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Can I take this moment to say, that story is almost 30 chapters! Oh my God my baby is growing up. *does a little happy dance.* I am so glad you all enjoy, and I hope you are continuing to do so, as we have a bunch more left to write XD

Amelia felt a sharp stabbing pain, as her eyes focused on her handsome blonde haired mate. The pain was mainly in her legs, and so she tried to move them. Almost instantly a cry escaped her lips, as her head fell back; sheer agony overcame her.

"Carlisle!" She briefly heard the voice of Marcus practically scream, as the pain caused her vision to go blank for a white numbing moment. Purring filled the room, along with pain filled whimpers.

Her ears caught the sound of feet shuffling about, and a door opening. No sooner did that happen, did she feel a needle going through her flesh. She screeched for just a moment, as her body felt hot and then cold; before darkness took hold of her.

Caius glared at the blonde doctor instantly. "What did you do?"

"I gave her morphine, I can't give a steady supply as right now she needs the blood transfusion more; plus I can't get all the equipment here." Carlisle answered calmly, while checking the girl over. "She has a fever."

"Is that normal?" Aro asked.

"She had such a traumatic experience, that it is to be expected. Honestly, it would be best if one of you were in bed with her." The Cullen replied, and instantly Marcus climbed in; careful of the tubes and wires.

"Marcus." Her voice whimpered which caught his attention.

"The bonds are becoming stronger." The male in the bed whispered in awe.

Both Aro and Caius purred at this, while Carlisle smiled happily at the three. Truly he was happy to see not only his kings, but his good friend and daughter so happy. Checking the bag and monitor one more time, he left to give them the privacy they deserve.

Bella walked in right as he was walking out, truth be told she was afraid to impose on the three. "Hello."

"Good evening, Isabella." Aro replied, before looking back to his mate.

"Take my chair." Marcus told the human girl, he refused to move from the bed.

She nodded softly and moved gently, sitting next to Aro calmly. Bella could remember seeing her sister stuck in bed, due to being a sickly child, or hurt after a daring stunt. However, this was definitely the worst, but Carlisle swore she would make it through.

Caius eyed the human who joined them, before looking to his mate and then back up. "Human?" He asked, causing the girl to look over with big brown eyes. "What do you have there?" He asked noting the CD in her hand.

Bella looked at him before looking down. "Oh, Amelia really likes the new Andy Black album. So, I brought it in case she wished to listen to music."

"How kind, you can put it in if you like." Marcus replied, watching as she stood. "I believe, humans wake just a bit faster and calmer when music is playing."

She nodded, while using the DVD player to play the CD. Personally this was not her favorite music, but she settled for her sister being strange. Listening softly as the music to the first song started, turning back slowly to grab her seat.

The three kings listened to the song, they always had trouble understanding today's music, and why everyone wanted to bang anything with legs. However it seemed they had miss this, as it was rather easy to decipher. "Not the worst of today." Caius muttered. "Still not crazy about the thing they call a drum."

Bella laughed. "That is one of Amelia's favorite, the beat of a big bass drum."

"Ear plugs, might work." Caius said instantly, and everyone laughed.

"Yeah considering she listens to all the 80s hair bands and may be in trouble." The human laughed.

The blonde groaned, before noting a warm hand touching his. Looking over he saw Amelia's green eyes turned to him, he almost fell out of his chair in absolute excitement. "Mia cara." He breathed, leaning over to kiss her head. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I was hit by a semi truck." She muttered. "Remind me, not to move my legs."

"I'm here." Marcus replied softly. "I won't let you move."

Amelia giggled, before noting the guilty looks on both Aro and Caius's facial features. "My loves, what is wrong?"

"You are hurt because of us." Aro spoke as more venom tears fell, Bella's eyes went huge.

"No I'm not." Amelia whispered, while she reached for his hand. He instantly grabbing it, without question. "I love you." She told Aro, before looking to her mates. "All three of you, this is no ones fault except for the two very much dead women."

