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Nekokitsune1, and Greatest Potato. Thank you everyone for your reviews, and answers. There will be another question at the bottom of this chapter, I do these because I really like knowing your opinions. Also I apologize if this one and the last were a little shorter then the others. However, I promise this one equals cuteness and fluff xD.

Sunday came through, and soon the girls were back at LA Push. The two seemed to stick to themselves before Seth and Jacob walked over to them, Bella and Amelia smiled brightly as the two sat with them. They could see Charlie was thrilled that his daughters were spending a lot of time the Jake, more than Seth; because they grew up with him.

"Can you two explain why the Cullens are housing red eyed leeches?" Seth asked, he wasn't meaning it to be rude; but Amelia glared darkly.

"I are mated to the three kings." She hissed angrily, she wasn't going to let anyone talk about her mates, or her new friends in the guard.

Seth's eyes went wide, as did Jake's. "I apologize, but you have to understand we protect Forks-

"They don't hunt in Forks, they wouldn't. Not with me here, and they have enough respect for the Cullen family to not intrude." Amelia growled, that telling Seth to shut up real quick. Bella placed a hand on her shoulder calmly to get her to breathe again. "Do not bad mouth my mates again."

"He didn't mean to." Jacob replied, but it was obvious he wasn't happy either. "However, why are you with human drinkers?"

"Jacob." Bella hissed.

Amelia took a breath. "Do you remember telling us about imprints?" She asked, to which both boys nodded. "Being mated to a vampire is very similar to that, they have waited for me, for over three thousand years."

"Fuck, they old." Paul said, as he joined them. This made Amelia groan, knowing this particular wolf has had a crush on her. "What would happen if they died?

"How was Bella when Edward took off?" She replied, all three winced. "Thousand times worse, with me dying of a broken heart."

Bella nodded. "I couldn't imagine if Edward had received his wish, to lose one's mate just the idea…."

"Wait, Edward is your mate?" Jacob asked.

Amelia just looked at him. "You are so slow." She replied, gaining a dark glare. "Now quit following my sister."

"Want to get thrown in the lake again?" Paul asked, at the look his fellow pack member was giving her.

"Want to get pushed into the fire?" Amelia retorted.

"Amelia, calm down." Bella replied.

The redhead looked at her sister. "He started it." She replied.

"Don't care." Her sister replied, running fingers down her spine. "Are you hoping that Aro sees this, so he knows how to calm you?"

"It calms you as well, and Edward can read my mind." Amelia replied, finally curling into her sister. The two going back to themselves, Bella smiled down at her.

"We aren't kids anymore."

"Yeah, but we will always be twins. Fraternal or not." Amelia giggled, before the boil was ready.

"Chow time kids!" Billy called, playfully trying to push Charlie away. "Kids first, they are the ones that have school tomorrow."

Charlie grumbled but nodded, as his daughters walked up. They were just going to share a plate like they used to, as they wanted to head to the Cullen house before the night was over. "Ame's when does your music competitions, and soccer tournaments start back?"

"Three weeks." Amelia replied, and Bella soon was excited.

"You are so going to win music this year." She told her sister, who laughed.

"To me it's not about winning Bella. I just really enjoy singing, and music in general." Amelia laughed brightly.

"I bet Caius will love to hear you sing." She giggled, and once again Charlie grumbled at his daughters dating.

Billy chuckled, patting his friends back. "Least your girls are happy." He pointed out. "And, if Edward does that crap can shoot him."

"I'll castrate him first." Amelia stated, making both men choke on their beers.

Charlie started laughing, before he hugged his daughter tightly. "Bella, your boy should fear your sister."

"Oh he does." Bella replied. "As does Emmett."

"That is Carlisle's eldest son, right?" Billy asked, gaining a nod. "He is big like a bear, surprised that he fears little Amelia hear."

"Emmett looks big, but he is a giant fluffy teddy bear." Amelia answered.

"I can't remember, which Cullen are you closest to?" Charlie asked.

"Male or female?" She asked.


"Toss up between Carlisle, and Jasper." Amelia answered honestly.

