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Confrontation part 1

Who is ready for this, I know I have been. I also don't think you will be expecting what I have in store. :)

Amelia sat beside Jasper and Demetri in their science class calmly, she had been stared at by Mike, Eric, and Jessica since being wheeled in. However she elected to ignore it, as they worked,on the sheet that was passed out. Her head falling on to Demetri once finished. The guard smiling down at her calmly.

"I need Amelia Swan to the principal's office." A voice on the intercom called.

"Amelia you heard that." The teacher stated calmly. "Jasper you can go to in order to wheel her."

One stood, while the other waited. "Ready to go little lady?" The Cullen male asked, showing off his southern accent.

"Uh oh Alice, is Jasper making a pass on Amelia." Bella teased, and the pixie playfully glared from her seat.

"She's mine Jasper." The entire class was in shock, when the dark haired Cullen said that.

Amelia smirked softly. "You know I'm yours Ally-cat." She purred softly, making the Cullens and one Volturi burst in laughter. While the humans in the room sat there in confusion, unsure what to do or say.

"Enough." The teacher called. "Go." He added to Jasper and Amelia.

"Amelia!" Alice called, holding her hand out.

"Alice!" The redheaded Swan cried, while blowing a kiss and being wheeled out.

It was then Jasper just started dying of laughter. "Are you making a pass on my girl?" He teased.

"Don't I always, honey bee?" She asked giving her take on a southern accent.

He smirked. "You sure you aren't a Carolina girl?"

"Well I did spend many upon many summers in South Carolina." She replied. "Maybe I am at heart, Sugar."

The two teased and picked fun at each other the rest of the ride to the Principals offices, where all the fun stopped at the sight of Chief Stevens. "Fuck." Jasper groaned for the both of them.

"How much you want to bet she wants to ask about my mates?" Amelia asked.

"$300?" He asked.

"I'll take it, Sugar." Making the male snort, while they entered the office.

"Ah Amelia- I didn't call for Mr. Hale." The Principal questioned.

The Swan looked to the Principal. "He is my escort, as due to the stitches on my chest it is not a very good idea for me to push myself." She explained, and the older man nodded.

The Principal of Forks was an older black man with kind dark eyes. He held an accent that could only come from New York, but the heart and soul of a southern man. "This won't take long, Mr. Hale you can wait here. I will push Ms. Swan into the conference room, so she and Chief Stevens can chat."

"Yes, sir." Jasper replied, before looking to the older woman.

"Before we do, can I know what you wish to talk about?" Amelia asked.

Stevens eyed the young woman. "I would like to discuss the Italian men that have been in our small town for a while."

"Ah so my lovers?" Amelia clarified.

"Yes, along with that young boy that attends here." The older woman nodded.

The younger looked to Jasper. "Pay up."

He narrowed his golden eyes, but fished for his wallet. Effectively handing over a was of cash. "Don't spend it all on a shopping trip with Alice."

"Oh come now, I have to get our girl something nice." Amelia giggled, ignoring the two grown adults.

"You are ridiculous." Jasper huffed, before turning back.

Stevens stared at them for a moment. "What am I missing."

"Oh I knew you were going to ask about my lovers, and Alice and I have a strange friendship." Amelia answered.

The Principal snorted. "You and Ms. Cullen do indeed, believe the paper nicknamed you the secret lesbian couple."

"Yeah, but no." Amelia laughed. "She's his and he's hers." Motioning to Jasper.

"Never forget it, Darling." He stated in response.

"Sure thing, Sugar."

Stevens sighed softly. "Can we get this done, I promise you will go back to class afterwards."

"Yes, ma'am." Amelia replied, before the Principal took her chair from Jaspers grasp. Once in the conference room, the Principal parked Amelia before departing. Stevens actually began to pull out a file, which confused the younger girl.

"Alright, Amelia we will keep this short and simple. I want you to know if you hide anything from me in any way, I will arrest you and question you in a less savory matter." The older woman told her.

Amelia gazed at her. "I understand."

"How old are your three lovers?" Stevens started.

"Aro is 25, Marcus is 30, and Caius is also 25." Amelia replied calmly and simply, it wasn't a lie; just not the whole truth.

Stevens nodded jotting everything down. "They are from what part of Italy."

"Volterra, it's a small town on the outskirts of Florence." Was the answer.

"How long have you know them?" Stevens asked.

Amelia was silent for just a second. "I want to say about five or six months." She replied. "Sorry, it seems like I've known them longer in the actuality."

"Young love will seem like that." Stevens nodded her head. "What are your jobs."

"They are part of the Volterra's government, Marcus's great great Grandfather..the man he is named after is celebrated there. A day that is called Saint Marcus's day." She again didn't lie completely. "Forgive me, Chief Stevens, but these aren't the questions you wish to ask. Are they?"

"Very intuitive, but you are right." The older woman replied calmly. "Have you ever heard of a woman known as Sulpicia?"

Amelia gave a confused look, but on the inside she was screaming a list of profanities. "Can't say that I have."

"Sulpicia Duncan is a young lady that was supposed to have died 2000 years ago." Stevens explained calmly.

