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The night before Bella's wedding was uneventful, as the older Swan really didn't want a party. So, the two sisters along with Alice, Rosalie, Jane, Esme, and the rest of the Volturi coven that were with them; they had decided to watch a few films. Soda and canisters of both animal and human blood littered around the group. The rest of the Cullen family were out hunting and having a good time, somewhere. Amelia having encouraged Emmett to go after the biggest bear he saw, which she was met with an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Bella, and her sister sat bundled up on the floor. Where the two would sleep this evening, to have one final slumber party as humans together. Occasionally green eyes would meet one of her mates gaze, as they seemed bored out of their minds; least Caius was. As it was supposed to be a girls only party, but the guys invited themselves; they were watching "chick flicks." To be exact, currently Titanic was on the television. Truth be told, Amelia and her sister held similar faces to Caius; however Alice wanted to pick one.

"New rule." Rosalie finally said, everyone turning to her. "Alice you don't get to pick anymore movies."

The bride to be nodded. "Can we watch the Lord of the Rings extended instead."

Amelia perked up, to the extent that her mates started chuckling. Arms flew around Bella. "Yup, my sister."

"Could I be anyone else's?" Bella teased, gaining a few looks of amusement, while Alice raised her hand happily. "Okay, yes Alice you are part of our sisterhood."

The pixie squealed, jumping from the couch to hug the two humans. "Sisters forever."

"Literally." Amelia replied, before looking over. "Rosalie, Jane get in on this love." Which the two gladly did, Jane curled right up to her "queen." As the human had encouraged the female guard to relax.

"Real cute, sister dear." Alec chuckled from his seat, before he shrank away in pain.

Green eyes observed this, quickly acting to cover Jane's eyes with her hand. "No." Amelia spoke sternly, earning a grumble from the "young" blonde guard; who promptly turned to curl into her side. Looking up to see a smirk on the second half of the twins. "Alec, wipe that smirk off your face. Quit taunting your sister."

"Yes, mo-My Queen." He replied, everyone had turned to look at the boy in shock. His red eyes were huge, before he tore out of the room and up the stairs.

Amelia looked down as Jane, in shock to see the look of fear on her face. "Sweetie, what is wrong?" She asked, but the blonde just tore off after her brother. It was silent for a moment, as Esme paused the movie.

"Was he about to call you Mom?" Bella asked, while everyone looked to the redhead with wide eyes.

Touching her sisters hand softly, Amelia stood gently starting to walk towards the stairs when Aro took her hand. "I am not going to stop you from going up there, I just ask that one of us can accompany you."

Nodding her head, green eyes looked over for just a moment. "Marcus." She whispered, the chosen mate stood while Aro and Caius nodded in understanding. The calmer, elder male was the obvious choice. Her hand released from her mind reader, so that she could walk hand in hand with her rock.

Walking up the stairs, the two remained quiet as they took note of Jane and Alec's hushed whispers. Not meaning to ease drop, Amelia and Marcus listened still. Wanting to get to the bottom of what had happened downstairs, though the male truthfully already knew.

"I can't believe you!" Jane exclaimed from behind the door.

"It just slipped out Jane, I didn't mean to." Alec's defense followed suit, and so on and so forth.

"She may not feel the same way about us! We are the guards, she is the Queen!" Jane hissed.

"I know, but Jane she gives us both something we have lacked even when we were human." The breathing in which Alec released, made it sound like he was on the verge of tears.

No longer could she just listen, Amelia knocked on the door gently. Alerting the two immortals who had been preoccupied in their conversation to pay her heartbeat any mind. "Jane, Alec." She whispered, walking into the room to see the two. Their eyes were huge, as no doubt they realized she had heard a bit of their words. They looked terrified, especially when Marcus walked in after her.

"Master, if I overstepped my bounds. I will take any punishment-"

"I am not here to punish you." Marcus was quick to cut Alec off. "I am merely here to listen, both you and Jane have done nothing wrong."

The twins looked unconvinced, making Amelia very much glad she did not bring Caius with her. As she walked closer to the two, they did not run but their heads bowed in shame; as they sank to their knees. "We are sorry, our Queen." Jane whispered, never looking up.

"Why?" Amelia whispered, very much confused. "Why would I react badly to you two calling me Mom. If that is what you are needing." Both heads shot up quickly, to the point that Amelia knew if they had been human they would have had whiplash. Sinking down to wear they knelt to be level with them, she cupped both of their cheeks.

Alec didn't look convinced. "No wanted us, not until Aro saved us. He was the first one to show us any sort of kindness."

"The paternal bond is there." Marcus whispered from his position, making the two look up.


"Aro know, yes." Marcus said, this time cutting Jane off. "He has not acted upon the bond, because you two had to make that choice. Whether you wanted him as a father or not, is up to you; he wouldn't force it."

The red eyes of both twins weld with tears, as they looked hopeful at the mere thought of having parents that loved them. "Mother?" Alec finally asked, and instantly Amelia's own eyes filled with tears as she pulled both of them into her arms.

"I'm here, always." She whispered to them softly, kissing both of their temples. "Guess I have something else to thank Aro for."

Marcus chuckled softly, as he watched as an electric violet cord now connected his mate to the twins. "Would you two mind if Aro joined you?"

Jane looked up, shaking her head in response. "Please."

The elder vampire left, but not before giving his mate a sweet kiss to her head. "He will be up in a moment." With that he disappeared, a smile upon his face.

"Thank you." Amelia suddenly whispered.

"Mother?" Jane asked.

Green eyes looked to the two, as they pulled back. "I was certain I would never have children, because it isn't possible to conceive with a vampire." She whispered, a tear falling from her eyes. "You both have proven me wrong, and I know you are much older than me; but thank you for giving me the chance." Their arms were are round her instantly once more, the group hug is what Aro walked into.

His eyes scanned the scene, as he fidgeted by the door. A bit nervous at the idea of being their father figure, it was one thing to offer parental guidance; it was a whole other to be a parent. "Jane...Alec?"

"Fa-father?" Alec asked, looking absolutely terrified.

A smile came to the man's face as he moved quickly to kneel down with his little family, his lips touched his mate; before Jane had his attention. "It is okay, cara."

"Daddy?" Jane whispered, and he nodded. Pulling her into his arms, as Amelia held onto Alec.

In the doorway, Caius, Marcus, and Bella stood looking in on the group. All three held smiles upon their expressions, as joy took over. The two vampires happy for their mate, brother, and their now adopted children. While the human was thrilled to see her sister, hold Jane and Alec as her children. Knowing that this was something the younger Swan had always wanted, a family.

I've always enjoyed the whole paternal bond Aro had towards Jane, so I decided to use it. Now, I know you are all wandering where is Caius's scene. Y'all I could not make you tear up, in the beginning and end with some delicious steam. However, he is coming. He will have his chapter all to his glorious self.

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