Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345

Chapter 38: Trolls


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The Northern Lights are bright overhead and Olaf stared at them in awe as he rode on Sven's back.

"Look, Sven, the sky's awake." Olaf said.

Behind Olaf and Sven, Anna walked beside Kristoff while the riders and dragons were behind them. Anna was already shivering.

"Are you cold?" Kristoff asked her.

"A little." Anna replied.

Kristoff reached out like he might put an arm around her, but decided against it. He looked around as if he doesn't know what to do, then gets a thought.

"Uh...Wait. Come here." He walked them around a bend into a rock-lined pass. Steam vents, powered by the volcanic activity, dot the path. He held her hands over one of them.

"Oooh... That's nice." Anna said smiling as they continued on the path, walking from vent to vent.

Taking a deep breath, "So, about my friends...well, I say friends, they're more like family... Anyway, when I was a kid, it was just me and Sven...until they took me in." Kristoff began to explain to Anna.

Hiccup and the others stayed quiet while listening to Kristoff.

"They did?" Anna asked surprised.

"Yeah. I don't want to scare you, they can be a little bit inappropriate...and loud...very loud...they're also stubborn at times, and a little overbearing. And heavy. Really, really heavy." Kristoff nervously rambled, "But they're fine.. You'll get it. They mean well." He said afterwards. Anna touched Kristoff's arm, reassuringly.

"Kristoff, they sound wonderful." Anna told him smiling. Kristoff smiled, appreciating her sincerity.

"Okay then..." Mustering the courage, Kristoff stepped forward and with a wave of the arms announced– "Meet my family." Anna, Olaf, the dragons and their riders all blinked seeing that Kristoff is surrounded by rocks. "Hey, guys!" As Kristoff and Sven moved through the rocks, waving and greeting, Olaf, Anna, and the others stood frozen, dumbfounded.

"...They're rocks." Anna said to no one in particular, more of a self realization.

"He's crazy..." Olaf said slowly and then leaned in to Anna to whisper, "I'll distract them while you run." Olaf wandered through the rocks with a smile, "Hi, Sven's family! It's nice to meet you!" Olaf beamed, acting to be happy to meet these 'family' members of Kristoff's, whom Olaf has firmly believed is named Sven like the reindeer. "Anna, because I love you, I insist you run." Olaf whispered to her before turning to the rock before him. "I understand you're love experts!" Olaf said, "Why aren't you running?!" Olaf asked quickly.

"Anna...this lad took a hard hit to the head." Merida pointed out.

"We should...just get back to the castle." Carlos suggested.

"I fully agree with you." Hiccup agreed.

Then Audrey came up beside Anna who snapped out of her shock and started backing away towards the riders.

"Okay. Um...We're gonna go–..." Anna started as she turns to leave with the riders. Just then the rocks around her start rolling. "Ah! Kristoff!" Anna exclaimed.

"What's going on?" Hiccup yelled.

"How are we supposed to know?!" Audrey shouted.

Olaf lite up and chased the rocks, who surrounded Kristoff and unfold to reveal they're trolls.

"KRISTOFF'S HOME!" One troll looked and smiled wide,

Now various trolls stated, "Kristoff! Kristoff's home! It's been too long! Kristoff's home!" Various trolls stated.

"Kristoff's home!" Olaf said as he jumped around excitedly. He then stopped, confused, and looked to one of the trolls. "Wait? Kristoff?"

Anna, the riders, and their dragons were shocked and confused at the creatures they were looking at. The trolls all want Kristoff's attention as one troll yanked him down with a boulder's strength.

"Oh, lemme look at you!" The troll said.

"Oh, take off your clothes, Kristoff; I wash them." Another troll tried to pull off his clothes.

"Ah! No. I'm gonna keep my clothes on, thank you." Kristoff blushed keeping his pants up and looking nervously at Anna.

"Wow, Gobber was right. Trolls do exist." Hiccup stated.

