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I've Got A Dream

Chapter 13: I've Got A Dream


'Dragons' – Dragonese

"I know it's around here somewhere," Flynn mused, leading the three youngsters plus the dragons through the trees. During the entire walk, Flynn could practically feel the glares coming from the two boys behind him, including the dragons as well. It made a shiver go down his spine because of that. The reason why the two boys and the three dragons were glaring at Flynn was because they knew that Flynn was trying to make Rapunzel give up and head back to her tower to hand over his satchel. But the boys could tell that she was determined to go and see the floating lanterns. Then Flynn stopped and turned to the two boys with their dragons as Flynn stroke his small tuft of a goatee.

"You know, boys, I hate to say it but I think the place we're going doesn't really allow . . . pets." Flynn stated, "So… sorry, Lizard Breathes, you're gonna have to stay here."

The dragons growled warningly at the cocky thief in front of them. They were really starting to hate this man. He was more annoying than any other person that they had run into. To Hiccup's point of view, he was more annoying than Tuffnut Thorston who was extremely annoying. After all, he and his sister were always thinking of crazy and annoying ideas that were considered dangerous and impossible.

"Sorry, guys," Hiccup mumbled as he placed his hand on Toothless's head. "But the jerk is right. You know that we can't bring you into populated areas."

"What?" Toothless asked.

"Why can't we?" Cielo asked.

"I don't think the people around here have ever seen a dragon and it might freak them out if they come across a real one." Hiccup reasoned.

"I wish there were dragons around here." Sharpshot commented.

"Me too, Sharpshot." Hiccup added, "For now, you'll have to hide."

"We'll whistle if we're in trouble." Carlos assured, placing his hand on Cielo's neck.

"Okay." The dragons agreed, reluctantly.

"But take your shield with you." Toothless ordered Hiccup.

"Okay." Hiccup obeyed and removed the shield that was attached to Toothless's saddle.

Then the three dragons turned back towards the woods. They managed to hide themselves among the thicker trees.

"Will they be okay?" Rapunzel asked as they watched the dragons leave.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine." Carlos assured her.

Flynn clapped his hands. "Alright then! You guys ready? Cause this place is going to rock your stomachs!"

He led them down to the dirt road, which was marked with wooden fences every several feet. Flynn looked back and forth before taking a left and started strolling. Rapunzel skipped along behind him, who looked happy as a clam, with Hiccup and Carlos bringing up the rear.

"Aha! There it is! The Snuggly Duckling!" Flynn pretended to gush cheerfully, pointing out a sign with a yellow painted duck on it. "Don't worry, very quiet place. Don't want you scaring and giving up on this whole endeavor now do we?"

"Well," Rapunzel smiled as she held her frying pan close to her chest. "I do like ducklings!"

"Yay!" Flynn cheered feignedly.

The building that Flynn indicated looked more like a seedy pub than a restaurant. It was built with its back right against the tree. The ground curved slightly under it, causing the whole thing to lean forward and to the side. It gave of a concerning effect that the wall was going to fall on top of you as you walked up to it. Hiccup and Carlos had to admit this place needed a lot of work. The four of them strode up to the door and Flynn put his hand on Rapunzel's back. He offered the girl a grin that had the two boys frowning.

"You ready?" Flynn asked her.

Rapunzel bobbed her head excitedly. "Yes!"

Flynn nodded and slammed the door open. "Garcon! Your finest table please!"

Rapunzel stared into the 'Snuggly Duckling' for all of three seconds before she gasped in shock. The inside was definitely farthest from what the name and the sign would have a person expect. The lighting was dim which came from a chandelier with low-burning candles and a fire place deep in the back. Several wooden tables were scattered around the joint, and there were all kinds of hunting trophies displayed on the walls and above the mantle on the fireplace. The air was musty and smelled sour, which made Carlos cringed. Hiccup was sure that he was supposed to find the place repulsive and disgusting; however the smell reminded him on the main meeting hall back on Berk.

Every man inside the pub had turned their heads toward the door, mouths curving downward into sneers and scowls. Flynn put his hands on Rapunzel's shoulders, completely ignoring the way her body was stiff and how she was holding out her frying pan like a sword for protection. He guided the blond inside despite her little cries of protest, speaking smoothly and condescendingly into her ear.

"You smell that?" Flynn chuckled. "Take a deep breath through the nose!" Here Flynn actually breathed in the sour smell of the pub, a smile on his face. "Just really let it all sink in! What are you getting? Because to me its part man's smell and the other part is really bad man smell." He asked the terrified girl as he led her through the group of thugs. Their dark angry eyes pointed downward with scarred up faces and beefy arms making them all look like they were just waiting for an excuse to bash all their heads in. Hiccup and Carlos did catch a sight of a thug chef cooking a bunch of lizards in a big pot which almost looked similar to Pascal.

