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Dragon Country

Chapter 28: Dragon Country


'Dragons' - Dragonese

Garrett led the group out of the wooded area of the forest and entered a clearing. Unaware that Ruber and some of his ironmen were watching them. As Garrett, the sisters, and the riders walked further, they noticed a few dead trees and there was some kind of fog up ahead of them. Then the group saw Garrett sniffing the air.

"Have you got a cold?" Kayley asked.

"Shh!" Garrett shushed. Ayden lands on a dead tree stump, which suddenly collapsed in smithereens.

"What is it?" Audrey asked as Ayden perched on another stump.

"We're in Dragon Country." Garrett answered.

"Oh," Kayley sniffed the air, "Right."

Soon enough the group was walking through the terrain of the Dragon Country. Hiccup found it strange that they didn't seem to find any dragons roaming around anywhere.

"Are you sure that this is Dragon Country?" Audrey asked as they climbed through a dragon skeleton which acted as a bridge, "Shouldn't there be a sign or something?"

"Hey, it could say "Welcome to Dragon Country"!" Kayley suggested as they entered a gorge that was filled with dragon skeletons and carcasses, eggs, pits of lava, and geysers. Kayley looked around, "You don't think we see any, do you? Is there a group of dragons a pack or a flock? Is it a gaggle or a pride? Is it a herd?"

"Quiet!" Garrett shushed with his hand out suddenly.

"Do you hear something?" Kayley and Audrey asked.

"No," Garrett pulled his hand back and turned slightly, "I just wanted you to be quiet."

"He's right, you know." Hiccup pointed out, "We don't want to get unwanted attention."

Kayley and Audrey grunted in anger as they walked behind Garret along with the others. The sisters couldn't believe that everyone would side with the blind man. Suddenly, a steaming boulder fell right in front of Kayley's feet. Kayley gasped as she and Audrey stepped back in order from getting hit by the boulder. Carlos and Merida turned towards the sisters and saw the boulder at Kayley's feet. They looked up to see what has caused it, there were some familiar shapes that might be a dragon, they looked around cautiously while slowly backing away from each other, until Kayley's right foot stepped on an egg. She turned and pulled out her foot that was covered with green slime. Meanwhile, Garrett and Hiccup walked around, unaware of what's going on, they continued to venture downward. Kayley then managed to shake the slime off her foot. Then the group heard some growling noises, making them look around, Garrett and Hiccup were nowhere in sight.

"Garrett! Hiccup! Where are you?!" Kayley shouted when she and the others saw a shadow of a dragon and ran to find some cover. They gathered at the center of the eggs, but with their backs turned, two pairs of hands reached out and pulled the others in the eggshell. It was Garrett and Hiccup, he shushed them, and then they slowly looked out of the eggshell to see if anything is all right. Kayley and Audrey spotted a shadow of a two headed dragon on the wall and gasped.

"Dragons!" Audrey gasped.

"Where? I don't see any dragons!" A male voice said.

Kayley and Audrey knew that the shadow had spoken and turned around to see a tall dragon's head and a short dragon's head, the two girls screamed then fell backwards, breaking the eggshell that they're in. The tall head screamed as he lowered himself back inside the other half of the shell.

"But, you're dragons." Kayley pointed out, confused.

"Oh heavens! Someone's found our hiding place!" The first male voice said, slightly scared.

"Shut up, cricket ball! Let me handle this. We are dragons! Ferocious hungry dragons! So go away before we eat you!" The second male voice warned, trying to be intimidating.

The group looked at each other with confusion. Then the second voice made a shadow puppet on the wall, depicting a monster's mouth which wasn't very effective.

"Oh, good show Corny, That is clever. Here, let me have a go." The first male voice said sarcastically as he tapped the second male voice's hand and then made a shadow puppet of a bunny while he hummed.

"Oh great! The bunny of death," The second male voice mocked before he grabbed the other hand and then they start fighting, "They're always cringing in fear."

As they were fighting, Garrett approached the eggshell and rapped his staff several times on it, making them stop what they were doing and raised their heads out of the eggshell.

"Please don't hurt us!" The tall headed dragon pleaded.

"And I thought you were ferocious dragons." Garrett commented, sarcastically.

"Well, not exactly. The real ferocious ones were the most fire breathing bullies out there." The short headed dragon said as he pointed his thumb over his shoulder, indicating the other dragons out there.

