Hiccup's Journey @fantasywriter345
A Tower in the Woods

Chapter 11: A Tower in the Woods


'Dragons' - Dragonese

It's been three days since the dragon riders have left the kingdom of Avalor. They were now flying over the forest area of Corona, however, they haven't spotted the castle yet.

"So how far are we from Corona's castle?" Carlos asked.

"A few hours." Hiccup guessed.

They haven't spotted Cielo's mother yet. The boys knew how much Cielo wanted to find his mother. The thought of his mother being hurt or worse made them worry even more than usual. Suddenly they heard a manly scream and a horse neighing in panic nearby. The two humans looked at each other with confusion.

"Did you hear something?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah." Hiccup replied.

"I wonder what that was." Carlos pondered.

"Beats me," Hiccup shrugged, "Let's land for now."

They flew low to the ground and landed safely. The two dismounted their dragons and decided to walk on foot. As they walked, they noticed the huge scenary of green there was.

"I have to admit that this forest seems beautiful." Carlos commented, looking all around.

"Yeah, peaceful as well." Hiccup added.

Suddenly they heard rustling nearby. The dragon went into attacking stance, ready to protect their riders. Then a creature popped out of the bushes. What surprised them that the creature was a human to be exact. It was a man in average height and build with fair skin, short dark brown hair, a scruffy goatee, and light brown eyes. He wore a turquoise vest with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, coupled with dark cream pants and brown bucket-top boots. He also wore a belt with a similar color scheme around his waist that was connected to a miniature satchel. The guy froze when he saw Toothless and Cielo in front of him along with Sharpshot on Hiccup's shoulder. The boys were somehow used to see this kind of reaction towards someone seeing dragons.

"Who are you?" Hiccup asked.

"Oh," The man said before he brushed himself off of all the leaves that stuck to him and stood straight with a cocky grin, "The name's Flynn Rider."

"Flynn?" Hiccup asked.

"Rider?" Carlos asked.

"That's me." Flynn smugly, pointing at himself with his thumb, "You've probably heard of me."

"No/No." The boy and dragons said in unison.

"What?" Flynn stared at the group with wide eyes, "Corona's famously handsome thief?"

"Nope." Hiccup replied.

"The most cunning thief of all time?"

"Nope." Carlos answered.

"Master of disguises?"


"Lady-killer extraordinaire?"


"So you've never heard of me?"

"Never." Hiccup and Carlos answered in unison with crossed arms in front of their chests.

Flynn sighed heavily at this. He never expected these youngsters to not hear of him. It came to him that they might be travelers from some faraway place. Suddenly he heard noises of a horse nearby. He cursed to himself as he held his satchel close to him.

"Are you in a hurry to get somewhere?" Hiccup remarked dryly.

"Kinda." Flynn grinned.

Then a white horse leaped out of the bushes and whinnied like it was a beast roaring which shocked the group for a second until they realized that the horse was staring Flynn for some kind of reason. The dragons made a face like they were raisin an eyebrow.

"Really? You're running from this?" The dragons said in unison.

"You're scared of a horse?" Hiccup asked with a deadpanned expression along with Carlos, Cielo, Sharpshot, and Toothless.

"Shut up." Flynn told them.

The horse came at him and Flynn yelped, running in the other direction which sent him bowling into the boys, knocking them both over. The boys pushed him off them and quickly stood back up. Flynn grabbed the boys by their arms.

"Don't just stand there like statues! Run!" He dragged the boys behind him and ignored their disgruntled yelling, only focusing on trying to get away from the homicidal horse. Flynn ran through the trees while dragging the two reluctant boys with the three dragons following them. Flynn took a sharp right and dragged the two boys behind a rock with him, covering their mouths when they were about to shout.

"Be quiet!" Flynn hissed and the two stayed silent beside him.

For several long and tense moments, the three listened to the horse on the other side of the boulder. Flynn relaxed when he heard the sound of hooves stomping off in the other direction. He sighed in relief and let the boys go. They shoved off Flynn's hands and stumbled away, brushing at the front of themselves.

"What was that for?!" Hiccup snapped angrily.

"Sorry." Flynn sarcastically as he rolled his eyes, pulling the satchel's strap over his head so it went across his body and fixed his hair.

"So what's next?" Carlos asked.

Then they heard hoof beats coming back towards them. The group looked frantically on where to hide.

"Guys, over here!" Sharpshot called out.

