Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
The Forbidden Forest

Chapter 27: The Forbidden Forest


'Dragons' - Dragonese

The five were quietly walking along the stone wall until they heard a creature screech from the sky and saw a griffin flying down. They gasped and hid underneath an arc near the wall, hoping not to get spotted, as the creature landed on the edge and walked towards Ruber.

"My faithful pet. How was the flight? Panic sweeps across the land." Ruber said.

"Precisely." Griffin said.

"My plan is perfect." Ruber said.

"Precisely." Griffin said.

"Without the sword, Arthur is vulnerable." Ruber said.

"Precisely." Griffin said.

"And now Excalibur, is mine." Ruber gleamed evilly while turning himself around.

The griffin grunted and quickly turned around nervously.

"Here's where we enter a gray area." Griffin stated.

Ruber heard this and turned around suspiciously.

"Hmm-mm? Excuse me?" Ruber questioned as he grabbed the Griffin by the ruff of his neck who groaned in pain as he grabbed a hold of him, "You lost Excalibur? How?!"

Kayley and the others suddenly heard this and climbed up some stones to listen more carefully without being seen as Ruber let go of the Griffin.

"I was attacked by a falcon." Griffin said, angrily ashamed.

"What? My magnificent beast outmatched by a puny, little pigeon?" Ruber asked.

"It wasn't a pigeon. It was a falcon, with silver wings." Griffin defended.

"Silver wings? Ooh, scary." Ruber mocked sarcastically before he grabbed ahold of the Griffin by the ear and pulled him to his level which caused parts of his hair to get into his face, "You stupid animal!" He fixed his hair back up, "Where is the sword now?"

"In a place of untold danger." Griffin said.

"The Forbidden Forest." Ruber realized.

"Precisely, Master." Griffin confirmed.

The five silently gasped at the griffin's words. The creature had dropped the sword in a dangerous place. So that meant that they have to get it before Ruber gets to Camelot. The group quickly went to where the dragons were being restrained. But when they got there, their dragons were wrapped up in chained collars on them. Once the guards were out of sight, they went over to their dragons.

"Don't worry, we'll get you out of here in a second." Hiccup assured.

"Hiccup, these are heavy chains and it would make a lot of noise in the process of getting them off. Not to mention that there are many thugs nearby." Toothless said.

"But-" Hiccup began to say.

"Go, Hiccup." Toothless crooned.

"We can't leave you here!" Hiccup quietly shouted.

"I'm afraid that you have to, Hiccup." Toothless said.

"Don't worry." Cielo said.

"We'll be fine." Aileana said.

"Go and take Sharpshot with you." Toothless ordered.

Hiccup clutched his hands into a tight first and squeezed his eyes tightly. He opened them and placed his hand on Toothless's snout.

"I will come back and free you. I promise." Hiccup promised.

"I know you will." Toothless assured him.

The riders took one last look of their dragons before following after Kayley and Audrey.

Ruber was furious with the griffin. He couldn't believe that his Griffin was outmatched by a falcon and lost the sword in the Forbidden forest! He could swear that half the time that he felt like he was surrounded by morons! Suddenly he heard the sound of horses neighing in the distance and saw three horses with two riding on two of the horses while only one horse had one rider on it, headed towards the gate.

"OH, THE-THE KIDS!" Ruber screamed bloody murder and turned to his "ironmen" who are clumsy. "You! You! And You! Fancy Feet!" Bladebeak turned to Ruber, and continued dancing, and bumped into an ironman's leg which startled Bladebeak and jumped a little, "After them! And bring them back!" Ruber turned to the Griffin, "And you…" He grabbed hold of the Griffin's head and pulled him threateningly, "You are going to lead me, to Excalibur!"

Kayley along with the two other horses charged through the gate with their horses and rode off on the stone path. Juliana who was being put into the wagon by Ruber's men sees her daughters and the dragon riders riding off into the distance.

