Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
Looking Through Your Eyes

Chapter 30: Looking Through Your Eyes


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Morning had arrived for the heroes in the Forbidden Forest. Ayden was flying over the thorns, chirping.

"Ayden's spotted Excalibur!" Garrett informed everyone as Ayden chirped, "It must be near! Come on, let's go!"

Kayley and Garrett ran in joy along with the others and as soon as they arrive, Ayden brought down the belt from the sword and Kayley caught it.

"Look! This must be from Excalibur." Kayley said.

"But where's the sword?" Merida asked.

"Someone must have taken it." Garrett guessed as he examined a giant footprint with his stick.

"Or something." Hiccup added when everyone saw the giant footprint.

"Oh, We'll never find Excalibur in time!" Audrey complained.

"If we follow these tracks we'll-" Garrett began to say.

"Well, this is all your fault." Kayley accused.

"My fault?" Garrett asked.

"Yes. If we haven't stopped…" Kayley continued.

"Quiet." Garrett ordered.

"We should have kept going." Kayley insisted.

"Shh!" Garrett shushed as Ayden began chirping.

"We have to save our mother." Kayley concluded.

"Please, I need to hear." Garrett whispered.

Ayden and Sharpshot screeched and without warning, an arrow suddenly came out of nowhere and grazed Garrett on the side, causing him to groan in pain and fall to the ground.

"Garrett!" Everyone yelled in panic.

"Get them!" Ruber ordered as he and his ironmen charge towards our heroes.

"No!" Kayley shouted.

As Ruber approached Garrett, Ayden and Sharpshot flew in screeching and Garrett grabbed his staff and Quicksilver, with Audrey on her back, whipped her tail towards Ruber, knocking him into his henchmen. Kayley and Hiccup helped Garrett get to his feet and escorted to safety. A spike slinger thug, followed behind, cutting many vines. This woke up, the creatures, who whacked their hands to the ground, Devon and Cornwall along with the other riders to narrowly dodge them and continued to run to safety. Kayley and Hiccup turned around and saw Ruber running up with his sword, yelling, she and Hiccup lay Garrett onto Quicksilver's back, and she grabbed a vine before she hooped it onto one of the creature's arms. As Ruber and his henchmen are near the creature, Kayley pulled it, making the creature trap Ruber and his gang with his hand. Kayley and the others continue to escort Garrett to somewhere safe while Ruber and his men yell and scream.

"We're trapped!" A Mace-Wielding Thug shouted.

Meanwhile, at night where the wagons are containing Juliana is headed on its way on the main road to Camelot. Juliana stared out of the window towards the moon. She grew worried for her daughters and the dragon riders. She hoped that they will be able to find Excalibur and get to Camelot before her.

"My brave daughters, please be safe." Juliana prayed.

Bladebeak looked on sadly, then he jumped up in fright as he hears a growl, and Juliana turned around suddenly as one of Ruber's ironmen entered the wagon.

"Nobody can stop Ruber's plans to take over Camelot!" Spike-slinger thug boasted before he leaves.

"You don't know my daughters!" Juliana defended before she stared sadly out of the window again.

A few hours later, a storm came and rain poured down on our heroes. Kayley and Hiccup led the others to a nearby cave, they helped lift Garrett off Quicksilver's back and gently lay him down against a rock. Audrey took a leaf from the healing plant and handed it to Kayley who placed it against Garrett's wound.

"Please, don't die. We can't do this on our own." Kayley pleaded.

Devon, Cornwall, Quicksilver, and the riders watch sadly as Ayden and Sharpshot flew in. Sharpshot landed on Hiccup's right shoulder as he also gazed upon Garrett's injured state.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault that you were hurt," Kayley apologized, "I was rambling on when I should have been quiet. I'm no help to anyone."

Garrett, after hearing this, turned his head around, and gently shushed her. Kayley turned around and held his hand.

"You were wrong." Garrett gently comforted her.

Kayley then broke down in tears, but Garrett wiped them away. Then Garrett began to sing.

Look at the sky

Tell me what do you see?

Just close your eyes

And describe it to me

The heavens are sparkling

With starlight tonight

That's what I see

Through your eyes

Kayley still held onto Garrett's hand as she gave a small smile towards Garrett. She also began to sing.

I see the heavens

Each time that you smile

I hear your heartbeat

Just go on for miles

And suddenly I know

My life is worthwhile

Garrett tried to get up, but couldn't do it. Then the leaf suddenly dissolved and evaporated magically into his wound, healing it and mending his tunic.

That's what I see

Through your eyes

Kayley then hugged Garrett in relief and he embraced her heartwarmingly. Devon then hugged Cornwall's head so much that he forced Devon to let go of him. Quicksilver, Sharpshot, and the riders smiled warmly at Kayley and Garrett.

That's what I see

Through your eyes

Kayley helped Garrett get to his feet with his stick and escorted him out of the cave. Then it stopped raining. The two sang together.

Here in the night

I see the sun

Here in the dark

Our two hearts are one

Kayley jumped on a field, causing parts of it to rise each step she took. She fell backwards and Garrett caught her.

It's out of our hands

We can't stop what we have begun

And love just took me by surprise

Looking through your eyes

Devon cried in joy, as Cornwall took a leaf from a plant and held it above his head in order to stay dry. Quicksilver, Sharpshot, and the riders shook their heads with amusement at Devon's hysterical crying. Kayley and Garrett walked through an area of tongue plants.

I see a night I wish could last forever

I see a world we're meant to see together

Garrett poked the plant with his stick and showed Kayley how to defend herself against the plants. He lifted his stick in the air and lowered it in front of Kayley who grabbed hold of it. As the plant swung its tongue at them, Garrett helped Kayley to dodge the tongues properly and at the right time.

And it is so much more than I remember

More than I remember

More than I have known

After Garrett had finished teaching Kayley the skills, Kayley raised his stick, but Garrett lowered it behind her back, smiling. Ayden flew in grabbed droplets of water with his wings and formed the three interlocked rings around them which stayed in mid-air. The three interlocked rings dissolved back into droplets into the water.

Here in the night, I see the sun

Cornwall poked a plant which swung its tongue at him and hit Devon in the face, which made Kayley, Garrett, Quicksilver, Sharpshot, and the riders to laugh.

Here in the dark, our two hearts are one

Then another plant swung its tongue at Devon and Cornwall who tried to dodge the tongues. But they landed on their butt and the two plants wrapped their tongues around them, and kissed them, which grossed out the two headed dragon. Then a bunch of single eye creatures popped out from the many holes of a log.

It's out of our hands, we can't stop what we have begun

Devon tried to break free of the plant's grip only to accidentally sent his fist into his mouth. That caused Kayley, Garrett, Quicksilver, Sharpshot, and the riders to laugh and they continued to walk on.

And love just took me by surprise, looking through your eyes

They walked past the waterfall, Kayley opened up part of the waterfall with her hand and the waterfall closed. Leaf creatures flew up from the ground as Devon and Cornwall walked behind them. Kayley, Garrett, Quicksilver, Sharpshot, and the riders walked past the field of helicopter plants which they flew off.

Looking through your eyes

Devon and Cornwall ran after Quicksilver and the humans who are following after the giant footsteps.

She wasn't exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way. - Nicholas Sparks

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