"Yes! They're always picking on us, calling us names, pushing us around! I hate them!" The tall head spat with scorn.

"Hey, hey! Easy with the stick buddy." The short head warned as he pushed away Garrett's staff from his body.

"What are you?" Garrett asked.

"Well, frankly we're the reason cousins shouldn't marry," The tall head said as they got up, they break down the eggshell which revealed that they're a conjoined twin dragon. Kayley and the others looked speechless at them, "Oh. Enchanté mademoiselles. I'm Devon, and this growth on my neck is Cornwall."

"But you can call me, "Corny" for short." 'Cornwall' offered, wiggling his eyebrows, while holding Kayley's hand as she giggled when he said that.

"Yes, short on wits, manners, and charm. Everything I hold dear." Devon commented, placing his hand on his chest.

At that comment, Cornwall grabbed Devon's snout and plugged his nostrils.

"How 'bout holding ya' breath?" Cornwall suggested, rudely.

"Come on, everyone. Let's go." Garrett ordered.

Then the group turned around and followed Garrett. Cornwall and Devon noticed that they were leaving them.

"Hey, hey! Where are you going?" Cornwall asked as he let go of Devon's snout.

"To save Camelot!" Kayley and Audrey said.

"Camelot! The restaurants, the theaters!" Devon listed off, beamed.

"The waitresses, the actresses." Cornwall continued the list, grinning.

"The dragons." Devon added.

After they have said that word, they heard a dragon roaring nearby.

"The dragons?!" Devon and Cornwall exclaimed with panic.

Suddenly, Kayley and the others spotted something and they started running. The creature revealed itself to be a gigantic, fire-breathing dragon. A very unfriendly one at that. It blasted fire right on Devon and Cornwall's rear end, causing them to shout in pain. As the two run off, they get blasted a few more times. When they caught up with the others, Kayley saw a lake of green liquid with floating dragon eggs.

"Wait! What is it?" Kayley asked.

"Don't worry. It's perfectly safe." Devon said as he and Cornwall crossed the lake by hopping on the floating eggs.

The others stopped at the edge of the lake. Garrett poked his staff in the lake, which burned the staff's tip which meant that the green liquid was acid.

"Hmmm. Safe?" Garrett asked as he broke off the charred part of his staff as Kayley pulled him to get themselves to the other side and the others followed.

"Doesn't look safe to me." Sharpshot said.

Devon and Cornwall jumped onto two eggs and nearly lose their balance.

"As long as you don't step in it." Cornwall warned.

Kayley and the others began jumping onto the eggs to get to the other side. However Garrett was the last one to cross. Once the others got to the other side with the two dragons, Garrett carefully crossed the acid lake with Ayden helping him. Suddenly, the dragon reappeared with a comrade as they both fly toward the heroes.

"Ayden!" Garrett yelped as he nearly slipped, but with Ayden's help, hopped to another egg.

"Garrett, hurry!" Kayley pleaded.

"You think this is easy?" Garrett retorted as he gestured to the lake of acid while standing on the egg.

As he jumped to another egg, another dragon emerged from the acid waterfall and breathed fire. It leapt and caused a tidal wave of acid, allowing Garrett to get to the other side. As Kayley and Hiccup get Garrett back on his feet, the third dragon emerged from the acid lake with its two comrades. As the three dragons chased the heroes, they breathed fire on the trail, which explosively blew up parts of the ground, but they managed to jump away from the fiery breaths.

"Yikes! It's another dragon!" Cornwall panicked when he spotted a winged creature in the fog.

But Kayley, Audrey, and the riders knew what it really was.

"That's not a dragon!" Hiccup said.

"It's a griffin!" Kayley corrected as the fog cleared and the said winged creature revealed himself while at the same time Ruber and three of his minions emerged from the fog.

"And Ruber!" Audrey gasped.

"They've found us!" Merida said, seeing their enemies closing in on them.

"Down here!" Cornwall directed as he and Devon jumped into a hole that was big enough for them to fall into.

Kayley, Garrett, and the others followed them. As Ruber and his minions stopped to see them gone, Ruber looks around and saw the dragons approaching. They landed wildly on their feet as they roared at them. Ruber and his minions prepared for combat. One dragon spotted Ruber, who threw his sword aside and slowly and calmly backed up against the wall and remained still with a glare on his face. The dragon approached him, it opened its mouth to reveal its sharp teeth and green saliva. Ruber rolled his eyes in annoyance and disgust, knowing that the dragon was wasting his time and violently punched the dragon very hard, causing it to breathe fire in pain.

