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Finally I was able to get this out. I had no idea, how to write this chapter; but I hope you like it. I also hope you love the end. XD

Looking back at the clothes, before him, then back; before a light bulb went through her head. "Wait, did they video chat?" She asked, which if he could sweat he would be.

"Um..yes." Caius whispered.

"You didn't plan on telling me?" She asked, before she instantly turned and grabbed a pair of white jeans with a lilac blouse and left.

"Shit." Her mate muttered before looking down, he didn't have an answer for her. He really didn't know what to do, all he knew was there was a lot of making up to do.

Amelia glared out the red corvettes window for a while, choosing to ride with Rosalie to David's Bridal. She knew she was being petty, but could not control it. Her heart ached for both Aro and Marcus, as well as Caius, the latter less so as she can now hold as long as she wanted. However he could not heal the hole in her heart completely, which she hoped he knew. Hell she was sure, if she hadn't gotten injured, Aro was cruising from this PG13 film and right to a Pornhub original. She and Marcus had made it part way to R, and now Caius and her were in the X playing field.

"You going to tell me?" Rosalie asked, which caused her to jump as they drove further to Seattle.

Amelia turned to her in confusion. "Tell you what?"

"What Alice did to make you glare at all the trees as If they were your worst enemies." The blonde replied simply, the remark earning a small smile.

Turning to her, the Swan sighed. "Its stupid and petty, not even sure why I'm mad. Mean they called me every night, but knowing the could video chat-"

"Oh. Your right, that is petty." Rosalie murmured. "I want you to know I get it, when I first had Emmett changed. At first it was selfish, he reminded me of someone from my past and I had to have him. I only found out that he was my mate after he was turned, as sometimes that is how it works." She whispered softly. "However I had to learn, to selfishly love someone with your own sick gratification. That you are the only one in their life is not healthy, and making it so that they are only ever happy by your side is not fair."

Amelia looked at the woman who was one of her best friends. "I want them to be happy at all times-"

"Yes, yes. That is the lie you tell yourself. Truth be told, you want to be with them at all times. Which means the only way you want them to be happy is with you." Rosalie interrupted. "But trust me, separation is actually good for a relationship. It brings you not to see them again, and a joy to hold them after the longing you have held."

Silence filled the car, before a soft sob escaped Amelia. "What is wrong with me?" She asked softly, looking completely defeated not at all the proud girl that the Cullen knew so well.

"Nothing." Rosalie replied simply. "We all feel this, and we all get like this. Look at your sister, prime example. She is constantly up Edward's ass, and when she's not she is irritable and angry. You though irritable do not take it out on everyone." Turning her attention back to the road before them. "Also, you must remember it will be rare for them to leave you behind, once you are turned. Eternity is a very long time, after all."

Amelia looked up at that, having not thought of that at all. "You are right." She whispered, looking down for a moment again. "Can I confess something?"

"Anything." Rosalie whispered.

"Before I got hurt, Aro and I-"

"Got really cozy, yeah your sister told us how she walked in on you and him starting to rip each others clothes off." The blonde laughed. "Not her place, but I'm sure Aro had a few choice words for and about her."

Amelia went silent thinking about that early November morning.


Aro and her had gone on one of their frequent outings together, the local diner and a walk. Hand in hand constantly, which was dangerous as times Amelia's thoughts tended to wander. Getting his body prepared at a moments notice, this just happened to be one of those days.

A song had come on in the diner, a very old one but it got her motor running. As the lyrics sang out. "They come runnin' just as fast as they can

Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man." Her eyes went over Aro, in his suit jacket, dress shirt, and slacks. All in black of course, not a hair out of place. It rarely was unless she undid the clip at night.

'I really want to see, what is under all those clothes.' She thought, not even taking in account where her hand was. 'To taste the rock hard flesh, lick down from his-shit his eyes are black...oh crap we are holding hands."

"Mia cara, unless you want to cut our time short. I would suggest you stop with those sinful thoughts." He growled seductively.

Amelia's eyes flew open, as she took her hand back. Thoughts running one million miles and hour, before settling on one thing. She wanted him, and she wanted him now. Her body began heating up, as she rubbed her thighs together. "Ma amore mio. Ho sempre desiderato essere la tua ragazza sporca. (But, my love. I have always wanted to be your dirty girl.)"