Hiccup looked over to where Sharpshot was and saw a rock wall with leaves and vines dangled over it. Just when he was about to point that out, the Terrible Terror went behind the wall of leaves and vines. The three humans and two dragons glanced at each other and followed after the little dragon. The entrance looked like a cave of some sort. They noticed a light up ahead and went towards it. What they saw at the end of it was unbelievable. It was a clearing with a rushing waterfall and trees around the area, but it in the middle of the clearing stood a tall, almost regal looking tower which reached from high into the sky, backlit by the morning sunlight and the waterfall. The tower had to be seventy feet high at least. It was built out of stone and brick, but the top most part was built out of wood. It had a small window with closed shutters and potted plants facing them.

"Well," Flynn remarked with his arms crossed in front of his chest as they gazed at the tower. "That's something you don't see every day."

"Ya' think?" Hiccup and Carlos asked in unison.

Then they heard the whining of a horse nearby. Having no other choice, the three decided to hide in the tower for the time being. The two riders signaled their dragons to hide nearby and out of sight. But Sharpshot stayed with Hiccup in case they needed a little bit of help. Flynn took out two arrows that the guards shot at him and used them as portable hand holds to climb up with Hiccup and Carlos behind him and Sharpshot hovering next to them. Within moments all four of them were inside. But they noticed something strange about the place.

"There's no one here." Carlos stated as Hiccup walked over to the paintings that were all over the walls. He had to admit that the person was very talented.

"Strange, it looks like someone lives here-" Hiccup began to say.


The boys quickly turned around and saw Flynn on the ground, unconscious. But they saw no one. Then they heard a yelp behind Hiccup and saw Sharpshot clamping his teeth on the edge of a frying pan which belonged to a blonde haired girl who was struggling against the little dragon who was trying to pull the pan from her hands. The girl looked to be around their age and had green eyes with long blonde hair, very long blonde hair.

"Let go!" The girl yelled, doing tug-a-war with the dragon.

"Who are you?" Hiccup asked.

"I should be asking you that." The girl replied, struggling as Sharpshot held his grip on the frying pan.

"My name's Hiccup and this is Carlos." Hiccup introduced, "The one holding onto the frying pan is Sharpshot."

The girl still looked to be wary of them.

"Relax, we're not here to hurt you. We're just here to hide." Carlos assured the girl with his palms out in front of him.

"Why should I believe you?" The girl questioned.

"We're travelers. We were just taking a break and decided to take a stroll when this guy," Hiccup explained and pointed at the unconscious Flynn, "came out of nowhere and dragged us along because he was being chased."

"Are you…telling the truth?" The girl asked, unsure.

"Yes." The boys said in unison.

The girl raised her eyebrow as their answer. Suddenly a chameleon appeared on her shoulder. The little creature squint its eyes at the two boys with suspicion. This made the boys feel uncomfortable at its stare. A growl broke the silence between the boys and the chameleon. The growl belonged to Sharpshot, who was still holding onto the frying pan with his teeth.

"Sharpshot, let go of the frying pan." Hiccup ordered. Sharpshot blinked and glanced at Hiccup, "It's okay."

Sharpshot looked at Hiccup and then at Rapunzel. He slowly let go of the frying pan and flew over to Hiccup and landed on his right shoulder.

"Are you sure, Hiccup? How do you know that she won't try and hit you two again?" Sharpshot asked.

"I'm sure." Hiccup confirmed.

"So what is that?" The girl pointed at Sharpshot.

"Sharpshot is actually a dragon." Hiccup replied.

"Wow." The girl was amazed at Sharpshot.

"But who are you?" Carlos asked.

"Oh, I'm Rapunzel." 'Rapunzel' introduced and then gesture the chameleon on her shoulder, "and this is Pascal."

"It's a pleasure to meet you two." Carlos greeted as Rapunzel and Pascal waved to them.

"So do you really live here?" Hiccup asked.

"Y-Yeah." Rapunzel answered.

"For how long?" Carlos asked.

"18 years." Rapunzel replied sheepishly.

The two boys and dragons' eyes widened at the answer. They couldn't believe that this girl had been living in this tower for 18 years! For Hiccup, it made sense because of all of the paintings everywhere. They represented of what she wanted to see and experience. She probably had never set a foot outside before.

"Wait, what are we going to do about him?" Sharpshot asked. Hiccup and the others stared at the unconscious thief in the middle of the room.

