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Amelia lands in Florence and is brought to the castle. Will she be well perceived by the guard?

The sun shone high in the sky once the private jet touched down in Florence, Amelia having fallen into a deep sleep on Marcus's lap was now awake. Excitement coursed through the blood within her veins, as her mates stood, along with the four guard members. Their cloaks now wrapped around the seven vampires in a blanket of black, hoods soon followed to hide the pale skin of their faces. Amelia, being the only one without a cloak stood out amongst the siege of ebony.

"Mia cara." Aro whispered suddenly, holding out a box. "Every kingdom needs their Queen." He told her softly, as Marcus moved to open the book, while Caius reached inside. Soon a gold, velvet cloak was brought out catching Amelia's breath. "Now, normally the Queen's cloak is red. However we know how you felt about red clashing with your hair. You wear way too much green to give you an emerald color-" lips from his mate soon cut him off.

Amelia smiled as she looked into his garnet eyes. "I love it, thank you Aro."

"Marcus and I helped." Caius pouted, which she moved to kiss him and as well.

Marcus tossed the lid of the box over his shoulder, in order to sneak the cloak from his blonde headed brother. Draping the soft gold fabric around his mates shoulders, before trailing a few kisses up her neck and jaw. "Beautiful, fitting for my fiery haired mate."

"Mmm, Marcus." Amelia sighed softly, before turning in his arms to capture his lips softly.

"Come, Mia cara. You depart the plane, right behind Aro." Caius told her.

White teeth soon showed behind coffee colored lips as Amelia grinned. "Perfect view." She teased, gaining a cheeky look from the king of vampires.

"I give you the perfect view?" Aro asked, raising an eyebrow.

Amelia smiled, raising an eyebrow of her own in response. "One of three."

"What makes the perfect view?" Aro asked, while Amelia walked over to him.

"My imagination, and knowledge of what is under that cloak and suit." She replied, wrapping her arms around him.

Twin groans were heard, once Amelia could be seen groping Aro's butt causing him to jump and go wide eyed. The groans came from their now adopted children, as they put words to the sounds. "Mom!" Alec cried.

"Dad!" Jane screeched, her face going in her hands.

Laughter filled the jet for a few moments, as Amelia and Aro once again kissed one another. His forehead resting against hers, while their noses rubbed against each other; lips occasionally locking. "I love you." She whispered softly.

"I love you too." He whispered softly, before they pulled away. Soft smiles upon their lips, as both Alec and Jane looked traumatized. "Now, as Caius stated I walk ahead of you as we depart from the jet."

"Marcus and I will walk on either side of you, you slightly ahead of us. The Guard will flank us to our private limousine." Caius added, watching as Amelia nodded softly.

Marcus moving closer to his young mate. "Once we reach the castle, the four of us will walk the same. This is for your safety as we must introduce you to the rest of the guard before you can safely move about by yourself."

"I understand, mio caro." Amelia whispered softly, her green eyes locking with his red.

"It won't take long, once you are introduced to the rest of the guard you may move about your home as you wish." Caius promised softly, kissing her cheek softly. "We know you are nervous, but you don't ever have to be afraid in our home."

Amelia cupped his cheek softly. "I have you, I know I'm safe."

"Don't you ever forget it." He breathed, kissing her palm softly.

"How can I?" She asked seriously. "You're always going to be there, all three of you will be." Three sets of arms wrapped around her instantly.

The elite guard members smiled, before they could hear Santiago walking up the ramp in order to open the door. "Masters." Felix called.

"Yes?" Aro before he noted Santiago opening the door.

"Masters, the car is ready for the three of you-" three growls cut the lower guard off.

"The four of us, Santiago." Marcus was the one to hiss. "Our mate has come home, and you will respect her."

"Yes, Master Marcus I do apologize." Santiago replied, quick to flinch back. "Forgive me, Mistress."

"Forgiven, Santiago." Amelia replied soft, as Aro began walking to the door. She followed with a gentle push from Caius, noting the dirty look the new face gave her for just a moment. It was understandable, as she was human and humans were merely food to the guard. However now, he had to teach her a human as if she was one of the Kings. In that moment, her fear of what the rest of the guard would think of her came back.

A gentle hand removed the brief thought, as Marcus made sure she did not become her sister and fall off the ramp. His hand gently locking with hers, as she and her mates walked down. All of their hoods now up, and covering their faces once again. As the sun beamed down upon them as they moved towards the car, many human onlookers as no doubt they looked like a cult of some sort to them.

Amelia locked eyes with a few disapproving glances from entitled parents, while their kids pointed and asked questions. Some laughed, as the mostly black cladded group moved on. A human driver held the door open for the vampire royalty, as they climbed into the car. The guard moved to their own cars, leaving the four alone in the back of a very nice stretched limousine. The windows were painted black along with the exterior of the car, the interior was lined with red, gold, along black. Canisters of what Amelia knew to be blood sat in a long bucket of ice, as if it was champagne.

"Do you like it?" Aro asked, wrapping an arm around her once they sat down. Slightly pulling her flushed against his cool, clothed form.

