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Questions and Jealousy

This chapter took forever, I started it completely different and then deleted it..and then deleted the next and the next. However this was indeed born XD. I do hope you all will like this chapter.

Amelia sighed as she still laid in the hospital bed, her mates had to go and speak with Carlisle. Leaving her alone, the drainage tube and IV had been removed. Now, she was to remain for a few more days of observation. That was a lengthy argument with Carlisle, that she could never undo.

As she laid there deep in thought, arms suddenly wrapping around her; causing a jump. Looking up quickly into familiar red eyes, of her tracker friend. "Demetri, did you have to scare me?"

"It's all part of the fun." He laughed, but released his hold on her.

Amelia smiled at him as well. "You here to break me out?"

"No, sorry Amelia. You stay here." He replied, laughing again. Sitting down in what was usually Aro's seat. "I needed to apologize."

"What for?" She asked confused.

Her loyal tracker, guard, and friend looked down absolutely crestfallen. "Your hurt, and it was my job to protect you-"

She stopped him instantly. "Demetri, I do not hold any blame towards you. Accidents happen, and this-" motioned to the hospital room calmly. "Is not your fault, no one is to be blamed but Reneta."

"She will be found and punished." Demetri growled darkly.

"I have no doubt in that, my loyal and wonderful tracker." Amelia said with a grin, right as her mates returned.

"Have no doubt about what?" Aro asked confused, though he glared at Demetri. Who instantly rose from the seat to stand.

"Quit glaring at him, this is not his fault. You sent him to search for Sulpicia, contrary to popular belief..he can't be in two places at once." Amelia stated, and her mates quickly took a step back in surprise.

It was Marcus who recovered first and nodded. "You are right, Demetri here does not deserve hostility, when he was busy with another job." He whispered calmly. "Now, mia cara why do you have no doubt?"

Amelia giggled. "I have no doubt that Reneta will be found and punished."

Caius's blonde head started going up and down in a nodding motion. "Oh yes, she will be. Any person who lays a finger on our mate, shall be-"

"Shall be what?" The voice of chief Stevens questioned.

"Brought to justice in the long run, I can imagine you are looking into this." Amelia covered smoothly.

"Of course, but Amelia I do have questions for you." The older human replied calmly.

Amelia nodded her head calmly. "I can imagine, but please forgive me if I'm not willing to talk in a hospital."

"Either here, or the station when you are released." Stevens replied.

Sighing softly, Amelia looked to her lovers and guard. "Wait outside."

Demetri nodded, but glared at the Chief of Police as he and his masters walked outside.

"What do you want?" Amelia asked the woman before her, knowing her mates could hear.

"How long have you known the Cullens?" Stevens started.

"Over a year." Amelia replied calmly.

"During that time, you and your sister are rarely away from them?" Stevens questioned.

Amelia nodded. "They offered a second home, and another family. When my dad died, I would not have survived if it were not for Carlisle. He is like another father for me, he protects and loves me as such, and I love him just the same."

"I see, but before you and your sister Bella. The Cullens kept to themselves, did they not?"

"That wasn't there fault, this town as a thing for those who are different. Either you get along or you don't. Edward rejected Jessica, and his siblings though held on a high totem pole at school were shunned." Amelia replied. "It is hard to be friends with anyone, when there are people who are too intimidated by beauty to go up and talk."

Stevens nodded at that. "I can understand that, so you and your sister went up to speak with them?"

"Bella not at first, I didn't feel comfortable sitting with Jessica and Mike so I accidentally sat at the Cullen table." Amelia said with a laugh at the memory.

Flash back

Ignoring her sisters waves to walk over, Amelia sat down at a table by the window. As everywhere else was full, besides the one seat. She took note of several people staring at her, but didn't say anything. There were six chairs around her, that were currently empty.

Laying her head down on the table, she sighed. Having taken quite a while to adjust to Forks, she loved the snow; but missed the sun of Phoenix. She missed Phil, not so much her mother; and that made her question whether she was a bad daughter.

"Excuse me?" A voice asked, making her sit up. A tear having fallen down Amelia's cheek before she could stop it. Looking up at five of probably the most beautiful people in the world.

"Yes?" Amelia asked softly.