"Jasper, that's the boy who always looks like he is in pain." Charlie questioned.

"Yeah, he's got a bad it is rather painful." She lied calmly, but new Jasper was going to tickle her till she peed if he ever heard that he was spineless come out of her mouth. He'd nearly done it before.

Bella tried not to laugh. "With Carlisle, they discuss medical practices, or she raids his library."

"You reader you." Charlie chuckled, wrapping an arm around his daughter. "Your going over there, tonight right?'

"Just for an hour." Both girls replied.

"You fall asleep just be back in the morning to get ready for school." Charlie replied. "Eat and you can go."

Both girls ran at that, finishing their food quickly, making everyone chuckle. "Oh I forgot you drove your truck." Amelia groaned, looking at the beat up orange monstrosity.

"Hey, she drives fine."

"She does, you scare me." Amelia replied, gaining a glare.

Bella growled playfully, as they both entered her truck. Amelia strapping in, before grabbing the handle. "I'm a great driver!"

"Tell that to the rabbit, deer, oh and not to mention my 1980s Volkswagen beetle you totaled." Amelia replied, as they began driving away. Headed for the Cullen mansion, both girls reaching the door. Arguing about Bella's driving, they continued even after Esme let them in.

"What is this about?" Emmett asked, as all the Volturi and Cullens listened.

"Amelia says I'm a bad driver." Bella pouted.

"It is a fact." Amelia replied. "You totaled my first car, Phil got that thing for me when I first turned 16."

"It was a beetle." Bella replied.

"Your just jealous they gave you a Taurus." Was the response, before Amelia moved right to Aro. "How was your day?" She asked, her question went to all three of them.

"Better now." Aro whispered, as he touched her cheek. There was a pause before he snarled. "That boy needs to watch his mouth around you."

"Seth is young, no excuse but he won't make the same mistake twice." She replied calmly.

"I'm talking about the other one, Jacob." Aro growled.

"Fat chance." Emmett replied.

"He has been following Bella, like a lost puppy for the past year." Alice agreed.

"I'm waiting for Edward to put him in his place." Amelia replied.

Edward just looked at her. "I'm biding my time." He answered calmly, a very unhappy look on his face.

"This is the same boy that threw you, in the lake?" Caius asked his mate calmly.

"Yes, but to be fair again..I did shove his face in the dirt." Amelia replied.

Rosalie smirked. "Surprised you haven't tried to punch him yet."

"I learned my lesson, after what happened to my hand when I punched Edward's face." Amelia replied calmly. "That was enough, no more punching supernatural beings."

"Good, I do not wish to put you in another cast." Carlisle replied.

Felix looked at her. "You, being human..mean really human."

Amelia looked at him, to get to his point. "Yes?"

"Punched a vampire in the face." Demetri sputtered, and Amelia nodded. "You gonna be one tough little newborn one day."

"Tough enough to take you on." She replied, gaining wide eyes before he grinned brightly. "And Felix."

"Ooo." Emmett replied, everyone was finding this absolutely amusing. "Felix, can you handle getting your ass kicked by Amelia here."

"Not gonna happen." Felix replied.

"Keep telling yourself that, big guy." Amelia replied.

"I thought I was the big guy." Emmett whined.

Amelia grinned at him. "You are a giant teddy bear, and you know it." She replied, and everyone grinned and laughed. "Your catching up Felix."

"Hey!" The male cried when he realized what she had said.

She grinned, before getting a mischievous look to her face. "Don't feel bad though, is he." One hand covering the side of her face, in a mock secret telling motion, and the other pointing to the male beside her; Caius.

Aro started laughing, as did the guard and the blonde looked at his mate with wide eyes. Amelia looking up at him, before she dived behind her mind reader. He still laughing, while moving away. "I'm not protecting you, Mia cara. After all your, how did you put it. Snowy leopard cub won't hurt you."

"Aro!" Amelia cried, as she moved but Caius had her quickly. "Yes?"

"I'm a cub?" Caius asked, while she looked at Marcus, who shook his head.

Looking back to Carlisle, who also shook his head. However he was laughing brightly, she turned back to Caius. Making her eyes go big, with a pouty face. Her face screaming: I'm adorable, love me. "I'm sorry." She whispered softly.

