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Hello lovelies, alright before we get started I would like to thank everyone who is patient with my writing, as a lot has been on my mind as late. So, a quick shout out to Paganisten12, Riddicks-gurl1988, DarkAngel2581, and StripedPinkZebras. I think I will be doing more of these shout outs more often as well as reach out to you to discuss the fix in more details.

One other thing before we get started, I am thinking of doing a little prequel for this fic in the future. It wouldn't be very long I don't think, but it would go into how Amelia met the Cullens. Would that be something you would all be interested in?

Amelia sighed, looking to her phone. Bella was probably a newborn now, being two weeks since her honeymoon; no one returned her calls. 'They probably think you abandoned them.' A dark thought crossed her mind, as she sat in the gardens. Demetri not far from her, but within the shadows. Her guard consisted of him, Felix, Bree, Jane, Alec, Afton, and William. The latter usually away on missions, but he was a good person to speak with.

"My Queen." A voice startled her, looking up she was stunned to find what appeared to be a goddess of Chinese descent. Beautiful long black hair, that could place a raven's wing to shame. Skin, pale like every vampire but seemed to hold a soft glow rather than sparkle like a thousand little diamonds; much like most human drinkers. But, instead of a pearl, Amelia would say more like an Opal for the woman before her. Crimson eyes, dark and alert, framed by eyeliner much like how Jane framed her's. She wore a red suit with a matching skirt, which made her eyes appear darker, more intimidating.

"Yes?" Amelia asked after staring for a moment, must be creepy to stare too long.

"I apologize I did not get to properly introduce myself. My name is Fei, Fei Hong Volturi." The vampire introduced, but her face showed she didn't care for the Queen; not in the slightest. "I assume this is where I bow my head?"

"No." Amelia replied. "You do not bow to me."

"No?" Fei replied surprised. "Delilah, swore you would make us bow."

"I don't know who Delilah is, but I assure you I won't make you do anything. You don't have to like me, you don't have to respect who I am. I just ask you keep my mates safe." Amelia replied, her green eyes softening at the woman.

"Your mates, my Kings want us to keep you safe which is what we will do. We don't have to like it, you are correct...and many of us do not." The vampire replied, eying the new Queen critically. "As for Delilah, you will meet her soon. She looks a lot like Jane, but with darker hair."

Amelia nodded to her, before smiling. "Is it safe to say you just returned from a mission?"

"Yes, I negotiate with the Chinese coven." Fei replied, raising an eyebrow.

"Well Fei, that sounds interesting. Would you mind sitting and talking about your travels, I've always wanted to see China. Take a two day hike upon the Great Wall." Amelia smiled, brighter. "你的旅途怎么样?" (How was your trip)

"你说中文?"(You speak chinese?) Fei asked in surprise, and maybe a hint of respect.

"一点.(A little.)" Amelia admitted. "Probably just enough to get by."

"More than enough." Fei admitted, before sitting with her Queen. The two began to talk like old friends rather than guard and Queen.

In the distance Demetri watching the entire ordeal, his eyes narrowed and his guard on high alert. He didn't trust as easily, as his sister and Queen did. He knew by the name Delilah that there would be trouble, there always was with her. His Masters should have disposed of her years ago, but Aro claimed she was too valuable. He didn't dare speak against him about it.

"Demetri?" The voice of Heidi briefly distracted him, he turned to his lover and friend. They weren't true mates, but they had been together so long; that it mattered not to them.

"Yes?" He asked, moving to wrap his arms around her.

His actions caused a great big smile to form upon her face, that was until she noticed his gaze locked into the garden. Following she saw Amelia speaking with Fei. "Oh Fei is back." She grinned.

"Yes, and Delilah had already spoken ill of Amelia." Demetri explained.

"Delilah should have been killed years ago. However she is harmless, but if you'd like I'll go to the Masters and explain your worries today." Heidi told her lover, but Demetri knew he had to be the one.

"No, I will go and tell them once Amelia has gone back inside. I don't trust Delilah not to hurt her, and though I doubt Fei I still must be on my guard." Demetri explained, moving his gaze to his lover for only a brief second.

Amelia laughed brightly then, before they watched her stand. "Fei, would you excuse me please. Aro should be free now."

"My Queen." Fei replied.

"My friends call me Amelia." Amelia replied, shocking the guard where she stood, as the Queen of vampires walked away. Demetri walked forward, gaining her attention. "Demetri." She greeted, noting Fei looking uncomfortable.

"Amelia, sister." Demetri returned, as Heidi joined from the shadows.

"Welcome home, Fei." Heidi greeted warmly. "How was your travels?"

"They were fine, excuse me." Was the response, before Fei was gone.

Amelia eyed Demetri, before she smirked. "So, how long were you listening in on my conversation?"

Demetri didn't respond for a moment, he eyed his Queen. "I was just protecting you."

