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Not going as planned

This chapter was a bitch, but I wound up laughing and feeling sorry for what I did to my characters. Now, as a disclaimer I let the story decide how it wants to happen. The characters tell the story, not me. I have an idea, and Amelia, Aro, Caius, and Marcus made their own. XD. So please enjoy this fluff and laughter.

Amelia sighed, she was house and bed bound. Her mates, and family were out and about, while she curled into her pillows. Feeling weak, helpless, trapped, and at the mercy of her lovers. Her mates were quite ruthless when it came to her body healing. However, she was stubborn. Waiting for her mates to leave the room, before attempting to sit up by herself. She cried out in pain instantly, which brought Caius by her side.

"What do you think, you are doing?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Trying to prove I can be strong." She replied, before trying again.

Her blonde mate watched as she attempted to sit up, as her arm slipped, and she nearly flopped off the bed. If he hadn't been there, then his mate would have been on the floor; a pissed Carlisle would follow. "Baby, you are strong. You survived this ordeal."

"But, I'm broken." She whispered, before feeling her form being lifted and laid in his lap.

"You are hurt, not broken." He growled into her ear, nipping playfully. Which received a giggle like usual. "See you laugh like my mate, I can hold you perfectly fine. You are not broken."

Amelia smiled, before kissing him softly. "Thank you, love."

"Always." He whispered, kissing her back. When pulling back she moved just enough to nuzzle into his neck. "Is it possible you were lonely."

"Maybe." She replied, gaining a deep chuckle. "How much longer?"

"Till what?" He asked.

Amelia looked up. "All three of you have been saying, that eventually you had to go back to Volterra. I don't want that to happen, but I know you have a job to do."

Caius sighed instantly, his brothers and him had been discussing this at length. "After New Years."

"That's in two weeks." She whispered sadly, feeling a small amount of pressure as he held her tighter.

"I don't want to leave either, unfortunately none of us get what we want." He murmured.

"Fact of life." She whispered softly.

Another sigh escaped him. "The good news is, Carlisle said you should be in a wheelchair next week. Which means you can see us off, and we will be back for your graduation." He whispered softly.

"Promise?" Amelia asked.

"I always keep my promises." He smiled, gaining a small smile of her own. "I love you, and believe me..I don't want to leave you."

She laid her head back down under his jaw. "I know you don't, again I don't want you to go either. My sweet cuddle cub." Earning a small chuckle with a raised eyebrow. "However, I know how important you, Aro, and Marcus are. I'm not mated to just any vampire..I'm mated to the three kings of the world."

"You are very mature." Aro whispered, walking into the room having heard the conversation. "I do apologize, that as will be leaving you."

"Again, you have a job to do. Plus Demetri is staying, and I have my family in the Cullens. It isn't like I will be alone." She pointed out, feeling the bed sink to her right.

"No, you will not." Aro agreed, turning her head to him softly she smiled.

"Want to hold my hand?" Amelia asked him, holding her arm out. Looking back to the beginning of their relationship, it really did amaze all of them how quick she was to let Aro in. She had been the one to grab his hand after all.

Flashback (Second chapter)

Amelia had just spoken Italian to them for the first time, and that left Caius and Aro both a little stunned. "I didn't break you two, did I?" She asked, turning to Aro and Caius, walking to stand firmly in front of the latter. Smiling up at him brightly, as his cool pale hand came up. Rubbing her cheek calmly, she touches the hand of the most feared Volturi king gently.

Caius had looked at her with curiosity, his eyes sparkled soon after. "No, mia cara. We are just surprised that you speak Italiano." He replied, her smile widened; before she moved to Aro.

Amelia had taken note of how he fought not to touch her, having learned about his tactile telepathy. Her heart already soaring at how he wanted to protect her privacy. She smiled warmly at him, slowly taking his hand. He stiffened at her thoughts and memories, while she brought his hand to her cheek. "It is okay, Aro." Her voice barely a whisper, as he looked at her squarely.

