Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345

Chapter 32: Failed


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Our heroes were walking through the Forbidden Forest. After finally gaining Excalibur from the rock ogre and outrunning Ruber, they were almost at Camelot. The humans were climbing down a rock one at a time.

"Garrett, do you think our mother's safe?" Kayley asked, fiddling with her ponytail.

"If she's anything like you and Audrey, I'm sure she's fine. We must hurry. There isn't much time left." Garrett assured as Quicksilver jumped down beside them.

Not too far ahead of them was Devon and Cornwall walking through the forest.

"First dragons to enter Camelot! We'll be famous!" Cornwall boasted.

"I can see us on the poster now! "Presenting... The Wonderful Devon! ...And his little head, Cornwall." Devon added.

Ayden and Sharpshot flew in, chirping to Kayley, Garrett, and the others while Kayley and Garrett held hands. They saw an opening up ahead where they could slightly see the sky.

"Garrett, up ahead. The sky." Kayley announced as Ayden and Sharpshot flew in that direction.

"The end of the Forbidden Forest." Garrett confirmed.

Quicksilver and the riders ran forward, Kayley started to follow, bringing Garrett with her, but he stopped. She turned to him and smiled. Garrett let go of her hand.

"It's okay. You go on ahead." Garrett encouraged.

Kayley smiled faintly and continued to run to catch up with the others.

"I'll be... right behind you." Garrett finished, his smile slowly faded.

"Why don't you shut up? How 'bout 'Cornwall and his obnoxious talking wart'?" Cornwall retorted.

"Knock it off." Garrett sighed, swung his stick at them which they dodged.

Devon and Cornwall looked at each other in confusion.

"I don't know what's eating this guy." Cornwall inquired, pointing his thumb at Garrett.

"Envy. Poor lad." Devon suggested as he placed his hand on his chest and shook his head.

Then they followed after Garrett. Ayden and Sharpshot flew through the last part of the forest and into the opening. Kayley pushed back the branch to reveal the kingdom of Camelot. Everyone gasped quietly at the sight of the kingdom.

"Camelot." Audrey whispered.

"Oh, Garrett! It's so beautiful." Kayley awed at kingdom and turned to Garrett who grew sad at Kayley's words, "I wish you can see it."

"I have seen it and there was no place for me." Garrett said as he walked over to Kayley sadly and took Excalibur off his shoulder.

"Garrett, what's wrong?" Kayley questioned worriedly.

"Take Excalibur to Arthur. You don't have much time." Garrett ordered as handed Excalibur to Kayley and began to walk away.

Kayley looked between Excalibur and Garrett in confusion with a hint of denial. She ran up to him, blocking his path.

"But we'll deliver the sword together!" Kayley insisted as she held Excalibur in front of her.

"No. You deliver it. I... I don't belong in that world." Garrett firmly said and walked back into the forest. "Come on, Ayden."

Kayley and the others looked at Garrett sadly as he walked on with Ayden following behind him.

"But you belong in mine." Kayley whispered.

Then she turned around and headed off to Camelot with the others behind her.

Garrett continued to walk through the forest while Ayden flew around him.

Like every tree

stands on its own

reaching for the sky

I stand alone

Ayden chirped and squawked at Garrett as if trying to tell him to go back with Kayley and the others.

"You don't understand. In Camelot, she'd only see me through their eyes. Not a knight. Not a man." Garrett protested as he continued walking while shedding a tear, "Not anything."

I share my world

with no one else

all by myself

I stand alone

Meanwhile, Kayley and the others were walking towards Camelot. They could easily tell that she was still saddened by Garrett's departure. Throughout their time in the Forbidden Forest, they knew that Garrett could easily outshine any knight in Camelot. After all, you don't meet that many blind people who can fight like that.

"Forget about him. You're better off alone. He walks funny. He even looks funny. People throw darts at him." Cornwall said.

"How can you be so cold-blooded?" Devon asked, appalled.

"I'm a reptile." Cornwall remarked as he stuck out his tongue in a snake-like fashion.

Devon and the others rolled their eyes at this.

"Listen, you Jurassic twit!" Devont retorted, "Kayley deserves someone who will love her. Someone... who'll hold her in his arms. Who runs his fingers through her hair. Look deeply in her eyes and... make her feel like a real woman!"

Unexpectedly, Devon kissed Cornwall, but Cornwall spluttered which made Devon feel nauseous and turned green. They gagged, spat, and spluttered dramatically. This also grossed out Quicksilver, Sharpshot, and the riders. So they quickly followed after Kayley. They continued walking down the main road. Kayley looked at Excalibur and stopped. Then she handed the sword to Audrey.

"You all keep going. I'm going to find Garrett." Kayley said.

But before either of them could do anything, they were captured by some mace-wielding thugs. Quicksilver was held down by her wings and tried to get free. Unnoticed by them, Sharpshot hid behind a rock.

"I'll take that." Ruber said as the two sisters grunted as Ruber took Excalibur from its scabbard.

"Excalibur. Mine forever!" Ruber exclaimed and turned to the sisters and the riders, "You've been quite annoying... for a bunch of children."

Unaware of the danger yet, Devon and Cornwall carried on walking with Cornwall still spluttering.

"Cheer up! When we get to Camelot, we'll be kissed by the world's most beautiful women." Devon encouraged.

"Right! We're a giant lizard with two heads! We have to beat him off with a stick." Cornwall remarked.