" . . . overall it just smells like the color brown. Your thoughts?" Flynn finished, letting Rapunzel's shoulders go when her hair was grabbed by a short squat man with bushy muttonchops that bridged together over his lips. Rapunzel squeaked, quickly collecting as much of her hair as she could before skittering away.

" . . . that's a lot of hair," The thug rumbled in a deep baritone, sounding completely deadpan. Rapunzel's hair slid through his fingers as she fled.

"She's growing it out!" Flynn replied, cheerfully but equally deadpan. "Is that blood in your mustache?" He continued when he gazed at the thug's mustache. "Hey boys!" He called to Hiccup and Carlos and gestured the thug's mustache. "Look at this! Look at all of the blood in his mustache! Good sir that is a lot of blood!"

Hiccup and Carlos wanted to smack their foreheads. Of course this place wasn't some 'great place for lunch'. They honestly should have known better. It was plain obvious that Flynn had tricked Rapunzel into coming here and trying to scare her off and make her give back the satchel.

Rapunzel backed away from the group of men by the door and ended up bumping into a beefy guy at the bar. He growled a warning and Rapunzel showed off her frying pan to him as well, looking like she wasn't sure who to aim it at.

"You don't look so good, Blondie," Flynn said with false concern. "Maybe we should get you home, call it a day?" He put his arm around her shoulder and started to lead her toward the door with Hiccup and Carlos following behind them.

"You'll probably be better off," Flynn continued to babble, "I mean, this is a five-star joint after all. If you can't handle this place then, well, maybe you should be back in your tower?" They were exactly three steps away from the door when it suddenly slammed shut. The man from the bar had appeared there in seconds, pinning a piece of paper to the door with a large hand. Flynn had put himself between Rapunzel and the thug holding the door shut. The thug turned to give Flynn a dark once over, one that was filled with a small side of greed that honestly freaked Hiccup and Carlos out a little.

"Is this you?" He growled, pointing at the inked picture on the paper.

Flynn looked at it for a second, then leaned over and moved the thug's finger to the side. The image looked like him, right down to his shirt and vest. The only odd thing about it was the comically large nose coming out of his face.

"Ugh," Fly huffed. "Now they're just being mean."

"I say it fits you perfectly." Hiccup commented.

"I agree." Carlos added.

"Oh-ho, it's him all right," Chuckled a man with a balding head and a hook for a right hand. "Greto," He thumbed to a dark haired guy in a blue shirt somewhere behind him. "Go find some guards!" He grabbed Flynn by the collar. "That reward's gonna buy me a new hook!"

Suddenly Flynn was yanked out of his grasp and pulled towards a guy with a strange helmet. Then it soon became a fist and tug a war battle with the thugs for the wanted thief. The three tried pleading and then Rapunzel tried banging on the thugs' back using her frying pan while Hiccup used his shield and Carlos used mugs, which didn't work. Flynn was lifted into the air by the man with the overly large horned Viking helmet and saw the guy with the hook with his fist reeled back, ready to hit Flynn. Hiccup searched frantically for an idea. He glanced at Rapunzel's hair, a support beam where a tree branch that was just above the bald hook guy.

"Not the nose!" Flynn begged, obviously having all his priorities in order. "Not the nose! Not the nose!"

"Rapunzel." Hiccup said, which got her attention. He gestured her hair and the tree branch and then the hook guy. Rapunzel nodded, understanding his idea and threw her hair over a support beam like it was a grappling hook, wrapped around a tree branch tight enough that when the three yanked, the tree branch moved but her hair stayed in place. Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Carlos continued to pull the branch back with all their strength. A second later they let go, and the tree branch smacked against the top of bald hook-handed guy, stopping him from punching Flynn. The thugs stared him with disbelief.

"Put him down!" She shouted, stomping her foot firmly.

Every single person turned to look at the three skinny teenagers standing there, Hiccup and Carlos started to chuckle nervously.

"Look," Rapunzel said breathlessly. "We don't know where we are, and we need him to take me to see the lanterns because I've been dreaming about them my whole life! Find your humanity!" She yelled. "Haven't any of you ever had a dream?!"

The big bald guy unsheathed the axe, which was much bigger by viking standards, behind his back and while the large horned Viking helmet thug hung Flynn by his blue vest on a coat hook. He slowly began to stomp his way toward them. Hiccup swallowed, putting his shield in front of him. Rapunzel and Carlos ducked behind him, peaking around his shoulder as their eyes slowly got wider with terror. The bald guy was right up into their faces, a deep snarl dragging the corners of his square head downward.

"I had a dream . . . once." The bald thug said before he swung lifted his axe and threw it at the general direction where a terrified-looking accordion player was sitting in the corner amidst a large group of other weapons near him whose right leg was shackled to a metal ball. Sitting board-straight, the poor man began to timidly play his instrument. An oddly upbeat and happy tune began to play which confused the two boys and Flynn.

