Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
Don't Wake The Ogre

Chapter 31: Don't Wake The Ogre


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Our heroes were walking on from the part of the forest and encountered a white fog that covered the giant footprints they were following.

"Uh Oh." Kayley said.

"What is it?" Garrett asked.

"We've lost the tracks." Hiccup said.

Suddenly, a loud thumping noise was heard. Everyone else was looking all around, wondering what the sound is.

"Tell me that was your stomach." Carlos begged.

"Mm-umm. Just the ogre." Garrett corrected.

"Ogre?!" Devon asked, frightened with wide eyes.

"Well, see ya! Good luck! Have a nice life! Whatever's left of it…" Cornwall said.

"What's so scary about ogres?" Audrey asked.

Out of nowhere, a rib-cage of a large animal landed on Kayley, Garrett, and the riders, but neither of them were hurt.

"Their appetite!" Devon gasped.

The humans were shocked as they looked around the rib cage as Quicksilver gazed at it from the outside. Hiccup thought that Red Death would be able to eat something of this size or maybe the Ogre would be able to eat Red Death.

"Oh no! I think it's Uncle Yorick!" Cornwall moaned.

"Alas poor Yorick! I knew him well." Devon sighed as he picked up a dragon skull and held it in a pose that was used in the first act of Hamlet. Then he held the skull close to his head. Ayden and Sharpshot chirped when the thumping came closer to them. Garrett gasped when he heard Ayden's chirp.

"Quick! Get out of the way!" Garrett warned as the Ogre's foot appeared from the fog.

All of the humans dodged out of the skeleton, before the ogre stepped on the skeleton. They all looked up to the ogre as parts of moss fell from him. Suddenly, Excalibur's scabbard fell with the moss and landed in front of Kayley.

"It's the scabbard from Excalibur!" Kayley gasped as the ogre went into his cave.

"He does have the sword." Merida confirmed as Kayley picked up the scabbard.

The heroes soon entered towards the cave with Garrett in the lead and the sisters, the riders, Quicksilver, Sharpshot, Ayden, Devon and Cornwall following behind him.

"Ogres sleep during the day, we wait for him to fall asleep. Then we grab the sword." Garrett whispered.

"Define "we"?" Devon questioned, brow arched.

"Shhh, quiet." Garrett shushed, "The slightest noise and we're finished."

"Oooh, charming place. I must get the name of his decorator." Devon remarked, sarcastically as he gazed at all of the skeleton bones everywhere.

"What's he doing?" Garrett inquired.

Kayley and the others carefully poked their heads in the opening looking for the ogre, but all they could see was rocks and moss in the cave.

"I don't see him." Kayley replied.

"Are you sure he's here?" Merida asked.

"He's here, I can smell him." Garrett assured.

"He's definitely here." Quicksilver added.

Suddenly, the cave began to shake. Then parts of the rocks and moss moved. A giant rock shaped being appeared. It was the Ogre.

"You're right." Kayley quietly gasped.

"He is here." Hiccup stated.

"Where's Excalibur?" Garrett asked.

Kayley poked her head and saw that the ogre is using Excalibur as a toothpick to pick out the parts from his teeth.

"He's using it as a toothpick!" Kayley answered with shock.

"Tell me when he falls asleep." Garrett insisted.

Right after Garrett said that, the ogre yawned and went to sleep which caused the cave to shake like an earthquake.

"Let me guess: He fell asleep." Cornwall announced, sarcastically.

"Describe the layout." Garrett inquired.

"There's a ledge, that hangs just above the sword." Kayley informed when she spotted Excalibur sticking out from the ogre's hand and a ledge above the sword.

"But it must be a 20 foot drop." Hiccup added.

Garrett used his staff and placed it next to Cornwall. He placed his hand on the stick, and compared it to Cornwall's height. He walked away, Devon and Cornwall looked confused. Later, Devon and Cornwall's tail is hooked on the rock on the ledge, as they held onto Garrett who held onto Kayley with his staff who's trying to grab Excalibur. There for created a chain. Hiccup wrapped some rope around the two-headed dragon's waist so that they wouldn't fall. He and the other riders along with Quicksilver held onto the rope. Devon and Cornwall groaned at the weight of the two humans.

"Lower me down. More." Kayley requested.

Not too far from them, Ruber and his men arrived in the cave.

"Hey boss! Look! It's Excal-" The Arrow-shooting thug shouted only to be interrupted when Ruber shoved one of the mace-wielding thug's mace balls into his mouth. Ruber turned to see that the ogre hasn't woken up and chain wasn't paying any attention to them.

"I hate ogres." Ruber muttered as he shuddered and then turned to his men, "Walk this way."

Ruber's minions tiptoed behind Ruber, making some metallic noises every step they took. Ruber sighed in annoyance. Devon spotted Ruber, The Griffin and the henchmen from their spot. Hiccup, Quicksilver, and the other riders spotted them as well.

"Oh no, it's him!" Devon gasped as he accidentally let go of Garrett's foot.

"Hey!" Garrett said.

"Oops." Devon commented, quickly grabbing Garrett's foot.

However that jolt caused Kayley to nearly fall, but her feet managed to stay hooked on Garrett's staff. Kayley lowered herself enough to Excalibur. Ruber climbed on the Griffin's back and began to fly off, causing dust to rise.

"Ah-ah-ahhh-CHOOO!" The Griffin sneezed.

