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Here without you

I promise everyone you will not be prepared for the feels in this chapter, but before we start I want to note this is a time skip; with a lot of details. I hope enough, however the feelings are high. I found myself shedding a tear or two.

Amelia had spent the next several months, pushing herself to move. Taking on every ounce of physical therapy Carlisle threw at her, as she now could walk down the stairs by herself. Using the crutches over the chair at school helped push herself even further, because they were uncomfortable as fuck. Then on top of that, she was practicing for her end of year vocal residual since she missed the Christmas one. Also, she was required to sing the graduation song.

It kept her busy, which kept her mind off the fact that everyone other than Demetri and herself had their mates with them. Nights were difficult, but the fact that one of them called her before she fell asleep helped with the loneliness. However, that did very little. Honestly what helped the most was when Carlisle and Esme climbed into the bed with her, until she fell asleep.

The two had watched her push herself and struggle, however hearing her crying at night; they had to step in. Understanding, being separated from her mates was absolutely torture. When they couldn't, then Jasper and Alice were there, sometimes Rosalie and Emmett, and often Demetri.

Bella watched the entire ordeal, having been through the same horrible separation from her own mate. The first week had been the worst, the entire house had heard Amelia screaming in pain in what should have been a blissful sleep. The older twin had started leaving her room, along with Edward; but Carlisle had beat them to it. Still she had stood at the doorway, watching as the blonde male held her sister close. Tears streaming down Amelia's tears, which caused Bella's own to cloud her brown eyes.

Which was why, when May had began to approach; Bella was jumping for joy. As that meant, Aro, Marcus, and Caius would be returning soon. Amelia would be going with them for two months, returning to Forks for the wedding of Bella and Edward, before leaving for England. This worried every Cullen, and Bella. As they truly wondered how Amelia would handle being in another country with only Demetri for support.

This all fell on deaf ears, as it was a miracle that Amelia was still accepted into Oxford. She figuring that her mates had pulled a few strings, which made her smile. As she currently sat on the couch next to Alice, while studying lyrics and song choices. It being almost time for one of her mates to call her, she needing to hear their voices; which most thought was silly. However, most were not mated to three Vampires.

'The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me

A touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall

Now you say it best when you say nothing at all'

Her phone rang with Alison Krauss, Say nothing at all. Telling her Marcus was calling.

"Mio caro Marcus. (My dearest Marcus)" Amelia greeted while answering the phone, she could feel Alice looking over to her.

"Buona sera amore mio. Come ti senti questa notte? (Good evening, my love. How are you feeling this night?)" His deep voice filled the phone, instantly a calming feeling filled Amelia. By the sigh from Jasper, she guessed he had been getting a great deal of her stress.

"Sto bene, un po 'dolorante per la terapia fisica. Tuttavia presto dovrei riuscire a camminare senza le stampelle. (I am alright, a little sore from physical therapy. However soon, I should be able to walk without crutches.)" She replied over the phone, and that was how their conversation continued. As they caught up with one another for the day, however for some reason she never mentioned how much a struggle each day was. Maybe it was her pride,or not wanting to seem weak to her mates. Which was honestly ridiculous, considering Aro would see everything.

"Mi fa male la quantità di agonia che hai sopportato, dal tuo calvario. Ci auguriamo che avremmo potuto essere lì attraverso il tuo recupero. (It pains me the amount of agony you have endured, from your ordeal. We wish we could have been there through your recovery.)" He whispered, it was obvious she hid something and none of them liked it; but they would find out soon.

"Come stanno Aro e Caius? (How are Aro and Caius?)" Amelia asked softly, always making sure to ask about her other two; regardless of who she was speaking to.

"Aro infastidisce Caius e Caius sta cercando di non strappargli la testa. (Aro is annoying Caius, and Caius is trying to not rip off his head.)" Marcus replied, a chuckle following.

"Ah, il solito. Di 'ad Aro di comportarsi bene, oppure può dire addio al suo pompino. (Ah, the usual. Tell Aro to behave, or he can kiss his blow job goodbye.)" She teased.

Alice choked on her venom, gold eyes going huge. "Amelia, Jasper and I do not want to hear that."

"Neither do I." Demetri muttered from his seat.

"I don't want to hear Emmett and Rosalie either, but we don't always get what we want." Amelia sassed back.

Marcus chuckled softly. "Glielo dirò e invierò una foto della sua faccia. (I will tell him, and send a picture of his face.)"

"Aggiungi che lo darò a Caius. (Add that I will give it to Caius.)" She whispered.

Jasper finally looked at her directly. "Take your ass into another room if you are going to talk about sex."

"Watch how you speak to your Queen." Marcus growled through the phone.

Amelia was quick. "Marcus, this is how Jasper and I play and tease. You know that."

"I still wish for them to watch their mouths around you." He hissed.

She sighed softly. "I know, but it won't happen. It would be unnatural without the sass in this house."

"That's the truth." Alice agreed.

A deep sigh could be heard. "Fine."

"I miss you." Amelia whispered softly, her heart clenched as she looked over to the clock. Knowing she had to go to bed for school, Jasper was quick to hold her.

"Mi manchi, e ci vedremo presto. (I miss you, and we will all see you soon.)" He replied softly. "Per favore, non essere triste, amore mio. Finché sei nel mio cuore e io sono nel tuo, non c'è distanza abbastanza grande da impedire al nostro amore di viaggiare. (Please do not be sad, my love. For, as long as you're in my heart and I am in yours, there is no distance great enough that our love can't travel.)"

"I don't want to say goodbye." She revealed a little of her weakness.

Marcus could be heard humming softly. "Then don't, we say goodnight; not goodbye." He whispered a laugh escaped at that, to which was heard. "Was that a little giggle?"

"Maybe, I do like the sound of Goodnight better." Amelia whispered with a soft sad smile.

Marcus chuckled on his end. "Then I wish you good night, my love."

"Ti voglio bene, Marcus. (I love you, Marcus.)" She whispered softly.

"Ti amo anch'io, mia cara. (I love you as well, my dear.)" He replied. "Mi sogni? (Dream of me?)

"I always dream of you, Aro, and Caius." She replied, as they finished their good nights for the evening. The call ending, with a beep. Head falling instantly into Jasper. "I hate feeling so weak." She broke down.

Demetri moves quickly, and knelt before her. "Amelia, My Queen and My beloved sister, look at me." He requested, to which she did gently. "Missing your mates, does not make you weak. I promise you, they feel the pain. There is nothing more that they want then to run back here and hold you."

She cried against Jasper, as her dearest tracker spoke. Instantly moving to wrap her arms around his neck when he was done, crying into his shoulder. "I don't feel like a Queen, not when they are gone."

"I know, but they will be back in just a few weeks." He whispered, secretly trying to get at least one of the three males here early.

"Will you stay with me tonight?" She asked.

"Of course." Demetri agreed instantly, even if in the back of his mind, Aro was gonna kill him for every time he held the Queen at night.

If one of her mates shows up early, do you all think it should be Caius? I think he needs more action, what do y'all think?

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