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Oh my God this chapter was so difficult, but I hope you see what I have done with Amelia's personality. Similar to Jasper, how you have Jasper Hale...but he has the alternate personality of Major Whitlock. You have Amelia Swan, Bella's sister, Cullen's daughter and sister...and then you have Queen Volturi peeking through. Anyway, hope you enjoy this's a bit dark fair warning.

Victoria hissed and screeched when Demetri had finally caught her, attempting to fight the skilled Volturi guard; who was not alone. Felix put a stop to her useless struggling almost instantly, both done with her games. "I have done nothing wrong!" She spat.

"The newborn army?" Demetri shot back, gaining a look of shock. "Also threatening the life of the Kings Mate."

"The Kings mate? Which little whore-" Victoria was cut off as Felix ripped off her arm.

"Speak of our Queen, Your Queen like that again, and I will get very angry." Felix told her calmly, while he and Demetri began to drag her back with them. Her red gaze filled with a hatred, that for a normal person, they would die in fright. However, this was a look that the two guard members received on a daily basis; they weren't afraid. They were angry, as she had hurt their new friend, sister, and their Queen.

"How do you think she will use Jane?" Demetri questioned, noting the widening of the prisoners eyes. Not surprising, as the power their fellow guard member possessed was legendary. No one wanted to be on the end of her gaze when she used it.

"I heard something of maximum potential, which is why our Queen sent Jane to hunt." Felix replied.

"I don't think Jane has ever used her gift to its full potential." Demetri added.

Felix grinned at this. "No, but the feeling of being burned alive is my only guess."

"She is going to spare a few of the newborns, I also overheard." Demetri went on. "Which I do agree, they aren't to be blamed as their teacher here-" he motioned to the redhead being dragged. "Never taught them about the law."

Felix nodded. "I'm surprised Master Caius is willing to." He agreed, enjoying as Victoria kept looking at them. He could tell she hated being talked about, as if she didn't matter, that her newborns were going to outlive her.

"I'm not, our wonderful Queen is fair and just. Yet, if you go after her family, and in this case: killing her father, threatening her sister, threatening her Vampire family, and attempting to pretty much destroy this peaceful town." Demetri replied. "I can't wait to watch this one on her knees, as Jane burns her from the inside."

"Maybe she will have Alec help?" Felix suggested.

"Oh that would be intere-"

"VICTORIA!" A male shouted in the distance, the two guard members looked up as they saw him running down.

"Riley." Victoria said, relief in her eyes. That was short lived, as the male went down, a black mist surrounding him so he could not move.

"Alice saw this one giving you trouble, so Amelia sent me." Alec said, as he walked from the shadows eyeing the male. "Not sure what she will do with him, as he wasn't taught the law and yet, he has been noticed."

"The law does claim him, but Aro may make an exception." Demetri agreed.

"You on the other hand, will die today." Alec said, looking to the woman being restrained. "You should be honored, you will be our Queen's first judgement."

"First Jury." Demetri added.

"First Execution." Felix finished, before they began hauling both newborns back to the Cullen's estate. Where a path of lit torches could be seen, leading the way to four thrones. Three were placed at the bottom of the stairs, while one was at the top.

"Well they really outdid themselves." Demetri chuckled at the layout, seeing his Masters sitting in the three at the bottom, while Amelia sat at the one up top. Her sister stood to right with Edward, and the Cullen's to the left.

Victoria looked around, seeing the female witch twin smirking at her, a fear she had never known took over her; but she masked it. Looking to Aro, Marcus, and Caius, they looked bored essentially, unimpressed with her, and what she had done. Her gaze moving to the Cullens, Rosalie glared at her darkly, her mate Emmett matching the look. Alice's gaze was blank, before she smiled it wasn't her usual carefree one; it was predatory. Jasper to her right, simply smirked, the major peaking out slowly. Then there was Carlisle and Esme, they were in each others arms, gazing down at her with an unwavering impassive look. This made it impossible for Victoria to read them. Shifting her eyes to the left, she could see Edward glaring darkly at her. Holding one of the humans that had started this whole mess, but the once timid girl known as Isabella Swan, stared down at Victoria with an impressively hateful gaze; she would have shrank back. Last but not least, in the center of it all sat Amelia Swan. Her eyes stared into Victoria's without fear, and just like Carlisle and Esme she could not be read. Her body sat straight up in her throne, the Volturi crest hanging around her neck, stopping at the top of her breast. The smell of Aro could be detected, confirming she was the mate that Demetri had mentioned.

