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I hope you are ready for a little sexy times, that will soon to lead to the real sexy time XD. Y'all I'm tired, I was jerked and yanked all over work today. So if the ending of this isnt as good as the rest, its due to a glass of wine and a need for sleep. However I think you will like the girl time.

Amelia curled to Marcus upon the couch after their morning endeavors, her lower body was a bit sore from the rough finger fucking he gave her. How she was still intact? She would never know. Regardless, that had to be the hardest and most intense orgasm she had ever had. "Your amazing, you know." She whispered to him.

"Hmm." He chuckled softly, both ignoring as Aro growled at them. They both knew he was not going to be happy, but what he seemed to not notice, every time he growled; her body would heat up.

"Aro." She whispered, and he looked at her. "Your growls are sexy."

He visibly perked up. "You like, my growling."

"Always." She giggled, moving to cuddle deeper into Marcus. Her feet in Caius's lap with a blanket draped over her, the latter rubbing up her leg; her arousal clouding his mind. She shifted a little, enjoying the feel of his warm hand against her flesh, lowering her head a little Amelia nuzzled against Marcus's chest... and then playfully bit down, aiming for near his nipple, although it was a little hard to tell through his shirt. He jumped a bit, while Caius's fingers danced around her asscheeks and she felt a little tingle between her legs.

Her own fingers moved to undo Marcus's pants, a thrill escaping her at knowing Aro was watching this turn of events. He growled, before smirked as Bella walked in. Looking very puzzled over something. "What is wrong, Isabella?" He asked, making Amelia jump slightly.

"Wedding jitters I suppose." Bella replied, having gotten used to the three kings calling her by jer full name. "I was hoping my sister could also help me hide from Alice, before the reception."

Amelia looked at her sister, before looking back at Caius who had yet to stop. "I think when Alice sets her mind on one of us, it is hard to hide from her." She replied, her voice breathless as she glared at her blonde lover to stop. However, that did little to stop him. Caius just smirked, as she felt his hand push her panties to the side; cold palm going over her instantly.

"Sis, I'm terrified. When I was little, I never dreamed of-what are you doing?" Bella asked, eyeing her sisters flushed appearance.

Amelia was cut off as two fingers slid inside her. "I-I am cuddled between two of my mates, and would like my third to join me." She replied.

"No you don't." Aro smirked, gaining a hard glare.

Marcus went to comment, but a hot hand on his clock made it very difficult to do so. His eyes going wide as he looked down at her in surprise, noting she had moved the blanket so they were out of sight and out of mind. Looking over to Bella once more, trying not to jolt as his mate squeezed him harder.

Bella looked at them, before back at Caius, gaze going to Aro and his smirk; then back to Caius. She took note that only one of his hands were visible, her mind for some reason it wouldn't click for her. Her sister guessed it was because, unlike her sexually explicit mates. Edward was very old fashioned, mean very old fashioned.

Amelia was about to say something, when certain cold fingers curled up into her spot. A gasp coming from her, before her green eyes closed. Being still sensitive from this morning, and the thrill of being caught; it numbed her senses. Cumming, in front of her sister without her sister ever knowing while Caius continued to stroke inside her body. Her fingers moving to rub against the head of little Marcus, which was also his undoing.

"Isabella, could you excuse us for just a moment?" Aro requested, and the girl's eyes went huge when she realized what had just happened.

"Oh god." She was quick to run out of the room, muttering about how the couch needed to be burnt.

Amelia giggled, before bringing her white covered hand in order to lick it clean. Her mates watching her like a hawk, before her head went under the blanket.

Marcus's head went back instantly, a loud growl escaping him; before she returned. "Amelia."

"What? Had to clean up the mess." She replied, getting glared at. Her response was to move back to Caius fully, curling into his chest with a pleased grin. Her hand moving to gently palm him through his trousers, right as Alice walked in and immediately walked right back out.

"Carlisle will want that clean!" She called over her shoulder.

"Yes ma'am." Amelia replied, before her hand went into her blonde lovers trousers; stroking him to completion.

He watched as she lapped his essence up, very similar to how she did Marcus. Taking a deep breath, as his eyes were black as night; before crashing his lips to hers. Allowing her tongue into his mouth, which ultimately one of his sharp vampiric teeth nicked it open. Neither one of them complained, as the red substance filled their mouths.

Amelia gasped for breath when he finally released her, before she turned to Aro. She wanted him, she wanted him in every way, and soon she would have him buried deep inside her.

"Amelia, I need your help!" Her sister could be heard, which made the human Queen smirk as she stood and left. Not before she touched Aro's cheek however, with a twinkle of mischief she was gone.

Aro stood there in absolute shock, not believing what he heard. To be wanted with such a passion caused his undead heart to soar. What he did not know, was that it was she who would be doing the wooing.


Upon reaching her sister, only to see Alice trying to get her to put on the heels. The younger Swan sighed, gaining two head turns. "Sis?" Bella asked, as her eyes locked on to a bit of white substance upon her chin. "What is that?"

Alice sniffed, before recoiling. "You and Caius are messy."

Amelia blushed, before moving to the bathroom to clean her face. She returned soon after, looking at Bella and Alice once again. "Now, Alice. We do not need Bella falling and getting dirt on the wedding dress."

She glared at by two individuals, one because her clumsiness would be seen easily. The other, because Amelia made a reasonable excuse. "Fine, we can compromise for a kitten heel."

"That is all I asked." Bella replied.

"Now, Alice I need your help..well both you and Rosalie." Amelia said, when that had all been concluded.

Bella looked hurt. "Why not me?"

"Because, I am wanting Aro to fuck me. Do you know how to convince him?" Amelia asked, and instantly Alice was squealing.

"I know exactly what you-"

"You had a vision of Aro taking me?" Amelia raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, right before they left." Alice replied, before looking over to see Bella's bleached face in shock. "What is it Bella?"

"You are giving up Oxford?" She replied.

"I am applying to a university in Volterra." Amelia responded. "I don't want to give it up, but my mates come first. I see them in my future, and I know Alice does as well. They are what I want."

Alice was grinning. "Bella, we need to get your lingerie anyway. Let us all go."

"Get Rosy." Amelia sang, before she felt arms wrap around her.

"I managed to get your mates to leave, so they heard nothing." The blonde Cullen grinned. "We going to get you all ready, Aro won't know what to do with you."

"How will we get Caius and Marcus-"

"Don't you worry about that, now let us go!" Alice cried, as the vampires begin to drag the humans out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door. Her mates were walking up confused and a little angry, to which Amelia waved as she was dragged into Emmett's Jeep.

"Oh they looked pissed." Rosalie laughed brightly, as she began to drive off.

"What did you do?" Amelia asked.

"Told them that Carlisle wanted to see them."

"They hate being lied to." Amelia replied.

"Aro is gonna get your virginity, he will be fine." Rosalie said simply, in response.

Fair warning, there will be a lot of details. This will be very romantic, and very much Aro oriented. Out of curiosity what color do you think Aro enjoys? XD I know random right. However answer it please, along with this one. How will Aro react to her full scheme?

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