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Sulpicia part 1

This chapter may surprise you, but before reading..would Carlisle really let Amelia throw away her future...I don't think so. Anyway, please enjoy.

Amelia sighed softly, as she laid in the bed with her mates. The computer in her hand, as she was getting a feel for the Hospital's database. She could feel their red eyes, watching every movement, which was emphasised everytim Caius kissed her head. "I love you." She whispered, after the fifth kiss.

"Good, because I love you." He replied. "What you are doing for us, you have no idea how much means to me."

"Or to us." Marcus spoke for both Aro and himself.

Her dark haired lover nodded in agreement. "We understand this is very risky for you, after working so hard. We could have Chelsea manipulate anyone, you know that." Aro whispered.

"Yes, but then she would be seen on the security cameras." Amelia replied, calmly. "Carlisle can get blood out of the hospital, he's done it before, but it would look odd for Demetri to be looking at a body." She added.

Caius's eyes furrowed in confusion. "Carlisle, has snuck human blood?"

"He did for when Jasper first joined, helped ease the cravings." She whispered in response. "Still does, but he doesn't have enough for everyone."

"Which is why, he must get more now." Marcus nodded his head in understanding.

"Good thing he is a doctor, otherwise this would be harder." She added softly, while looking through everything.

"Sis." Bella's voice called, making the four look up. "I've got good news, and bad news."

"Even more bad news?" She asked in response.

"The body was Sue Clearwater." Bella replied.

Amelia looked up instantly in shock and horror. "No."

"Yeah." Bella said, Amelia looked away to try and compose her emotions.

"Sue Clearwater?" Marcus asked.

Amelia looked back at him. "Seth and Leah Clearwater's mother, their father was killed about a year ago." She replied softly. "They are only fifteen and sixteen."

"Seth Clearwater, that's the young boy that's in the pack of Shapeshifters?" Aro asked.

"Yes, their mother wasn't one." Amelia replied.

Bella nodded, before speaking. "Seth has agreed to let Demetri accompany him into the morgue."

"How the fuck did that happen, no offense but Leah hates vampires." Amelia stated, her mates looking at her before they looked back at Bella.

"I don't know." Bella replied.

"I'm going to, something about that doesn't feel right." Amelia said simply.

"Absolutely not." Caius cut in.

Amelia looked at her blonde lover. "Seth won't hurt me."

"We know this how? You are mated to three Vampire's, who carry the crest that was upon their mother's bod-" He was cut off as a car pulled into the driveway of the Swan residence.

Bella moved instantly to the window, before her eyes widened. "Chief Stevens, is outside."

"Oh that's just great." Amelia replied, while standing to move to the window. "I'll handle her, we have nothing to hide here."

Bella nodded, watching as her sister went to,walk out of the room; a familiar V necklace very visible. "Sis, wait." She hissed, moving to hide the crest under her sisters shirt. "Since that is all over TV."

"Right." Amelia replied, her mates obviously not thrilled by this; but they let it happen. "I will be back."

Bella walked down with her sister, Edward was in her room, but she refused to let Amelia go through this alone. Maybe her sister was Queen, but that didn't change the fact, they were sisters. "I will be here."

"I know." Amelia replied, as both girls opened the door. "Chief Stevens, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

"I need to ask you some questions about the necklace we found at a crime scene." The Chief of Police replied simply.

Amelia nodded, looking confused. "What about it?"

"I saw you wearing something similar." Stevens bluntly stated.

"Yes, it was a gift from my boyfriend." Amelia replied calmly. "It is a family crest."

"A crest?" Stevens asked.

Bella nodded. "Think of it almost like a promise ring, that she was given."

"Exactly like that." Amelia agreed, she smiling at her sister.

Stevens looked between the two girls. "I need to speak with your boyfriend."

"If it's about the case, don't bother. He's back in Italy." Amelia lied smoothly.

"There is no record of that." Stevens said in confusion.

Bella jumped in easily. "That is because the Volturi family is very wealthy, that they have their own private jet." She said.

"Really?" Stevens asked in shock.

Amelia nodded, while pulling out her phone. "Yes." Showing her photos of the red and black interior. "It comes with a private bed and everything."

"My sister is excited about joining the mile high club." Bella laughed brightly, making her sister smack her.


Chief Stevens just stared at the two girls, obviously having not expected this. Nor, did she know what to do or say. "What about this Demetri Volturi?"

"What about him?" Amelia said, becoming very protective instantly.

Stevens smiled at this, seeing her way in. "Can I speak with him?"

"You would have to ask him not me." Amelia said quickly realising that the woman wanted a reaction out of her.

"I will." Stevens replied. "If you know anything, and you don't tell me." She started, finally getting to her point of being here. "That will place you alongside your father's killer."

Amelia's eyes went wide, before they narrowed. "Who the fuck, do you think you are?" She demanded. "Do not come back to my property without a warrant, because if you..I will sue your ass."

Stevens said nothing as she turned back to her car, and began to walk away. "I will figure out your secrets, and then I will bust both of your asses."

