skating with Olaf and then Sven was skating with Kristoff behind him. They were glad that the sisters were close once more and Elsa had full control of her powers. It was hard to believe that the girl had thought she was dangerous and had no control of her powers. But they knew that she distanced herself in order to protect her sister. However, Anna never gave up on her sister being able to control her powers and end the winter.

Then they turned to their dragons who were trying to catch the snowflakes around as the children were sitting on their backs, which was a humorous sight to see. Everyone liked the dragons. They were amazed by them in fact. The children loved playing with the dragons. Quicksilver was starting to get used to interacting with humans, but she liked playing with the children more than the adults. Toothless, Aileana, Sharpshot, and Cielo really enjoyed the attention they got from the children. It relieved the riders to see that no one thought that their dragons were dangerous. It was a good ending to the day so far.

Hiccup was sleeping in a guest room in the castle of Arendelle. The riders also had their own guest rooms while the dragons slept in the stables. However, Hiccup was tossing and turning in his bed. The thought of his mother kept him from getting any rest. He missed his mother while he was on his journey. He hadn't written to her since he hadn't reach Rome yet. He hoped that she was doing alright. With him out on his journey, his mother had to work alone on saving captured dragons from Drago. Seeing that he wouldn't be getting any rest, Hiccup sat up and took off his blanket. He grabbed his shoes and put them on. Then he quietly opened the door to his room and silently walked down the halls. When he reached the stables, he went over to Toothless's stall.

"Toothless?" Hiccup whispered.

"Hiccup? What is it? Is something wrong?" Toothless warbled, blinking his eyes sleepily.

"Can't sleep," Hiccup said as Toothless yawned. "Hey Toothless, do you remember how to get to the trolls?"

"I think so. Why?" Toothless questioned.

"I need to ask Grand Pabbie something." Hiccup answered.

"What do you need to ask him?" Toothless asked and let out a soft snort, "It's about Drago, isn't it?"

"Yeah." Hiccup sighed.

"Very well." Toothless grunted.

Hiccup put the saddle on Toothless and the two quietly left the stables. Then flew off to the home of the trolls.

The moon was still up by the time Hiccup and Toothless arrived at the trolls' home. The trolls were in rock formation at the moment. Toothless landed near the circle of boulders and Hiccup dismounted and walked over to the circle.

"Grand Pabbie, I need to talk to you." Hiccup declared.

The boulders rolled towards Hiccup and the trolls revealed themselves.

"It's one of Kristoff's friends!" A female troll exclaimed happily and the other trolls cheered.

"What brings you here to our humble home?" The female troll asked.

"I need to speak to Grand Pabbie." Hiccup replied.

The trolls moved aside as Grand Pabbie rolled towards Hiccup and uncurled himself.

"I am here. What is it that you wish to speak to me about, young lad?" Grand Pabbie questioned.

"I know that I want to create a place where humans and dragons can coexist. But I'm afraid of what will happen if I come across Drago Bludvist." Hiccup answered as he knelt down in front of the troll.

"Who is this man?" Grand Pabbie asked.

"My mother told me that he is an evil man who traps dragons and uses them as weapons to threaten everyone in the Barbaric Archipelago." Hiccup said.

"And you wish to change his mind about dragons?" Grand Pabbie inquired.

"Yes, but-" Hiccup started.

"It's impossible, Hiccup. A man who has done such terrible things towards living creatures will never see reason nor will he ever change." Grand Pabbie interrupted.

"So I will never be able to change Drago's mind about dragons?" Hiccup questioned, sadly.

"I'm afraid so," Grand Pabbie answered, "If your mother has already seen and witnessed the evils he has done, then there's no hope of his mind changing."

"What if I showed him?" Hiccup suggested.

"Hiccup, not everything can go your way. There will be times that you just have to accept things the way they are or the situation at hand. There will also be times that you have to fight even though you may not want to," Grand Pabbie told Hiccup who looked away from him, "Those who've been in darkness for so long will never be able to come out of it. Most would choose to stay in it instead of leaving it. They would use that darkness to empower themselves and control all innocent lives."

"That also means that I will have to fight him someday?" Hiccup inquired, looking back at Grand Pabbie.

"Indeed so. When that day comes, you will be tested on the bond between you and your dragon." Grand Pabbie foretold Hiccup.

Those words worried Hiccup. He didn't think that his bond with Toothless would be tested against someone like Drago. He remembered all the times he had helped his mother rescue the trapped dragons they came across whenever they spotted a dragon trapper boat. He had also seen the amount of injuries the trapped dragons had suffered through before they were rescued.

"Remember, as long as you have faith in your dragon, no one will be able to severe your bond. But also, always trust your friends. You'll need them along your journey," Grand Pabbie advised, "Always remember that. Faith is one of the many qualities on becoming a great chief."

"Do you really think I have what it takes to be a chief, Grand Pabbie? I've never had the training to become one nor did my old tribe wanted me to be one." Hiccup stated, doubtful.

"You don't have to be like your father, Hiccup. You rule your village the way you want it to be." Grand Pabbie said.

"I know that some people doubt that a village of humans and dragons living in peace could exist. But I know that there will be one. Is that possible?" Hiccup questioned the wise troll.

"I believe so. You might be able to change a few people about dragons, but Drago will remain the same. As your mother had said, "You have the heart of a chief, the soul of a dragon"." Grand Pabbie encouraged him.

Hiccup looked down at the ground and then at Toothless. The dragon gave his toothless smile at Hiccup. The boy couldn't help but smile softly at the gesture. Perhaps Grand Pabbie was right. He might not be able to change everyone's minds about dragons. It was true that many leaders have no other choice when it came to hard decisions. Especially when it came to their tribe men. Hiccup knew that if he became chief, he would try to make decisions that would benefit both humans and dragons. He also knew that his decisions might not make some people happy, but it would help them in the end.

Hiccup stood up and walked over to Toothless and wrapped his arms around his neck. Toothless cooed and wrapped his wings around Hiccup. He was glad that his Night Fury friend was with him on this journey. After a moment, the two separated and looked to Grand Pabbie.

"Thanks, Grand Pabbie." Hiccup thanked Grand Pappie who bowed his head.

"Anytime." Grand Pabbie said.

Hiccup mounted onto Toothless and the two flew off into the night sky and headed back to Arendelle.

You should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about. - Willy Wonka

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