"I know, and you have my friendship and love for it brother. I trust you Demetri, I know I'm safe with you around." Amelia praised softly, before wrapping her arms around her best friend. "You have always been my best friend."

Heidi watched, a jealous feeling filling her. She knew it was irrational, but she hadn't seen Demetri taken back quite like that before. The feeling got worse when her lover returned the embrace, smiling into their Queens' hair.

"Heidi, you are a lucky lady." Amelia grinned, turning to the female vampire that would always be prettier than she.

"Thank you my Queen." Heidi replied, trying to subdue the jealousy that resided inside of her. "How has your day been my Queen?"

"Amelia, please." Amelia replied, gaining a look. "My friends call me Amelia, Sisters can call me Amy as well."

Shame filled Heidi then, as her Queen made such a claim and yet she had been jealous. Absolutely no reason to be, Demetri was the Queen's guard, brother, and cherished friend nothing more would come out of it. Amelia was madly in love with the Kings, the Kings her. Yet the guard had felt jealousy over a simple embrace between two friends. "Amy?" She asked, gaining a grin.

"Works for me." Amelia replied, before dismissing herself.


Aro accepted his mate's presence with open arms, and well without clothes made it that much better; as they now laid in each others arms. Both naked, one panting, still recovering from their activities. "You feel amazing." Amelia yawned, curling up to his side.

"Not as amazing as you?" He replied, kissing her head. "Tell me how has your day been?"

"Well it is ending amazingly." She replied, gaining a warm grin. "Though Caius may not agree."

"No, you were suppose to spend your evening with him. My bad." He replied, gaining a look from his mate.

Deciding to change the subject, before she reminded him of something. "I met a new face to me, today."

"Oh?" He asked, touching her cheek. Normally, he probably would already know; but he was distracted earlier with his need. "Ah, Fei is home. No doubt speaking with Marcus or Caius at this moment, she is a well trusted guard." He went on. "Lower ranked guard with no power of her own, but she is great with her words."

Amelia nodded, yawning once again. "She was sweet, though she did mention a name of someone who may not perceive me well." That caught her mate's attention, as he had began to daze. "Delilah?"

He didn't speak for a moment, before a heavy breath left him. "Delilah, if it wasn't for her ability to manipulate thoughts...she would have been executed long ago." Aro spoke honestly. "However, she is rarely at the castle. We send her out to speak with her former coven in Sweden often, diplomatic reasons if you will."

"So I may not see her?" Amelia asked.

Aro shook his head. "She will probably seek you out, but Demetri or Bee will always be near. If she ever threatens you, she will be destroyed." He spoke simply. "She has no more warnings."

"Aro." Amelia tried, but he had none of it.

"Delilah, should have been exiled at the very least by now. It is only due to my selfishness in wanting her gift that she has not. However a threat to you, as you know is a threat to Marcus, Caius, and myself; it will not be tolerated." He explained, making sure she understood the severity of his words.

Amelia understood to a degree, but still being the daughter of a police chief...she wanted to face her own battles. "I understand, but I still don't want to be rash. Words mean nothing to me, when it comes to those who are petty or I don't know them." She explained, gaining a look that offered no argument. "I know, you just want to protect me. But, I can fight my own battles."

"I know you can, you have proven that in the past." He replied, before smiling. "Quite stubbornly might I add."

"I am not the only one stubborn in this room." Amelia chuckled, kissing his lips softly. "All I'm asking is a chance to prove myself, I told you I will gain respect not demand it. Respect is a tricky thing, and I truly believe it is in actions that one earns it."

Aro didn't like this, but he knew when his mate wasn't going to back down. "Very well, but if Delilah ever physically-"

"By all means, I won't stop you." She interrupted, before she squealed as he pulled her under him.

"I do not like being interrupted." He teased, kissing her neck softly.

"What are you going to do about it?" Amelia asked, teasing in her own way. She sighed as he nipped at neck, she moved her head giving him better access. "I love you." She whispered, tangling her fingers into his hair.

Aro could be felt grinning into her neck, as he replied. "I love you too." Thrusting back inside her body, when she opened her legs.

She moaned loudly, gasping at the sudden stretch. He felt good, like home. Her eyes closed, as she gripped on to him for support and need. "You are my heaven."

Aro paused in his movements, startled by her words and thoughts that followed. "I'm like heaven?"

"Closest I will get to heaven." She replied, kissing his cheek. "You are my home."

He captured her lips then, his body responding for him as a deep purr radiated from his chest. He was beyond contempt, as he made love to her. "I love you, Mia Cara...always."

I know you were all expecting Caius, reason I didn't is because I am having trouble getting the perfect picture for his seen. I was working on it, then deleting it, working on it, then deleting it..before finally this chapter was born. I'm quite happy with the outcome, as we have a new face for Amelia, a possible new enemy, and Aro a very happy mate.

How did it make you feel, when Amelia called Aro her home?

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