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The Lost Princess Returns

Chapter 19: The Lost Princess Returns


'Dragons' – Dragonese

Once the group was relieved that Eugene was alive. Rapunzel declared that she should head to the castle, where her parents are. They were first puzzled why and she told them that she was the lost princess.

"I think she's right." Hiccup stated.

"What do you mean?" Eugene asked.

"Back at the festival, we saw a mural of the King and Queen holding a baby in their arms. The baby had the exact features as Rapunzel." Hiccup explained.

"That would make sense." Carlos commented.

"So that woman took you as a baby and kept you hidden from the world so that no one would discover you." Eugene agreed.

"Yeah," Rapunzel added, "I just wish that I noticed it sooner."

"Don't blame yourself, Rapunzel. You didn't know that she wasn't your real mother." Hiccup assured her as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"But she's gone now and she won't ever lock you away again." Carlos added.

"Yeah, you're right." Rapunzel confirmed.

The rest of the group nodded at that.

"Well then, we should probably get going." Carlos declared.

The boys got onto their dragons and headed to the window. Toothless came up first and stopped. Hiccup looked over his shoulder and gazed at Rapunzel.

"You wanna ride a dragon?" Hiccup asked.

Rapunzel pondered at that. She wondered what it would be like to ride a dragon. Seeing how at ease Hiccup and Carlos were with their dragons. She smiled and walked over to Toothless. Hiccup helped her onto the saddle as Pascal climbed onto her shoulder.

"Just hold onto me, okay?" Hiccup requested.

"Okay." Rapunzel obeyed as she wrapped her arms around Hiccup's waist and shut her eyes tight.

"Let's go, Toothless." Hiccup said, patting his neck.

"Alright then." Toothless said.

Soon enough Toothless leaped from the window and flew above the ground. Max was looking up at them with wonder. A minute later, Sharpshot came out along with Cielo with Carlos and Eugene on his back.

"Eugene, could you loosen your grip, please?" Carlos pleaded.

"Sorry. Just not use to riding a dragon." Eugene stated with his eyes shut.

"Max, do you want to race us back to the castle?" Hiccup asked as he looked over Toothless's left side and gazed down at Max who neighed excitedly at the thought.

"What if they don't recognize me?" Rapunzel asked, nervously.

"What?" Carlos asked.

"I've been gone for eighteen years. How will they recognize me?" Rapunzel questioned herself.

Hiccup felt that way when he first met his mother. At that time, he didn't know how his mother would recognize if he didn't have his scar.

"Rapunzel, do you want to know what my mother said to me when I asked her how she knew I was her son." Hiccup suggested.

"What?" Rapunzel asked.

"A mother never forgets." Hiccup answered, "A mother would never forget her child."

"He's right, Rapunzel." Carlos agreed.

"They've been waiting for you to come after eighteen years, Rapunzel," Eugene stated, "I'm sure that they'll recognize you right away."

"You sure?" Rapunzel asked.

"I'm sure." Eugene confirmed with a smile.

Rapunzel smiled in return.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Carlos asked with a smile.

"Let's bring you back to your parents, your real parents." Hiccup smiled.

Rapunzel nodded and then Hiccup directed Toothless towards the city of Corona with Cielo and his passengers and Max following after him.

At the castle of Corona, the King and Queen were in their private quarters where they could watch from the windows and looked upon the town outside. Suddenly the doors opened, the King and Queen saw a guard who looked to be almost out of breath. He nodded with wide eyes and the two rulers stood up at that. A few minutes later, the two were running down the hall that led to the door of the balcony. Once they reached the door, they glanced at each other, hoping that the guard was right. They opened the door and spotted a girl with short brown hair wearing a light purple dress. A man and two boys stood beside her. The girl hesitantly walked forward as the queen did. They were only a few steps away from each other, the queen stretched her hand out and placed on the girl's cheek. The queen recognized this girl. It was her daughter! The daughter she and her husband have waited many years for! She smiled at the girl who returned it as well. Then she pulled the girl into arms and hugged her who hugged her in return. Rapunzel looked over her mother's shoulder and saw her father who was smiling at her with tears in the corner of his eyes. He soon wrapped his arms around his wife and long lost daughter and the three sat down on their knees.

Eugene, Hiccup, and Carlos were happy for Rapunzel. She was finally reunited with her parents who had been waiting for her for eighteen years. They smiled as they gazed at the happy family in front of them. The king and queen caught their gazing and held their hands out to them. Unexpectedly, the three were pulled into the hug.

About two days later, there was a celebration for the return of the Lost Princess's return. The kingdom was rejoiced. During that time, Hiccup and Carlos introduced their dragons to the people of Corona. Some of the adults were scared, but all it took to change their minds was a brave little girl who happened to be one of the little red heads who braided Rapunzel's hair at the Lantern Festival. Let's just say that Toothless, Cielo, and Sharpshot were loving the attention they were getting from the other children. The King and Queen were getting use to them. Somehow Toothless melted their hearts with his big dilated eyes. Some of the adults were starting to get use to them.

On a side note, the thugs from the Snuggly Duckling made their dreams come true. The bald hooked guy became the most famous concert pianist. The big nosed thug was able to find true love. Ulf the mime thug was really into pursue his dream of being a mime. Also, thanks to Maximus crime had disappeared almost overnight; and most of the apples. During the party, everyone had released numerous amount of floating lanterns which brightened the mid afternoon sky.

It was a celebration that no one would forget for many years to come.

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future. We make discoveries about ourselves. - Gail Lumet Buckley

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