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What a morning

Hello everyone, now you all are probably looking forward to drama and a little steam am I right. Also an of course some corny Dad-Carlisle moments XD. I hope you will enjoy everything, that is about to come. Plus, remember questions will be asked at the end.

The sounds of panting could be heard within the steam of the bathroom, along with loud groans. One would think they would belong to a love sick teenager, not a 3000 year old vampire. However, with his mate on her knees stroking his still very much delicate organ. "Mia cara, please." He hissed at her, wanting that hot mouth of hers upon him.

"Hush." Amelia replied simply. "When you go down on me you will be in charge, when we leave the bedroom or in this case bathroom you will be in charge." Pausing softly to rub the head of his coco against her left nipple, making them both moan. "Right now I am in charge."

The blonde pencil straight hair, stuck to his face due to the water of the shower. His hand squeezing the life out of a luffa, which shredded in his grasp, leaving just his hand the pressure causing cracks. "Amelia, please for the love of Aphrodite! Please use your mouth!" He begged, now Amelia couldn't help but giggle at this. One of her more prouder mates begging for her touch.

"Well it would be rude to refuse, besides I am a little parched." That made her mate moan, as his venom covered tongue licked his lips. His red spheres already the darkest onyx anyone could ever see, but if possible they became darker when her tongue darted out.

Caius's back arched, as he felt her lick his glands. "Fuck." He growled, they grew darker when he finally felt her mouth envelop him. "Oh yes, Amelia just like that."

She hummed, earning a deeper groan then before. Really having no idea what she was doing, but having had to watch porn in hopes to cool her heated body (Yes women watch porn to), she could tell she was doing something right. Now Caius, was a rather gifted man and this was her first blow job; she couldn't take the whole thing. A gag could be heard.

"Take your time." Caius encouraged. "Do what makes-*hiss*- you comfortable." He bit out, reaching down to gently run fingers through her hair. "Use your teeth please, you won't hurt me."

Now, with any other man that would probably hurt them greatly. However, being that Caius had flesh like stone..even if his cock was certainly softer than the rest of him. Allowing her teeth to drop gently, in order to graze him softly. The effect was almost immediate, his cock began to swell.

"I'm gonna cum." He cried out, yes that's right Caius cried in bliss.

Amelia moaned, as the first shot of his cum hit her taste buds. He was unnaturally sweet, which she gathered was due to his venom. Everything about vampires was meant to attract humans after all, to enthrall them. When he was done shooting his load, and she had swallowed, she released him. It was then he grabbed her and kissed every last breath out of her.

"You are amazing." He purred deeply, kissing her with such a passion that if her pussy wasn't wet before it was definitely gushing now. "You also hunger...may I taste you?"

Amelia blushed, as she looked into his eyes and nodded. "Please." What she did not expect was to be up against the shower wall, her legs over her artistic mate's shoulders. His face buried deep in her folds, with a strong tongue lapping at her. "Caius." She moaned almost instantly, he circling her clit and entering her dripping hole.

"I know you are not ready to go all the way with me just yet. However, may I finger your hot body?" He asked softly, causing her to squirt a little at his words. "I'm taking that as a yes." He chuckled, before the next thing she knew her body was hitting the mattress of their bed.

"Caius…" Amelia whimpered, as she felt a bit of pressure at her entrance. However, that was it, for when his finger sank was definitely better than anything she could do to herself. His tongue danced on her clit, as he slipped in a second digit before he began thrusting them deep within. "Oh fuck!" She cried out, her back arching up as his other arm went up to push her down.

The male between her legs couldn't help but smirk. "Hai un sapore assolutamente divino, mia cara. (You taste absolutely divine, my dear)" He told her, making her moan again as he began going faster within her body. His lips closing around her clit as he sucked, a slurp could be heard.

Amelia could feel her abdomen tightening, her inner walls no doubt clamped on his fingers like a vice grip as she came hard. "Caius!" She screeched, whimpering as he moved away. Watching as he disappeared only to return with a rag in order to gently clean her now very sensitive folds.

"Better than Marcus?" He asked suddenly, making her look at him strangely.

"Your trying to get me in trouble." She giggled when she noted the smile of amusement.

His red eyes widening to appear innocent. "Me? Why, I would never."

"Sure, and I'm not comparing since you both have your strengths." She sighed, while moving to pull or rather persuade him to fall on top of her. "I love you though."

He chuckled, kissing her softly. "I love you, as well."

It was in the quiet afterglow, that her stomach decided to be known. Making her vampire really start to laugh. "No laughing at me." She pouted.

"I can't help it, your my cuts human." He smiled through the laughter, while helping her to stand and dress.

They,moving quickly downstairs, to find everyone waiting with a mixture of emotions. The list went as such.

Emmett: Big goofy grin!

Rosalie: Smirking, but with kind understanding eyes.

Jasper: Similar look as Emmett, with a thumbs up.

Alice: Wide eyed with a grin, probably wanting details.

Edward: Eyebrows up, with a smirk that said "I got ya now."

Bella: Eyes wide, with mouth agape.

Demetri: Encouraging kind eyes, with a small amount of mischief.

Esme: Stern motherly gaze, which meant a long talk.

Carlisle: Papa Bear is alive.

"Hi guys, what's for lunch?" Amelia smiled.

"Bear." Emmett replied, making her laugh brightly.

"No thank you." She responded.

Esme spoke next. "Tomato soup with grilled cheese."

"Grazie, Mom." That caused the mother of the Cullens to soften her gaze considerably.

Edward looked to Carlisle and then back to Amelia. "I think Dad would like to speak with you." He said with a smirk.

"I will still castrate you." Amelia thought simply, gaining wide eyes.

"Got it."


Carlisle paced inside his office, as Amelia walked in and sat down. "Hi Daddy." She stated, trying to lighten the mood.

"You and Caius fooled around." He muttered, making her turn beet red. "Not sure how I feel about that, mean you are over 18..but your my-"

Amelia sighed softly, truth be told she understood. He was like this because in all technicalities, he had just found his soul daughter. They would always be linked as such, but once her claim to her mates was complete..they would rarely see each other. "Dad, you won't lose me." She voiced.

"I already have." Carlisle sighed. "The moment you met them, I knew you would move and grow with the relationship." He whispered awkwardly. "Never had to have this talk with the rest of my coven, but with you being my eternal daughter…"

"Dad, just know I'm still a virgin and intact." Amelia replied, before standing. "Now, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, and I are going bridal shopping."

"Yes.." He muttered, a little uncomfortable from the first part but he let her go.

Sighing softly, before she ran quickly to her room. To find clothing picked out for her, glaring slightly at this. "Caius?" She asked, as he walked in. "Did you or Alice?"

"Aro helped." He replied. "Alice called him, and he's pretty angry with me. But, he and Alice picked out your clothing."

Looking back at the clothes, before him, then back; before a light bulb went through her head. "Wait, did they video chat?" She asked, which if he could sweat he would be.

"Um..yes." Caius whispered.

"You didn't plan on telling me?" She asked, before she instantly turned and grabbed a pair of white jeans with a lilac blouse and left.

"Shit." Her mate muttered before looking down, he didn't have an answer for her. He really didn't know what to do, all he knew was there was a lot of making up to do.

Uh oh, someone's in trouble! How will Amelia react to seeing Alice after this news? How will Caius fix their relationship? How is Carlisle's inner Daddy struggles? XD. Finally, who wants more shower moments?

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