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Ruber Attacks

Chapter 33: Ruber Attacks


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The wagons approached the drawbridge as dark clouds circled the kingdom.

"Wagons approaching!" A guard announced.

"Not a word. And let's all keep our heads, shall we?" Ruber whispered, his face hiding in a cape.

Juliana turned to the inside of the wagon and saw Audrey's and Kayley's hands tied behind their backs, gagged, with their necks close to the spikeslinger thug's blade. The riders also had their hands tied behind their backs and gagged. Juliana gasped before turning back to the front.

"It's Lady Juliana. Lower the bridge at once." Another guard commanded.

The drawbridge lowered. Ruber grinned evilly as he and the wagons entered Camelot. Ruber looked around carefully to see if no one was suspicious as his minions remained hidden in the carts when they arrived in Camelot. A girl played with her doll as her dog barked happily. She dropped the doll until her mother picked it up and handed it back to her.

"Steady, steady." Ruber said to his horse.

Suddenly, one of the wagon's wheels went over a rock, causing it to jolt. Inside the wagon, Carlos and Hiccup kicked the thugs with their legs, causing the two thugs to fall through the floor and scraped themselves on the tiles. Kayley and the riders dodged as the thugs pierced the wooden beams with their claws. Bladebeak had finished clucking to his wife and turned to the sisters and the riders.

"Bladebeak, at your service!" Bladebeak offered.

He used his 'beak' to slice off the ropes on Kayley's hands before doing the same with Audrey and the riders and they untied their gags. The wagons came to a stop in front of the castle.

"Lady Juliana?" One of the knights asked.

"Hey, it's a trap!" Kayley, the first one burst of the wagon, exclaimed.

The residents and knights gasped in fright. Ruber revealed himself and his horse neighed.

"ATTACK!" Ruber shouted.

The knights gasped as Ruber charged on his horse towards them. Suddenly the thugs burst out of the wagons, scaring the residents. Finally, the spike-slinger thug burst out of the wagon, slicing it into pieces.

"SEAL OFF THE CASTLE!" Ruber commanded, slicing most of the knights' swords and spears with Excalibur.

Everyone ran for their lives. Ruber charged on his horse into the castle, two of his thugs blocked the front doors. The knights charged towards the iron-men but were defeated. One knight tried to strike the arrow-shooting thug with his sword, but the blade broke off in contact. Then a thug grabbed a knight and hurled him into another knight, next to a pit of fiery coals. The knight crashed into the pit, knocking it over, spilling out the coals and causing the fire to spread near the stables. The knights tried again to defeat the iron-men but to no avail. A knight was thrown back.

"Ruber has breached the castle keep. The king is still inside!" One of the knights informed.

Kayley and Audrey looked at the front doors and then Kayley looked the tower's scaffolding while Audrey and the riders looked at the trapped dragons. The two sisters looked at each other and nodded with determination.

"Mother, I must help the king." Kayley said.

"I'll help the dragons." Audrey said.

Then Kayley headed off to the scaffolding while Audrey followed the riders to get the dragons free.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine." Bladebeak reassured as his wife and Juliana stayed behind.

Kayley made her way to the ramparts and tried to run across the scaffolding to get into the castle, but then the Griffin flew in. She jumped off the scaffolding and out of the way as the Griffin smashed through the scaffolding. Then two thugs came from both sides of her and cornered her on the rampart's edge. Kayley lost her balance and began to fall. Suddenly, she was raised back up and it turned out that Garrett had broken her fall with his staff and now on Devon and Cornwall who were now flying.

"Garrett! You came back!" Kayley exclaimed.

"Heads up!" Garrett warned.

Kayley dodged as Devon and Cornwall swung their tail at the thugs, causing them to fall into the moat, screaming.

"Sorry I'm late," Garrett apologized, jumping off Devon and Cornwall, "I hate flying coach."

Kayley and Garrett hugged each other in reunion.

"You're flying!" Kayley noticed.

"Yes, we're frequent flyers now." Devon confirmed.

"Indeed they are." Sharpshot added.

Meanwhile, Audrey and the riders went towards the wagons where their dragons were chained. Audrey went over to Quicksilver and tried to unlock the chains, but couldn't. Hiccup came to her aid and used his inferno to break the hoop near Quicksilver's foot.

"Quicksilver, can you use your tail to free the other dragons?" Hiccup asked as Audrey removed the chains.

"Of course. Leave it to me." Quicksilver said as she readied her tail wings.

Then she followed after Audrey and Hiccup as he pointed out where her tail should cut. She swung her tail and chains on Toothless came off. He jumped off the wagon and nuzzled against Hiccup who wrapped his arms around Toothless's neck.