I pray you'll be my eyes

And watch her where she goes

And help her to be wise

Help me to let go

Every mother's prayer

Every child knows

The group looked behind them and saw three of Ruber's soldiers riding warthogs. Kayley slapped her horse's behind and it bolted, leading them in the opposite direction: The Forbidden Forest. The others followed after her as Ruber's soldiers chased after them. The huge one merged with the crossbow began shooting arrows at them. The group had to duck their heads in order to prevent from getting their heads cut off.

Lead her to a place

Guide her with your grace

To a place where she'll be safe

The arrows hit an old tree which caused it to fall and block the group's path. Kayley turned the horse to go around the tree and into a shallow river, onto a shore, and started riding towards the forest with the others behind her.

I pray she finds your light

And holds it in her heart.

As darkness falls each night

Remind her where you are

Every mother's prayer

Every child knows

Bladebeak nearly falls off the log so then bangs his bladed beak to get stuck in the log.

Need to find a place

Guide her to a place

Give her faith so she'll be safe

The horses continued to follow Kayley's as they headed towards the forest and looked behind them.

Lead her to a place

Guide her with your grace

To a place where she'll be safe

They soon reached the edge of the forest. But then the horses reared back in fright by the fog that was in the form of a mouth which made the riders fall off and landed on the ground. Most of them winced at their landings. Suddenly they heard hoofbeats in the distance behind them. They turned around and saw Ruber's soldiers coming towards them. The group tried to decide where to go until they looked up at the forest right in front of them.

"The Forbidden Forest." Kayley said.

The group quickly got to their feet and entered the forest. The soldiers warthogs stopped in front of the forest and dropped to the ground in exhaustion. The two soldiers looked at each other and got off them while Bladebeak's warthog lead him into a rock which caused it to break into splitters and sent him flying in circles before landing beak first into an arrow thug's arm.

"Hey! We're not going in there, are we?" Bladebeak asked.

The thug glared at him, Bladebeak chuckles nervously.

"Chicken." Arrow thug said.

"But I've got a wife and two eggs at home!" Bladebeak protested. The Arrow thug shook him off and he and the mace wielding thug chase after the sisters and the dragon riders, "Hey! Don't leave me here!"

Kayley, Audrey, and the dragon riders ran through the forest, encountered a few branches. Kayley's ponytail tie got snagged by a branch and undid her ponytail. The thugs smashed their way through the branches. One of the branches hit Bladebeak on the beak, slicing it off. Bladebeak shook himself back to his senses and continued running. Kayley and the others came to a rocky ledge, but saw the mace wielding thug closing in and continued running. One by one, they jumped over a ledge and glanced back to see many single eyeball creatures pop out of the many holes from it. While glancing back, the group didn't noticed the branch that stuck out in the middle of the path which made them tripped over each other and soon found themselves falling into a big pond. They soon gasped for air when they sat up, all unharmed. Unknown to them, they had a net tangled in their hair.


They turned at the source of the voice and saw a young man coming out of the shadows of a large tree roots den, holding a wooden staff in his hands. He had light brown hair, greyish colored eyes. He wore a light blue shirt underneath a green vest with two tattered tears at the bottom-front and a brownish-maroon belt with a gold round buckle around his waist, grey pants, brownish-maroon boots.

"That's my net." He said.

All of them arched their eyebrows in confusion at this. Suddenly the thugs jumped off the cliff and landed in the water, Bladebeak followed afterwards. The young man looked around, as if knowing there could be trouble. The arrow thug grabbed Bladebeak and threw the creature at him. But the young man dodged at the right time when he heard the sound of a falcon's screech and Bladebeak ended up striking the large bark of the tree root. The falcon came out of the shadows from the trees and distracted the thugs by glinting his wings. The young man then used his staff to whack the mace wielding thug into the water and whacked the arrow thug in the face. The mace wielding thug emerged and was about to attack him from behind. But the young man hit his staff on the mace wielding thug's crotch and lifted him up, where a tongue wrapped around him which revealed a rock stump creature who swallowed the thug. Kayley and the others gasped as the stump creature belched. Bladebeak then breaks free from the root but notices he's in mid-air.