"We could put him in my wardrobe, for now." Rapunzel suggested.

The boys glanced at each other and looked back at Rapunzel.

"Works for us." The boys said and shrugged in unison.

They first tried dragging him into the wardrobe and struggling pushing him in. That worked, for two seconds, and then he fell out and landed on top of them. Rapunzel tried to swing him in, but her hair got stuck in the doors. She whacked her head against the door and the three sighed with frustration. This was going to be harder than it looked. Finally though, with her hair and a broom, she managed to get him inside the wardrobe and the two boys slammed the door shut. Then they noticed four of Flynn's fingers sticking out. Rapunzel simply pushed them back in. Then she quickly put a chair against the doors. The three let out sighs of relief.

"Okay," Rapunzel said, breathing heavily and pointing her frying pan at doors. "I've got person in my closet. I've got a person. . . in my closet." She turned over her shoulder and looked at herself in the mirror. "I've got a person in my closet!" She laughed.

The two boys glanced at each other before Rapunzel finally noticed them in the mirror.

"I mean we got a person in my closet." Rapunzel corrected.

"Yeah, but you performed most of the work." Hiccup started.

"So we'll let you take the credit." Carlos finished. Rapunzel beamed at that.

"Don't think I can handle myself, huh mother?" Rapunzel chuckled to herself. She spun her pan around her fingers. "Well, heh, tell that to my frying pa- Ow!" She hit herself in the forehead by accident. She held the spot and glared at her pan, until something behind her caught her eye. The boys caught her line of sight and spotted the satchel that Flynn had with him and spotted something shiny in it. Hiccup walked over to it and bent down to pick up. Once he stood up, Carlos and Rapunzel went over to him and the three looked into the satchel. Rapunzel put her hand into it and picked up the shiny thing and held it up to look at it. It was small and round, with one side that was all pointy and covered in tiny little stones. Three were bigger than the others, clear and shimmering. Rapunzel held the clear stones up to her eyes, looking through it at Pascal on the floor who looked thoughtful before shaking his head.

"I don't think that's what it's for, Rapunzel." Hiccup commented.

Rapunzel stuck her hand through the hoop and let go, leaving it hanging off her arm.

"Not that either, Rapunzel." Carlos commented.

Rapunzel took it off and looked at it again. The hoop was about the size of her head. Carlos held his hand out to her.

"May I?" Carlos asked.

Rapunzel looked at the object and at Carlos's hand. Then she gave it to him. He gazed it as well. He turned the object around with the stones in front of him and went over to Rapunzel and lightly placed the object on her head. The boys' eyes widened at the object and realized that it was a tiara! Did that mean that Flynn stole from the royal family?! That's why he was being chased?

"Rapunzel, could you turn around and look at the mirror?" Hiccup suggested.

Rapunzel arched her eyebrow and turned around to look into the mirror. She stared at herself, hesitantly lowering her hands. For some strange reason, she felt like she had seen this object before, but where?


Rapunzel pulled the hoop off her head, grabbed the bag from Hiccup, and threw the two objects into a nearby pot. She ran quickly to the window and turned to the boys.

"Hide upstairs!" Rapunzel whispered while pointing at the stairs and the two boys and the little dragon ran up the stairs and went to hide in Rapunzel's room. Rapunzel pushed the doors open again. Down below stood mother with a large smile on her face as she waited to come up.

"Coming mother!" Rapunzel called, throwing her hair over the hook then letting the rest of it fly out the window, fall all the way to the ground. Mother grabbed her hair and so did Rapunzel, pulling her up just like she did every day.

"I've got a surprise for you!" Mother called lovingly.

Rapunzel giggled nervously, "Uh, I do too!"

"OOh, I bet my surprise is bigger!" Mother teased as Rapunzel pulled her up.

"I seriously doubt it!" Rapunzel mumbled, nervously as she glanced at the wardrobe.

She finally got mother to the top of the tower, where she perched on the windowsill and held up her basket with a wide smile. "I brought back parsnips! I'm making hazelnut soup for dinner, your favorite! Surprise!"

"Well, Mother," Rapunzel pulled her hair off the window and smiled. "There's something I wanna tell you, an-"

"Oh Rapunzel," Mother sighed, hanging her cloak on the coat rack by the window. "You know how I hate leaving you after a fight especially when I've done absolutely nothing wrong."

