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Hey guys, sorry been working on getting my Rythm back since the hectic holidays. However it is coming back and hopefully better then ever. Now, this probably won't be the most popular chapter. However I really did not want to make it about the graduation so much, so that is short and sweet. I do hope you enjoy the cuteness of the morning before.

Amelia breathed, as she felt her world come to life. Waking abruptly to Marcus kissing her lips, as today was it. In a few short hours, she, her sister, and her closest friends would graduate. However, that paled in comparison to what would come next. Her sister would be married a short two weeks later, which would signify for Amelia to start her own chapter. Away from Forks, away from the Cullens and her sister, to the other side of the world in Italy.

Another kiss stopped all of those thoughts, as she opened her green eyes to gaze at her still very naked mate. "Good morning, Handsome." She whispered softly, before looking around to see Caius and Aro had joined them during the night. Neither, it seemed cared if their brother was naked alongside them or not. She being naked herself, was obviously not a problem to them either.

Aro chuckled in response as he kissed her head, however he stayed silent on that matter. "You will be coming home soon enough."

"Yes." Amelia agreed, though her heart seemed to weep at the mere thought. She knew this day would come truly, but it seemed so quickly that the days flew by. "I will miss my sister however."

"I am sure we can arrange visits, after she's finished with her newborn days." Caius replied softly, a chuckle escaping as soon as his mate's arms wrapped around him. Her lips touching his softly, before pulling away.

Marcus pulled her to his body, he was not overly thrilled that his brothers had joined them; but for some reason did not voice it. Maybe it was because he could see the bonds to them, or maybe it was because he did not wish any distress on his mate. Whatever the matter was, he stayed silent as he nuzzled into her form. A grin forming as she turned to hold him close, face pressed gently into her bare chest.

A soft giggle escaped her. "Baby." She whispered, touching her lips to his forehead. "I love you."

He was about to return the sacred sentence, when a knock interrupted him. "What?" He growled out, his brothers joining him in the animalistic sound.

"Sorry." Alice's voice was muffled by the door. "However, we need to be ready by twelve for graduation and its nine now."

Amelia groaned softly, before sitting up. A whimper leaving Marcus's lips as she left his arms, she turned to him with a smile. "Shh." She hushed softly, turning so she could pull him to her. "Thanks, Alice. We'll be ready soon."

"Okay, don't forget your guitar." The cheeky reply was instant, making the redhead laugh. Her heartbeat spiked as she was a little nervous to perform the graduation song she chose, shaking her head before kissing Marcus once again.

"Come baby, we should shower." She told him, his red eyes brightened instantly. A sound came from behind her, turning she saw Caius looking a little disappointed; but he said nothing. A hand reached out, as she softly touched his hand.

Garnet eyes looked to her, before a smile fell to his lips. "Go and get ready, Aro and I will have a canister ready for Marcus when you two return. Along with one of your red berry smoothies." He told her softly, but his voice was slightly hardened. A flash of jealousy entering his eyes, which Amelia understood.

"Aro, Marcus. Could you give me a moment with Caius?" She asked, and instantly they were both up. Marcus dashed to the restroom, while Aro went to get everyone's drinks ready.

Caius raised an eyebrow with confusion. "What do we need to talk about?"

Her green eyes met his red ones, before she sighed wrapping her arms around his neck. Her breast pushed against his clothed chest, while pressing her lips to his jaw. A deep purr escaped him, while his arms wrapped tightly around her. "I love you." His eyes softened instantly. "I know you're jealous, you don't need to be."

A sigh escaped him. "I know, but it's a little difficult." He replied, as he pecked her lips. "Go on, I can wait for you."

Amelia smiled softly. "You won't have to wait long." The promise came from her lips easily, and he smiled once again. His blonde hair tickled her cheeks, as his lips touched hers once again.

"I love you." His voice barely registered as a whisper, before he took a deep breath. "Now go, Marcus can only be so patient." She chuckled, before nodding. Kissing him once more, before she stood leaving his arms in order to leave the room.


A few hours went by, before Amelia was sitting next to her sister in matching gold robes. Jessica stood at the stage to begin her speech, while Amelia's guitar rested by a chair. Thoughts began to fill her head, as the words of the valedictorian began to flow towards the group of graduates.

"When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like, Astronaut, President or in my case, a Princess."

Looking over to the parents and friends, Amelia's green eyes scanned her mates and friends that were known to their world as the elite guard, then to Esme her mother like figure that new exactly what to say to make her day just a bit brighter, and finally Carlisle. The blonde doctor seemed to feel her gaze as he turned looking confused, the man that became her second father to her. However, he did not replace her actual father. A face that should be there, but would never see this day.

"When we were ten, they asked again. We answered rockstar, cowboys or in my case, a gold medalist. But now that we've grown up, they wanted a serious answer. Well, how about this - who the hell knows?"

The question was valid, however the red haired girl had always known. As her father had been her inspiration, the inspiration that showed her justice that she had made sure Victoria was served when she killed Chief Swan. Amelia licked her lips, as she remembered telling her father that she wanted to be a detective. That was something he never would see, but thanks to her mates she would get to pursue. Moving her gaze from the confused golden eyes to look to the three said men, a smile came to her face; before she turned back to the stage.

"This isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions, this is the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love – a lot. Major in Philosophy because there is no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind and change it again because nothing is permanent."

Amelia thought about that, before looking at Bella. As she took in the words, before shaking her head. Turning her attention back, before signing softly.

"So make as many mistakes as you can. That way someday when they asked what we wanna be, we won't have to guess – we'll know."

"Thank you, Jessica." The principal said walking up, before he began to call names up for graduation.

A sense of satisfaction came through the younger Swan twin, as she and Bella walked across the stage. "I did it, Daddy." Amelia muttered as they sat back down.

"We did it." Bella whispered beside her, making the girl turn. Brown and green met easily, as they smiled sadly to one another.

See, we can get to Amelia off to Voltaren soon. Not to mention Caius and Amelia's first time together, which how do you all think that will go? Let me know in the hehe reviews.

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