"Magnifico." He had whispered truly in awe at her thoughts and past, his other hand had come up to wrap around her waist. "You are perfect my dear."

End of chapter flashbacks XD

A lot about their relationship had changed, however this never would. She would hold his hand regardless of his gift or not, she loved him with every fiber of her being. Of course every fiber includes Caius and Marcus she would never trade them for the world. To not have them, would mean her world and heart would be in complete.

Aro smiled softly at these thoughts, before raising an eyebrow. "You were looking forward to a bit more physical relationship with us?" He question amused. "Were you going to trick me."

"No, I already told you I would blow you in the shower." She said instantly, before looking over to Caius as Aro growled. "Plus, I've seen you naked."

"That is right, you were brave enough to join me in the shower." He smirked. "You also stroked Marcus, if I remember correctly."

"Yeah, and then Marcus made me see stars for the rest of the night." She giggled.

"That was just with his mouth." Caius reminded, right as his wiser brother walked in. He carrying four Styrofoam cups with lids and straws. Blood in three of them, and a mango beet smoothie in one. With three vampires in the room, nothing could go wrong could it?

Handing out three easily, while sitting on the left side of the bed. Marcus casually sipping his blood, while Caius did the same. Amelia and Aro however, were in for a wake up call. Both froze as soon as they took a sip from their cups, turning to one another in shock. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what had just happened, as Aro began spitting the human substance out; while Amelia willed herself to swallow.

"Trade." She told her ebony haired mate.

"No problem." Aro replied in disgust.

"Least I swallowed." Amelia stated, blood coating her teeth. Which was how Carlisle walked into the room.

The head of the Olympic Cullen looked at his daughter with confusion. "Why is there blood on your teeth."

"Marcus gave me the wrong cup." She replied, and if her mate was human he'd be redder than a tomato. However, Amelia was a good sport and laughed lightly; before grabbing Aro to kiss him.

Carlisle couldn't help but be a bit amused by this. "I see.." He chuckled, as his daughter pulled away.


Two weeks flew by, she had spent every waking moment with her mates. True to Carlisle's predictions, she was in a wheelchair; but not for long. She would be able to graduate to crutches in another two weeks, then two months after that. Amelia could more than likely walk.

However right at this moment, all she wanted was to spend the day with her mates again. Having been given a clean bill of health, to bathe properly. She was excited at the possibilities. "Aro?"

"Yes, Mia cara?" He asked softly, while turning away from his suitcase.

She bit her lip softly. "Would you like to bathe with me?"

His eyes flew open in surprise, before a deep rumbling purr escaped him. "I would be honored." Moving way to quickly for her to comprehend, she was in his arms and they were in the bathroom.

In no time at all the water had filled the tub with warm water, and he had stripped her bare. They had all already seen her naked, as they had been the ones to give her sponge baths. However, she had not seen Aro naked. Shirtless, yes. Nude, not so much.

He watched her with amusement, as he began to unbutton his shirt slowly. "Is this what you have been waiting for."

"I've seen your chest, I've been waiting to see under the pants." She teased, before going red. Where the fuck had that came from.

Unfortunately it was not to be, as Jane ran into the room. "Master, there is an emergency in Volterra."

Aro looked up, moving to take his most trusted guards hand. "Oh my…" He said in distressed. "I apologize for my love, someone has been hunting in our city, we must leave now."

Amelia nodded sadly, as Jane stayed while he left to get ready. "Jane…"

"Yes, Amelia?" The guard asked, as she moved to help her Queen into the tub.

"Kill the fucker that caused this cock block." She ordered simply.

Jane froze, before she started to laugh. "I will make sure it is done, Amelia."

"I was this close." The Queen continued, pressing her index and thumb nearly together to show the guard. "Almost had Aro's pants off."

"Trust me, my Queen Amelia. He had been wanting to show you." Jane said, before getting to work on bathing the human.

Poor Amelia! But, as you know a big no no is hunting in Volterra. However, for your homework..what do you think went through Aro's head when he realized he was also Cock blocked? XD

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