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Now, this chapter was extremely difficult as I did not,know if I should focus on Sulpicia; because Aro probably would need time to gather his thoughts. Mean, how would you feel if you found out your Ex wife was behind breaking all of the laws in the book? So, I'm afraid this chapter won't touch on that exactly yet...but don't worry there will be plenty of Sulpicia and Athenodora bashing in upcoming chapters.


The redhead was in shock, but nodded her head respectfully and began to leave. Caius waiting outside the building with Marcus as they did. "Fuck."

"That's one way to put it." Marcus replied simply.

"You have no idea, Master." Demetri whispered, taking note of Aro's scent coming from the backseat.

Caius rounded on the tracker. "You will drive the Kia, your Queen will ride with us."

"Can I say one thing?" Demetri questioned, gaining a few nods before he walked up to the car. "Sulpicia is in Forks."


Aro was frozen solid after he heard that, Demetri took the Kia and Amelia sat across from her mates. Two of which, we glaring at her.

"You deliberately disobeyed us." Caius stated.

"I know." She replied.

Marcus eyed her before adding. "We know you trust the shifters..we don't! We don't know them! Their mother was killed by someone with our crest!"

Amelia went quiet as he shouted at her, looking down like a wounded kitten. "I had-"

"No." Caius replied. "I don't want an excuse, we ask you not to do something..not because we don't think you can handle it, not because we are wanting to stand in your way. We are terrified of losing you, especially now that we know the culprit."

"Sulpicia..who is she?" Amelia asked instantly at that, looking at Aro.

He looked at her for a moment, before looking away. "She was my wife, we married knowing that one day we would find our true companion..our mate. However, as time went by you could say I grew fond of her; but she was greedy with power. She did not love me for me, and I knew this. She loved the power I gave her."

"She met my former wife, Athenodora..and we knew they were mates." Caius told her. "But, they continued being married to us; for the power."

"That was until we learned of you." Marcus whispered. "We told them, a divorce would be filed and they could stay and be a guard or leave."

Amelia listened softly. "They didn't quietly." She concluded.

"No." Caius replied, looking to her. "Do you understand now, we have many enemies..two of which know all of our secrets..we have to keep you safe."

"You have to keep me safe, and I understand that; but I couldn't let Demetri go alone." She whispered. "Like it or not, he is my best friend in the guard, I was the only shot of keeping him safe. If I hadn't been there, no telling what Leah would have done."

Aro turned to her. "We respect that you wish to keep an eye on the guard, as they do you. We understand, that it seems like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you feel like you must see it through."

"However, to lie to our faces. That will take time to return the trust." Marcus told her, and she nodded looking down.

Amelia hadn't cried much, maybe during when her father was killed. That was a troubling time, but she hated crying in front of anyone; so she tried not to let it happen. Most part, she could succeed; but now. Tears streamed down her cheeks, as the pain radiated through her chest.

The three kings felt it to, but they did not act on it. She had to know the gravity of such actions, as painful as it was. "You will stay at the Cullen house tonight, Demetri will patrol along with Jane, Alec, Felix, my brother's, and myself." Aro said finally, his voice quiet as he eyed her.

Amelia didn't answer, not a single word could be uttered. She managed to dry her eyes for when they pulled up to the Cullen house, she gave Demetri a small smile; but she looked defeated. His red eyes turned to his Masters who glared at him, and he knew they were both in trouble for her being there. He knew his punishment was a double patrol, along with pinpointing exactly where the former Queens were.

Caius led her into the house, where he watched as she walked over to the Cullens. His red eyes could see the smile on her face, that did not meet the beautiful green eyes. It pained him to see the defeated look on her face; truly. But, she had to understand where he was coming from.

Amelia looked to him, before returning to her mates sides. "I'm going to bed." Kissing all three of their cheeks.

Aro caught a brief glance in her mind from the kiss, but he did not act on the pain filled thought. Though it caused his chest to fill with agony, he knew time would be needed to heal. Trust was not something so freely given, and it was taken advantage of.

"Please don't leave her like that." Bella whispered, making the three look at her. "Please."

"You don't get to interfere in this." Caius told the Swan simply, before they left.

Carlisle sighed, placing a hand on Bella's shoulder. "I know this is difficult, but they feel betrayed."

"She didn't mean-"

"I know, we all know; but she did lie." The Cullen leader explained.

Edward held his mate close to him. "For vampires, the males are dominant." He whispered softly.

"Yeah, we are protective." Emmett agreed, wrapping his own arms around Rosalie.

There was one male in the room however, who did not necessarily agree or disagree. That was Jasper, sure he would protect Alice with his life; but he wouldn't change her. Which was why during that night, he went upstairs to Amelia's personal room.

A tray of food was waiting for her, that Esme had left no one would force her to leave; but that wouldn't stop him from entering the room. "Amelia." He whispered, once he opened the door. Only to find her in the fetal position by the window.

