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Here she is, and will have a bit of fun towards the end. This time you might be angry at me, but I promise the next chapter will be worth the ending of this one.

The last three weeks of school, was among Amelia, Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Demetri until at least four of the six repeated high school in a me town. The fifth and sixth would be in Volterra, one ruling along her mates while the other guarding her with his life. However, before any of that Amelia and Bella had to get through exams. The vampires having no worries about passing as being eternal, they had a vast knowledge.

Amelia, unfortunately was beginning to realize how much she had on her plate. All of her classes being AP, and due to missing several days due to physical therapy; made it stressful. On top of practicing the two songs for two separate events, her mind was running over a hundred miles and hour. No doubt Edward and Jasper were going to go insane with her around. Her guard and family begged her to rest and take breaks, but she rarely listened. It kept her mind off the loneliness, but all of that was about to change.

' Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight

Don't you dare look at him in the eye

As we dance with the devil tonight.'

Her phone sitting beside her went off, hearing Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin told her it was Caius. Sighing, she picked the device up to answer. "Hello, love." She whispered, to exhausted to speak in Italian.

"My love, it is one o'clock in the morning where you are...on a Saturday thankfully. You should be sleeping." His concerned voice filled the phone.

A with escaped her instantly. "I have exams next week." She replied. "I need to pass."

"You will, I am sure of it." He replied firmly. "However, you are smart enough to know what happens when a human doesn't get enough rest."

"I know-"

"I don't want excuses, I want to see you sleeping." He interrupted, now many thought that it was Aro wh was overprotective. Well those who think that have never taken the time to know Caius. He was typically overprotective and constantly worried, he'd be the first one there if he thought she was doing something dangerous. Secretly she was sure Demetri made calls.

Amelia sighed, a few years coming from her eyes. Hating to disappoint him, tempted to come clean that she hadn't slept in several days; but no doubt he knew that to. "Caius." She whispered, that was all she could say.

"You don't need to call me love." His voice softened, a confusion came over her. Message he gave was quite the thinker, but the knock on the door made her eyes widened.

The Cullens and Demetri would have just opened the door, looking to her phone then back up. Placing everything together in her head, she all but flew to the door. Opening it to find her blonde lover smiling at her, arms flung around him in the next second. "Caius, your back!" She squealed happily, arms and legs wrapping around him.

"I am, and you can walk again." He chuckled.

Amelia nodded. "Only short distances and times at the moment." Her voice turned into a whisper, as for some reason she began to weep. Her heart soared with so much joy, yet her mind made her relive the last few months of being alone. "I'm so weak."

"Weak?" He questioned in confusion. "Baby we've been through this."

"I know, but being separated hurt more than I could bare." She whimpered, instantly his arms were around her in understanding.

Caius sighed, he and his brothers had been afraid that would be the case. They had heard the pain in her voice, during every phone call. Their hearts would clench, when Demetri said she wasn't sleeping through the night; without waking up to scream in agony. It was why he had enough and snuck out of the castle the night before. His brothers no doubt knew now, but he cared not. "I am here now, my love."

"I know." She whispered against him, nuzzling under his jaw. "I love you, I tried to be strong."

"You were." He replied. "Now is the time for you to sleep however, and I shall hold you during this night. Also, you will sleep for however long you want."

Amelia looked up to him in confusion. "But, I have a ton-

"No." Caius replied. "You will take a break."


"Do not make me call Marcus or Aro, and tell them everything." He told her, knowing his brothers would be here the next hour to hold her if he did. "They would make you stay home, Monday."

She nodded slowly, as he moved carrying her back to bed. Watching as he swiped the books and papers on to the floor, before climbing into the bed with her in his arms. "Did you have throw them on to the floor?"

"Are you allowed to bend down and get them?" He answering with a question. Narrowing her eyes, before sighing as knew damn well she couldn't. Well she probably could bend, but Carlisle would really go Daddy dearest on her. "Now, sleep." He said, moving about so no he was her mattress like before.

"Can I have a kiss first?" She asked, earning a peck on the top of her head. "Not what I meant, and you know it." Turning quickly to claim his lips with hers, he chuckling softly before falling into a delicious act that both missed. His fingers traveled up her back, pushing the fabric of her shirt up to run cool finger tips amongst her flesh.

Caius growled against her, as the scent of her arousal hit his nose. "I've missed this scent."

"I always miss everything about you." Her voice quiet, as she fought not to weep again.

He sighed softly, before wrapping her tight in his arms. "I'm not going anywhere." Feeling as she nuzzled under his chin, he could feel the exhaustion radiating from her through the mating bond. So, when the first signs of her falling asleep could be felt, relief flooded through him.

A soft knock could be heard, before Bella popped her head in. She just checking to see if her sister was asleep, having gotten up to use the restroom. Her brown eyes widened as the blonde kings red ones glared at her, but instead of fear relieved joy filled the girl. "Thank you, maybe now she'll sleep through the night."

Caius looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"Amelia when she sleeps, she wakes up screaming in agony. Often crying in Carlisle's arms after." She replied. "So, I'm glad your back."

He eyed his mates sister, before looking down at his mate. "She never told us."

"I'm sure Aro will see it." Bella whispered. "I do not mean to cause a fuss, but I worry about her being in Oxford with just Demetri."

Red eyes met hers quickly. "So do we."


Amelia sighed, as she began waking. Her body felt good, mind at ease as she went to move; only to freeze. A cold body was underneath her, which meant she had been weak again. Raising her head, expecting Demetri only to find her surprisingly laid back mate. "Caius." She breathed, as the previous night caught up to her.

"Did you think it was a dream?" He teased.

She giggled. "I always have dreams of you."

"Oh really?" He asked, a smirk firmly on his face.

Amelia nodded, while moving to capture his lips. "Yes." She muttered.

Caius kissed her back gladly. "Would my lady like to bathe?"

"With you?" She asked, and he nodded simply. "That sounds wonderful." Pecking his lips again softly. "However, I will need to eat first."

"Obviously." He chuckled. "It is ten in the morning."

Eyes widened in surprise. "Really. That is late."

"Still morning." Was the response, as they began untangling to stand.

Amelia bit her lip as she did. "Why don't I eat at noon, and give you a blow job in the shower now?" His head whipped to her instantly, eyes turned black a heart beat later.

"Isn't that Aro's?" Caius asked, loving her dirty streak.

"He's not here." She replied.

He growled at this. "Naughty girls do not get rewards."

Biting her lip, Amelia moved to his chest. "Oh Caius, I want to be your good girl.." If it was possible, his eyes grew darker in his lust.

Is it evil to tease Caius like this, after all it is terribly fun..but how mad will Aro be when he finds out?

Nature Faustus

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