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God, this was so hard. However, I hope you do enjoy it nonetheless. Also Marcus will be very fun at the end. Which again I hope you all like, as it is time for him to shine and be loved on again. XD

(She was about to say something, when a new voice spoke. "Amelia."

Her eyes went huge, as she gazed into Marcus's eyes and he smiled. "Look over, and go to him." Her older and wiser mate whispered.

Turning, to see her mind reader. The man she wanted nothing more than to rip his clothes off again. "Aro." She breathed, as Marcus released her. Run she did, right into her ebony haired mate's arms.)

"Aro." She whispered once again, as her mouth met his. Feeling as he stiffened and held her tighter, as the memory of these past couple of months filled his mind. "Your back, I have my mates back." Her voice trembled, as if she was afraid this was just a dream.

He kissed her once again. "Yes, all of us are. We will always return." His undead heart breaking at the amount of pain they had put upon her.

Mind still reeling, she barely registered that he had even spoken. Head just nuzzling under his jaw, breathing in his scent. "I love you." She whispered softly, kissing at where his pulse would have been. "Se agapó, se chreiázomai. (I love you, I need you.)"

"Boró na do póso chreiázeste, tha échoume mia makrá syzítisi gia esás kai tin Oxfórdi, ótan eímaste mónoi sto kreváti. (I can see how much you have needed us, we will have a long discussion about you and Oxford, when we are alone in bed.)" Greek felt foreign upon Aro's tongue, having gotten so used to Italian and English as of late. However, it warmed his heart to hear his mate using his native tongue upon her lips. "Are you tired?"

Amelia was silent, truly she felt emotionally drained now. No doubt he knew that, and she could feel her other two mates watching them. She wanted to cuddle all three, and never let go. A gust of wind was felt, with that very thought. Having heard a sentence in Latin, but not picked up on the translation.

"Amelia." She heard Caius whisper, and she turned to him.

"I'm sorry." Her voice quiet, and he shook his head. Gently she felt him take her and lay her down on the "bed" (Marcus.) Instantly she nuzzled into her more quiet mate, feeling peace take over her.

It was then Aro spoke. "We should have been informed about how you were handling our absence." He stated simply. "For this, we will have a long discussion with both Carlisle and Demetri."


"Yes." Aro stated. "Seeing how you screamed in agony, hearing it from your own vocal chords. Seeing the nightmares, the fact you felt as if you were sinking into an abyss and dying-" he stopped, a hand going to his chest. Pain taking over his facial features. "You felt as if you were being poisoned, and unloved."

Amelia was silent, feeling as Caius gazed at her for the longest. "You should have told us everything." He all but cried, moving to wrap his arms tightly around her. Kissing her head several times, as tears began to fall from his eyes.

"I didn't want to worry you...wanted to be strong,for you." She whispered at last, moving to wrap her arms around her blonde mate instantly.

Marcus let a sob escaped, again surprising his female mate. However, hearing everything that Ark had seen. His heart if he had still been human would have stopped, and he would have succumbed to death. "We need to reconsider you going to Oxford, there is a university in Volterra. We can look it up, and you can be at home with us at night and weekends." He whispered, against her hair.

Turning her head to look at her soul reader of a mate, looking at him for a long time. "Aro, please hold me." She whispered, to which he was quick to climb into the bed. Turning slowly, which Caius did protest, but her hand was already in the dark ebony locks to take out the clip. "I missed you so much."

"We missed you as well, but that does not change our pressing matter at hand." Aro told her simply. "Will you look at the University of Volterra, with us?"

Amelia was silent for a while. "I will look, its just-"

"We know, you have worked so hard to get to where you see." Caius whispered. "However things are different now."

"They are." She agreed. "Plus I will always be apart of "law enforcement" in the end."

Aro smiled down at her. "Indeed you will, my love."

"We will figure it out." She murmured, yawning softly.

Her three mates cuddled up to her, making the best blanket in the world. Cold or not, and they only added to it when three cloaks were draped around her. "Sleep, my love. We will be here when you awake." Marcus whispered into her ear.

Nodding softly, as her arms went around Aro; as tightly as she could. Her head nuzzling under his jaw, eyes closing slowly. Lashes clouding her gaze, before her green eyes were covered in a blanket of flesh. Sleep taking her into the abyss of bliss, while she laid where she truly belonged.


Amelia had not felt this rested in a very long time, as she slowly began to come to. Her senses picking up on three different presences wrapped around her, all cold to the touch but warmed her so. Eyes opening slowly, before closing once more. Lips trailing up the neck she was buried into, the owner was quite pleased.

"Good morning, mia cara." Aro's voice registered in her head, before she moved quickly to capture his lips with her own. He was all too happy to join in on the fun, as tongues remapped one another with such a delicious intent.

"Morning." She whispered, once she pulled away. Eyes blown open with lust, as she gazed into his black ones. Turning away cheekily, she gave Marcus the same treatment.

"Hmm…" The male underneath her body moaned. "A wonderful morning indeed."

Caius chuckled. "You gave me the best morning yesterday." He purred. "Or was it more like Saturday afternoon."

"Whatever." She replied, while laughing and playfully pushing him. He let her, which resulted in him going off the bed. "Aro?" She asked, turning back to him.

He looked to her, "yes?"

"We were interrupted last time you were here." She whispered, and his eyes narrowed and darkened. "Would you do me the honor, of finally showing me what is under the many layers of clothing?"

"I will." He whispered, but before he could Marcus moved faster.

Amelia was surprised, but laughed as her older appearing mate made a show of a scheme. The light of the bathroom came on, and the door closed. "What is this?" She asked him.

"Aro always gets what he wants." Marcus replied simply with a playful look. "This morning, I am fulfilling my desire. See mia cara, I know Aro will be your first and soon." Her face went red real quick. "Which is why I would love to taste you and worship you a bit first."

She shivered when he said that, but nodded. "Okay, but how did you know I wanted Aro to take me."

"Oh he heard your thoughts, and boasted." Marcus replied. "Do not fret, neither Caius or I am upset. We had seen this coming the day you and Aro met."

Amelia nodded simply. Of course her mind reader had seen her thoughts and wants, a part of her should have been violated; but she didn't feel that way. Perhaps it was the fact they were home, and last night was the first night she had felt such utter bliss in a long time. "I should have guessed he saw."

"Indeed you should have, you should also know he was quite jealous of the sight of Caius." Her mate replied simply, making her giggle.

"He's gonna really be upset after this morning, as I plan on tasting your cock-*growls from him*-your cock." She giggled, moving closer to him. "However, you know I have yet to see you fully naked as well. What do you hide from me, my love?"

Marcus growled darkly, his fingers moving to tear his clothing off of his frame. His shirt now in threads revealed a nicely toned chest, he did not bare Caius's six pack; but he didn't need to. His arms were muscular enough, as was his chest. Moving to sit on the ledge of the sink, her arms moving to remove her shirt as well; having slept in her clothes. Her bra covered chest revealed, right as her mate dropped his pants and shorts..boy did he look delicious.

Is Aro mad?

Nature faustus

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