"You can say that again." Caius muttered, watching as his mate took his hand to her lips. "Ti amo così tanto, non avrei mai pensato di provare paura ... come ho fatto ieri sera. (I love you so much, I never thought I could feel I did last night.)"

"I know that feeling, my greatest fear was that I wasn't going to see you again." Amelia replied, while kissing his hand again. "Eíste i elpída kai to méllon mou, to kástro mou kai o ouranós mou. (You are my hope and future, my castle and my sky.)"

Aro was a very feeling man, he never really tried to hide that. However, when his mate spoke in his native language of Greek. He couldn't help but fall in love with her all over again, the meaning of her words made him desperate to complete their bond. "Agapité mou, sas efcharistó gia ta lógia sas. (My dear, thank you for your words.)" He stupidly replied, only realising what came from his mouth an instant later.

"Eíste efprósdektoi, parakaló na xérete óti sas agapó. (You are welcome, please know that I love you.)" Amelia whispered softly.

"Perímena treis chiliádes chrónia gia na se kratíso kai na akoúseis na léxeis aftés tis léxeis. (I have waited three thousand years to hold you, and hear those words.)" Aro whispered softly, while moving to her other side; so not to lean over his brother. "Nomízo óti miló gia tous adelfoús mou, óti eímaste oi doúloi sas an aftó eínai aftó pou chreiázeste. (I think I speak for my brothers, that we are your slaves if that is what you need.)"

Amelia's eyes shot open in shock. "Never will you three, be my slaves. You are my partners in this world." She said firmly, causing all three red sets of eyes to soften. "I love you."

"We love you." Caius replied. "We are proving our devotion-"

"You don't have to prove that, I know you are..I give my heart willingly to you, what you decide to do with it; however is entirely up to you." Amelia said softly, while grabbing Aro and pulling him down to her lips.


Amelia sighed, as she was curled up to Marcus still. Aro and Caius had to hunt this evening, their nerves still quite shot; which required fresh blood. Truth be told her older and wiser looking mate needed to fees as well, his eyes were black as coal. "You need to feed."

"I am not leaving you." He replied, kissing her head. Ignoring the burning in the back of his throat.

She groaned, before turning to the door as Alice walked in. "Wait." She told the pixie.

The dark haired Cullen looked at her with confusion in her topaz eyes. "Yes?"

"Please grab a cup of A positive for him." Amelia said, which made her best friend look at the king; before disappearing.

Marcus purred. "You pay attention."

"I know my mate, and his blood preference." She giggled. "Granted all three of you really prefer AB negative, unfortunately that is rare."

"Indeed it is, but it is so sweet." Her vampire purred into her ear, nipping gently. "I love you."

"I love you as well." Amelia smiled, right as Carlisle walked in with a Styrofoam cup, lid, and straw. "Where are the canisters?"

"Dishwasher." The blonde doctor replied, handing the cup over. To which Amelia held it, while Marcus drank softly. All the Cullens poking their heads in, when Edward picked up on the thoughts.

Bella walked in curiously, when Emmett told her what was in that cup. It was hard to not let disgust run through her, but the scene held an odd beauty. As her sister and Marcus kept gazing into each others eyes, an unspoken conversation going on between them.

"Alice, you sure it is Aro who will complete the bond first?" Edward asked, instantly gaining several looks.

"I saw it." The seer replied, neither sensing said King walking up.

"That is interesting." Aro spoke up from behind, making the two young Cullens jump.

Caius shook his head, as he walked up. Peering into the room, to see what had everyone dumbfounded. "Is our mate feeding, our brother?"

"Yeah." Bella said softly. "It's quite beautiful."

Alright, I know she is short; but I wanted you to see their relationship. The four have had hardships, but I think its important to note she doesn't blame them. I also thought her willingness to care more about her mates well-being then herself was such a cute thing. I mean, feeding a vampire through a cup, it just seemed so cute in a morbid kind of way.

Anyway, what do you think of Marcus hogging Amelia right now?

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