"Victoria." Aro said, his usual child like voice coming out. Which seem to make Amelia smirk, as everyone knew when his voice got soft like that...shit was going to go down. "You are brought here for the list of crimes, my dear Queen would you like to list them."

Amelia spoke, all emotions gone from her voice. "Creation of a Newborn army, causing risk of exposure to the vampire race, Threatening not only my life, but my sisters, and my families...should I go on Aro?"

"Well my dear, I believe threatening your you are her Queen is quite grave." He replied, his voice hardening instantly. Victoria began struggling at that, as she knew he was pissed. Everyone worried about Caius when it came to the three kings, but no one wished to speak about when Aro became angry.

Standing, the redheaded human walked down to her three mates, her arms wrapping around Aro calmly. "Now, now my dear, you will have your fun; but we did promise Jane." She whispered, her voice dark and seductive, a green eye flickering to the blonde guard.

Instantly Victoria was down, flailing about as Riley could do nothing but watch. Fear coursed through him, as he had never been told about these red eyes before. The power the dripped from them intense, and indescribable,

"Riley." Amelia finally addressed. "You have been noticed as well, in all fairness the law does claim you. However, my love would you find what all he has been taught." She replied, before glaring in disgust at Victoria. "Jane."

The burning stopped, as the vampire was brought to her feet by Demetri and Felix. She trembling, which seemed to annoy and disgust the Volturi and Amelia even more. The look on Aro's face as he stood, both he and Amelia walking forward, Caius and Marcus following close behind.

"With one touch, I will see your memories, and your thoughts. They are the only thing that could possibly save your life." Aro explained, as he walked closer to the newborn. His hand quickly grabbing his, while cautiously monitoring his mate.

Amelia walked up to Victoria. "Any words Victoria?" She taunted, her two unoccupied mates watching.

"Bitch." She replied.

"That is a possibility." Amelia stated, not denying the vulgar term. "Edward up there probably agrees at times."

Victoria hissed. "You act like this is a game."

"No, you do. You gathered up your little army on your chessboard." Amelia stated. "This is just you losing, this is your Zugzwang." Turning to look at her guard. "Alec, can you come here for me darling." She called.

The male nodded, walking up to his Queen. "Yes."

"Is there a way you can immobilize her, and mute her; but not touch the other senses?" She asked softly.

Alec nodded calmly. "I can my Queen, but may I ask why?"

"Her screams, and convulsions were annoying, no?" The way the male twin smirked, especially while Jane walked closer. "Are you ready to use your full power Jane?"

"Always." The blonde replied.

Turning back to Victoria, she eyed her calmly. "Kneel." She commanded, her green eyes locking with that of blood filled hatred. Defiance entered the vampire's eyes, and disbelief.

"Not to a human." Victoria hissed.

Amelia sighed, turning to her other guard. "Felix?" He was all too happy to help, forcing the lawbreakers down on her knees. "Now, any final words, as this will be the last time you speak."

Victoria growled darkly, before she spat a wad of venom into the new Queens face. All three of her mates growled dangerously, before their mate held up her hand; it was a silent command of silence. The action surprised everyone, as Amelia simply wiped the substance from her face.

"Alec." She commanded, and black mist soon seeped through the ground. Forcing Victoria to stay kneeling, and silent; but still very much aware. "Jane, keep giving her little zaps; while we speak to Riley."

"Yes, my Queen." Was the reply, before she stood in front of Victoria.

Walking back towards Aro, she smiled softly. "What is the verdict, my love?"

"She led him to believe that he was her mate." Aro stated, which caused more disgusted looks to be thrown at the redhead. Her eyes wide, as pain kept going through her being; before dying down.

Amelia sighed softly. "Riley, I apologize that she lied to you. You are not her mate, she changed you, to create weapons of destruction. That is all you are to her, a tool."

"Your wrong." Riley said desperately.

She sighed. "Were you aware, that she had a lover that attacked my sister and I?"

The newborn looked to his creator. "Is that true!?"

"She can't answer you, her words have been cut. Now, you can choose to believe me or not. You can choose to become a law abiding citizen of the Vampire world, or you can die right here and now." Amelia stated, making him look up at her. "However, before you decide. I would like you to watch, Victoria's eyes as Jane unleashes her full potential."

Aro touched his mate softly, before he growled. "We will not sit down."