"I'm malicious, mean and scary!

My sneer could curdle dairy!

And violence-wise my hands are not the cleanest!"

The bald thug stepped back and gestured to the chalk-outline of a body on the wooden floor. Hiccup swore that was never there before. Hiccup gently ushered Rapunzel and Carlos backwards. Then they got out from behind him and listened to the singing thug.

"But despite my evil look,

And my temper and my hook,"

He grabbed and threw a guy with an overly-large nose who was innocently drinking his ale clear across the room with one hand. A spotlight, once again coming clear out of nowhere, shone down and reflected off the guy's shiny head. He used the grouping of barrels to climb up onto a stage, revealing a bench and a piano.

"I've always yearned to be a concert pianist!"

His hook tapped across the keys, the light sound of the surprisingly well-tuned instrument. The bald guy sat down at the bench, proceeding to play like the lack of his hand didn't bother him at all.

"Can't you see me on the stage preforming Mozart?

Ticklin' the ivories 'til they gleam?"

He scraped his hook across the keys, sending the little off-white pieces flying at Hiccup, Carlos, and Rapunzel. She used her pan to protect herself while Hiccup used his shield to protect him and Carlos, a small giggle of amusement starting to show on their lips.

"Yet I'd rather be called deadly," he offered Rapunzel a wink.

"For my killer show tune medley!"

He played off a riff and threw his finger toward the crowd somewhere. "Thank you!" He called. "Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream!"

"He's got a dream!" The other thugs joined in easily. "He's got a dream!"

"See, I ain't as cruel and vicious as I seem!" The bald guy continued, getting a full-out laugh from Rapunzel as she and the boys sat down on a box beside the piano with her. He performed another scrape down the keys, ending with a flourish of his arm that only a quick duck prevented the three from getting smacked in the face. Unfortunately the big nose thug got hit by his arm which threw him clear on his back.

"Though I do love breaking themurs,

You can count me with the dreamers,

Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream!"

The three turned around when the other thug sat up, looking a little dizzy but not at all concussed.

"I've got scars and lumps and bruises," He began, lifting his arm for Rapunzel to see.

"Plus something here that oozes,

And lets not even mention my complexion!" He gestured to his face, where there were large unfortunate patches of reddish skin.

"But despite my extra toes," Showing his extra toe on his left foot.

"And my guider,

And my nose," He smiled shyly at Rapunzel and offered her a flower.

"I really wanna make a love connection!" The girl looked touched, smiling sweetly at the poor guy.

Next thing the boys knew, the Nose Thug was sitting in some random boat with a short horribly drunk old man who was holding a parasol.

"Can't you see me with a special little lady?"He sang. The old guy opened his lacy umbrella.

"Rowing in a rowboat down the stream?" Using a spear, he scraped across the floor in the random little rowboat like he was in a river.

"Though I'm one disgusting blighter,

I'm a lover!

Not a fighter!"

He lifted the old drunk guy in a rope harness that hung from one of the beams up above. Pulling it back, he let the creepy old man dressed like a cupid fly around the ceiling.

"Cause way down deep inside,

I've got a dream!"

The rest of the thugs joined in for this verse. Hiccup and Carlos were having a hard time controlling the smiles growing across their faces.

"I've got a dream!" Nose guy sang.

"He's got a dream!" The other guys echoed.

"And I know one day romance will reign supreme!" The two boys caught a glimpse of Flynn's face as the Old Drunk Cupid flew past him, still hanging off the coat hook. It was completely deadpan and not amused at all, making the two boys laughing hysterically.

"Though my face leaves people screaming," Nose guy hugged a random guy at the bar, making him spurt his drink out in shock.

"There's a child behind it, dreaming!

Like everybody else, I've got a dream!"

The Nose guy hugged Rapunzel and the random guy.

"Thor would like to quit and be a florist," Some guy sang about a guy in the corner making floral arrangements out of weeds, rats, and skulls.

"Gunter does interior design!" Another indicated a tall skinny guy by the wall with a carved bear chair and a painting of a puppy.

"Ulf is into mime!" Flynn gave the man with make-up a death glare.

"Attila's cupcakes are sublime!" A man with a heavy helmet offered the three a pan of white-frosted cupcakes with little cherries on them. The three looked startled but interested.

"Bruiser knits!

Killer sews!

Fang does little puppet shows!"

Bald hook Guy stood in front of the thug with the overly large helmet. The three had to lift their heads in order to see his expression.

"And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns!"

In the gargantuan man's fingers he held two of the little horned horses, tinging them together in tune with the song, which made him smile. Then the music went into instrumental at this moment. Then Rapunzel nudged Hiccup's shoulder.

"You should sing!" She gushed.

