Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345

Chapter 14: Confessions


'Dragons' – Dragonese

"Where's Rider? Where is he?!" The head guard snarled as he stormed inside, shoving the thug Greto out of the way. "Find him," He ordered the men behind him. "Turn the whole place upside down if you have to!"

The four huddled under the bar winced collectively as his fist came down on the counter top with a slam. This was quite the situation. Not only did they have a homicidal horse after them, now there was a group of men looking for the thief who was traveling with the youngsters.

"What the hell did you do?!" Hiccup and Carlos mouthed at him. Flynn waved his hand dismissively which silently meant that they'd talk about it later. Waving at the other three to stay hidden, Flynn shifted just a little bit to take a small peak over top the counter to see how many guards were coming in. In his head, Flynn counted about five or six guards already inside, but that didn't mean there weren't more outside. Just as he thought this, two more guards walked in through the little door, and between him stood two tall men with cropped red hair and several scars over their identical faces. The Stabbingtons.

"Oh shit!" Flynn mumbled, hiding back under the bar.

Something tapped on the edge of the bar near Flynn's head. He and other three looked up and saw the Piano-playing Hook-thug looming over them, indicating something off to the right with his eyes. Crawling out of their hiding place, Hook-hand-thug pulled down one of the levers for the alcohol. But no ale came out of the tap; instead the floor let out a quiet groan and with a rattle of chains, a large trap door opened down into a dark, but dry cave.

"Go," Hook-hand told them with a smile, "Live your dream."

Flynn cheered up considerably. "I will."

"Your dream stinks," Hook-hand deadpanned and nodded to Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Carlos. "I was talkin' to them."

Annoyed, Flynn rolled his eyes and started crawling down into the cave. Glancing behind him when he could stand straight again, an unconscious frown tugged his lips downward.

"Where does this tunnel go?" Hiccup asked.

"Bout a three minute walk southwest," He explained quickly, glancing up toward the pub where the other thugs were trying and succeeding at stalling the guards. "It'll take you down to the damn at the bottom of the hill. Climb the rope ladder and make sure to take the tunnel to the right. There was a cave-in down the shaft that led to the river and it's a dead-end now."

"Thank you." Hiccup said, following Flynn.

"Thanks." Carlos complimented as he followed Hiccup. Then the two stopped and turned to Hook-hand.

"By the way, you're awesome at the piano." Carlos and Hiccup complimented in unison and went to follow Flynn. Hook-hand smiled at that.

"Thanks for everything." Blondie said to Hook-hand and gave the thug a small kiss on the cheek who continued to smile. Then she crawled after them. Once they were all in the tunnel, the door swung closed behind them a few moments later, and the light in the tunnel dimmed considerably. Hiccup took out his Inferno and it lite up the cave. They began walking down the tunnel. Then they noticed a lit torch up ahead. Along the way, they came up an empty lantern on the ground. Once they reached it, Flynn took it and Hiccup helped light the candle on the inside. After it was lite, he put the Inferno blade away and attached it back to his thigh. The walk in the tunnel was in silence except for their footsteps.

"So," Flynn began, examining a skewered skeleton tacked to the wall with a large cutlass, "Back there? Didn't think you had that in ya. It was pretty . . . impressive."

"I know!" She exclaimed in a cheery tone. But a second later she contained herself and repeated, calmer, "I know."

Flynn chuckled. The boys couldn't but chuckle as well. It was a relief that she was able to control her mood swings. They easily remembered how she reacted when she first left the tower.

"Soo," She repeated him and it got a raised eyebrow out of him. "Flynn . . . where ya from?"

"Woah-woah," Flynn protested, "Sorry, Blondie, I don't do backstory. However," He continued, "I'm becoming very interested in yours."

"Now, I know I'm not supposed to mention the hair."

"Nope." She clarified.

"Or, the mother."


"Frankly, I'm too scared to ask about the frog."

"Chameleon." She corrected, mimicking his face of wry amusement.

"Nuance," He waved it away. "Here's my question though. If you've wanted to see the lanterns so badly, why haven't you ever gone before?"

Rapunzel stopped walking, startled. "I . . . uh, well-"

She was interrupted by a pebble landing on her head. She blinked and looked down at where it landed, watching as the other rocks started to tremble slightly in their spots.

"Uh, guys?" She said nervously, looking back at Hiccup and Carlos who's faces started to morph to match hers. Far behind them, the tunnel was slowly starting to illuminate. The sound of running footsteps was getting closer.

"Guys?!" She repeated with wide eyes along with Flynn and the boys, voice shrill as the group of guards from back at the Snuggly Duckling came around the corner alarmingly fast.


"Run," Flynn yelled. "RUN!"

Hiccup and Carlos grabbed handfuls of Rapunzel's hair, and the four of them ran down the tunnel. The end of the tunnel came alarmingly fast and the sudden sunlight on their faces blinded them all for a brief moment. The tunnel opened out into a small canyon, barely a quarter-mile around. They stood on an open ledge and behind them were the large wooden wall of the dam Hook-hand-guy was talking about.