"Uh-oh." Bladebeak said as he landed in the water.

The falcon then flew down to aid the young man who was holding his stick ready. The arrow thug then approaches him and was ready to attack when the falcon chirped as a signal, the young man then whacked a vine where the falcon was. The thug heard a noise, and before he could recognize it, he got whacked by a hanging log into a whirlpool where it closed and all its left was his gurgling noises. The young man then smirked in victory, the danger was gone. Kayley and the others were freeing themselves from the net.

"That was... incredible!" Hiccup complimented.

"How you, smashed those creatures!" Merida said, motioned with her fist.

"How you-you avoided that-that-" Audrey added.

"That thing!" Carlos finished, beaming.

"You're amazing! You're-" Kayley began to say before she realized that the young man wasn't listening to them and he was busy examining his ruined net, "Not, even listening to us!"

"Great!" The young man exasperated as he held up parts of his net and got out the fish that he caught in his undamaged part of the net, "Took me six weeks to make this net!"

"Net? You saved our lives. Thank you." Kayley thanked the young man while placing her hair back into a ponytail with a spare hair tie.

"Well, everyone can make a mistake." The young man said as the fish that he caught slipped out of his grasp and into the water. He used his staff to lift up his net.

"Oh, I get it. This is where King Arthur sends his unfunny jesters, right?" Kayley mocked.

The young man chuckled for a moment.

"And now I'll thank you…" The young man said.

"For what?" Audrey asked, confused.

"For reminding me why I'm a hermit! Good day!" The young man yelled as he dropped the net and began to walk away with his staff.

"But wait! What's your name?" Kayley asked as she and the others followed after him.

"It's Garrett." 'Garrett' answered.

"I'm Kayley!" Kayley introduced.


"Hiccup and this is my dragon Sharpshot."



"Garrett! Why won't you look at us when we're talking to you?" Kayley asked when she finally caught up to him and gasped as she realized why he wasn't looking at them, "Oh. Oh, I didn't realize you were-"

"What? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?" Garrett listed off.

"Blind." Kayley answered, astonished.

Garrett chuckled lightly and turned around where the others could finally see why he wasn't looking straight at them when they introduced themselves. It made sense to them when they noticed that he was using his staff to help himself around. But were amazed that he was able to fight so well even though he's blind.

"...You know, I always forget that one." Garrett replied, sarcastically.

Kayley sighed in annoyance. The group looked at each other with a little bit of guilt in their eyes. They didn't expect for the guy in front of them to be blind. Then the falcon began chirping at Garrett, almost like he was trying to tell him something.

"Not now, Ayden." Garrett said.

"Hey look! Your falcon has silver wings." Kayley said when she noticed Ayden.

"Really? I'll have to take your word for that." Garrett deadpan, sarcastically.

"Oh no, we're sorry. It, it means he knows where Excalibur is." Audrey stated.

"Sure he does. In Camelot. You know, big castle, lots of flags." Garrett stated, gestured with his hand.

"No, it's somewhere in the forest." Hiccup said.

"Ruber has stolen it and he's taken Kayley and Audrey's mother hostage." Merida added.

"That's why we're here!" Carlos yelled.

"We must find the sword and return it to Arthur or Camelot and our mother are doomed." Kayley concluded.

Ayden landed on Garrett's arm and chirped to him about the stolen sword.

"Excalibur is here?" Garrett questioned and Ayden chirped in agreement, "Right, were going after it!"

"Great!" Kayley beamed with relief.

"Not you all, Me and Ayden." Garrett explained as he pointed his stick at her to make his point, "We work alone."

"Well I don't see any reason why we can't come along." Kayley argued as she pushed the stick away from her in annoyance.

I know the sound of each rock and stone

Garrett tapped the stone with his staff that he's on, which raises and lift him up towards a cliff.

I embrace what others fear

You are not to roam in this forgotten place

Just the likes of me welcome here

The sisters and the riders then climb up a rock after him.

