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Warning! Death a major Death is at the beginning of this chapter. Also you may experience uncontrollable rage, and churning of the stomach. You can't say I don't warn you.

Bella Swan was in absolute horror, when they made it to the police station. The scent of blood was so overwhelming, as they entered to find the massacre within. Her face buried into Edward, who held her close the entire time. The red substance was literally thrown about, along with body parts and internal organs.

"I know we are considered monsters…" Alice whispered softly, as the Olympic coven stared in horror. However, it seemed they were not the only Coven disgusted at the sight.

Marcus's gaze said it all, he was afraid for a number of reasons. Several being that their mate was there, and so far they could not hear a single heartbeat-until they drew closer to the jail cells. The sound of a human panting in pain, and struggling to catch their breath. Walking carefully and slowly, everyone saw Chief Stevens laying in a pool of her blood. A massive claw mark going down her body, along with a bite torn from her stomach. A true child of the moon had attacked the woman, infecting her blood.

Carlisle was by her side in a moment, trying to support her head. Helping the woman breathe just a bit as blood had gotten into her lungs. "Stevens, just breathe slowly."

"Werewolves...I didn't think-" the woman tried to say, but was cut off as she began hacking up the blood in her lungs. "I don't want to-"

"We won't let you be turned into the beast." Caius said simply, truth be told that meant killing the woman. Her blood now toxic to vampires, so they could not even try to suck the infection out.

Stevens nodded, her dark eyes welding in tears. "I'm going to die aren't I?" She asked softly, the silence was her answer. "I am so sorry, I just was trying to keep the town safe."

"We know." Marcus answered. "Honorable, even though you arrested the wrong person."

"Amelia, is she...I didn't see what happened-" Her voice kept getting weaker.

Alice looked over to the cell to see it empty. "She's gone." That making the entire Volturi coven look over instantly, taking note of how her wheelchair was destroyed and bars torn from the iron cage.

Caius rushed over, falling next to the chair. Trying desperately to catch her scent, suddenly very thankful for the bond his mate and Demetri shared. His lover's blood, however, was a scent he,never wanted to smell. A lot of it was on the metal bits of the chair, which he guessed happened when it was thrown. He was about to say something, but was cut short.

"Chelsea!" Felix exclaimed, making the rest of his coven members look over. They found the sight of one of their most trusted guard members, she was dismembered; but not burning. "We can put her back together."

"What are you waiting for an invitation?" Caius snapped.

Stevens lying in Carlisle's arms, with Esme also by her side listened softly. "I was right, wasn't I?"

Aro looked to her. "Yes you were, we are Vampires. The Volturi which consists of my brothers, and fellow Italian tourists as you named us are the closest thing to the royal family." He explained, kneeling next to the dying human. "We may seem like monsters to you, but truly we didn't want this to happen. We were trying to hunt Sulpicia and Athenadora. Dispose of them, before it got out of hand, and to keep the knowledge a secret...humans are not ready for this."

The weakening human looked to him and nodded. "In my office, the file is still there." She whispered. "I am sorry I got in your way, I was just trying to do my job."

"And we were trying to do ours." Marcus told her, as Caius returned to his brothers.

Stevens looked up at them, before smiling softly. "Guess the world is in good hands, forgive me…." The infection was causing her to heat up with a fever, in a few moments her human body would be dead. They would have to burn her before the next full moon, to kill the wolf.

Aro knelt down calmly. "Stevens, do you remember at all if the wolf scratched Amelia?" He asked.

She looked at him. "He didn't, the woman with dark hair...I believe Amelia called her Sulpicia said he was not allowed to."

"Thank you." He nodded, watching as she began to gasp. "We are going to stop the pain, is there any final request?"

"There is a blanket with a fish being caught by a bear in my office...please see that my daughter gets it." Everyone looked to the woman.

"Your daughter?" Rosalie asked.

"My daughter…she can't see me like this." Stevens begged, as tears began to stream.