"There's the rope ladder!" Hiccup pointed at the ladder. "Let's go before-"

He was cut off when, down below, one of the boarded-up tunnels were smashed away, letting the Stabbington brothers into the canyon. The brothers glared up at Flynn when they spotted him on the ledge.

"Who are they?" Hiccup asked, glancing at the two brothers.

"They don't like me." Flynn replied, pointing at the two huge men. Then the four whirled around when the palace guards came bursting out behind them.

"Who are they?" Carlos asked, pointing at the guards.

"They don't like me either." Flynn repeated.

"Who's that?" Rapunzel yelped when the angry white horse came from behind the guards.

Flynn grabbed her shoulders.

"Let's just all assume that everyone in here doesn't like me!" He ordered them all, exasperated.

Without warning, Rapunzel slammed her frying pan into Flynn's stomach, "Here!"

He grunted at the hit and looked at her, but she was already grabbing Carlos's arm and threw her hair over one of the beams holding up the massive dam. She tightened the grip on her hair and leaped off the ledge, dragging him with her as he let out a yelp. Then she landed on the next ledge with almost practiced ease.

"A warning would have been nice." Carlos stated.

"Sorry." Rapunzel apologized.

Flynn and Hiccup spun back around to find the head of the palace guards to be advancing on the two of them with weirdly pleased but furious look in his eyes.

"I waited a long time for this." He growled, tossing his torch aside. Flynn looked down at the teenage boy beside of him who took out inferno, then at the frying pan in his other hand. He made a little noise of distress. The head guard drew his sword and lunged. Flynn reacted without thinking, quickly smashing the side of the guard's head with the pan and creating a rather pleasing 'CLANG' noise when the pan connected to his shiny gold helmet. Hiccup dodged and slammed the blade on the back of the remaining guards' heads, knocking them out. The small fight was over in seconds, and as they stood there above the unconscious group of at least seven guards, Flynn held up the frying pan again with shock.

"Oh mama!" He cried, twirling the pan. "I have got to get me one of these!"

Another sword came at them and Flynn held up the pan again in an 'En guarde!' pose. He and Hiccup stared at the last standing 'swordsman' in disbelief. It was the horse, holding a dropped sword between his teeth, growling and whining threateningly. To Hiccup's point of view, it was very strange to see a horse holding a sword.

"You've got to be kidding me." Hiccup muttered with a raised eyebrow.

Then the horse lunged at them. The two blocked every attack that the horse threw at them. But the horse seemed to be more on focused on Flynn. Hiccup had to admit that the horse had skills when it came to sword fighting.

"You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done!" Flynn declared.

Suddenly the horse knocked the frying pan out of Flynn's hand. The three of them watched it fall over the edge and heard the distant echoing clang when it hit the bottom. Flynn glanced back at the horse.

"How about two out of three?" He suggested, grinning sheepishly.

Then the horse aimed the sword in Flynn's face as he held his hands up.

"Flynn!" Rapunzel's voice called, and a second later the end of her hair was wrapping around his right hand. He looked blinked, then grinned. Hiccup quickly put inferno back in its case. Flynn grabbed him by his sleeve, tucking him under his arm as Rapunzel with startling strength yanked the two of them straight off the ledge. Hiccup latched onto Flynn as they flew through the air.

"Flynn!" Rapunzel called from above them. "Look out!"

Flynn looked back down, and yelped when he realized that he and Hiccup were swinging right toward the business ends of the Stabbington brothers' swords. Rapunzel gave her hair a sharp pull, lifting him and Hiccup just enough to sail harmlessly over the murderous duo's heads.

"Ha!" He shouted over his shoulder at them, "You should see your faces! Because you look-"

"Rider!" Hiccup cried out.

His stomach slammed into a beam sticking out of the dam's drain canal. "-ridiculous . . . " He finished, wheezing.

Hiccup scrambled onto the beam before he could drop him and attached inferno back onto his thigh. He took Flynn's hand and pulled him up after him. Then the sound of pounding caught their attention. When they turned, they saw the horse was slamming his hind legs against yet another support beam. Behind him, the guards were starting to come around. By the time they were standing up, the horse had succeeded in knocking the beam out. It busted a hole in the dam, but created an efficient bridge for them to cross to Rapunzel and Carlos. Thinking quickly, Hiccup took Rapunzel's hair and wrapped most of it around the beam that hit him. He took a firm grip on it and Flynn did the same, then they called out to the two on the ledge.




Rapunzel and Carlos knew what Hiccup was doing instantly. Rapunzel pulled Carlos towards as he grabbed onto her and ran for the edge. Carlos latched onto Rapunzel as they jumped off the ledge. The horse was right behind them and stopped at the ledge with its teeth that was literal inches away from Blondie's hair. The horse's teeth closed without a single golden hair trapped between them. Flynn helped Hiccup quickly swing them to the ground. They skidded across a large puddle of water. The two turned and saw the Stabbington brothers behind them. They took off as Carlos scooped some of Rapunzel's hair.