Meanwhile Kayley, Audrey, Garrett, the riders and the two headed dragon were sliding down the hole. Devon and Cornwall got out first, but they accidentally landed on a sharp stalactite which caused them to yelp in pain. Ayden, Sharpshot, and Kayley get out soon after Devon and Cornwall, she started to get up, but Garrett along with everyone else fell on her and rolled away from each other.

"Are you sure we're safe down here?" Audrey asked as everyone was getting to their feet.

"It's a lot safer down here than it is up there." Cornwall said as he pulled the stalactite off of their rear end.

"We know all the best escape routes." Devon informed.

"We've been dodging those bullies since we were 200 years old." Cornwall added as he threw the stalactite away, which hit Garrett by accident, knocking him down.

"Were we ever that young?" Devon asked, dramatically.

"Of course we were, you moron!" Cornwall insulted.

"I'm not a moron!" Devon defended.

"Yes, you are!" Cornwall declared.

"No, I'm NOT!" Devon protested loudly.

"With all that bickering, I'm surprised that you haven't fried each other yet." Garrett commented as Hiccup and Carlos helped him up.

"Fry? We can't even simmer." Devon admitted and tried to breathe fire, only to coughed out a puff of smoke.

"Yeah, you see. Unlike most dragons he can't breathe fire or fly," Cornwall complained as they turned around and showed their wings which flapped for a second, "Sad really."

"Oh excusez-moi, Mr. Self-Denial. But we can't breathe fire or fly." Devon corrected Cornwall.

"Only because you're holding me back," Cornwall protested, "If I didn't have you I could do a lot of things."

A bubble formed from the lava pit and it splits into two which contained Devon and Cornwall separately in each bubble. Once the bubbles moved out of the way, a dinosaur skeleton appeared. Cornwall used its ribcage as a xylophone and started singing.

I'd be rockin' with the Dinos

Cornwall grabbed the skeleton which became a rhino.

Swingin' with the Rhinos

I could dragonize this cave in a minute!

The scene transformed into a cave styled living room with a lava lamp, a chair and a television with Devon's head inside, Cornwall turned off the TV.


They would sing cuz I would be the dragon king

Devon grabbed hold of Cornwall and held him up high on Pride Rock, parodying the scene from Disney's The Lion King, then dropped him back to his chair where a dartboard with Devon's head is seen in front of it.

I would love this world without you in it!

Cornwall threw the dart at Devon's head, transitioned the scene to a Lava Lamp.

If I didn't have you!

"If you didn't have me." Devon sang when his head appeared inside the Lava lamp.

If I didn't have you!

Cornwall turned to the volcano pit that erupted a dish. He opened the dish cover to reveal Devon's head.

"Or how about if I didn't have you, huh?" Devon asked before Cornwall shoved an apple into his mouth, the scene zoomed into the apple, transitioning it to another scene where it showed Devon and Cornwall as their separate selves.

Oh what I could be if there was only me

Oh what I'd do if I didn't have you

"Stop bickering and get your act together!" Kayley said as she appeared as a silhouette.

"Act? Did someone say "Act"? I can act!"Devon sang.

They collided together, transitioning to a spotlight scene where Devon and Cornwall are acting with Devon dressed in a kimono from "The Mikado" and Cornwall as "The Phantom of the Opera".

If only I had separate parts

My career, would be the arts

Devon bonked Cornwall on the head with his fan, and the scene blew up, transitioning to Devon with a sculpture of Cornwall in a Venus de milo cracked the sculpture into bits with Cornwall's eyes popping out and blinking. Then he turned into a silhouette with a model of a castle.

I'd be the star of Camelot!

You'll be half of the whole world forgot!

If I didn't have you!

The castle was turned into a ball and it showed Devon holding Cornwall's head and he hurled it into the air.

"I should be so lucky!" Cornwall mocked as he landed next to Devon's head and Devon zipped Cornwall back on the body.

"If I didn't have you!" Devon sang.

"Oh wait! You'll be dead!" Cornwall declared, he grinned briefly, then frowned.

Then the two sang together.

Oh, what I could be if there was only me!

Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you!

Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you!