"Yeah." Toothless warbled in agreement.

This discovery made everyone blinked in confusion. Hiccup didn't think trolls actually existed. Boy, Gobber would get a kick out of this.

"For some strange reason, they reminded me of the Noblins back in Avalor." Carlos commented.

"Now that you mentioned it, they do kinda remind me as well." Cielo agreed.

"Great to see you all. Where's Grand Pabbie?" Kristoff asks now.

"He's napping. But look, I grew a mushroom." Said one of the kid trolls with a mushroom on his back.

"And I earned my fire crystal." Said a troll scout proudly.

"I passed a kidney stone." Said on older, bigger troll now.

"Pick me up." Said one kid troll. The kid troll jumps up on Kristoff's arm and Kristoff sinks under the weight of him. Anna still stares, confused, then realized.

"Trolls? They're trolls..." Anna said quietly. Silence.

All troll eyes turn to Anna. Blink. Blink.

"...He's brought a girl!" Announced a female troll happily.

"He's brought a girl!" The others yelled out, suddenly Anna was surrounded by trolls. They body-surf/rolled Anna over to Kristoff. She fell into his arms.

"What's going on?" Anna asked confused.

"I've learned to just roll with it." Kristoff responded with a shrug. The female who originally noticed Anna now climbs on top of her husband, Cliff, to get a good look at Anna. She studies her like she's a piece of cattle.

"Let me see. Bright eyes. Working nose. Strong teeth. Yes, yes, yes. She'll do nicely for our Kristoff." The woman said happily.

"Wait. Oh. Um. No." Anna protested.

"You've got the wrong idea. That's not why we came here..." Kristoff nodded trying to protest as well.

"Right. We're not. I'm not–..." Anna laughed, uncomfortable, not knowing what to say.

The riders and their dragons were just standing there, not been noticed yet. Strange how no one would notice a group of people with dragons beside them.

"What's the issue, dear? Why are you holding back from such a man?" The troll woman asked as the others blinked a few times. "Is it the clumpy way he walks? Or the grumpy way he talks? Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped weirdness of his feet? And though we know he washes well, he always ends up sorta smelly. But you'll never meet a fella who's as sensitive and sweet."

"So he's a bit of a fixer upper. So he's got a few flaws. His peculiar brain, dear, his thing for the reindeer. That's outside a few of nature's laws. So he's a bit of a fixer upper, but this we're certain of...You can fix this fixer upper with a little bit of love!" The trolls chorused together.

"Can we just stop talking about this?! We've got a real, actual problem here." Kristoff stated quickly.

"I'll say..." The woman who started it all said. As various trolls begin asking more questions in sing song to Anna. "Is it the way that he runs scared? Or that he's socially impaired? Or that he only likes to tinkle in the woods?" Said a kid troll as Anna stepped back. "I did not need to know that." Anna noticed Kristoff blushing a little, Audrey and Carlos on the other hand only sighed while Merida and Hiccup closed their eyes and shook their heads.

"Are you holding back your fondness...Due to his unmanly blondeness? Or the way he covers up that he's the honest goods?" The trolls began again. "He's just a bit of a fixer upper. He's got a couple of bugs..."

"No I don't!" Kristoff protested quickly.

"His isolation is confirmation, of his desperation for healing hugs! So he's a bit of a fixer upper. But we know what to do...The way to fix this fixer upper, is to fix him up with you!" The trolls smiled.

"Stop it, stop it, enough!" Kristoff gets them to stop, "She is engaged to someone else okay?!" Kristoff yelled informatively.

"A rather quick engagement it is, though." Hiccup commented with his arms crossed.

The trolls blinked seeing Hiccup and Toothless along with the other riders and their dragons. Then the trolls huddled together.

"So she's a bit of a fixer upper. That's a minor thing...This quote engagement is a flex arrangement...And by the way I don't see no ring." Various trolls said now before un-huddling and looking at Kristoff.

