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Here is the chapter we have been expecting and probably not wanting. I hope you enjoy the humor to and cuteness at the beginning, and the serious humor that follows behind.

Amelia sighed, it had been a few days since Chelsea arrived. The female guard was nice and stunningly beautiful like all the vampires she had met, well except for James, Laurent, and Victoria. However it was obvious though the guard would help her out, she wasn't the biggest fan of the Queen. She knew due to Jane, that Chelsea felt as if she didn't have a purpose anymore. Her entire time being with the Volturi, was about keeping the Queens happy and satisfied; now the kings have a mate. The two former Queens are fugitives and criminally insane.

Truly the human felt bad for taking the vampires job, she hadn't wanted any of that. Currently sitting next to Demetri and Felix, while Bella sat across her with Edward. "I'm bored." The Queen stated, as they were playing monopoly; trying to appear human at all time.

"Your bored?" Felix questioned. "How do you think we feel?"

"We could arm wrestle." Amelia replied instantly, and not thinking.

Demetri turned to her instantly. "Yeah, and when we explain to Caius how your arm was broken?"

"Alright, it was a stupid idea..I've got plenty more." She replied.

"I'd say we could go sledding, but Amelia could have no part in it." Edward stated with a smirk.

The redhead looked at the immortal ginger with disdain. "Funny, I forgot how to laugh."

"Children behave." Bella stated, and everyone turned to her.

Felix's eyes narrowed. "Who you calling a child."

"You, you oversized teddy bear." Amelia said simply, laughing when his head whipped to her. "You love me Felix."

"That is up for debate." The large guard replied.

Green eyes went huge, before she grabbed her chest. "Ooh, you stab me right through the heart." She dramatized, by falling over right into Demetri's lap. "Dem, why does wound me so?"

Everyone in the room started laughing at the sheer childish behavior, shaking their heads at the antics. "I do not know why he wounds you, that isn't a very nice thing for a teddy bear to do." The tracker played along.

"I know, they are supposed to make everything bett-no wonder when Caius is around everything is okay."

Edward snorted before laughing out right. "You know, Aro is going to see this and then tell Caius what you just said."

"That he makes everything better?" Amelia asked.

"No that he is a big ole softy." Bella replied.

"Yeah, speaking of which. You have yet to inform Caius that you being my sister makes him your brother to be." The red head stated.

The older Swan looked down. "Ah, you saw that huh?"

"Come on, just walk up to him and say: "Hi, Big Brother." Amelia said simply.

"Why are you trying to get my mate killed?" Edward asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He's not gonna kill her, because he knows that would devastate me." Amelia replied simply. "I might." She finished with a tease.

"Sis!" Bella said in mock horror.

"The Queen doesn't have the balls to kill her sister." Felix muttered, which got him smacked in the arm.

"What did Caius tell you?" Edward asked, looking to Amelia who was now rubbing her hand.

"To stop hitting." Amelia said cutely.

"Do I need to call him?" Bella asked.

"Why, he is upstairs." Demetri asked, right as the blonde male walked down. Looking right to Amelia as he did so.

The redhead looked at her kingly mate calmly with a soft smile. "Yes?" She asked.

"We have had this discussion." Caius said, scowling at Felix.

Amelia nodded. "We have." While falling onto Felix not helping the guard. "But smacking big brothers, who double as Teddy bears is just so fun."

"Get off of Felix." Caius replied.

"Hug your little sister." Amelia sassed back, gaining several perplexed looks.

"My little sister?" Her blonde lover asked, before looking to Bella; quickly putting two and two together.

"Don't kill me." Bella said quickly, however the room quickly just erupted in laughter. As they took in Bella's terrified face, and Caius's very bewildered one. The two guards and Queen, the three fell on the floor; which would have been funny in itself.

Aro and Marcus walked downstairs very much amused, having heard the entire conversation. They darting to their mate to help her carefully off of the floor. "Mia cara, we don't want you hurt again."

"My dearest Aro, I want your lips on mine." She replied cheekily, causing more laughter; but she certainly received. Cool lips fell upon hers, as she tangled her fingers into his luscious black locks.

Aro pulled back before looking into her eyes, red and green sure made a pair for them. Bringing their foreheads together, so they could gaze a bit closer. Everyone watched the two for a moment, except Bella who felt she was witnessing something personal. "Hai il mio cuore. (You have my heart.)" He whispered to her.

"Hai la chiave per la mia mente." (You have the key to my mind.)" Amelia replied, before they pulled apart. Marcus having already moved to sit beside her, Aro picking her up to place her upon his lap, and Caius sat on the arm of the couch.

No one could say another word, for there was a knock on the door. Bella stood calmly, as they all looked at one another. "Its Chief Stevens." Demetri whispered. "With a deputy."