"Definitely different from my old Kia." She answered softly, before also noting the extra layers of protection. "This thing is bullet proof isn't it?"

"It is. All of your cars will be, at least the ones you get from us." Marcus answered simply.

Caius grinned. "Welcome to the grand life of the rich."

"Caius." She playfully chidded.

"Yes, baby?" He asked teasingly.

Amelia laughed softly, before laying her head down upon his chest. "You're a big goofball." She told him firmly, which gained snickers from both her two other mates. "Quit laughing Aro, you are one too."

Caius grinned at this, while Aro was quick to turn towards her in shock. "Excuse me?" The darker haired male asked.

"You are excused." She replied simply.

His red irises darkened slightly, as he leaned down to her. "Do you need to be punished?" He asked simply.

"Nope." She replied with emphasis on the "p." "Besides, I'm staying with Caius tonight."

The blonde purred deeply at this. "You are indeed, my sweet one. You are indeed."


When the limo pulled inside the parking garage for the Volturi, Amelia could not help but be blown away. Fancy sports cars were everywhere Ferraris, Maseratis, and Lamborghinis were the main focus points. However, her eyes spotted a few Jaguar e types, mustangs, original cobras, and a few others. "Holy."

"Caius did say welcome to luxury." Aro chuckled at her expression. "It may have taken us longer to adjust to modern technology, but we have all the same."

The limo's door was opened for them, once they had parked. Their hoods going back over their heads, while a new guard to Amelia greeted them. "Welcome home, my Lords and Lady." The female voice sounded like a nightingale singing in the breeze, as green eyes took in the brunette before her.

"Thank you, Heidi." Marcus said with a soft nod.

Aro once again led the way, while Marcus and Caius were in the back on either side of her. She took up the inbetween, protected by her mates as they passed by the receptionist. "Good morning, Gianna."

"Good morning, Masters. I see our Queen had made it to us at last." The very human receptionist greeted them happily, but Amelia was no fool; she could see the jealousy in the woman's eye, and hear the fear under her breath.

"She has indeed, make sure the rest of the human staff is aware of her needs." Caius ordered simply.

"Right away, Master Caius." Gianna smiled brightly, as she went to send the email at once.

Amelia watched out of the corner of her eye, as she and her mates walked to the throne room. The brightness of the sun, reflected from the stained glass windows, caused the marble of the floor to dance with light. "Beautiful." She complimented, as she was led to the three thrones at the top of the room.

"You may sit if you like, Mia cara. We come here at times to simply enjoy the sunlight." Aro told her softly.

"Thank you love, but I am content as I am for now." She replied softly, as a familiar face came to greet the group. "Bree."

"Hello My Queen, I am so glad to see you again." The young guard greeted her happily. "Of course it is always a joy to see you as well, Masters."

"Nice save, young one. However, I am sure you and Amelia would like to catch up." Marcus spoke humbly.

"Really?" Amelia amassed excitedly.

"Of course, however we will give you a tour of the castle first. Bree, you may meet us in the Queen's private office when we make it there." Marcus said simply, not missing the giant grins on both of the young ladies lips.

"Bree and you will be spending a lot of time together, both she and Demetri are your personal guards." Caius explained simply.

Amelia's eyes went huge. "Really?" She asked surprised, before looking surprised. She now wondered what ability the young vampire could have.

"You are dismissed until then, Bree." Caius told the smaller girl gently, he surprisingly formed a parental bond to the girl. One that Marcus was sure that would be reciprocated soon enough.

"Yes, Master. See you soon, Lady Amelia." With that Bree went skipping off, causing the group to laugh softly at her innocence.

Amelia waited for a moment longer before asking. "What gift has Bree received?"

"She has a cloaking ability that can turn a number of individuals invisible along with herself. Abling you from being detected by an enemy through, sight, smell, and sound." Aro explained softly.

"Fascinating." Amelia replied softly, before a saddened look came to her eyes.

"Amelia?" Marcus asked. "What is wrong?"

Turning to the sound of his voice, but her eyes stayed on the spot where Bree had stood moments before. "You can't help but wonder about her past that would have carried this ability over. The amount of fear, and pain she must have gone breaks my heart."

Caius soon wrapped his arms around his mate. "It breaks mine too." He admitted.

Aro understood, as he was there for the first several years after Jane and Alec were turned. They had been skittish for at least a hundred years after the fact, still to this day they were. Though slowly opening up more and more to Amelia, and now that it was revealed that they were his children by soul. He wished he could go back and slaughter the village sooner, saving them before they were placed upon the stake. "Come." He finally spoke. "Let us show you around."

Amelia nodded, moving curiously in order to take his hand. Aro in which pulled her closer to him, in favor of wrapping his arm around her shoulder as they moved. The innocent gesture caught the interest of several guard members, as they picked up on who the human was. Most thrilled about their masters finding happiness at last, a few however were quite annoyed about having to take orders from a human.

How do you all like what I did with Bree giving her a gift, and Caius slowly forming a paternal bond towards her? I thought it would be cute. Now, I need a little help forming a few new OC's for a few lower guard members. Would you like to assist, also for the OC if you make one. Tell me whether they have a positive or negative view upon Amelia.

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