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Time Flies By

Chapter 4: Time Flies By

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months since Minato Namikaze had settled in the village of Edo. It seemed unbelievable that he came from another world, but it also seemed like he easily fit in with the rest of the village. To Minato, he felt like he could relax here. There was no war going on, no enemies coming after him, and the place was peaceful. But he and Kagome would spar every other day. There were days when Kagome's friends would stop by every once in a while. One of the allies he was completely surprised to meet was Lord Sesshomaru. He had never met such a powerful demon before. The lord himself was curious about Minato when he first met him. Kagome immediately explained how he arrived here in Edo. Then the two decided to spar which was really thrilling to be most precise. Sesshomaru never expected that Minato was almost at his level of combat which really earned his respect towards the former Yondaime. A few weeks later, Sesshomaru came and told the miko and the shinobi some disturbing news.

"A yōkai group that targets holy people?" Kagome asked the dog demon.

"I'm afraid so." Sesshomaru replied.

"Why are you telling us about this?" Minato questioned.

"Normally, I would partly ignore this. But one of the yōkai lords is involved in this group and few casualties of both sides were involved in a fight that happened a couple of months ago. Possibly the leader was the cause of it." Sesshomaru answered.

"Why would that yōkai do this?" Kagome pondered.

"Revenge or a grudge against the holy people. Maybe those yōkai feel restless without any enemies to go against or a power struggle." Minato suggested.

"True." Kagome agreed.

"Many yōkai have been kept in hiding since the jewel has been destroyed. They're not risking themselves going out and being discovered by powerful monks or mikos." Sesshomaru said.

"Not to mention that the human population has been growing while the yōkai population is partly declining might also be the cause." Kagome supplied.

"If the group is not dealt with soon, there might be a war headed our way. A war that could wipe out both races." Minato added.

"That is what I'm afraid of." Sesshomaru admitted.

"So what can we do, Sesshomaru?" Kagome questioned.

"If you ever come across a yōkai that's attacking a village, capture it and question it. See if he or she knows who the group is." Sesshomaru requested.

"We'll do what we can, Sesshomaru." Minato accepted.

Sesshomaru simply nodded his head and stood up.

"I wish you luck." Sesshomaru headed for the door, "Thank you for the tea."

Then Sesshomaru exited out of the house and flew back to his fortress. Kagome and Minato were pondering over this information Sesshomaru had provided them. For Minato, he was surprised that many yōkais could have a huge grudge against humanity.

"This seems so troublesome." Kagome commented.

"I agree. The odds of a yōkai coming close to the village are very low, but it's possible that they might attack us since you and Kaede live here." Minato stated.

"True," Kagome agreed, "Well, we'll speak about this with Kaede and see what she thinks."

Minato nodded, "However, I feel like something bad is going to happen if we don't resolve this soon."

"I feel the same. Let's just hope that we'll be ready if it does happen." Kagome prayed.

Time may pass, places change but memories.. they are forever. - Wisdom Dictionary

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