Everyone groaned, as Bella answered the door. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, is your sister here." Everyone heard, which made Amelia sigh.

"Help me into the wheelchair." Amelia whispered.

"Amelia she's here for your arrest." Edward whispered back at her, while Caius helped her.

The five other vampires growled, but they knew not to cause a scene. As Amelia had Marcus wheel her to the door. "Yes?" She asked, when she saw the older woman.

"Amelia Kayla Swan." Stevens said simply.

"Woah, no one says my middle name." The redhead hissed.

"you're under arrest for obstruction." Stevens continued, coming up and cuffing her hands in front of her. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you do or say will be use-"

"I know my fucking rights!" Amelia snapped, her sister and mate both looked down in shock. "I'm not saying a goddamn thing without my lawyer."

Stevens nodded, as the deputy she brought with her took the chair from Marcus; causing the male vampire to nearly growl. His brothers walking up behind kept him in line.

"I will be okay." Amelia told her mates softly, as she was taken from her home.

Stevens watched the young odd polyamorious couple, she could see the pain and clear anger in the males eyes. Turning her head she could see Amelia's eyes fill with tears, as she was placed in the back. Truthfully this was not going to happen but after speaking with her lab technician, she had to conclude that Amelia knew more than letting on.

Earlier today

"Robert, what you are saying is nuts." Chief Stevens said, as they sat in her office. Staring at her lab tech in person, his blonde dreads up in a ponytail. His blue eyes faced her brown ones, while skin seemed paler than normal.

"I know what I am saying is nuts, but think about it. We have DNA from 2000 years ago, and true we don't know if it is actually these two girls. The marrow from which the genetics matched 40% of General Duncan, and Minister Timmon." He said calmly. "However, it is still enough of a match to conclude that they are related. They both only had one child each, both daughters. Sulpicia daughter of Duncan, and Athenodora daughter of Timmons."

Stevens watched him. "You want me to believe Vampires are real?"

"Think about it! We have bite marks, that match that of a human imprint, a saliva that is more like a venom that has the DNA that should be long wiped out, and every single one of our victims blood was drained." Robert replied. "Can you think of a better conclusion, and I bet you that Amelia Swan knows something."

The older woman eyed the man. "How do you suppose I ask her?"

"Arrest her for obstruction of justice, that Aro guy came back or never left and she didn't tell or lied to you." He suggested.

Stevens cocked her head, before nodding in agreement. "Good idea."

Back to the present

Amelia pressed her hand to the window of the police car, thinking many thoughts and hoping Edward heard enough to relay. As her mates and sister watched helplessly as she was driven away. 'I love you.' She whispered softly.


Amelia sighed as she sat in the interrogation room, a cup of coffee had been brought to her. Sipping slowly, while grimacing as whoever made it..liked a little coffee with their sugar. She waited for Chelsea, as her eyes trained on the one way window.

"Your lawyer is here." Stevens said, leaving out that the girls lovers and Cullens were watching. Chelsea walked in, in all her tall and beautifully pale glory.

"I hope you know my client will not speak unless I permit it." The vampire woman spoke, her red eyes appearing violet with her contacts.

Stevens shrugged. "That is her right." With that she sat down. "Amelia what do you know about the Vampire legend?" The girl stayed quiet, as she stared at the glass where unbeknownst to her. The other side her mates were panicking.

Aro looked to his brothers, before turning to the Cullens. "Why would she ask that?"

"We don't know?" Carlisle whispered.

They watched as Stevens kept pressing for information. "Tell me what you know!" The older woman finally shouted at her. "The victims have have a human like bite mark!"

"Vampires?" Chelsea asked simply.

Amelia could be seen looking up. "Let us all go call Buffy and then we will get back to you."

Emmett couldn't stop the snort of amusement. "That was a good one."

"This is not a GAME!" Stevens shouted getting in the Queen's face.

"Oh you are very correct on that, by the way there are children I are expected to see tonight. I hope you can live with yourself, as you are the reason why they will cry." Amelia replied, as tonight was usually when she sang at the orphanage.

"Prosecutor Aneta." Carlisle greeted as a Hispanic woman walked up.

"Hello Carlisle, I'm afraid Amelia will not be going home until bail has been set and paid." The woman replied simply, while giving the appropriate three knocks.

I didn't know how to write the interogation, and I hope the flash back is a bit more telling of the last chapter. As the DNA though improbable is possible with today's technology, to at least show that Sulpicia and Athenodora are related to the dead men that were discussed. The 40% came frome the fact both Aro's and Caius's DNA would be apart as well, given as they changed the former Queens. Which will benjoy brought up more in the future.

Also do you all want another Marcus chapter, because I do?

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