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Marcus part 2

Oh my god, yall I am so sorry. I had writers block and been working from 7 am to after 6pm seven days straight. Forgive me for missing on this story for a few days longer. Now with that said-

Disclaimer: This chapter contains lemony goodness, OCC Marcus as in he is very fluffy.


Tomorrow, they will all graduate. Demetri seemed to be the most excited, as that meant he could return to Volterra. However Amelia and Bella both held dread, as once graduation, then the wedding; Bella would be a newborn. They wouldn't be allowed near each other for an entire year, that was even if the oldest Swan remembered her dear twin sister. In the wake of this, they made it their mission to spend every waking moment together.

The three kings, and Edward did not seem to care for this at all. The four wanted attention from their separate mates, but understood the need and desire. Sitting on the couch while the trembling flames of the fire, the soft orange light flowed through the room of Charlie's house. The for sale sign, being seen from the window.

"Are we sure we want to sell it?" Bella asked suddenly, as they had all been cleaning about.

Green eyes cut to her sisters face, as Amelia sat the closest to the fire. Inhaling the scent that had calmed her upon many restless nights, when she was a child and she stayed through Christmas. Turning to look out the window she stared at the sign, as if it was a constant thorn in her side. "Do we want to sell it, no not really." She whispered softly. "However, logically it is for the best. We will have no need for this house, and let's be honest we kept it; because we didn't want to let go."

Marcus eyed his beautiful mate, moving to her side as the first tear fell from her eye. "Moving on, and letting go is natural and hard. However, you two have survived your hardships, and you will survive this one."

Amelia smiled at him, as Bella looked on. Having noted just how different her sister acted, since completing the mating bond with Aro. She was less irritable, calm, and way more cuddly. The man however, was almost a thousand times more protective. Brown eyes traveling to him, noting how he read quietly. She turned to look at Caius who was quiet, as he gazed at his mate with a look of wanting; both he and Marcus held similar looks.

"Marcus." A soft giggle from her sister could be heard, gaining the attention of everyone. They all soon took in the sight of Amelia leaning into the Vampire, his fingers trailing down her sides with a smirk on his lips. Every once in a while his long digits dancing across her stomach, resulting in a giggle from the girl again.

"Yes?" He whispered against her hair, as he kissed her head. A soft chuckle coming from his throat, as she squirmed from his fingers yet deeper into his chest.

"I love you." She whispered softly, turning to kiss his jaw.

His red eyes softening more at her words, lips gently grazing her temple. "I love you too, mia cara. More than you will ever know." Eyes widening just a smidge as he could see his soft yellow mating cord, brightening instantly.

"Come with me." She whispered to him, before standing to take his hand. Leading the vampire out of the room and up the stairs.

Caius watched longingly, as he knew his brother's bond would be completed to their mate. However, Marcus's happiness meant more to him, then petty jealousy could ever. Having seen first hand the vegetative state of the older vampire after the death of Didyme. It filled his undead heart with joy, to see the male happy once again.

"Should we leave the house?" Bella asked Edward, who nodded his head simply.

The red headed male, looked over to Aro and Caius with respect. "We will see you in the morning." With that he led his own mate out the front door.

Meanwhile, Amelia had taken Marcus to her bedroom. Sitting down on the bed gently, with him by her side; head gently on his shoulder. "You're my rock you know?" She whispered softly.

"Hmm?" He responded calmly. "I'm your rock?"

She nodded softly. "You are. Marcus, you are so much more than just my mate. You are my rock, my sweetheart, the person I can hold after a very bad day and never let go." Pausing softly, as he shifted to pull her closer into his side. "One out of three of my best friends, my anchor, and the balance I need in this life. To simply call you my mate, the word does not give you justice."

Marcus for his part was at a loss for words when she finished, he nearly felt his undead heart beat again; as his brain tried to grasp her words. "Look at me." He finally said, and when she did his lips were upon hers. He kissed her and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below her ear, his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. She ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and he could feel the beating of her heart; as it beat for both of them.

