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Amelia was sure that saying goodbye to her sister was going to be the hardest part of the day, that was until Jacob wrapped her in his arms. Shocking the holy hell out of her mates, as they had smelt the dog; but hadn't seen him. "Jake, let go."

"No, I know we drifted apart these last couple of years. I didn't help with that." He said. "But, I still want ya here."

"I'm sorry Jake." Amelia whispered. "But, I belong with my mates in Volterra."

"I understand, I'm just saying you better come and see me." He replied.

"Oh I will, my family is still here." She whispered, her voice cracked at the word family. Which caused Jacob to let go, so she could tackle Emmett first.

The giant teddy bear happily held her to him, a big goofy grin on his face. "I want a lot of pictures, Rosalie like Gucci-ow!" He cried as his said wife smacked him over the head.

Amelia giggled. "Emmy-bear, I'm gonna miss ya to."

"No, don't you dare start crying. Rosalie will start crying, then Alice, then Momma, then me, then Jasper, and finally-or Carlisle is crying now." Emmett said, surprised to see the coven leader with a few streaks of venom down his face.

"Daddy...stop." Amelia stated, as her mates were just staring at the 300 year old man. She moved quickly to wrap her arms around him. "I love you, Daddy."

Carlisle wrapped his arms tightly around her. "I love you too." He told her softly. "You are to call me as soon as you land."

"Of course." Amelia promised, as he released her. "Now stop that because I am going to cry."

His gold eyes shone for a moment with pride. "You my child, will be brilliant in everything you do."

Amelia stopped, before tears sprang to her eyes. "Dammit." She cried, before launching back into his arms. Soon, after the rest of the Cullens wrapped themselves around the pair.

"I like Gucci too." Alice whispered, causing laughter to fill the group.

"I love you guys." Amelia whispered.

Jasper grinned. "You always have a place here."

"Our love, we hate to rush you. However, we want to make sure you get a goodnight sleep while traveling on our jet." Marcus whispered, walking up.

Amelia nodded, as they all parted. She walking over to Marcus slowly. "Where is Caius?" The question falling from her lips, as she noticed he was missing.

"He is getting your private bed ready." Aro answered, smiling softly at his mate. Her own matching his, hers growing a bit wider when Marcus picked her up in his arms.

"It is a long walk." He purred a bit to her.

"You also wanted to carry me." Amelia teased.

"Well that too." Marcus agreed, as they tore out of the clearing; Aro close behind.

Amelia laughed brightly, having always enjoyed "running" with them or any of her vampire friends. The laughter died down, when they stopped and she saw the jet. Caius stood at the door waiting for them, which she did smile towards him; he returned it tenfold.

"The bed I hope is to your liking." He called, to her.

"Will you be in it?" She replied instantly.

"Yes I will be." He answered with a larger grin.

"Then it is perfect." She said with a laugh, before pausing as Rosalie walked into the clearing.

Aro greeted her first. "Mrs. Cullen what can we do for you?"

"I have a present for Amelia." Rosalie replied simply, holding a black box up.

Marcus set Amelia down so she could walk over to the blonde. Her green eyes trailing over her sister and best friend. "Rosey?" She asked softly.

Rosalie smiled, handing the box over. A look of,slight unease entered her eyes, as she wondered if Amelia would like it. "We wanted you to always remember."

Amelia looked to her friend, feeling the red eyes of her mates and guard. Slowly she opened the box, inside was a rose pendant with a tiny charm of the Cullen crest. Tears sprang to her chest, as the inscription on the box took her breath away. "We will always be with you." Her arms flew around Rosalie before any words were uttered. "Sisters?"

"Forever." Rosalie replied softly. "Again, I like Gucci." She teased.

"You will like whatever I send to you." Amelia replied playfully, with a laugh.

"Indeed, My Queen." Rosalie grinned, pulling away. Her golden eyes turned to the three leaders of her world. "I know you three are above me, but if I ever found out you hurt her. I will castrate all three of you."

The three vampires looked at one another, then back to the young Cullen. "We hear ya, loud and clear." Marcus answered for his brothers, a smile on his face.

"You stole that threat from me." Amelia stated with a smirk.

"No I borrowed it." Rosalie replied with a grin, hugging the girl once more. Her cool lips touching her cheek. "Seems only yesterday you moved to our little neck of the woods."

