Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345

Chapter 34: Knighted


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Kayley and Audrey arrived in their white glittering dresses. They walked arm-in-arm into the room where Arthur and Garrett, in his knight uniform, were waiting. Devon and Cornwall sniffled and they blew their snouts. Hiccup, Carlos, and Merida with their dragons beside them along with Quicksilver watched the sisters pass by them with pride in their eyes.

"Kayley. Audrey." Juliana said.

They turn to their mother who handed them Sir Lionel's shield.

"You forgot this. Take it. It's yours." Juliana mentioned.

"I dub thee Sir Garrett," Arthur announced, tapping Excalibur on Garrett's shoulder. Then he tapped Excalibur on Kayley's shoulder, "I dub thee Lady Kayley," He tapped Excalibur on Audrey's shoulder, "I dub thee Lady Audrey. Thank you for saving Camelot. You have reminded us that the kingdom's strength is not based on the strength of a king, but the strength of the people. From this day forward, you will sit as Knights of the Round Table."

Kayley and Audrey smiled with joy as everyone, the dragons, and the knights cheered and applauded. Music started to play in the background as they begin to dance. Kayley handed the shield to Arthur as she danced with Garrett while Carlos danced with Audrey. The rooster was dancing with his wife.

"Isn't this everything you've ever wanted?" Kayley asked, spreading her arm out, gesturing to the celebration that was going on.

"Hmm, not quite...everything." Garrett answered as he twirled Kayley into his arms.

Then they shared a kiss. Devon and Cornwall watch in awe and teary-eyed. Devon started to make kissing noises to Cornwall. Cornwall quickly remembered what happened the last time when Devon did that gesture.

"Hey, don't even think about it!" Cornwall warned.

Ayden flew over them who watched as he flew over to Merlin who strokes his feathers.

"Well done, Ayden." Merlin praised.

Kayley handed Garrett his new staff and lead him away. Kayley and Garret ride on their horse with a sign that says 'Just Knighted' on the back as they rode off into the horizon.

Hiccup walked outside the castle doors and sat down on the steps while Toothless laid beside him and Sharpshot sat on his shoulder. He thought of the recent adventure that he and the gang just had. He was glad that Excalibur was finally returned to King Arthur and that Ruber was gone for good. Surprisingly, they found a new dragon rider. That was something he didn't expect to happen. But another thought came to him; when his friends told him that he should be chief of his own tribe. However, he doubted that he could be. He had no chief training and not to mention that the Hooligan tribe hated him for being different. Would be able to do such a task?

"All tired out?"

Hiccup turned at the voice and saw Merlin standing there with Ayden on his wrist. He wondered how he got there without Toothless and Sharpshot noticing him.

"I guess so." Hiccup replied.

"You seemed to be troubled." Merlin stated.

"Merlin, do you think I have what it takes to become a chief?" Hiccup questioned.

"What do you mean?" Merlin asked.

"My friends said that I would make a great chief when I finally make a place for dragons and humans to live together, but I'm having doubts for some strange reason." Hiccup explained, looking up at the afternoon sky.

"Is it because of what the people of your former home had said about you?" Merlin asked.

"Yeah." Hiccup admitted.

"What does your mother say about you?" Merlin questioned.

"She said that I have the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon." Hiccup answered.

"Then she's right. You understand those who feel like outcasts to others. You make them feel special and provide value to their lives," Merlin confirmed, "If you are able to change people's minds about dragons, then you'll be able to lead a tribe of your own."

"You really think so?" Hiccup asked, turning at Merlin.

"I know so." Merlin declared.

Hiccup gave a small smile and looked up at the sky.

"I've heard that Audrey and Quicksilver are joining on your journey." Merlin commented.

"Yeah, she wishes to become a healer and wants to find all kinds of ingredients to make medicines." Hiccup said.

"She will indeed become a great healer for humans and dragons as well." Merlin added.

"I have no doubt that she'll be able to do it." Hiccup said.

"Indeed. So when will you all head off?" Merlin asked.

"Two days to be precise." Hiccup replied.

"Hm. Carlos seems to be very determined to find Cielo's mother." Merlin stated.

"Yeah, I think there's another reason behind it." Hiccup admitted.

"Reason? Would you mind telling me, Hiccup?" Merlin asked.

"Carlos lost his parents a long time ago. Then he met Cielo who was separated from his mother. I think he doesn't want Cielo to be parentless." Hiccup explained.

"I see," Merlin said, "But what do you hope to find at the end of your journey?"

"I already told you before." Hiccup reminded him.

"I know, I just wanted to make sure that you didn't change your mind about it after this 'chief' talk." Merlin said, "Not to mention that you'll face many obstacles when you're achieving your dream, Hiccup. Always rely on those you befriended and depended on."

"Don't worry, I haven't changed my mind and I'll always have faith towards my friends." Hiccup assured him.

"Then you'll be a great chief," Merlin concluded, "One day."

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