"Come on!" The auburn boy shouted, grabbing Flynn by the arm and dragging him with him as they ran and slid down the drain canal. Their combined weight, however, was too much for the waterlogged and old wood, they found themselves knocking the entire thing over as they fell. The second their feet hit the rough ground and they rolled and stumbled to ground to get their footing back as they bent down and scooped up some of Rapunzel hair and followed after Rapunzel and Carlos with Hiccup behind him. At that moment, the wood of the dam burst and water began pouring rapidly into the mine. Having no other choice, they ran towards the nearest tunnel to the mine. A creak and a groan rocked the ground under their feet; one of the boulders used for a walkway was buckling under the water's force. Flynn shoved Rapunzel into the tunnel, tossing her balled up hair into her arms. He stood at the entrance, making sure that Carlos and Hiccup made it in too. Water was pooling around his feet, the thief had just enough time to grab the frying pan the horse had knocked from his hand before the boulder came crashing down at the entrance. It instantly went dark in the tunnel and it began to fill with rushing water. Then they began to scramble to look for another exit. Flynn and Carlos started to try shoving at the rocks in the wall, trying in vain to knock them out of the way. Rapunzel and Hiccup took out their pan and shield and tried to smack or stab the rocks away. Flynn and Carlos were clawing at the rocks, doing their very best to make them budge. They didn't give up until Flynn's hand slipped, and he cursed loudly before giving up and turned to dive into the water. Hiccup and Rapunzel kept hitting the rocks, but nothing was working. The water was rising even higher. Flynn's head broke the surface, gasping.

"It's no use!" He sputtered. "I can't see anything!"

Rapunzel sucked in a deep breath, imitating Flynn, and dove under. The thief was quick to grab her, pulling her back from the water.

"There's no point!" He told her sternly, brushing wet hair out of her eyes. "It's pitch black down there!"

Rapunzel stared at Flynn with shock and leaned herself against the rock wall with the two boys.

"This is all my fault," Rapunzel admitted and placed her hand against her hand, "She was right. I never should've done this."

She soon began to sniff and placed her hand down to her side.

"I'm so…I'm so sorry guys." Rapunzel apologized as she started to cry.

" . . . Eugene." Flynn said.

Hiccup, Carlos, and Rapunzel all turned to where Flynn was across from them. He looked up with a sigh and a slight, not quite there smile. "My real name is Eugene Fitzherbert. Someone might as well know."

"I'm actually a Viking." Hiccup stated.

"A Viking? You don't-" 'Eugene' began to say.

"Look like one, I know," Hiccup interrupted, glaring at the water, "I'm the chief's son and an embarrassment to my father and my entire tribe. So I ran away from my so called 'home'."

"I've been feeling a little homesick since I left home." Carlos admitted, looking down at the water, "I didn't think that I would be joining my parents so soon."

"What about you, blondie?" He said in a surprisingly gentle tone. "Anything you want to get off your chest before . . . " He trailed off.

The water was at their shoulders.

Rapunzel rubbed her nose and grinned weakly. "I have magic hair that glows when I sing."

Flynn's tone was remarkably deadpan. "What?"

"I have . . . magic hair that glows when I sing!" Rapunzel repeated, eyes slowly widening as she realized what her hair can do. The water came to their chins. Rapunzel used her last breath to gasp out:

"Flower gleam and glow!

Let your power SHINE!"

Before the water filled their small cavern completely as the dark swallowed everything. Unexpectedly, a butter-yellow light sparkled across Rapunzel's scalp. The glow traveled down Rapunzel's several dozen feet of hair, Hiccup and Carlos were amazed at it. So Rapunzel was right; her hair really does glow!

Flynn did almost lost his breath. The boys heard the bubbles rush out of his mouth before he grabbed his lips to hold them shut. Hiccup hit him in the arm then pointed with his other hand to a bit of Rapunzel's hair, following the flow of the water towards a wall. It was the way out! Then all four swam down and started grabbing at rocks as fast as they could. The glow from Rapunzel's hair was starting to fade. They worked faster.

The light dimmed before they could finish but they still grabbed as many rocks as they could. Before they knew it the stone wall was crumbling and the water came rushing out all at once, dragging the four bodies inside with it. Soon enough all four heads broke from the water and landed on the bank of the river.

"We made it." Rapunzel said as she pulled her hand back and the others panted who were glad to be out of the flooded cave and being able to breathe in the open air again.

"Her hair glows." Eugene said with wide eyes in disbelief.

"We're alive. I'm alive." Rapunzel declared with a smile as she got up and picked up her frying pan and went to get her hair out of the water. Hiccup picked up his shield as he and Carlos got up and joined to help her.

"I didn't see that coming." Eugene said as he pushed his hair back.

"Eugene." Rapunzel called out.

"Her hair actually glows." Eugene said as he turned to Pascal.

"Eugene." Rapunzel called out.

"Why does her hair glow?!" Eugene shouted.

"Eugene!" Rapunzel shouted.

"WHAT?!" Eugene exclaimed with panicking wide eyes.

"It doesn't just glow." Rapunzel stated.

Eugene glanced at Pascal who smiled at him.

"Why he's smiling at me?" Eugene asked with distress while holding his injured hand as he looked at Rapunzel and back to Pascal.

Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they're big, flashing signs that something needs to change.

- Gretchen Rubin

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