"What?!" Hiccup yelped.

"Come on!" Rapunzel begged.

"I'm not a great singer." Hiccup protested with his hands out.

"Come on, just give it a try." Rapunzel begged once more with a puppy teary eye look.

Somehow she reminded him of Toothless. The dragon would sometimes use that look whenever he begged Hiccup to go riding with him in the early mornings.

"Worth a shot." Carlos added.

Hiccup gave a deadpan expression towards the two and closed his eyes and let out a sigh of defeat. Then put his shield on his back.

"Fine." Hiccup agreed.

Suddenly the music picked up again and Rapunzel dragged him over to a nearby table. Two thugs helped him up. He was incredibly nervous in front of the crowd. He had never sang before and was sure that he wouldn't be a good one. He looked over at Rapunzel and Carlos who gave him smiles of encouragement while Carlos gave him two thumbs up. He took a deep breath, let it out, and began to sing.

"I live on an island of misery

Where I'm tall and a little bit lanky

Built like that guy on the railing!" He pointed at the skinny drunk guy on the railing.

"My muscles always fail me

Not to mention that I'm very brainy

But I am what I am

And no matter what they tell me,

I'm not my dad or a killer nor a sailor,

But I've got dreams

And I won't be denied-"

The Carlos joined Hiccup on the table and they sang together.

"So I decided to go on a journey

To see incredible discoveries

Cause deep down inside I've got a dream!"

The crowd of thugs cheered for the two which made the two smiled with their arms spread out. Then they jumped off the table and Rapunzel came over and hugged the two. The three shared a small laugh before they separated.

"What about you?" The bald hook thug asked. The thugs, satisfied with Hiccup and Carlos's performance, had moved onto their next person who wasn't singing.

Flynn stared down at them from his place on the coat rack, not impressed in the slightest. "I'm sorry- me?"

"What's your dream?" The Nose guy lowered Flynn back to the ground.

The thief held up his hands and crossed his arms. "No, no, sorry fellas." He shook his head and gave the grouping of menacing singers a grin. "I don't sing."

Several dozen swords were shoved into his face. The two weren't surprised that he had to reconsider. Several moments later, Flynn was up and dancing on the bar counter top, singing nervously.

"I've got dreams like you, no really!

Just much less . . . touchy-feely!

They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny!" He sided up to Vladimir with his ceramic unicorns and plucked one of the giant's fingers.

"On an island that I own," He set the unicorn down onto a bit of dried and crusty ale in the center of a large brown cooking pot, making it look like a unicorn on an island.

"Tanned and rested and alone!"

Flynn was pulled by his feet off the counter, held aloft by several of the thugs and ruffians.

"Surrounded by ENORMOUS piles of money!"

Hiccup and Carlos helped Rapunzel onto the tabletop where the two boys sang earlier.

"I've got a dream!" She waved eagerly.

"She's got a dream!" The thugs sang.

"I've got a dream!" Rapunzel sang,

"She's got a dream!" The thugs sang again.

"I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam!" Rapunzel sang,

And with every passing hour,

I'm so glad I left my tower!

Like all you lovely folks I've got a dream!"

The thugs cheered as they raised their mugs and began to sing again.

"She's got a dream

He's got a dream

They've got a dream

We've got a dream

So our differences ain't really that extreme

We're one big team!"

Another thug grabbed Flynn and made him stand on the floor and Vladimir stomp on a plank which sent him flying and landing on the helmet on a hand stand on the guy's horns and Vladimir pushed him off and another thug caught him and put him on a barrel. Flynn was sent rolling on top of the barrel as he went through the thugs juggling torches and breathing fire.

"Call us brutal



And grotesquely optimistic

'Cause way down deep inside, we've got a dream!"

Then the thugs were swinging from candle chandeliers, men being tossed through windows and all around acting like complete and total idiots. The three couldn't help but smile and laugh at all of this.

"I've got a dream

I've got a dream

I've got a dream

I've got a dream

I've got a dream

I've got a dream!"

Then the bald thug and the nose thug danced with Rapunzel onto the table in the middle of the room as Hiccup and Carlos joined her. The three spread their arms out with glee as they sang the last verse with the thugs raising their mugs.

"Yes, way down deep inside, I've got a dream!"

"Yeah!" Everyone cheered as Rapunzel caught the creepy old drunk guy as he fell. They all laughed at this until Greto had to come back, slamming the door open with an over-excited expression of greed in his eyes.

"I found the guards!" He shouted into the stilled mess of dancing ruffians and the three teenagers. At that moment, Flynn were grabbed Rapunzel's hand as she grabbed Hiccup's and he grabbed Carlos and led them over the bar counter to duck and hide behind it as the Corona guardsmen came storming into the pub.

Go out and chase your dreams no matter how crazy it looks.

- Shanice Williams

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