"She won't." Carlisle promised, he could not kill the woman. "Aro, perhaps Alec-"

The leader of the Vampire race nodded. "Alec take the pain away."

Bella stood watching, as the older woman who had been a thorn in their sides was shown mercy in her dying moments. Edward still grabbed her to hide her face into his chest, so she could not see the woman's neck being snapped. "It is done." She heard him whisper.

Aro had stood back up, as Carlisle let the now dead woman lie back down. "How is Chelsea?" The dark haired man asked.

"Coming together." Jane replied. "We are going to need blood, for when she wakes."

Rosalie surprised everyone by holding up a canister. "I thought we may need it."

"Thank you." Caius said calmly, while everyone watched as the guards body seemingly pieced itself back together. The human girl watching, was absolutely amazed at the sight.

Edward looking down explained to his mate. "A vampire is still alive even in pieces, we have to be burned to be killed."

Bella nodded, as slowly Chelsea began to stir. Her eyes opening to reveal deep black orifices, while Rosalie walked over and handed the metal canister over.

The freshly assembled vampire took it without a question asked, downing the contents hungrily. She was still weak from the ordeal, but looked up to her masters faces; before looking down in shame. "I am so sorry, I failed you." The words uttered from her blood covered lips.

Aro once again knelt down. "No you did not, you were here. I know how difficult a werewolf is to defeat by oneself."

"But my Queen-" Chelsea sobbed, her remorse for her failure very obvious.

Alice stepped forward. "Still has time for us to save her."

Aro nodded at that. "How much time?" He had to ask.

"Two days." The seer replied. "But, if Demetri goes now; we could find her before the morning."

The tracker did not have to be told again, as he took off. Caius, Marcus, Aro, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Jane, Alec, Felix, and Carlisle chasing after him. Leaving Esme, Edward, Bella, Alice, and Chelsea to clean up the mess.


Amelia did not think she could be in anymore pain, Sulpicia would bite her, wait a moment, and then suck the venom out. Reneta had torn her clothes off her body, as they waited for the grand finale. Athenadora, was face deep between Sulpicia's legs most of the time. However she did kick the human until her stitches were busted and several ribs had to be broken. Her right leg mangled with a deep gash that kept bleeding, from where her wheelchair had cut into her leg.

"You know Vladmir he is looking forward to sticking his cock into you." Reneta taunted, making the human tremble. "Aro chose you instead of me, a weak and pathetic little girl."

Amelia cried out in pain, as the vampire forced her legs apart. Her body shuddering from the pain, as her captor began pointing and laughing.

"I see you groom for them, and yet you are still a virgin." Reneta cackled, like the evil witch from Hocus Pocus.

Sulpicia looked over. "When Aro turned me, he fucked my human form before. It was complete bliss, as lets just say he is very skilled with his mouth."

Amelia glared darkly at that. "Forgive them, if they refuse to treat me like a cheap, discarded whore."

Reneta's eyes widened, as did the former queens..watching as the trembling human was replaced. "Ah I see, you are a multi personality."

"The Queen is still weak." Athenadora hissed, moving quickly. The next moment she had cracked the human's femor, earning a loud screech.

"My dearest Athena, don't break her too much. Vladmir and Stefan wish to help..after all the Romanians have a grudge." Sulpicia tutted softly. "Come back here, my pussy was not done with your mouth."

"I apologize, my sweet Sully." The blonde whispered, becoming gentle as she caressed her mate.

Amelia froze at the name before two individuals walked out, one with hair fairer than Caius and other the other looked a little bug eyed for a vampire. Fear went through her heart as they both turned to her.

"The Volturi whore, shall we?" The fair haired male ran, but thankfully did not get very close. He went down in spasms, as dark figures flew into the clearing. Her mates and family had come.

Who is ready for an epic battle, and how her mates will react to the state she is in? Now regarding to the almost rape, I could not let Amelia be raped..something in me would,not let that happen. Also to answer your questions, Aro did see that happening in the vision...I know most picked up on it, do you think he would let that happen?

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