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Here is another chapter, this one back on track a little while after the fight with her mates, and back with the actual story. I hope you all like this little twist.

Amelia was happy to have her mates back, after a rough patch, and though things were still shaky; they seemed alright. However, things were changing fast every day. Even more so when Chief Stevens showed up at the Cullens residence.

"Dr. Carlisle. I can see that Amelia Swan is here as well, along with Isabella?" She asked.

"Yes, Chief Stevens." The Coven leader told her, which Amelia walked out calmly.

"Good evening." The red head told the woman calmly.

Stevens smiled at her, but it did not meet her eyes not one bit. "Good, just making sure you are not leaving the country. Out of curiosity, would you be willing to come down to the station and answer some questions?"

"About what?" Amelia asked, as Carlisle placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Why the case, I know you know something. Also some of my officers would like to stay and search this place." The older woman replied.

"You have no right." Carlisle replied simply.

"I have every right."

Amelia eyed her calmly. "Do you have a warrant?" She challenged the older woman, making her look down at the redhead.

"Do you really want to play it like that?" Stevens asked.

"It's not my call, as this is the Cullens home, but I still say no warrant no entrance." Amelia replied simply. "Also, unless you are arresting me..I'm not going anywhere with you."

"Amelia is right, you need a warrant." Carlisle stated calmly. "For both, in order to search my property, and to arrest her." He explained calmly.

"Carlisle, blood is missing at the hospital; I hope I don't find it here." Chief Stevens said calmly.

"Blood?" Amelia asked, being able to act so easily; truly was a gift. "You think Carlisle, had something to do with it?"

"He was the last one to log into where the blood was stored." The older woman explained calmly.

Amelia looked at the Chief calmly. "You have no right to accuse this man of being a thief. He saves lives, while you harass. I hope I speak for both him and myself, if you come back here or to my house without a warrant. I will have your badge."

The Chief just eyed the two, before she nodded. "I will get that warrant, and if you Ms. Swan are hiding something..I will personally place you in prison."

"Not if I get your badge first." Amelia replied, before the woman walked away. Carlisle and the young redhead walked back inside.

"What did we miss?" Caius asked, as he stepped forward first. The three had been out trying to track Sulpicia and Athenodora down.

"Oh the Chief of Police just threatened to throw your mate in prison." Emmett replied. "Though must say, you have the perfect response."

"She is trying to prove she can handle this job, Forks is a peaceful place and she came from Alaska, another rather peaceful place." Amelia whispered.

"Are you alright?" Marcus asked.

"I am fine, but the next time she shows up. She will have a warrant." Amelia replied.

Aro eyed his mate calmly. "A warrant to do what?"

"Search this house." Amelia stated. "She claims to want to do so, because of the missing blood from the hospital; but I don't think that is the case."

"She's onto us." Edward whispered. "She thinks we are the ones responsible for all of this."

"We aren't-" Bella tried.

"I know that, and you know that. She doesn't, she is following any lead she can find." Amelia answered her sister. "Alice, how long do we make this house as human as possible?"

"Two days, max." Alice replied softly. "Amelia, she will also arrest and interrogate you; but I don't know when."

Amelia sighed softly. "We will cross that when it happens, until then..I would suggest the blood goes on the private jet."

"I agree." Carlisle replied, handing over a bag. Felix and Demetri quickly got to work.

"Esme." Amelia whispered. "We need to stock the kitchen."

"Absolutely." The kindest, most Angel like of the Cullens agreed.

Amelia smiled, looking to Bella softly. "Come Sis, we will do that."

"We will take care of the bathrooms." Emmett and Jasper raised their hands.

Amelia smiled, as both she and her sister left for her sisters truck. "No killing us."

"This again." Bella laughed as they both climbed into the cab, and drove away.


"They are making this way to easy." The dark haired, sadistic female vampire all but purred. "I knew giving hints to the humans would be a great idea."

"That you did, my love." Athenodora whispered, as they stayed crouched in the forest. "But, we can't take her yet."

"No, you are absolutely right. That will come when she is at her most vulnerable, and no doubt the little Cullen is about to see what is to happen." Sulpicia agreed, as they watched the old beat up truck travel down the road.

"Reneta, our sweet pet." Athenodora called. "You want Aro, for yourself correct?"

"Yes, my true Queens." The beautiful strawberry blonde vampire exclaimed.

Sulpicia eyed her, having always known she had a thing for her former husband. "We will see that he falls for you, once we strike Amelia down. However, please run the truck off the road."

"Thank you my Queen." Reneta exclaimed, before taking off.

"Idiot." Athenodora laughed.

Sulpicia tisked softly. "Now, Athena...she is in love and without a mate. She has no idea that killing his, will ultimately kill him."

"This should be fun."


Aro, Marcus, and Caius were sitting in the Cullen residence. The house only needed the human food, when a strange feeling of panic and despair filled them.

"What is going on!" Caius bit out, gripping at his chest. Looking at his brothers who were doing the same.

"Amelia, she is hurt." Marcus replied, desperation overcoming the three as Carlisle ran in. "Amelia?"

"Both Bella and Amelia are being rushed to the hospital, the truck rolled over." He explained, and the four vampires ran instantly. The rest of the Cullen family and Volturi guard were already on their way.

Aro sat in the front seat next to his long time friend. "Did they tell you anything more?" He asked, his voice strained with worry.

"Not a thing, only that one of the girls would need intensive care; but I wasn't told which." Carlisle replied, as they pulled up to the hospital. Chief Stevens was waiting, looking at Aro with confusion.

"Your back so soon, or did you ever leave?" She asked.

"Chief Stevens, is that really all that you care about?" Carlisle snapped at the woman.

The older woman sighed, but shook her head. "Isabella is fine, and Amelia is in surgery."

"Surgery?" Aro asked.

"Yes, she was flung from the truck. She had four broken ribs, and a punctured lung, and was impaled by a skinny branch. Luckily the branch missed anything important." The woman explained.

The three Volturi males just looked at one another, before being allowed inside the hospital. Edward wasn't there, obviously he had gone to visit his mate.

"Bella is awake." Alice told them. "She said something about a strawberry blonde, wearing your crest."

"Reneta?" Caius spat.

"Yes, she grabbed Amelia and threw her." Rosalie whispered. "Bella will be able to tell you more, but she's kind of out of it."

"And, Amelia?" Marcus asked.

"We haven't heard anything, but Jasper can take you to the glass. You can watch as the Surgeons work." Esme whispered, while Jasper stood.

The three followed, finding their guard was there watching the entire thing. However what stumped them, was seeing Amelia or a form of her standing inside by her physical body while she was being worked on.

"You see her to, right Masters?" Jane asked softly.

"Yes." Caius whispered, as their mate looked up at them.

"She can Astral project." Aro breathed softly in wander.

Who said she could Astral Project, one of my lovely viewers guessed it.

Nature Faustus.

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