Amelia could not remember when he dipped her back, as she felt the gentle sheets of her bed. All she felt was him above her, his frozen skin embracing her gently. Slowly she felt his tongue glide against her lower lip, asking for entrance to which she gave. Twin moans filled the room, as her hands traveled up to remove his jacket and shirt. He pulled back for a moment to gaze into her eyes.

"Are you sure?" Marcus whispered softly, all she did was smile and nod. Hands going down the length of his chiseled chest, and soft stomach; before traveling back up his muscular arms.

"I want you, I need you." She whispered softly, as he moved to remove her clothes. Leaving his trousers on, as he started with her shirt. His cold lips traveled gently down her jaw to her neck, pausing at her pulse to kiss and nibble on. A low moan escaping her as he did, a cold hand went up to gently caress her right breast. His lips traveling lower to take her left nipple into his mouth, as his one hand continued to massage the right.

The whimpers of need she released were music to his ears, his other hand traveling lower to slip into her trousers and panties. A gasp forcing out of her lips, as he gently played with her hot clit; her arousal coating his fingers instantly. "I can see how much you need me." He purred, as he removed his hand to gently lick his fingers clean. "I could feast on this, and could never thirst for blood again."

Amelia watched him, her green eyes barely noticeable as her pupils were blown open with her lustful need. Nearly matching his own black irises, as he stripped her of the remaining clothing. Legs opened instantly, as he had seen her naked twice now. "Please." She asked softly, using a foot to touch his clothed thigh. "Don't tease me."

He just smiled, positioning his shoulders under her thighs to gaze at the beautiful, white rose between her legs, kissing the inside of her right thigh, then suckling the inside of her left. He reveled in her scent and moistened his palate with the thoughts of citrus and honey. Without any further hesitation, he swiped his could venom covered tongue through her folds. A moan escaping them both, before he gave a few more delicate licks. Looking up to her slightly, he could see her kidded eyes looking down at him. With a final smirk he dove in, lips devouring her wet folds with a primal need.

"Marcus!" She cried out, as she came soon after. However he did not stop, he drank her essence until she came again, and again, and again. Her,body trembling when he finally released her from his torture. "Please."

"Tell me what you want." He whispered softly.

"To be complete." The answer was unexpected, but he needed to hear it.

Standing back from the bed, Marcus gave her a look; before slowly taking off his trousers. Fumbling with his belt way too long in Amelia's opinion, as she moved ripping the belt free from his hands and rings. Throwing it with wherever his shirt and jacket went, his eyes going wide. Her arms moved to wrap tightly around him, bringing his ice like form on top of her. Lips locking with his soon after, the sheets tickling her back once again.

Amelia continued to remove his trousers, with help from the now desperate vampire. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding them down his narrow waist. From there, Marcus could kick them off. His hard cocked springing free, hard as a rock. Her warm hand moved to stroke him, but he was quicker this time.

"No." He whispered. "I have no patience just like you, I need to be inside." A moan escaped her lips at that, as she felt the head of his cock rubbing her clit. The temperature difference, making them both hiss.

"Marcus!" She gasped, when he finally entered her heat in one swift thrust.

His eyes closed for a moment, as he saw his yellow cord become a beautiful bright gold. The mating bond completing before his eyes, was not like anything he thought it would be. Head going back, before down; as if he was about to weep. In truth he wanted to, weep in pure ecstasy. "Amelia." He finally whispered, as she reached up to hold him close to her body.

In that moment, the world fell away for both of them. Lips connecting once again. There was no world, no land, no god or heaven or earth outside of their two bodies naked and trembling in the act of love.

Marcus doesn't get enough love does he? Mean I was searching for some juicy Marcus stories and found practically nothing. Anyway, Caius will get his time to shine don't you worry.

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