Her blonde vampire just looked at her, before he kissed her cheek and pulled her close. "I'm not." He replied, and to everyone's surprise he began tickling her.

"No!" She cried, fighting to get away from him. However due to his strength she couldn't. So, she did the next best thing. Her lips found his, and he stopped instantly. It was gentle and sweet, but it did the job.


Amelia sighed, as she was getting ready for bed, her mates had gone to hunt, Edward was across the hall. When she walked to the bathroom, he ran out and grabbed her. "Edward?" She whispered, but he shuffled her to Bella's room.

"Victoria." He whispered.

"Dad.." Bella whispered.

"Felix is by his Window." Edward answered calmly, which was creepy but better than him not being protected. They had all decided to keep the Volturi being here in forks a secret until the confrontation, so that not only can the Newborns be told the rules, but Victoria gets her justice in front of them all. Which means, her mates were sticking around for all round little while longer.

Amelia sat with her sister on the bed, she wishing her mates were there. She also knew, they were going to stop leaving her alone. The entire guard would soon be stationed by her room at night, she being alright with Jane in the room with her if her mates couldn't; but they had to hunt. Felix didn't, because he had the day before.

Looking up at Bella calmly. "I'm glad your boyfriend is here." She whispered, gaining a look from Edward. "Thank you, brother."

His topaz eyes softened for a moment. "I won't let anyone hurt either of you."

"Amelia." A voice called, that voice being Aro. She instantly ran to help him through the window, even though he didn't need it. Her lips pecked his, before she wrapped her arms around him. "I'm here."

"Alice?" She asked.

"Yes, I fed quickly. Caius and Marcus will feed a little longer, I will go back out later in the week." He told her, she nodded as Edward gave the all clear.

Amelia and her mate left and walked to her bedroom. "Aro, how much longer will she mess with Bella and I?"

"Until we can catch her...but Demetri is being sent to find her with Jane and Alec." He answered. "We two have become tired of her, she has broken multiple laws and threatened you." His voice was calm, with a dark edge that it honestly scared her, being used to his child like manner. Cross Aro however, and you will endure a wrath much worse than Caius.

Amelia looked at him for a moment, noting his worry, protectiveness, and she knew he loved her. He hadn't said it yet, but she figured only to not frighten her. Her lips met his calmly, he reading her thoughts; caused a frenzy. He began to melt into her, as his lips became rougher, and he began to purr loudly.

"Mi hai appena fatto, l'uomo più felice. Ti amo così tanto, sei il mio regalo più prezioso." He breathed, while picking her up to the bed.

Amelia smiled at his words, as he laid her down, he laid on his side above her. His beautiful red eyes, stayed level with her green ones. Her red hair, soon falling like waves around her, while his fell to his shoulders; a clip keeping it back. Moving softly to remove said clip, before running her fingers through his ebony locks. "Ti amo, mio Aro."

He smiled softly at her. "Ti amo, a. Dormi mia bella Amelia. Veglierò su di te e sui tuoi sogni."

A soft smile graced her lips, before the hand that wasn't tangling in his hair; locked with his own free hand. Their fingers laced together, her head leaning closer to his chest, her eyes closing slowly. She felt as his cool lips met her forehead, before sleep caught up with her.

Ti amo, a. Dormi mia bella Amelia. Vegilerò su di te e sui tuoi sogni : I love you to. Sleep, my beautiful Amelia. I'll watch over you and your dreams.

Ti amo, mio Aro. : I love you, my Aro.

Mi hai appena fatto, l'uomo più felice. Ti amo così tanto, sei il mio regalo più prezioso. : You just made me, the happiest man. I love you so much, you are my most precious gift. "

Aro is my personal favorite, maybe that is why she is closest to him. He is closely followed by Caius. However, I love his energy. He is indeed child like, and seems to genuinely have fun and enjoy his life and position. He is also curious, and wants to discover new things. I believe he gets excited because of how long he has been a vampire, that new things excite him. What do you think about Aro's innocent yet power hungry personality?

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