"I knew that you would be back to set us free." Toothless said.

"I promised, didn't I?" Hiccup asked.

"Well then, shall we enter the fight?" Aileana asked as she, Merida, and the other dragon with their riders joined up.

"Yeah, let's go!" Hiccup cheered.

The riders got out their weapons and joined the fight. Each dragon was able to defend their rider as they went against the ironmen. The knights of Camelot were surprised by the dragons. At first they were going to attack the creatures until they saw the dragons defending them from the ironmen. So they were glad to have allies to help them.

"Where's Ruber?" Garrett questioned.

"He has the king trapped inside. There's no way in." Kayley replied.

"The king," Garrett said, "Wait! I know a way! Through the stables!"

Suddenly the Griffin flew into view, making Garrett and Kayley gasp. Then Ayden and Sharpshot attacked the Griffin, causing him to chase the falcon and the Terrible Terror. Then more of Ruber's minions were closing in.

"Give me your hand," Kayley requested when she spotted a haystack cart with a horse, "Jump!"

Garrett and Kayley jump down from the rampart and into the cart. Kayley landed in the hay while Garrett landed on the driver's seat and rode the cart off to the stables.

"What are you doing?" Kayley asked.

"I'm driving!" Garrett replied.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Kayley exclaimed.

"No problem! Hang on!" Garrett answered.

"Garrett, Garrett, on your left!" Kayely directed before she realized that they were going in the wrong direction, "No, Garrett, right! Right!"

"Coming through!" Garrett shouted.

"Look out!" Kayley screamed.

"Look out!" Garrett exclaimed.

The hay caught on fire and the cart crashed, sending Kayley and Garrett to crash-land on bags of flour unharmed.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" Garrett remarked.

Kayley looked at Garrett and then sighed.

"You two okay?" Hiccup asked.

The two looked up and saw Hiccup and Audrey standing over them. They held their hands out to the two and got them back onto their feet.

"No offense, Garrett, but you're not very good at driving." Audrey commented.

"I guess so." Garrett agreed.

"Do you guys know another way into the castle?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes, through the stables." Garrett answered.

"We'll continue to help the knights while you two help the king, okay?" Hiccup asked.

"Leave it to us." Kayley assured.

Garrett directed them to the stables and the four lifted the tile that lead to the catacombs.

"These tunnels lead to the Round Table." Garrett informed.

"Good luck you two." Hiccup stated.

"To you as well." Kayley said as she and Garrett went inside the catacombs.

Garrett lead Kayley into the catacombs while Hiccup and Audrey went off into the fight.

Outside above Camelot, the Griffin chased Ayden and Sharpshot until he finally grabbed ahold of the two.

"Finally, Silver Wings, you're mine." The Griffin said.

Suddenly, something yanked the Griffin's tail.

"Excuse me?" Devon asked, holding the Griffin's tail.

"Pick on somebody your own size!" Cornwall demanded, "Let's barbecue this bully!"

"I couldn't agree more." Devon concurred.

The Griffin was about to eat Ayden and Sharpshot until Devon and Cornwall breathed fire at him, causing the Griffin to let go of Ayden and Sharpshot while screeching in pain.

As Ayden and Sharpshot fell through in the air, Devon and Cornwall swooped down and caught them.

"Hang on, little guys!" Cornwall informed, stroking Ayden and Sharpshot.

Devon and Cornwall then chased off the Griffin by repeatedly breathing fire at him.

Back in Camelot, Juliana and Audrey were tending to an injured knight as Bladebeak and his wife watch along with Quicksilver. The mace-wielding thug spun its mace-balls around, roaring. Quicksilver got in front of them to protect them.

"You got to ask yourself 'do I feel clucky'? Well, do ya, punk?" Bladebeak stepped to him, asking, passing Quicksilver.

Bladebeak squawked as he jumped on the mace-wielding thug and started to peck on his neck with his 'beak'. Bladebeak's wife turned to Juliana and Audrey, pointing at him and then herself as if saying 'That's my man'.

Garrett, and Kayley entered the round table room by lifting up a floor tile and moving it aside. They spot Ruber trying to strike Arthur with Excalibur, but kept missing and ended up striking the table, causing splinters to fly.

"I'm gonna have more fun getting rid of you than when I got rid of Sir Lionel!" Ruber gloated.

Kayley clenched her fists angrily, finally understood the truth of her father's death. Then begin to climb up a scaffolding.

"I may not survive..." Arthur groaned.

"Kayley, no!" Garrett whispered.