"Okay, but, I've been thinking a lot about what you said earlier, and-"

"I hope you're not still talking about the stars," Mother said with a tone of warning in her voice, crossing the room to unpack her basket with the things she needed to make dinner.

"Floating lights," Rapunzel corrected. "And yes, I'm leading up to that," She walked proudly toward the wardrobe, ready to show mother the man she was able to take down by herself except Hiccup and Carlos who showed her no harm towards her. Maybe afterwards she can introduce Hiccup, Carlos, and Sharpshot to her mom and show her that there are good people in the outside world.

"Because I really thought we'd dropped the issue, sweetheart." Mother continued with her back to Rapunzel and the wardrobe.

"No, mother," Rapunzel pleaded, getting closer to the wardrobe, "I'm just saying, you think I'm not strong enough to handle myself out there, but-"

"Oh, darling," Mother chuckled, looking at her over her shoulder. "I know you're not strong enough to handle yourself out there."

"But if you just-"

"Rapunzel," Mother warned. "We're done talking about this."

"Trust me-"


"I know what I'm-"


"Oh come on, I-"

"Enough with the lights, Rapunzel!" Mother shouted suddenly. "You are not leaving this tower! Ever!"

Rapunzel froze, taken completely aback by her mother's raised voice. Slowly, Rapunzel pulled her hand away from the chair that was holding her wardrobe shut. Mother groaned, falling delicately into a nearby chair.

"Great," She propped her head up on her hand, sighing. "Now I'm bad guy . . . "

The boys and dragon glanced at each other. They never expected Rapunzel's mother to be so strict on not letting Rapunzel go outside of the tower. They couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl. She desperately wanted to go outside and her mother had just forbid her for even asking to go out. It almost seemed like she didn't want anyone to find Rapunzel, but why?

Rapunzel looked down at the ground with guilt. She never wanted to upset her mother. She just wanted to see the floating lights. It was her absolute dream to go and see them. Her green eyes drifted to the wardrobe with the unconscious man inside, then to the painting above the fireplace. The painting had a girl with the long, magical blonde hair who was sitting on a tree watching the floating lights as they danced across the night sky. Then Rapunzel had gotten herself an idea. A terrible, maybe horrible idea that would not only get her into serious trouble, but it went against everything mother had taught her.

"All I was going to say, mother, is that . . . " She stepped in front of the wardrobe, pulling her hair along with her so that mother wouldn't see the chair that was propped against the wardrobe, "I know what I want for my birthday, now."

Mother sighed. "And what is that?" She asked, not looking up at her.

Rapunzel held her arms across herself.

"New paint?" She offered. "Made from the white shells you once brought me?"

"Well that is a very long trip, Rapunzel," Mother lowered her hand and finally looked at her again. "Almost three days time."

"I just . . . thought it was a better idea than," Rapunzel glanced at the painting again. " . . . than the . . . stars."

Mother looked down thoughtfully, then sighed. She smiled softly, and stood up. She walked toward Rapunzel and held in her arms.

"You're sure you'll be all right on your own?" She asked gently.

"I know I'm safe as long as I'm here." Rapunzel replied, smiling when mother kissed the top of her head.

They pulled away in a few moments, mother went to get her cloak again and Rapunzel reaching to pack her basket with enough supplies for her mother's long journey. She gave mother her basket, and after a soft fair well, Rapunzel gently lowered mother to the ground with her hair again.

"I'll be back in three days' time," Mother assured her. "I love you very much dear."

"I love you more." Rapunzel smiled, waving goodbye.

"I love you most." Her mother waved back and turned towards the cave.

Rapunzel stood at the window, watching her mother disappear through the cave. She stayed still, counting to ten in her head, making double-sure that mother wasn't going to come back in case she forgot anything. Once Rapunzel was positively sure that mother was completely gone, she ran from the window and scrambled to grab her frying pan again, ready to put her plan into motion. Then she remembered the boys and the dragon.

"You can come out now." Rapunzel said.

Hiccup, Carlos, along with Sharpshot, quickly ran out of Rapunzel's room and down the stairs and went up to Rapunzel.

"So what's your plan?" Hiccup asked.

"I'm going to force that guy to take me to see the floating lights." Rapunzel stated.

"How are you going to do that?" Carlos asked, left brow arched.

"Don't worry, I have an idea." Rapunzel said.

"If you're sure, Rapunzel." Hiccup confirmed.