They stopped in their tracks when they saw the sisters, the riders, and Quicksilver captured by Ruber and his men, the former holding Excalibur. Devon was about to call out for help but Cornwall clamped his mouth shut with his hand and they ran behind a rock where Sharpshot was and watched without being seen.

"I've waited ten years to hold his sword," Ruber announced, laughing evilly, "And now I'll make sure I'll hold it forever."

He took out his Acme potion and swung Excalibur. He uncorked the bottle with his teeth and spat the cork out.

"Prepare for the dawning of A NEW AGE!" Ruber shouted, putting a drop onto his hand and the hilt

"No!" Kayley and the riders denied with wide eyes.

Ruber writhed in pain as the potion's magic and flames begin to shoot upwards, creating clouds of green smoke above them. One green comet shoots past our heroes and the iron-men. Cornwall pulled Devon's head down as a second one flew above them. During the painful process, Bladebeak ran around scared before jumping into the wagon. He poked his head out and held the curtains around it, shivering.

"Chicken!" The Griffin teased.

The potion's magic and clouds of smoke faded away. When Ruber blew the green flame out, it revealed his hand is now merged with Excalibur, its hilt turned black and his arm now entire mechanical.

"It's hot." Ruber commented.

Kayley and the riders fell to their knees in defeat. Ruber walked up to Kayley and ran his only left hand's fingers on her chin.

"Don't worry, little children. I'll make sure Arthur gets it back." Ruber falsely comforted them, "Or gets it in the back," he broke into laughter, "As the case may be. Throw them into the wagon."

Hiccup turned and saw Devon, Cornwall, and Sharpshot, hiding behind a rock.

"Find Garrett." Hiccup mouthed.

The three dragons nodded their heads and went off to find Garrett. Quicksilver was instantly wrapped in chains and dragged into another wagon. Soon enough the sisters and the riders were hurled into the wagon by the ironmen.

"Kayley! Audrey!" Juliana exclaimed when she saw her daughters.

"Mother." Kayley and Audrey said.

Juliana, Kayley, and Audrey hugged each other.

"Oh, thank heavens you all are safe." Juliana sighed in relief.

"We're sorry, mother. We failed you." Audrey apologized.

"We found Excalibur, only for it to be taken by Ruber." Carlos said.

"And now, Camelot will be lost." Kayley added before she and Audrey cried on her mother's lap.

"No, dears. You were brave." Juliana consoled as she strokes her daughters' hair.

Bladebeak and his wife look on sadly. Ruber's shadow loomed over them.

"What a touching reunion. But all this love is making me nauseous," Ruber remarked sarcastically, "And you've got a job to do, Juliana. Remember if you don't..."

"We'll do our job on them." Two spike-slinger thugs concluded.

"Don't lose hope." Juliana whispered to Audrey and Kayley before she was dragged out of the wagon.

Bladebeak blows his 'beak' with his handkerchief, tearing it apart in the process.

The sisters and the riders grew worried for Juliana and King Arthur. They hoped that Devon and Cornwall would be able to get to Garrett in time. Until then, they had no other choice but to be hostages.

Devon and Cornwall ran through the forest to find Garrett, with Sharpshot following after them, and spotted him just ahead of them. The two headed ran towards him as they spoke.

"I say, Garrett, something awful's happened!" Devon said.

"Yeah, don't just stand here. We've got to go!" Cornwall continued, overlapping Devon.

Garrett continued walking, ignoring them until...

"Kayley and the others have been captured." Devon announced.

"And Ruber's got Excalibur!" Cornwall added.

"What?" Garrett exclaimed, turning to them, "Take me to them! Come on, Ayden." Ayden chirped along with Sharpshot and followed after Garrett.

"They'd be halfway to Camelot by now!" Cornwall commented.

"Cornwall's right. We'd have to fly to get there in time. Ruber drives me completely nuts. He makes me so mad and angry!" Devon concurred.

"He's definitely a jerk! A giant jerk!" Cornwall carried on.

While they were speaking, they didn't realize that their wings began to flap, making them flying.

"That foul barbarian. Wait till we get our hands on him. I'll tear him limb from limb." Devon agreed.

Ayden and Sharpshot saw Devon and Cornwall flying and flew back to Garrett, telling him the news.

"Yeah, we'll show him a thing or two. Won't we?" Cornwall stated as he and Devon were flying upside down without knowing they were.

Garrett swung his staff underneath them to see if they were flying.

"Yes. We darn well will." Devon replied.

"You're flying." Garrett announced.

"Gosh. He's right. We are flying." Devon commented, both of them realized this as they right themselves.

"I did it! I'm great," Cornwall exclaimed as he kissed his biceps twice, "I love me. I did it."

"Excuse me, egomaniac. You mean I did it." Devon corrected, hitting Cornwall on the head.

Then their wings stopped flapping, due to the argument, causing them to fall into a mud pool, splattering mud everywhere, some onto Garrett.

"Don't you get it?" Garrett inquired as Devon and Cornwall raised their heads from the mud pool, Devon having parts of the grass and mud on his head like a beret while Cornwall had parts of mud and a flower on his head and neck stylized as hair and a bra, "The only reason you can't fly is because you can't agree on anything. There must be something you can agree on. You both love Audrey and Kayley, don't you?"

Devon and Cornwall spat out mud before looking at each other.

It is your attitude at the beginning of a task that determines success or failure. ~ Corrine Dewlow

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