"Yeah, but ya know it's just another chapter in this crazy book." Amelia whispered, the wisdom beyond her years peaking through. "We might not be able to go back, but we can always look at the memories we saved."

Rosalie smiled. "Indeed, but the world for you is only just opening up."

Aro walked up, wrapping his arms around his mates waist. "You can visit whenever you like." He told the blonde, the golden eyes went huge.

On an impulse Rosalie hugged the great Volturi leader, shocking the holy hell out of him. "Thank you." She cried, already missing her best friend and she hadn't even left yet.

It was then Aro saw her entire past for the first time, his red eyes saddened. His arms slowly wrapping around her to return the hug. "A sister of my mate is my family as well." He told her, before separating. "

Gold eyes turned back to Amelia, her hand touching her cheek. "I wish you luck, and love." The Vampire's voice cracked, before she took off. Amelia felt the tears come to her eyes, as she took Aro's hand.

"Let's start this chapter?" She asked him, gaining a bright smile.

"We will have the entire book." Aro smiled, leading her to the plane.


Amelia woke an hour after she curled to Caius in the bed. Her purred to her as she stirred. "How much longer?"

"Twelve hours, get some more sleep." He told her softly, she looked up at him.

"I'll try." She whispered, nuzzling into his neck. Her eyes still open as she contemplated a lot of things. The soft tickling sensation of her eyelashes flutter.

He moved a bit so he could look into her eyes, green meeting red like so many times before. They stayed like that for a moment, no words leaving them. His lips met hers softly, brushing his forehead to hers when he pulled away. "I love you." He told her softly.

"I love you too." She whispered back, before looking around the room. "Do you think we can?"

"We can what?" He asked softly.

Amelia looked at him and blushed softly. "Well I might need a little help going back to sleep."

His eyes went wide, before they darkened. "Are you saying what I believe?"

"Yes." She whispered.

Caius was silent for a moment, before touching her cheek softly. "I want to-"

"But?" She asked.

His red eyes met hers. "But, I want to bed you right." He whispered softly. "We will join the mild high club soon enough, but please let me take an entire day to spoil you properly."

Amelia was surprised, but she suspected this from him. She knew he was going to rock her world, but he was a gentle lover. He'd held her multiple nights, gently rocking her to sleep, kissing away her worries. "Okay, but I get to spoil you as well."

"Only if I get to spoil you first." He replied, gaining a laugh.

"We shall see." Amelia smiled, kissing him once again.

Caius held her to him, when they pulled apart. "Would you like to join everyone in the main cabin?" He asked.

"Please." Amelia smiled, before she was helped up out of bed. He carried her to the main cabin, where Aro and Marcus were watching the guard play a game of poker. Chalices of blood on either side of them, both perking up visibly when they saw her.

"Carissimi, sei tornato da noi. (Beloved, you have returned to us.)" Marcus exclaimed happily.

"Buonasera, e io tornerò sempre da te. (Good evening, and I will always return to you.)" She smiled softly at them, her head falling back into Caius.

Aro smiled softly at her, she obviously still exhausted; but also too excited to sleep. "Mia cara, come sit with me." He requested which Caius passed her over. Their mate didn't really mind, as long as all three of her mates were around her she was fine. She also knew that would get harder for them, as they will have a lot of work to do. This thought saddened her dearly, as she wondered what her days would be like; besides college that was. No doubt Aro heard her, as he spoke to sooth her worries. "Amore, avremo tempo per il nostro lavoro. La tua felicità è molto più importante. (Love, we will make time for our work. Your happiness is far more important.)"

Caius nodded his head in agreement. "You will have to be with us during trials, if you decide to help will walk alongside Aro at all times if he needs to pull you back he will; or you sit with Marcus and myself."

"Okay." Amelia replied, smiling at him softly.

Aro chuckled. "However, for now. You need to rest, you can stay out here if you would like."

"I'm not moving." She replied simply, which caused even more laughter.

"Are you hungry, mother?" Alec asked from his position at the current poker table.

"No sweetie." Amelia replied, as she curled into Aro.

Alec nodded. "Alright mother."

Aro smiled softly. "You get some rest."

She nodded, before holding her arms out to Marcus who gladly took her. "I love you." She whispered.

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