The three went over to the wardrobe. Rapunzel grabbed the chair and slid it away from the doors. Hiccup and Carlos grabbed the handles of the door, waiting for Rapunzel to give the signal to open the wardrobe. She took a deep breath and nodded to the boys. They pulled opened the doors and looked to see Flynn stand before falling face first to the floor in a hunched form. Rapunzel gasped when he hit the floor. Suddenly the upper part of his body slid forward, which straightened his body that laid out on the floor. She carefully walked over to the unconscious man and gazed at him with suspicion.

"Now what?" Carlos asked.

A few minutes later, the three were able to tie Flynn to the chair with Rapunzel's hair. The three pulled the knocked out Flynn towards the center of the room with the sun light beaming on it which made the rest of the room appear dark.

"Okay, Pascal. Try to wake him up." Rapunzel said.

"You too, Sharpshot." Hiccup said.

The two small reptiles quickly crawled over to Flynn and climbed onto his shoulders. Pascal slapped him and instantly camouflaged into Flynn's vest, thinking that would wake Flynn up. However it didn't. Sharpshot swatted his tail and Pascal tried poking him with his tail. He remained asleep. Then the two put their tongues in his ears which startled him, causing the two reptiles to fall off his shoulders in fright. Then he tried to get up, only to find out that he was restrained to the chair.

"Comfortable, Flynn?" Hiccup asked, arms crossed in front of his chest.

Flynn glared at Hiccup and Carlos.

"Are you two behind this?" Flynn asked.

"Well there is another person who helped, so yeah." Carlos replied.

"If this is about being chased, then I'm sorry because I had no other choice in the matter." Flynn stated, "Besides I didn't want to go down solo."

"Is that the best you can come up with?" Hiccup asked, brow arched.

Flynn glared at the two boys and then tried to get out of the chair, but no luck. He soon noticed that it wasn't rope that tied him to the chair.

"Is this…hair?" Flynn asked, following the line of hair.

"Struggling…struggling is pointless!" Rapunzel warned from the rafters.

"Huh?" Flynn asked, unable to see who was talking to them. He soon heard feet jumping off the rafters and onto the ground.

"I know why you're here and I'm not afraid you." Rapunzel stated.

"What?" Flynn asked, confused, squinting.

Then Rapunzel came forward from the shadows with her frying pan in hand and made an intimating stare towards Flynn.

"Who are you and how did you find me?" Rapunzel questioned as she started to raise her frying pan, ready for an attack.

"Uh ha." Flynn replied, shocked at the sight of Rapunzel.

"Who are you and how did you find me?" Rapunzel repeated, a little bit harsher with her frying pan raised. Flynn cleared his throat.

"I know not who you are nor how I came to find you. But may I just say," Flynn looked down and then back up with his cocky grin while wiggling his eye brow, "Hi."

The three arched their eyebrows at this.

"How ya' doing? The name's Flynn Rider." Flynn introduced, still grinning, "How's your day going, huh?"

"Is he trying to flirt his way out of this?" Carlos asked.

"Definitely." Hiccup answered.

"I think the last part about being a lady-killer extraordinaire was made up by him." Sharpshot commented.

"Agreed." Hiccup added.

Rapunzel frowned, looking side to side with her eyes, and shook her head while she pointed her frying pan at Flynn, which made Flynn lean back.

"Who else knows my location, Flynn Rider?" Rapunzel questioned.

"Alight Blondie-" Flynn began to say.

"Rapunzel." Rapunzel corrected her name.

"Gesundheit." Flynn said and pointed his thumbs at himself, "Here's the deal: I was in a situation, gallivanting through the forest, I came across your tower and-" Flynn's brown eyes widened and he looked down at himself before looking around wildly, "Oh, oh no! Where- where is my satchel?!" He demanded.

"I've hidden it. Somewhere you'll never find it." She confirmed proudly with her frying pan tucked under her arms which were crossed in front of her chest.

"It's in that pot, isn't it?" He asked, pointing to the pot that was off to the side.


"Okay, where should we put it?" Hiccup asked, picking up the satchel from the pot.

"Oh, I know where." Rapunzel said.

After putting the satchel in a hiding spot, the two reptiles woke up Flynn with the same method from before: putting their tongues in his ears. Flynn fluttered his eyes open when he noticed Sharpshot and Pascal with their tongues in his ears.

"Would you stop that?!" Flynn demanded, trying to rub away the feeling of the two reptiles' spit off by rubbing his head on his left shoulder.