If it was possible, his eyes went blacker. Turning his head, to see their waiter walking over. "Check." He requested, before turning back to his mate. "Vuoi essere la mia ragazza sporca? Potrei doverti punire. (You want to be my dirty girl? I may have to punish you.)"

"Posso soffocare sul tuo-(Do I get to choke on your-)" She started to ask, and he was quick to interrupt.

Aro held up his hand with a growl. "Adesso mi fermerei, bambina. (I would stop now, little girl.)" He ordered, as the bill was handed to him. Throwing down some bills, with a quick "keep the change," he quickly helped Amelia out of the diner.

The long strides at home was effortless, as the cold wet air caused her black shirt to hug her body. It was at this point he noticed she was braless. A smirk on her face as he looked at the protruding nipples from underneath her clothing. "See something?"

"You planned this." He growled, before all but kicking down the door of her late father's home. Dragging her up the stairs, and to her bedroom. "You are a very bad girl." Hissing loudly, before bending her over the bed. "I think I should spank your little bum."

"What?" She questioned, before the first slap to her ass was heard and then registered. Not having expected this, but definitely not complaining. "Oh god."

"That is an accurate assumption, I can be your God." Aro hissed, before yanking her trousers off to find a spank green thong. "You really did plan this, how did I-"

"Everything has a window." She teased, before turning. Moving quickly to rip his jacket and shirt, shocking the hell out of him.

"You did not just do that?" He questioned, if anyone knew anything it was that Aro prided himself in what he wore.

"What are you going to do about it?" She asked, kissing his jaw before trailing her tongue down his neck. Nipping as hard as she could, without injuring herself.

Aro briefly looked at her, wondering where the fuck had this side of his mate been. He truly wasn't complaining, before he pushed her down to rip her shirt from her body. "Why punish you." With that his could lips were upon her nipple instantly. His fingers trailed to her clit, as he began rubbing through her skanky panties; before a sharp smack was given.

To her surprise, this action just made her hunger for him more. However, that was where it ended, as her door was opened abruptly. "Hey sis, why was the front door op-" Bella stood there in shock, as both Aro and Amelia were quick to cover themselves.

"Isabella, I suggest you learn how to knock." Aro snarled darkly, his arousal going down at being interrupted. The other sister, squeaked before she ran quickly.

End of Flashback.

"She did not make the same mistake twice, at least not with the same king. She did open the door on Caius and I once as well." Amelia whispered.

"Did she catch you with Marcus?" Rosalie asked.

"With his hand up my shirt, on more than one occasion." The human replied.

"Girl, I thought Emmett and I were bad." The blond laughed brightly, making the other blush brightly.


Once the bridal appointment was over with, the group headed home. Only to find two different cars in the parking lot, both italian made and both made Amelia run into the house. The first person she saw was Felix, and boy did she tackle that giant.

"Fe-Fe Bear!" She cried, earning laughter from all around. Her eyes landing on Alec and Jane. "Janey! Ally!" They were soon tackled as well.

"They are not the only-" A familiar voice started, and was quickly cut off as he was jumped. The person being Marcus.

"Marcus." She breathed, before her lips were on his a second later. "My Marcus." Tears began to come to her eyes, as she held onto him for dear life.

"Amelia." He whispered, holding her tightly to his frame; well as tight as she could without hurting her. "My mate."

"Mi sei mancato così tanto, perdona la mia debolezza. (I missed you so much, forgive my weakness.)" She whispered against him, before her lips were back on his. A warm tear hitting his cheek as she did.

He was shocked by her words, as he dared to try and bring her closer. "Ho molti pensieri quando ti viene, amore mio. Essere deboli non è mai uno di questi, perché sei la persona più forte che ho il piacere di amare. (I have many thoughts when is comes to you, my love. You being weak is never one of them, for you are the strongest person I have the pleasure of loving.)"

She was about to say something, when a new voice spoke. "Amelia."

Her eyes went huge, as she gazed into Marcus's eyes and he smiled. "Look over, and go to him." Her older and wiser mate whispered.

Turning, to see her mind reader. The man she wanted nothing more than to rip his clothes off again. "Aro." She breathed, as Marcus released her. Run she did, right into her ebony haired mate's arms.

What did you think? I personally loved ending it like this, I loved writing her moments with Rose and the little flashback was a perfect tease on what is to come soon, no?

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