"...but you'll never destroy the ideals of Camelot!" Arthur finished.

"Well, I got to start somewhere." Ruber retorted.

He swung Excalibur at Arthur, but he dodged as Ruber struck the edge of the table.

"Say hello to your new king!" Ruber exclaimed, wielding Excalibur in the air and grabbed Arthur mercilessly.

"You're no king!" Arthur gritted his teeth.

"You're right. Perhaps... I'm more of a GOD!" Ruber agreed as he held Arthur in the air and hurled him across the table.

"Hey, Ruber!" Kayley shouted who was on the scaffolding, standing on a wooden beam attached to a rope.

"You!" Ruber turned around.

"I will not serve a false king!" Kayley proclaimed.

Ruber growled after hearing those words from ten years ago. Kayley swung down on the beam which knocked Ruber off the table and straight to the window. The window shattered on impact and out came Ruber and Kayley landing on the tiled floor behind the circles of stone, unharmed. Kayley came to and saw that Ruber was doing the same. He got himself up, using Excalibur with its blade digging into the tiled-floor. Kayley turned to see the Magic Stone, now completely covered with thorny vines. Then turned to Ruber who was getting himself back on his feet. Kayley quickly thought of a plan for Excalibur to get separate from Ruber as she got to her feet.

"You... you were in the way, just like your father." Ruber groaned.

Kayley quickly hid behind a stone pillar.

"Since you're dying to be like him..." Ruber continued as he swung Excalibur at Kayley, who dodged out of the way, rolling towards the stone.

She placed her hand on the stone which its magic swirls around her hand.

"Let's see if I can help you out!" Ruber finished.

While Ruber prepared to strike, Garrett came up behind him with his staff, ready to strike him from behind. However Ruber spotted him slightly and turned around suddenly and sliced Garrett's staff with Excalibur. Two halves of the staff landed on the ground, Garrett moved his hands around, trying to find his staff.

"Oopsy daisy. You'll probably need that!" Ruber mocked, grabbing Garrett by the hair to throw him away from his now-decapitated stick.

Kayley watched in dismay as Ruber grabbed Garrett by the shoulder and hurls him to Kayley who caught him.

"Where's your pigeon now?" Ruber asked teasingly, twitching his eyebrows.

"Hold your ground until the last possible moment." Kayley whispered.

"Yes, and you'll give the signal." Garrett whispered, realizing her plan.

"Two for the price of one!" Ruber prepared to strike, Kayley and Garrett glared at Ruber, waiting for Kayley's signal, "This must be my lucky day!"

"NOW!" Kayley gave the signal.

Kayley and Garrett move away from each other just as Ruber struck Excalibur at them, missing them completely, and ended up stabbing the stone instead. Ruber soon realized this as the vines broke off from the stone.

"Oh no. The stone!" Ruber gasped as he tried to yank himself but unable to do so.

Ruber screamed in pain as the stone's magic flashes on Ruber's fused arm and Excalibur. Then lightning strikes on Excalibur and a magic beam flashes around him as the potion's magic explodes into smoke. Lightning and the light beam flash from behind the round table tower. The beam caused a magical shock-wave that spread throughout the kingdom. While Juliana and the riders fought off the thugs, the magical shock-wave passed, transforming Ruber's men and Bladebeak back to their normal selves. The riders were amazed at this as they saw all of Ruber's men transformed back into humans. The magical shock wave passed Devon and Cornwall, separating them to their separate selves.

"Hey!" Devon exclaimed.

"Hey!" Cornwall remarked.

They looked at each other sadly. They made their decision as the next magic shock-wave passed, they made themselves back to their conjoined self. In the round table room, the magical shock-wave passed Arthur, removing the sling off him and healing his arm. Arthur looked at his healed arm in shock. At the magic stone, the light beam flashes rapidly as lightning continues to strike Ruber's arm. Ruber laughed as he is disintegrated into smoke from chest to toe, leaving only Excalibur in the stone. Excalibur's hilt turned from black to sunlight-gold. Kayley watched as the light beam and the flashing on the stone faded away. There were only clouds of smoke left above the stone. Then something fell from the sky and landed back on earth: it was one of Ruber's shoulder pads. Kayley ran up to Garrett and hugged him as Devon and Cornwall along with the riders landed into the circle of stones and Ayden and Sharpshot flying into view. Then Audrey and Kayley shared a hug.

"Your father would've been proud of you two." Carlos said.

"I know that he would." Audrey agreed.

Then they all watched as Arthur stepped out to the stone. He drew Excalibur out of the stone and held it in the air.

But the Dark cannot claim what Light does not surrender. ― C.L. Wilson

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