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Unknown Feelings

Chapter 5: Unknown Feelings

Kagome and Bankotsu were fighting against a nest of snake yōkai that was threatening the villagers. The two thought a jewel shard might be involved. Just when they found the nest, Kagome had sensed a jewel shard. So right now they were fighting the last snake yōkai in the nest. However he was a little bit hard to get rid of.

Kagome aimed her arrow at the ugly snake yōkai in front of her and then released it. However it missed. The yōkai charged at her and Kagome luckily jumped out of the way. It went at her again and she placed a barrier in front of her. When the yōkai bounced back from the barrier, Bankotsu used that moment to slice it into pieces. Kagome walked over to the body and purified the pieces which turned into ashes. She picked up a jewel shard from the ashes and soon it was purified.

"Got another one." Kagome said.

"Yup." Bankotsu said as he sheathed his sword.

They had found at least four jewel shards since they started journeying together. Kagome had to admit that Bankotsu was quite patient with her as she was with him.

After informing the village leader that the snake yōkai nest was officially destroyed, the villagers decided to throw them a small feast. The two warriors definitely liked getting their rewards whenever a yōkai pops up near a villager and helping the villagers afterwards. During that time, Kagome started to feel something towards Bankotsu. But she wasn't sure that she should pursue it. After all, her last crush tried to kill her for the jewel shards. However, she could tell that Bankotsu wouldn't kill her for anything.

"This food is great!"

Bankotsu's excited voice broke Kagome out her thoughts and she turned to him. She was definitely enjoying the meal that the villagers had made for the two of them.

"Don't ya' think?" Bankotsu asked.

"It's definitely good." Kagome agreed.

Later, Kagome and Bankotsu were laying down in their beds in the room that was offered to them. Kagome kept thinking about what lead her to stay with Bankotsu. It was true in many ways that he wasn't Inuyasha at all. She sighed at the thought and got up from her bed and went outside. She looked up at the crescent moon that was up in the sky. The moonlight brighten the entire yard in front of her. She stepped off the porch and put on her sandals. She walked over to the nearby pond and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She began to wonder how her friends except Inuyasha were doing. She knew that Shippo was missing her the most since she's like a mother figure to him. Sango as well who she considered as a sister. She missed the talks she would have with her whenever they were in a hot spring together.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?"

Kagome turned around at the voice and saw Bankotsu standing not too far from her.

"Sorry, I couldn't sleep." Kagome admitted.

"Something on your mind?" Bankotsu asked, coming to her side. Kagome rubbed her arms and sighed.

"I was just thinking about my friends," Kagome said, "Except Inuyasha."

"I'm sure that they miss you." Bankotsu stated.

"Yeah, I miss them just as much." Kagome said, "What if we run into them and Inuyasha tries to kill me again?"

"Didn't I tell you before?" Bankotsu asked. Kagome turned to Bankotsu, "I told you that I would protect you."

Kagome softly smiled at his words. He was right. He did promise her that he would protect her when they first met.

"Thank you, Bankotsu." Kagome said.

"You're welcome." Bankotsu said with a smile before looking up at the moon. Kagome looked up at the moon as well. Then she felt Bankotsu touch her cheek. She turned to him and saw his cobalt colored eyes glazed over with an emotion that Kagome had long to see in one who held a certain type of feeling towards her. He reached out and placed his hand on her left cheek with his thumb caressing her cheek. Kagome felt her cheeks turn red at Bankotsu's touch. It was consoling as he brushed his thumb back and forth on her cheek. Then he placed his other hand on her right cheek. Then he leaned forward and kissed her lips. Kagome closed her eyes as his lips consumed hers under the night of the crescent moon.

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