Everything breathes

And I know each breath

For it means life,

for others is death

The sisters and the riders managed to get themselves on the ledge and followed Garrett behind his back. Garrett opened up the waterfall with his staff.

It's perfectly balanced

Perfectly planned

It's more than enough for this man

Kayley goes underneath the waterfall first in curiosity of how it managed to stay open a gap in mid-air. The waterfall closed in on her. Garrett is seen placing his hand on a giant tree.

Like every tree stands on its own

Reaching for the sky I stand alone

A branch came out and wrapped around Garrett's waist and flung him in the air and he landed perfectly on a branch.

I share my world with no one else

All by myself I Stand Alone

Garrett had made his way through the giant tree roots, Kayley and the others saw him on the other side and jumped on a tree root, which moved, and the tree opens his eye. One at a time, they grabbed onto a branch, swung their legs forward, and jumped onto a stone ledge. Then Garrett made a small yodel which made the leaf creatures to fly around him. The group stared at the creatures with fascination as the creatures flew by them. Unexpectedly, Garrett knelt down in front of them, which startled them.

I've seen your world

With these very eyes

Don't come any closer

Don't even try!

Garrett began walking through several tongue plants with no problem, but Kayley and the others were having trouble going through because they whipped their tongues at them. Garrett approached a lake where water fountains rises and each one lifted Garrett up step by step and one by one.

I've felt all the pain

And heard all the lies

But in my world there's no compromise

Garrett jumped on a ledge and continued on his way down but the others have trouble with the fountains.

Like every tree stands on its own

Garrett landed on a tree stump which forms legs and transports Garrett to a slope which he slides down to a giant flower forest.

Reaching for the sky I stand alone

I share my world with no one else

All by myself I Stand Alone

He grabs hold of one the flower which lifts him up like a helicopter. The others saw this, each of them find the exact flower that Garrett used. But Kayley found a yellow flower, but shrunk down in its annoyance. The flower transported Garrett to a tall giant rock surface. Audrey and the riders grabbed onto their own helicopter flowers the same way Garrett did, Kayley grabbed hold of hers from the bottom.

All by myself I Stand Alone

Kayley's flower flew straight into a tree forcing Kayley to climb all the way up the rock.

All by myself

I Stand Alone

Ayden flew around Garrett and landed on his hand. Audrey and the riders land on the same same rock surface where Garrett was. Kayley finally caught up with them at last by helping herself by holding onto his clothes. Audrey came over to Kayley and helped her the rest of the way.

"Audrey and I stand alone too." Kayley declared as she stood up.

Then Ayden landed on Kayley's shoulder and Audrey began petting the silver winged falcon.

"Ayden." Garrett said, turning around.

"We just need your help this once." Kayley stated as Ayden nuzzled against her cheek.

"Please, we need your help, Garrett." Audrey pleaded.

"You're the only one who knows the forest and with your help we can get the sword before Ruber can." Hiccup reasoned.

"Oh all right, all right!" Garrett reluctantly agreed as he lead the group down the rock slope, "But don't give me any trouble!"

"Don't worry, we won't." Merida assured him.

Apparently, Garrett had spoken too soon when he got himself dumped with purple sticky liquid while leading the others in another part of the forest later on. The others were behind him while Kayley was up ahead.

"It's a fine mess you've gotten us into Ayden." Garrett groaned as he got the liquid off his head.

"Hey this isn't so bad." Kayley said as she touched the flowers above her, causing them to squirt out purple liquid. Then she stepped on a patch of grass which came alive and formed a mouth, but Garrett whacked it on the head with his staff. The thin thorn branches uncurled behind her. "I don't know why you made such a fuss." Ayden chirped to signal Garrett who also swatted them with his staff, "I've had a tougher time collecting eggs!"

Garrett grabbed a rock and threw it to a giant green flytrap creature who was behind an unaware Kayley.

"Trouble, trouble, trouble," Garrett complained angrily as Ayden landed on his arm, "with a capital T!"

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