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Hot Spring Talk

Chapter 4: Hot Spring Talk

It had been three months since Kagome was gone from the group. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara did not make any effort of trying to get along with Kikyō. Inuyasha kept trying to make them, but they refused. They have just left another village that was rumored that it had a demon problem. But the demon was already destroyed before they got to the village.

"How come we haven't found any jewel shards?" Inuyasha asked with his hands in his sleeves. He was a little bit irritated that they haven't found any jewel shards lately. Ever since Kagome was gone, they have only found one within the last few months.

"I don't know, Inuyasha. But the only thing I do know that there was a rumor of a shard being here." Kikyō said.

"Maybe you're losing your powers, Kikyō." Sango said with her arms crossed.

"No she's not!" Inuyasha said, turning around and narrowing his golden eyes at Sango.

"Then how come she hasn't sensed any shards?" Sango asked, narrowing her brown eyes at Inuyasha. Kirara mewed in agreement. Miroku and Shippo nodded in agreement as well. Inuyasha was at lost for words at that moment. Well, it was mostly true that they haven't found any jewel shards lately. It was quite possible that Kikyō is losing her powers. Although, Kagome does have the other half of her powers.

"If you have anyone to blame, blame Kagome. It's because of her that Kikyō needs more power. Besides Kagome is useless when it comes to her powers." Inuyasha said, huffed.

Kagome and Bankotsu:

"It's been three months, hasn't it?" Kagome asked as she placed her aching feet in the river.

"Really? I didn't really keep track of the time." Bankotsu said, rinsing his hands. They were on their way to the next village that was rumored of having a demon problem. So far, they have collected five jewel shards. Kagome knew that she was ahead of Kikyō and Inuyasha. But she really missed her group except Inuyasha. After all, he had made his choice of who he really wanted to be with.

"How we stop at the next village to restock and relax tomorrow?" Kagome asked, turning towards Bankotsu.

"Sounds like a plan." Bankotsu said, glancing at Kagome while taking his hands out of the water and wiping them on his hakamas as he stood up.

"First, we should get some fish for dinner tonight." Kagome said.

"No problem." Bankotsu said. Kagome took her feets out of the water and dried her feet. She put on her tabi and zori. Then stood up after adjusting them. When she turned around and placed her right foot on a stone, she started to fall forward. She closed her eyes, ready for the impact. But she didn't feel the ground, instead someone's arms wrapped around her. She opened her eyes and saw that Bankotsu was holding her against his chest.

"T-Thank you, Bankotsu." Kagome said as her cheeks started to turn pink. She never seen Bankotsu's face up close. She noticed that his eyes had a beautiful shade of blue. A little bit darker than hers though.

"No problem." Bankotsu said. Then he helped her get her footing right.

"Well, we should...start gathering fish for tonight." Kagome said, tucking her hair back behind her ear.

"Y-Yeah." Bankotsu said, scratching the back of his head while looking the other way. Then Kagome and Bankotsu headed back towards camp. What Kagome didn't know was that Bankotsu started to blush.

I didn't notice that her sapphire eyes were so beautiful. Bankotsu thought. He couldn't understand why that Inuyasha would pick the dead priestess over Kagome. He soon realized that Kagome was indeed a beautiful woman. He knew that she was very kind towards anyone she meets. He saw the way she interacted with the village children and healing the sick and injured. She was powerful as well. He noticed that when he saw the way she defeated the demons they went up against.

Why would Inuyasha abandon Kagome for that dead priestess? Bankotsu thought. It didn't make any sense to him.

Later that night, Bankotsu and Kagome sat across from each other as their fish cooked. It was very silent between the two of them. The only sounds you could hear were the cackling of the flames from the fire and crickets singing along with other forest sounds. It was always like this whenever they camped out in the woods. Even when they were in inns as well. I guess you could say that they couldn't find much to talk about in times like these.

"Bankotsu." Kagome said, breaking the silence.

"Hm?" Bankotsu asked, raising his head up and looking at Kagome.

"Do you miss your brothers?" Kagome asked, glancing at Bankotsu who sighed.

"Hai, almost every day do I think about them." Bankotsu said, looking up at the night sky.

"What about you, Kagome?"

"Huh?" Kagome asked.

"Do you miss your group?" Bankotsu asked.

"Everyone except Inuyasha." Kagome said.

"I see." Bankotsu said, "Fish is done."

Kagome got up and walked over to Bankotsu as he plucked the fish kabob and handed it to Kagome. Then she sat down next to him as he took the other fish kabob. They ate in silence as well.

"So," Bankotsu began to say when Kagome turned towards him, "How many shards have we gathered so far?"

"Five." Kagome said.

"I see." Bankotsu said.

"Well, I'll go take a bath." Kagome said walking over to her bag and gathering her bathing supplies. Then headed towards the hot spring. Bankotsu watched her go.

Kagome submerged herself into the warm water as she began to bath herself. It had been three months since she and Bankotsu have teamed up together to gather the jewel shards. She began to wonder why Bankotsu never stole the jewel shards whenever she was asleep or when he first found her. It was quite a mystery to her. She looked up and stared at the starry sky. She was deep in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Bankotsu stepping into the hot spring as well.


"Hai, they are." Kagome said. Then Kagome stiffened when she heard a voice across from her. Her eyes widened as she took in the person who was sitting in the hot spring with her: Bankotsu.

"B-Bankotsu?! What the heck are you doing here?!" Kagome exclaimed. She didn't expect Bankotsu to be in the spring with her.

"Bathing." Bankotsu said, leaning against his back against the wall of the spring with his arms laying on the edges.

"I-I can see that. But why couldn't you wait until I was done?" Kagome asked, nervously. She had to admit that he had a nice body. Strong abs and arms with a nice shade of skin. Not to mention beautiful cobalt eyes and long silky black hair. The purple four star on his forehead made him more mysterious and a strong warrior.

"I thought that you might need some protection while you bathed. Besides you never know when someone might pounce on you, Kagome." Bankotsu said, smiling.

"Please don't try to scare me, Bankotsu." Kagome said, wrapping her arms around her knees.

"Sorry. But I really mean it." Bankotsu said. Silence came between the two. More awkwardness came between the two. Couldn't take it anymore, Kagome decided to get out.

"Well, I'm done. I'll see you at the camp." Kagome said as she stood up and stepped out of the spring.

"H-Hai." Bankotsu said as he watched her get out and put her clothes back on. To his point of view, Kagome had a beautiful body that any woman would be envy of. But he saw a scar on her left hip. It looked like a bite mark of some sort. He wondered how she got that. He looked back up at the stars. It was true. He really did miss his brothers. It was a mystery to him to why he was the only one who was revived. Protecting Kagome and helping her gather the jewel shards were quite an adventure, yet it was almost a job as well. Somehow, it wasn't that bad of a job. There might be a good outcome at the end of it.

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