Cornwall pulled the projector screen down to reveal Cornwall, wearing a hockey's mask and wielding a chainsaw at Devon who tried to avoid it, the chainsaw sliced the screen, transitioning to a log scene with Devon reading his book with a lamp at the side, and Cornwall tied down about to be sliced in half by a wood cutting blade. Then the scene faded to a shot of a boulder rolling down a curved slope with Devon's head laid down on it, about to be flattened.

"Trapped! Ah! Trapped!" Devon yelped as the scene zoomed onto the boulder as Devon and Cornwall appeared in view in the same color as the boulder.

"Stuck here with you for 500 years!" Cornwall whined as he facepalmed.

"Oh dear, it's learned to count." Devon stated as he counted with his fingers and poked Cornwall in the eye, and it all goes black. It transitioned to a scene where Cornwall is on trial.

"If you have gotten a good lawyer, I would've split 400 years ago!" Cornwall defended.

"Now listen here pal! I don't come here to be insulted!" Devon rebuked, appeared as a judge. Then lightning strikes Cornwall. After the strike, Devon and Cornwall are their normal selves.

"Oh. Where do you usually go?" Cornwall asked.

"I'll be a fire-breathing lizard!" Devon boasted.

Devon morphed into Godzilla and breathed fire at flame transitioned to Devon and Cornwall as a blue colored inflatable.

"I'll be one high flying wizard!" Cornwall proclaimed as he released the air from their inflatable body and flew all over the place.

"You'll be nothing without me, you be extinct! You cease to be!" Devon declared as he drilled on the cliff where Cornwall stood on which made him fall into the canyon in style of the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoon.

"I'm so tired of your nagging." Cornwall nagged.

"And I'm so tired of your bragging." Devon ranted.

"Ha, ha. Without me, you'll have no brains!" Cornwall scoffed, pointing at Devon who then stuck his glove covered hand into Cornwall's ear, and then back out, leaving Cornwall stunned.

"With wish to be!" Both dragons sang.

I'd be rocking with the dinos

If only I had separate parts

Swinging with the rhinos

I'd de-dragonize this cave in a minute

My career would be the arts

Cornwall, they would sing

I'd be the star of Camelot

'Cause I would be the dragon king

The scene then zoomed into Cornwall's ear. Inside, Cornwall ran up and flirted with Red Hot Riding Hood until she morphed into Devon, then he ran into the screen which transitioned to Devon looking at the mirror, until the mirror image morphed into Cornwall. Devon grabbed hold of him and made him into an egg and bounced him off-screen.

I would love this world without you in it! If I didn't have you!

The egg bounced into a cave scenery where it hatched into a baby Devon and another egg bounced in and hatched into a baby Cornwall. Devon shoved the half of the eggshell onto Cornwall's head, prompting him to fight.

If I didn't have you.

If I didn't have you!

If I didn't have you.

Yeah! Yeah, Yeah!

As baby Devon and Cornwall fight their way off-screen, three eggs danced in, until a cane hooked them away. Devon and Cornwall walked in from the side.

"This way, Let me lead." Devon professed.

Devon tried to dance until Cornwall lifted him up.

"No, this way, twinkle toes!" Cornwall corrected rudely.

Life could be so sweet

If these were both my feet!

What I'd do

If I didn't have you!

The two fell towards the screen and transformed themselves into an Picasso-stylized, stained glass window figures. Then they pulled back from the camera and they popped out, dressed like Sonny and Cher.

"I'd got you babe!" Devon sang in his impression of Sonny Brow.

Oh what I'd do, If I didn't have yooouuuuu!

Steam came up from the bottom of the screen, engulfed it. It transitioned to a spotlight stage scenery with Devon and Cornwall, dressed like Elvis Presley and with their back turned.


Well If I didn't,

They turned around and sang together.

Oh If I didn't….

Have, yooouuuuu!

They jumped up and landed in a thank you pose, and in the voice impression of Elvis.

Thank you. Thank you, very much.

"Devon's left the building." Devon sang in Elvis's voice.

"Hey, you never sang this before, have ya?" Cornwall asked in Elvis's voice.

Devon socked Cornwall in the face which ended the song. The scenery faded back to the cave. The scene turned to the right to see the sisters and the dragon riders clapping.

"Come on Garrett." Kayley said as she and the others walked down into the cave.

"You don't need him, honey. Now you got Cornwall, keeping an eye on ya." Cornwall assured her, smugly.

Garrett followed behind the group with an annoyed look on his face. Ayden followed after him.

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