After the Griffin sneezed, Ruber gasped, then the riders, Cornwall, Garrett, and lastly Kayley. Then the ogre opened his right eye in front of Kayley.

"Uh-oh. Nap's time over!" Kayley gasped and then got an idea, "Quick, swing me back and forth!" Garrett does so, but he groaned whilst doing so.

"You're getting very sleepy, sleepy." Kayley hypnotized which caused the ogre to slowly close his eye.

"Can you reach it?" Garrett asked.

"I've got it!" Kayley announced as soon as she grabbed ahold of Excalibur.

Devon and Cornwall moaned as Ayden grabbed hold of Devon's head and the others pulled the chain to safety. Ruber and the Griffin flew off again and tried to steal back the sword. But the ogre, still groggy, yawned in front of them, causing them to fly off course as the group ran for the exit. Ruber and the Griffin screamed as they fell. Three of Ruber's henchmen chased after the group, but the ogre slammed his hand into them, narrowly missed the group while Ruber and the Griffin landed on the ground. The ogre yawned and lifted his hand in the air. The flattened, but unharmed minions, blinked. Then the ogre began to change his sleeping position. Ruber and the Griffin gasped as the ogre's rear end lowered in front of them. The ogre sat down in his sleeping position, causing dust to rise.

"The ogre's butt!" Ruber complained.

"Well, master. At least things can't get any worse." The Griffin commented, trying to assure Ruber that nothing bad was going to happen.

Apparently the Griffin had spoken way too soon. After he said that, the ground began to shake.

"Wanna bet?" Ruber asked.

As the group ran towards the exit of the cave, breaking wind was heard.

"Whoa! Watch it!" Cornwall warned when he looked behind them.

They dodged as Ruber and the Griffin were sent flying above them and crashed in front of the wall, dodging its stalactites. The group ran past them.

"Seize them!" Ruber ordered in a high-pitched voice.

"Yes, master!" The Griffin replied in the same tone.

Devon and Cornwall are the first to run through the exit and stopped at a cliff and gasped at the how long the drop was.

"There's no way out!" Devon stated.

"Well, there's one way out: You'll have to fly!" Kayley declared.

"We can't fly!" Devon protested before he broke the fourth wall, "We've explained that, before our song."

Kayley, Hiccup, and Garrett bumped into them, knocking themselves off the cliff.

"Houston, we have a PROBLEM!" Cornwall shouted as they slide down the cliff with Cornwall's voice echoing.

Audrey, Carlos, and Merida quickly jumped onto Quicksilver's back and followed after their friends. Less than a minute later, Ruber and his henchmen stopped at the cliff.

"After you!" Ruber ordered as he kicked them down the cliff.

Ayden chirped in view, Ruber saw this, and motioned the Griffin to attack him. The Griffin does so, but missed him, and Ayden flew around Ruber, who swung his sword at him, but missed. The Griffin's eyes widened and shrieked when he realized what he was flying into. Ruber growled in shock as the Griffin crashed into the cliff, below him, crumbling the cliff with Ruber on it, causing him to fall with the Griffin.

Meanwhile, back to the group who were still sliding down the cliff with Kayley, Hiccup, and Garrett on Devon and Cornwall, Sharpshot following, and Quicksilver with her passengers beside them with Ruber's minions still sliding far behind. The Griffin and Ruber were right behind them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: Please put your seats in the upright position!" Devon announced.

"Assume the crash position and hope you don't smell your socks!" Cornwall continued.

"Tray tables up…" Devon added.

"Put away your sandwiches!" Cornwall concluded.

"Turbulence!" Devon finalized.

"Hold on, gang. I think we're going in." Cornwall declared.

"Help! Mayday! Mayday!" Devon cried as he tried to grab the branch, but lost his grip and continued falling and sliding down the cliff.

After the group had slid away, Ruber's minions crash-land on a rock nearby and were knocked out. Then the Griffin and Ruber fell onto them and ended up the same way. Meanwhile, the group were still sliding down the slope, Devon and Cornwall's back was catching fire, due to them sliding down on the cliff.

"We know you do have a choice, so thank you for flying Dragon Air!" Devon announced before yelling in pain, "Ow! OW! OWW!"

They landed in a lake extinguishing the fire. Garrett and Hiccup fell off into the water, but Kayley managed to stay on. While those who were riding on Quicksilver, landed on the shore of the lake and quickly got off.

"Tell you what, next time you try to fly, and we'll hold on." Cornwall suggested sarcastically as Devon nodded in agreement.

"We did it. We did it! I can't believe it! We did it!" Kayley exclaimed as she raised Excalibur in the air.

"Congratulations." Garrett chuckled as he placed his hand on the top of his stick and leaned on it. Kayley gently took the sword out of the scabbard and held it up in front of her.

"Wow. So this is Excalibur." Kayley whispered before she handed over to Merida.

"It's beautiful." Merida said, awing at it before she handed over to Hiccup.

"Amazing." Hiccup said before handing it over to Carlos and soon passed it to Audrey.

Devon and Cornwall squabble over each other to hold the sword.

"Can I hold it? Give it to me!" Devon begged.

"Please, let me hold it. Me!" Cornwall begged as well.

"No! Excalibur only belongs in the hands of Arthur." Garrett protested towards Devon and Cornwall, "Come on, everyone."

Audrey handed Excalibur back to Kayley who placed the sword back into its scabbard as they followed after Garrett.

With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things.

- Tricia Griffith

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