"Now it's hidden it, where you'll never find it." Rapunzel remarked firmly with her arms crossed and walked towards Flynn as she flipped her hair back.

"So…" Rapunzel said as she began to walk around Flynn, "What do you want with my hair? To cut it?"

"What?!" Flynn asked, shocked, as Rapunzel continued to walk around him.

"Sell it?" Rapunzel questioned, pointing the frying pan towards his face as leaned back away from it.

"Noooo! Listen, the only thing I want to do with your hair is to get out of it! Li-terally!" Flynn exclaimed while trying to get out of the hair restraints.

"You-wait, you don't want my hair?" Rapunzel asked as she stood beside Flynn.

"Why on Earth would I want your hair?!" Flynn stated with irritation, "Look I was being chased, I saw a tower, I climbed it, end of story."

"You're…telling the truth?" Rapunzel asked, pointing the frying pan at him.

"Yes!" Flynn answered.

Rapunzel arched her eyebrow as Pascal ran along her arm and sat on the edge of the frying pan, staring at Flynn with suspicion, which made Flynn leaned back. Then Pascal pointed his tail in the other direction, meaning that the three of them should decide on what to do. Rapunzel stepped back as Pascal continued to squint his eyes at Flynn.

"He's telling the truth." Hiccup whispered.

"I agree." Rapunzel added, whispering.

"Are you sure we can trust him? Maybe we can do it on our own." Carlos asked, whispering.

"Carlos, he lives in this kingdom, which means that he knows how to get around." Hiccup reasoned, "We don't know the area and he's the only person we met so far who's from here."

"What other choice do we have? We need someone to take us." Rapunzel stated.

Carlos looked between the two. He knew the two were right. The two boys were new to the area and Rapunzel had never set foot outside. But the guy was a thief and was capable of tricking them. However, there was a way to prevent him from doing that. Carlos sighed and opened his eyes.

"Fine," Carlos grunted, "But if he tries anything funny, I'm letting Cielo eat him for lunch."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure Toothless will get a piece of him as well." Hiccup added.

"Deal." Carlos agreed.

The two boys nodded and looked towards Rapunzel. She smiled and took a deep breath and then let it out.

"Okay, Flynn Rider," Rapunzel declared loudly, "I am prepared to offer you a deal."

"Deal?" Flynn asked.

"Look this way," Rapunzel ordered, tugged her hair which caused the chair to spin and made Flynn fall forward to the floor as Rapunzel pulled back the curtain that hid her painting of the floating lights in the night sky, "Do you know what these are?"

"You mean the lantern thing they do for the princess?" Flynn grunted.

"'Lantern'? I knew they weren't stars," Rapunzel realized and then she pointed her frying pan at the painting, "Well, tomorrow evening, they will light the night sky with these lanterns," Then she pointed the frying pan at Flynn, "You will act as our guide, take us to these lanterns and return me home safely. Then and only then will I return your precious satchel to you. That is my deal."

"Sounds like a fair deal, right?" Hiccup asked.

"Yeah," Flynn grunted as he tried to push himself off the ground only for the chair to fall on its left side, "No can do. Unfortunately, the kingdom and I are not exactly sympotical (quoting with his fingers) at the moment so I won't be taking you anywhere."

Rapunzel turned to Pascal on her shoulder who punched his fist into his palm which probably meant do a more aggressive approach.

A few seconds later, a tied up Flynn Rider was thrown out the window.

"WAAAAHHHH!" Flynn screamed as he went down. He closed his eyes tightly and waited for the impact to come. But at the last second, the fall was stopped. He opened one of his eyes and saw himself inches from hitting the ground. He let out a sigh of relief. For a second he thought he really was going to die. Then he felt the hair pull him back up.

"Do you think that work?" Carlos asked, helping Rapunzel pull the tied up thief back to the top.

"It might have." Hiccup stated, helping as well.

"Might have?" Rapunzel asked.

"Some people usually confess or agree to something if they nearly have a near life death experience." Hiccup replied.

A few moments later, Flynn was back in the tower and the chair fell backwards on the floor with his feet dangled.

"Okay, I am so not taking you anywhere." Flynn declared.

"Nope, didn't work." Hiccup commented.

The two boys looked towards Rapunzel and punched their fists into their palms which told Rapunzel to try another aggressive approach. Rapunzel nodded and frowned as she grabbed her hair once more, pulling Flynn up.

"Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will, fate, destiny." Rapunzel listed off as she walked closer and closer to Flynn.

"A horse?" Flynn deadpanned.

"So I have made the decision to trust you." Rapunzel declared.

"A horrible decision really." Flynn stated bluntly.

"But trust me when I tell you this," Rapunzel pulled the chair towards her and held the back frame of the chair, making Flynn fall against the hair restraint as Rapunzel glared at him up close, "You can tear this tower apart brick by brick. But without my help, you will never find your precious satchel."

Flynn cleared his throat, "Okay, let me get this straight. I take you all to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and I get my satchel back?"

"I promise." Rapunzel confirmed. "And when I promise something, I never, ever, break that promise." Flynn stared at her with one eyebrow raised, "Ever."

"Alright listen, I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice." Flynn paused. "Here comes the smolder."

He lowered his head then raised it as he pursed his lips and lowered his eyelids, gazing up at her through his eyelashes. It wasn't working for Rapunzel as she narrowed her eyes at him along with Pascal.

"Really/Really?" Hiccup, Carlos, and Sharpshot deadpanned in unison.

"This is kind of an off day for me, this doesn't normally happen." Flynn stated before he finally gave in, "Fine! I take you all to see the lanterns."

"Really?!" Rapunzel squealed in happiness, letting go of the chair which made Flynn fall face first to the floor. The three winced at Flynn hitting the floor, "Oops."

"You broke my smolder." Flynn muffled by the floor.

If you are serious about your destiny and arriving at success then you must stick to your plan and follow the road map. It's not good enough to have the plan in your head! The plan must be written down.

- Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. Leaving 1814 0 0 2. The Fall of Red Death 2663 0 0 3. Unexpected Reunion 2597 0 0 4. Destination Decided 604 0 0 5. Slight Detour 1931 0 0 6. Zuzo the Chanul 2054 0 0 7. Free The Princess! 1175 0 0 8. Shuriki's Reign Ends 3992 0 0 9. Noblins 4964 0 0 10. Departure 552 0 0 11. A Tower in the Woods 5295 0 0 12. When My Life Begins 2781 0 0 13. I've Got A Dream 3370 0 0 14. Confessions 2991 0 0 15. Bring Back What Once Was Mine 4076 0 0 16. Thoughts, Deals, and Rude Awakenings 2539 0 0 17. The Lantern Festival 1666 0 0 18. Saving Eugene 2824 0 0 19. The Lost Princess Returns 1084 0 0 20. Onward 799 0 0 21. DunBroch 2264 0 0 22. The Bear King 2132 0 0 23. Search and Explore 2302 0 0 24. Dragon Training 2628 0 0 25. Two Dreamers 1258 0 0 26. Ruber The Evil Knight 1400 0 0 27. The Forbidden Forest 2864 0 0 28. Dragon Country 2890 0 0 29. Worthy 3532 0 0 30. Looking Through Your Eyes 1166 0 0 31. Don't Wake The Ogre 1887 0 0 32. Failed 1884 0 0 33. Ruber Attacks 2447 0 0 34. Knighted 925 0 0 35. Queen Elsa of Arendelle 2836 0 0 36. The Ice Seller and The Talking Snowman 2059 0 0 37. The Ice Palace 3061 0 0 38. Trolls 1725 0 0 39. Love Will Thaw 2915 0 0 40. Clearing Doubts 2177 0 0 41. Charades Night 1117 0 0 42. The Enchanted Forest 2001 0 0 43. The Northuldra Tribe 3385 0 0 44. Water Has Memory 3001 0 0 45. The Next Right Thing 3896 0 0 46. The City of Rome 1751 0 0 47. A Light Fury 1434 0 0 48. Terror Mail 809 0 0 49. When In Rome 791 0 0 50. Thief vs Prince 3170 0 0 51. Stolen 1998 0 0 52. Stowaways 1181 0 0 53. Through The Dragon's Teeth 2969 0 0 54. Which One Is Right? 2342 0 0 55. An Icy Rescue 3081 0 0 56. The Edge of the World 1707 0 0 57. Sinbad's Choice 1532 0 0 58. Onto the Horizon 975 0 0 59. The Slave Ship 2520 0 0 60. The Land of Egypt 837 0 0 61. Take Back The Throne 2987 0 0 62. The Library of Alexandria 601 0 0 63. Agrabah 880 0 0 64. The Escaped Princess 1028 0 0