"Why are you wanting to know about a dead girl?" The redhead asked, her green eyes narrowed in confusion.

The Chief of Police watched her, looking for any obvious signs; but could see none. "I said supposedly, we have her DNA on a multiple of the victims. Along with a young Athenadora Timmons who was also to have died 2000 years ago." She explained. "Fresh DNA on the teeth like marks on the necks of the bodies."

"How is that possible?" Amelia asked.

"I was hoping you had the answer." Stevens replied.

The younger Swan sister looked at the woman, while backing her neck and making a face. "How would I have that answer? I don't know the women you speak of, and I'm sorry if they were alive 2000 years ago then odds are their dead."

"DNA does not lie, also the substance though possibly some sort of saliva." Stevens started. "Held very similar components to most venom found on earth."

Amelia gave another baffled look, while still screaming in her head. "I am sorry, Chief Stevens. I wish I could help you, but this doesn't make sense. Humans don't carry venom, and they certainly do not live for thousands of years." She managed to keep a straight face, only due to the many years of drama classes.

"If you are lying, and you know something. I will arrest you and question your every move." Stevens threatened. "So, if there is anything you wish to say; you best do so."

Green eyes narrowed. "You have no right to threaten me, what you are saying defies the very laws of Biology." The high school girl stated calmly. "The next time, you wish to talk. I will give you the number to my lawyer."

Stevens stood calmly and nodded,walking to open the door. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that."

Jasper was allowed to walk into the room, and grab Amelia's chair. The two silent as they left the room, he had heard everything. "Family meeting has already been sent." He told her.

"Your DNA can be traced in your venom." Amelia whispered, in shock as they had long left the office.

"Do you want to leave now?" Jasper asked softly.

She shook her head quickly. "No. Good chance she would follow us and listen into our conversation, she still might. I suggest we go home after school and then all run out the back to the baseball field."

"Sounds like a plan." He agreed.


Everyone was silent, when they reached the Cullen house. The family, her mates, and the rest of the guard were already at the clearing. Quickly but calmly as to not draw attention to themselves, as Demetri had picked up on the Chief's scent. The group entered the house.

"I'm gonna go upstairs and wait for my lovers." Amelia whispered just for a bit of reassurance in case Stevens was already listening.

"Edward and I are gonna lay down as well." Bella agreed.

"Jasper what you say to a shower?" Alice asked, before turning on the water and Demetri turned on the tv. With that all done, the group departed from Edward's window. Amelia on the back of Demetri, while Bella was on Edward's.

"We fooled her for now." Edward stated calmly, once they were far enough away.

Demetri huffed. "We are vampires and we have to sneak around like damn rats."

"It could always be worse." Amelia tried.

"How?" Alice asked.

"We could be found out, and having to hide in the dann sewers." Was the reply.

"Well when you put it like that." Bella said, as the reached the clearing.

Caius was the first one to greet the group, more so to glare at Demetri and take Amelia into his arms. "How was school?" He whispered softly.

"Great until Chief Stevens pulled me outta class to continue questioning me." She replied, instantly everyone looked at her and the school going vamps. "Oh, we also have to be super careful, because she is staking out the house."

"Son of a bitch." Emmett groaned.

"Emmett!" Esme chided instantly.

"Sorry mom." He quickly said.

"Aro?" Jasper asked, and the head of the Volturi looked over.

"Yes, young Jasper?" Aro questioned.

"Did you know, our DNA can be traced from our venom?" The Major asked.

"What!?" Caius shouted.

Amelia was quickly to rub her ears. "Ow."

"Sorry, Mi Amore." He whispered, kissing her head.

She nodded softly before turning to everyone. "Yeah, Stevens has been able to trace both Sulpicia and Athenadora by their DNA. That's what she wanted to question me about." Her mates and everyone looked at her.

"What did you?" Marcus prompted.

"Oh I decided to play dumb." She answered in response.

Aro nodded, while taking her from his brother who was not overly happy about that. He soon snarled. "She needs to stop threatening you."

"Threatening?" Caius growled.

"She still saying she will lock you up?" Emmett asked.

Amelia nodded. "However this time I don't think it was a threat, I believe it was a promise. Since Alice has already had a vision of me being arrested, I am assuming it is coming to play."

"Masters?" Jane asked. "Chelsea could be her attorney."

"Excellent idea." Marcus agreed. "With her ability to manipulate others, she can have you out in no time."

"I will call her tonight." Aro added, while kissing his mate softly.

"Can we get back to the DNA?" Felix asked.

Amelia nodded. "We need to get that file."

"Again, Chelsea can help with that." Caius replied calmly, way to calm for everyone's nerves. Only his brothers have seen him like this, in one word their brother was going to explode at any minute.

Aro moved back to him, and returned Amelia to his arms. Effectively calming him down, and getting a bit of his spit back; which hopefully would save some unsuspecting soul.

What did y'all think? Did you expect the confrontation, and are you excited to see another member of the Volturi? I know I am. How will this all play out, will they be caught, and more so what will happen to Stevens. We shall all find out together in the coming chapters XD

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