"Jasper?" She asked, looking up, and her bloodshot eyes broke him. He ran to her side, wrapping his arms around her.

"I'm staying here." He whispered, as he tried to push a calming feeling upon her.

"They hate me." Amelia whispered.

"No." Jasper told her simply. "They love you, they are hurt and you are hurt. The four of you need to sit down, and talk." He explained. "Yes, they are disappointed; but you did lie."

"I know, but I only wanted to help." She replied, sobbing into his chest.

Jasper sighed, holding her close to him. "We all know that. You have been thrust into this world, as the Queen, and even though you are a legal adult, you are still a teenager." He explained. "You are being forced to grow up even faster, and you are trying to adapt the best you can."

"They won't want to talk to me." She whispered having stopped sobbing as he spoke.

"You are their mate, you made a mistake. They will understand that, it will take time. But, it also takes communication." Jasper whispered. "The four of you, have been caught up in the passion and heat of first discovering one another, without completing the bond. Emotions are running high, and with everything that is going on-" he didn't need to finish.

Amelia nodded. "I understand."

Jasper smiled, before he moved her to the bed. "Now you need to get your rest."

"Jasper, please don't leave." She asked, and he nodded. Climbing in beside her.

"I will stay, but just for the night." He told her calmly, as his sister, friend, and Queen curled to his chest. Alice joined them soon after, as they both promised to protect her.


The next morning, Jasper managed to get the four lovers to sit down together. Amelia sat in a recliner, while her mates on the couch. She eyed her brother calmly, unsure of what to do or say. "Don't give me that look, I am not talking for you." He stated calmly, causing her to look down. "You aren't a coward, quit letting that feeling go through you."

"Quit talking to your Queen in such a way." Caius hissed at him, anger coursing through his veins.

"Wouldn't have to, if she would stop being a chicken." Jasper replied, actually causing Amelia to snort in laughter. Aro narrowed his eyes at him darkly at that, but decided to do a very unusual thing and stay quiet.

Marcus was not as forgiving. "You have no right to speak about her, or to us in such a fashion."

"When we have all been idiots, he does." Amelia whispered, finally understanding everything Jasper said last night. Her mates turned to her simply, they taking note of her dark circles, and still rather bloodshot eyes. They knew she had cried quite a bit last night, as they had heard her, taking every fiber in their beings not to react as they did.

"How, have we been idiots?" Caius asked.

Amelia sighed softly. "We really haven't taken the time to talk about everything, and figure out where the four of us truly stand in this relationship. I know I am mated to you, I know I am Queen, and I know that I love you..that is really it." She told them calmly, and Jasper smiled as she was starting to take the initiative to communicate.

Marcus listened to her in understanding. "We don't really know each other personally, our emotions of finding each other are starting to simmer down, and now we are rushing to keep peace."

The Cullen boy spoke gently as well. "Amelia also has really just turned 18, in ever retrospect she is still a kid."

"Thank you Jasper." She replied, unsure on how to feel about that.

"Oh you know it is true, maturity doesn't come with age. Mean look at Edward he has just entered his hundreds, and his response to an accident was pack the whole family and leave." Jasper explained, and she looked at him calmly and nodded.

Caius looked at the boy. "What you are saying is your Queen isn't mature?"

"No, what I am saying is her mind is still maturing. On top of that she now has an entire new personality, and I am guessing you and your Queen side are constantly arguing?" Jasper asked.

"Probably as much as you and the Major." Amelia replied.

Turning to look at the three kings. "One personality will win at any given time. Amelia can be pushed back and the Queen takes over, and sometimes they work together."

"That doesn't excuse the lies." Aro finally spoke, and Amelia moved to him.

Kneeling down by his side calmly, his red eyes watching her every move. "I know it doesn't, and I truly am sorry for ever doing so. I want to be a good mate, and I want to be a good Queen...I don't know how to be both at the same time though..and I am sorry for that." She whispered, and their eyes widened at her words.

"We know you are trying." Marcus finally said, a soft smile on his face. "Also, you are a good Queen. A good Queen would accompany her guard to watch their back, and you are a good mate...we all just made a mistake."

Amelia jumped into his lap after that. "Can we start over?"

Aro looked at her, before kissing her head. "Hello, my love. I am Aro Volturi."

She grinned, before moving to kiss the three softly. "I love you."

"We love you to." Caius whispered, before claiming her lips with his own.

Alright, now this chapter turned out to be a lot more fun then I thought it would be..first it has my second favorite Cullens as the front (number one Cullen will always be Carlisle for me, he was the first Vampire I fell for in Twilight, and then New Moon came and I never looked back XD). Jasper I think needed a bit of love, as in Goddess of Love and The Maid, they are in Volterra so not a lot of Cullen interaction. However, here I can give plenty. So, how do you like how Jasper is in this? I think he is the perfect protector and brother figure honestly. Also, how did you feel about the kings having to learn this lesson, along with Amelia?

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