"Well we wanted a name for a pretty face sitting at our table." The big giant like man questioned, later she would know as Emmett.

Amelia blushed slightly. "Oh, sorry. I'm Amelia Swan."

"Ah, one of the new girls." The blonde woman replied, looking the girl up and down. "I'm Rosalie Hale."

"You can call me Emmett, but know I'm taken." Emmett replied with a laugh, while wrapping his arms around Rosalie.

The others introduced themselves, before all sitting around her. "Are you alright?" Jasper asked softly.

"Yeah, just missing home." Amelia replied.

Edward piped up. "Why did you and your sister move here?"

"Our Mom remarried, and he travels for baseball a lot..and it wasn't fair for her to stay home instead of being with him." Amelia explained calmly.

Alice grinned at her. "You need to eat."

"Oh, I'm not eating whatever the school is passing as food." Amelia giggled, and that was the start of a friendship.

End of Flashback.

Stevens nodded her head a bit. "So, you were emotionally distraught over moving, and didn't really want to sit with anyone."

"That's one way of putting it, I didn't realize it was the Cullen table; but fate works out. I gained five very good friends that day, who I sat with." Amelia answered, leaving out the part when Edward left for a few weeks."

"Until they left for a few months?" Stevens asked.

"Oh no, the middle of last year and beginning of this one I was in England studying abroad so I wasn't here for that." Amelia replied. "However, I did see Carlisle and Esme in England. It was great."

"Did you spend the day with the two?" Stevens asked.

"I did, Carlisle is a terrific and kind man." Amelia replied. "We spent about an hour talking before I had to get to the house I was staying at."

"I see." Stevens replied.

"Chief Stevens." Carlisle's voice whispered, making Amelia looked up with a grin. "I need to speak medically with my dear patient, could you wrap this up?"

"Oh sure, I'm done for the day." Stevens replied, before touching Amelia's hand. "I will be back tomorrow."

The younger of the two groaned, as she left. Looking up to her current male role-model. "Hey."

"All she did was question about when you met us?" Carlisle asked.

"Yeah, and about when you all left." She replied, right as her mates walked back inside.

Carlisle nodded his head calmly. "I'm getting your out of hospital physical therapy ready. You will stay at my house until you are healed to walk through the school building. However, you will have to be in a wheelchair for your first few weeks back."

"Fuck." Amelia groaned.

"I know, I hate doing it to you." Carlisle replied.

Amelia nodded. "I know you do." She replied calmly.

"However, doing this I can have you released tomorrow." Carlisle added, and she was instant to hold her arms out to him; to which he laughed and entered.

"Thank you." She squealed happily. "But, you know this means Stevens will want to stop by right?"

"I will tell her you are asleep." He promised.

"Good man." Amelia laughed softly.

Carlisle grinned softly at this. "But, for now I believe Jasper went and grabbed you something to eat."

Amelia visibly perked up, as her mates and best friend in the Cullens walked in. The scent of Hardees filled the room, as he produced the bag. "Fries?" She asked.

"Is this the first time, I'm bringing you food?" Jasper asked. "I started the week after we met you."

"True." She laughed, as her mates looked confused.

Caius watched the exchange. "Why did he bring you food?"

Jasper answered. "She refused to eat lunch at the school cafeteria, and I had enough listening as her stomach growled during class."

"Yeah so he would leave and come back everyday, and I always felt guilty." Amelia replied.

"You were the first human that didn't gawk at us, who quickly became a dear friend. I was not gonna sit back and let you go hungry." Jasper replied simply.

"Family now." She stated.

"Then." He replied in understanding.

"And forever." They said together before starting to laugh.

Aro, Marcus, and Caius tried to rein in their jealousy, but it only grew worse as they watched the Hale boy give their mate a hug. Which was irrational, considering they knew that young Jasper was mated to Alice; while their mate was loyal to them. However it did not change their feelings.

Alright question time!

1) How do you feel about the kings showing a bit of basic emotions, you know everyone gets jealous and I can even imagine that maybe even Alice was a bit jealous of Jasper and Amelia at some point.

2) What do you think of the developing feelings from Demetri?

Those are my thinkers for you, I hope you enjoy.

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