"So she's a bit of a fixer upper! Her brain's a bit betwixt...Get the fiance out of the way, and the whole thing will be fixed!" The trolls sang in harmony as Kristoff face palmed in defeat. The male trolls tackled him down and put a moss cape on him, then a crown of moss, and sticks. The riders smacked their palms to their faces while the dragons groaned at the ignorant trolls who weren't listening to what Kristoff had just said and continued to think that Anna was Kristoff's fiance.

"We aren't saying you can change him, 'cause people don't really change. We're only saying that love's a force that's powerful and strange. People make bad choices if they're mad or scared or stressed. But throw a little love their way, and you'll bring out their best..." The woman troll sang softly to Anna, which made her listen carefully in understanding. The female trolls now begin to dress Anna with moss. Kristoff looked over at Anna. She actually looked shockingly beautiful dressed in moss, lit by shimmering crystals.

"True love brings out the best! Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper. That's what it's all about! Father, sister, brother. We need each other...To raise us up and round us out." The trolls sang out. By this time Kristoff and Anna are being ushered into a pit by the sheer force of numbers. "Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper, but when push comes to shove..." The trolls smiled as Olaf now jumped in.

"The only fixer upper fixer that can fix a fixer upper is..." Olaf sang with them. "True. True. True. True love!"

During this last bit Anna and Kristoff are looking at each other differently. Maybe those trolls are right? Sparks flew between the two as they smiled at each other.

"Do you, Anna, take Kristoff to be your trollfully wedded–..." The troll priest began as Anna and Kristoff's eyes widened in shock. The riders's mouths dropped open, now seeing where this was going.

"Wait, what?!" Anna exclaimed.

"You're getting married." The priest stated calmly.

"LOVE!" The trolls yelled in unison.

Just then before they can say anything else, Anna clutched her chest and collapsed breathing heavily. Kristoff caught her as she began shivering fiercely. The riders and dragons ran over to the edge of the pit with Sven beside them.

"She's cold like ice." Kristoff panted a little, looking around at the trolls for help. Grand Pabbie pushed his way through the crowd. Trolls cleared the way for Pabbie and he stopped in front of Anna and Kristoff.

"There's strange magic here!" Pabbie declared.

"Grand Pabbie!" Kristoff exclaimed.

"Bring her down to me, Kristoff." Pabbie instructed.

Kristoff helped bring Anna towards Pabbie who gently held her hands and looked up at her weak eyes.

"Anna, your life is in danger. There is ice in your heart, put there by your sister. If not removed, to solid ice will you freeze, forever." Pabbie told her as Kristoff and the riders's eyes widen at the news.

"What...? No." Anna said, weakly.

"But you can remove it, right?" Kristoff insisted quickly.

"I cannot. I'm sorry, Kristoff. If it was her head, that would be easy. But only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart." Pabbie told him.

"An act of true love?" Anna asked, looking at the trolls now.

"A true love's kiss, perhaps?" Offered the woman troll closest to them.

A bunch of trolls gave each other kisses. Anna shivered again, collapsing further down in Kristoff's arms as more of her hair turned white. This worried everyone else.

"Anna, we've got to get you back to Hans." Kristoff decided.

"Hans." Anna said.

"Pulls us out, Sven." Kristoff ordered.

Sven tilted his head, offering his antlers. Kristoff grabbed Sven's antlers and he pulled them out. Audrey came over and picked up Anna into her arms and mounted Quicksilver as Kristoff and Carlos mounted Cielo and Merida mounted Aileana.

"Aileana, you carry Sven. Olaf, come on!" Hiccup ordered as he mounted Toothless.

"I'm coming! Let's go kiss Hans!" Olaf yelled as he leaped onto the back of Hiccup and Aileana picked up Sven in her claws. Then the dragons went up into the sky and headed off to Adrendelle. Olaf was soon confused about something, "Who is this Hans?"

True love can break the most powerful curse. - Jodi Picoult

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