"My love, I am safe." She replied, motioning to the guard.

"We do not care, we are staying." Caius replied, walking to her.

"We are so proud of you." Marcus added, as he joined.

Amelia smiled at her mates, relenting. "Alright, but stay back a bit?" They nodded at that, allowing her to walk over to Jane. Her arms wrapping around the small female vampire's waist.

The act made a few chuckles. "Alice look out, Jane is taking your place." Rosalie could be heard.

"Never." Alice hissed in response.

Amelia smiled at the little commentary, before she gazed at Victoria. "You are in for a special treat, you see Jane has never used her maximum strength. All I know for sure, is it will hurt."

Victoria, if she was human would have been sobbing by now, realising her mistakes. Silent screams of her own filled her head, as she felt another wave of pain take over. Her red eyes locked onto the one influencing the pain, and the Queen.

"Now, Jane." Was the simple command, as Amelia rested her chin upon her shoulder. Victoria's eyes suddenly flew open, nostrils flared, and if she could speak the air she kept pushing out would be screams. Her silently going through the agony, was hard to watch for some, mostly Esme who though proud of Amelia was a little terrified of the Queen. However it was short lived, as before their eyes Victoria started to burn. The fire escaping from her abdomen, while causing a mini explosion of flames; forcing Jane and Amelia back and down to the ground.

Everyone stood there with shock, before Amelia began checking Jane over quickly. "You weren't hit by the flames were you?"

"No, my Queen." Jane replied, shocked at what she had just done. "I didn't know-"

Amelia placed a finger over the girls lips to silence her. "You did nothing wrong, none of us expected that, but now we know your full potential. I am proud of you Jane."

Those words escaped her mouth, made the little blonde wrap her arms around her Queen. "Thank you."

"Well it does appear, little Jane has found a best friend and sister." Marcus smiled at their bond.

Amelia smiled, while she and Jane moved to Riley who struggled. "Now, law abiding, or dead?"

"Law abiding, but if you do kill me..please not like that?!" He cried.

Amelia smiled slightly. "Where is the army?"

"They are still in Seattle." Riley replied quickly.

Nodding calmly. "You will show my guard, exactly where they are. Emmett, Jasper will go with you as well. If you betray them, forfeit this second chance, that many do not get. I will see you burn." Amelia replied, gaining frantic nods.

Riley and everyone listed left quickly, and she turned to her family and mates. Who were all very much impressed, and her mates had the added factors of tents in their trousers. She giggled, before moving to them, before holding her hand out to Aro. His hands grabbed it quickly, as he graciously listened to her thoughts.

"Yes, I agree. We need to test Jane's powers fully, but tread lightly." Aro replied.

"I didn't know that she could do that." Caius added.

Amelia nodded. "I doubt Jane knew she could do that, but I assume it must do something with how she was turned. You saved her and Alec from,being burned alive?"

"Yes, Jane's gift was supposed to make people feel the worst pain imaginable. Ironically I could say it feels as if you are burning from the inside out." Aro spoke, having tested Jane's gift on himself once.

Amelia nodded. "Then that is where it lies, she has never had to use her gift to the maximum….she is a treasure Aro."

"Indeed she is." He agreed happily.

Marcus smiled softly, before frowning. "Do you think that Riley boy will do as you ask?"

"He would be foolish not to, but if he doesn't..he knows death is the next move." Amelia replied calmly.

Rosalie suddenly flew down the stairs, making everyone look at her. "Got get your mother."

"Oh, right." Amelia replied, as she and her sister moved to get changed, and the vampires took down the mini throne room.

Bella was quiet for a moment, while walking up the stairs to Edward's room. "Sis?" She finally whispered.

"Yes, Bella?" Amelia replied, before she was tackled into a hug.

"I can't believe it's over." Bella replied.

Amelia sighed. "It's not quite over, our biggest challenge will come in two days."

"Indeed." Bella agreed, hating the idea of burying her father.

Amelia let loose another sigh. "You know Renee will want us to move in with her."

"Yeah, but I'm staying with Edward."

"I'm staying as well. Esme is more of a mother to me." Amelia agreed.

Welp, what did you all think. I want all need reviews on this one..can I at least get 21? I don't think that is a high number to reach. I think we can do it...also, do you think Renee and Esme will bump heads about the girls? On one hand they are Renee's daughters biologically, on the other they are Esme's soul daughters. Please answer the question in the comments.

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