Bella and Amelia watched, as she pulled out of the driveway. "I don't like her." The older twin whispered.

"Neither do I." Amelia responded simply, before slamming the door.

Her mates walked down the stairs along with Edward, making both girls look in their direction. "What will happen when she finds we are not in Italy?" Aro asked.

"I don't know, Bella and I may get arrested for withholding evidence." Amelia replied. "However, I am more worried about what will happen, if she stays on this case."

"She is a very determined woman." Edward whispered.

Amelia nodded, while Aro moved to get the crest out from under her shirt. "Better?" She asked softly, and he nodded instantly.

Bella looked to her sister, before looking to Edward. "Maybe we should go to your house for the night." She suggested.

"That would be wise, Bella." Amelia replied to her sister.

Edward looked confused, before he caught the lustful thoughts of what Amelia wanted to do with her mates. "Yeah, we should go Bella." He agreed, before they left.

"We are not acting on your thoughts." Aro replied simply, making her pout. "We have to much to talk about, but I will join this mile high club eventually."

Amelia went from a nice ivory to a tomato in an instant. "You caught on to that."

"Oh yes." Caius grinned. "You are dirty girl."

"No, I'm your dirty girl." The three laughed at this.

"You are still not going to the morgue." Aro said simply.

"Yes I am." Amelia said simply. "Look, I know Seth..and I know Leah. If she is there with Demetri..I don't know what she would do to him. If I'm there, it's a significant less likelihood that he will be hurt."

"The answer is no." Marcus replied simply.


"Are you sure, they said you could come?" Demetri asked, the following morning. As Amelia had,snuck out of her house, surprisingly with much success.

"Not gonna lie, they are gonna pissed." She replied, looking to him as he sighed. "However, you are my best friend..and don't get me wrong I love Leah and Seth, but with the circumstances..I don't hear that someone was hurt because of anger and hate."

"I am your best friend?" Demetri asked, looking at his new Queen in shock. She truly had taken a liking to this particular guard.

"Yes Demetri, and I know if I wasn't mated to Aro, Marcus, and Caius..the likelihood of us meeting would have been slim." She whispered. "If that was the case, I don't know how my life would differ. Sure I would have all the Cullens and I love them deeply, but having two vampire probably the best thing in the world, and I thank God everyday that you are part of it."

The tracker was at a loss for words, his Queen-no his new friend, felt this strongly towards him. Deep inside Demetri was jealous of his Master's, wishing Amelia was his instead, but that wasn't meant to be; nor will he act on it. "Thank you."

"Always." She replied.

Demetri didn't know what to do, so decided to change the subject. "Were you upset when Carlisle told you not to hack into the hospital's camera's for him?"

"A little, because I wanted to help him out; but I understand. He knows I'm already jeopardizing my way to Oxford, he doesn't want me to to to prison either." Amelia explained.

"None of us want that." Demetri replied. "Felix, Jane, Alec, and I had already created a plan to break you out."

Her response was a rather unlady like snort. "Really?"

"Yup." He chuckled.

They laughed as they pulled into the hospital, Seth and Leah were waiting for them. Amelia was the first out, hugging both wolves. "I am so sorry." She told them.

"Yeah." Seth whispered, his voice quiet from all the tears he had shed.

Leah just glared at Demetri. "You will find the leech that did this, right?" She demanded, pulling away when Amelia tried to place a hand on her arm.

The tracker was unfazed by the use of name calling. "Yes." He replied. "They were unfortunately once part of the Volturi, which lucky for us means I know their voice, scent, and face. I can hone in and find them."

"I want to deliver the killing blow." Leah growled.

"The torch will be yours." Amelia promised. "Now please, we don't need the world hearing this conversation."

Demetri and Seth both nodded in agreement, as they slowly walked inside. The vampire and his Queen walking side by side, unaware that a familiar 66 mustang had pulled up and was waiting for them to leave.

Leah took his brother's hand, as they made it to where their mother was lying under a sheet. Both looking at the doctor, as he revealed the face; tears falling from Seth.

"Mom." He whispered, and Amelia had to look away as well. Tears of her own falling as she had known the woman for many years, however a pause was taken from her. Demetri's eyes had flown open wide, and if possible he was paler than before.

"I will give you a moment." The doctor told the Clearwater children as he left, allowing Amelia to move a little closer.

"Get out." Leah told her before she could say anything. "I hope your tracker got enough, because I don't want to be in the same room as you right now."

The redhead was in shock, but nodded her head respectfully and began to leave. Caius waiting outside the building with Marcus as they did. "Fuck."

"That's one way to put it." Marcus replied simply.

"You have no idea, Master." Demetri whispered, taking note of Aro's scent coming from the backseat.

Caius rounded on the tracker. "You will drive the Kia, your Queen will ride with us."

"Can I say one thing?" Demetri questioned, gaining a few nods before he walked up to the car. "Sulpicia is in Forks."

Questions: What will Aro's reaction be, in the next chapter? Will Chief Stevens arrest Amelia, and if so on what grounds?

I hope you all enjoy pondering over this, and have a great day.

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