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Chapter 1


So here we go this isn't going to be too long maybe 15 chapters max. It's supposed to be fun and cuteish.

I have to thank all the ladies that helped me with it. Sunshine1220, MissLiss15, BitterHarpy, and Meteoronamoonlessnight.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I had writing it. It will post weekly..given life doesn't kick me anymore :)


Chapter 1


The first thing I noticed when I walked into my parents' home was a lack of noise. Setting my stuff on the end table, I walked further in and saw my dad passed out on the couch, my mom in the kitchen pouring her evening wine into a glass.

I leaned against the counter next to her; I wondered how many that was for her. Mom may or may not have a drinking problem, but living with them for the last few years, I could understand it. Dad was an interesting man to live with the older he got.

"Hey, where's my daughter?"

She took a long drink before finally turning to me. "She's in her room doing something on her phone."

That fucking phone. The damn thing was not my idea. I had extreme feelings about them, and no ten-year-old needs a phone. But my parents thought she deserved one and gave it as a birthday gift without talking to me about it.

The con of living with your parents was a spoiled daughter. The word 'no' is nonexistent with Cassidy. I find it a fucking miracle because that word was prevalent when they raised me.

I went to her room and opened the door without bothering to knock, finding her doing some ridiculous dance with her phone propped up on her desk. "What are you doing?"

She jerked her body toward me, and her cheeks pinked up. "Dad, you need to knock, I could have been naked!"

My cheeks heated. Shit, I didn't think about that. She's getting to that age; I can't just walk in on her anymore. Fuck, I don't want to think about my daughter getting older like that. "Sorry, but what are you doing?"

She shrugged. "I was doing a dance. Is that okay, or is it against some kind of dad code?"

I ignored her little jab at me, holding out my hand. "Let me see your phone."

That was the deal when my parents surprised her with it. If she wanted to keep it, I got complete access to it. No questions, and no password-protected stuff. My Cassidy is getting older, and with that, we get boys. And if anyone knew what young boys thought about, it would be me.

I'd known her mom, Jessica, throughout high school. She'd never caught my eye. I almost forgot who she was until two years after graduation when we were at the same party. She was a warm body looking for a good time, and that mutually good time resulted in our daughter. Unfortunately, Jessica wasn't interested in being a parent, and she had no interest in being with someone who got their degree from a trade school.

I'd always been obsessed with cars and their inner workings. I thought why not use my knowledge for a career path? My parents were more than supportive; they wanted me happy, and if being a mechanic did that, they wouldn't stop me. My dad's philosophy was the world needed mechanics just as much as they needed doctors and lawyers.

I rolled my shoulders as I looked at what she was doing. It was an app called TikTok, and I had no idea what to think about it. I watched people dancing, some giving PSAs, and I thought there were people doing voice-overs. I didn't look too much. I clicked a few buttons, bringing up her account to see what she posted. It was mostly her doing dance moves and makeup tutorials, and she was responsible and had it set to private. Only who she added as a friend could see what she posted. Good.

"May I have my phone back?" she asked, her cheeks still red.

I handed the phone back. "Keep it clean, and no sharing your stuff with grown men or anyone you don't know personally."

She nodded her head, snatching her phone back.

I cracked her door and found my way to my room to jump in the connected shower.

My daughter, my Cassidy Lin, is my pride and joy. Her mom and I have no contact with each other. She didn't believe in abortion, but she didn't want a kid. Jessica had plans, and they didn't include a baby.

I did what I had to, making sure she had everything she needed, including having a full-time and part-time job. My part-time job got me through school. And it was fun, so I kept it on the side a few nights a week. The extra money never hurt either.

My mom left me a plate in the fridge. I heated it before taking my phone out and looking up the app Cass was on earlier.

Before I could look at anything, I had to create an account. Then I was overwhelmed with video after video, some dancing these odd dances to songs I'd never heard of. Others were voice-overs and PSAs on God knows what. I quickly scrolled past it.

The ding of the microwave had me putting away the phone.

The next night I sought my daughter out, needing her to explain TikTok. I had become so involved with the damn app.

"Cass, how do you do the duet thing?" I asked her while hanging out with her, watching T.V.

Her green eyes narrowed. "Why are you on TikTok?"

I raised my brow. "Because I can be." I narrowed my eyes, thinking about why she would give me the stink eye. "Is there a reason I can't be?"

She rolled her eyes. "Only because you're old, but"—I watched her eyes turn a brighter shade of green—"there are lots of old people on it; maybe you could make friends and become TikTok famous."

I blinked. "What?"

She grabbed my phone and started walking me through every inch of the app.

"Ok, you can like videos by touching the heart, then if you want, you can follow them by hitting the plus sign next to their picture." She took a quick breath before continuing. "Then, when you want to make a video, you click this." She pressed a button at the bottom of my screen and explained the hundred different things I could do when making a video. I discovered the longest video I could make was one minute.

"You can also favorite different trends to like; single dad is a hashtag, or I know you dance, so you can follow other dancers."

She clicked through a bunch more stuff, and I tried to keep up with her.

Her cheeks turned pink. "Dad, I have the best idea for your first TikTok!"

"Cass, I just wanted to know about dueting."

"Dad, my idea is so much better than just a duet! You can do any old duet any time you want."

My daughter has too much sass; I have no idea where she could have gotten it.

"She got it from you!" Dad yelled from his office.

"No one asked you anything!" I yelled back. He doesn't know shit.

"Please, Dad."


She walked me through everything she wanted me to do and what we would say.

I should have put a stop to it, but her smile and giggles were worth every painstaking moment. An hour later, 'we' had the perfect one-minute video and uploaded it.

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