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Amelia slept soundly in the arms of Marcus, as her other two mates paced in the room; as quietly as they could. The three were expected to leave soon, having to go back to Italy, even with the new threat in the area; they had been gone too long. However, the mere thought set their frozen hearts on fire.

"We can't leave her, not with this new threat." Caius hissed, hating the very idea of their sweet Amelia in danger.

Aro nodded softly. "I agree, but we have to return to Volterra."

"Brother, it is not safe for her. Sure, the Cullens will try and keep her safe, but if they fail." The blonde said in response. "I'm not leaving."

"Caius, do you think I want to leave? Do you think Marcus wishes to leave?" Aro snapped as quietly as he could, his eyes beginning to darken as he growled at his younger by appearance brother. "None of us do, but she is not mated to the guard, Cullen, or simple Nomad, she is mated to us."

Marcus who had stayed quiet during the spat finally spoke. "Brother, it is November we have already agreed to stay till December..correct?"

"Yes?" Aro replied.

"Amelia mentioned a winter break, where they have about two weeks off. Why not we wait until then, she stays with us in Italy through Christmas, and when she needs to return to school...have Demetri and Felix go with her." Marcus suggested, and his two brothers began kicking themselves, trying to figure out how they missed that.

Caius nodded at this. "That is a wonderful suggestion, you think Amelia will want to?"

"Demetri mentioned, she keeps asking about the city and the neighboring city of Florence." Marcus replied.

"Will a member of the Cullen family want to accompany her?" Aro wondered.

"If they do, let them." Marcus replied, gaining surprised looks. "If our mate will take comfort in one of her sisters or brothers being with us, then let who ever."

Aro nodded slowly at that, it made sense in his head to have a Cullen accompany her; if this was what she wanted. He would not complain, and he certainly won't stand in her way; unless necessary. "I see your point brother, but we should discuss this with her."

"Absolutely-" Marcus paused, when he felt a small shift in their mate's form. Her startling green eyes looking up at him soon after. "Mia cara, did we wake you?"

"Its fine." She said in response, her voice barely a whisper as the girl was not fully aware. "What are you talking about?"

"December." Caius whispered, and her eyes saddened at the mere mention of the month. "We were discussing the possibility of you joining us through Christmas in Volterra." He clarified.

Amelia sat up, her eyes wide. "I'm awake now." That statement caused an array of chuckles. "I would also love to." She added with a grin.

"We were also thinking, you may wish to ask any of the Cullens to join you, perhaps even your sister would care to join us." Aro added, the mention of her sister caused her to perk up even more than she already was.

Amelia was in the coven leaders arms soon after, having jumped from the bed, to him. "Really?" Her arms wrapping tightly around his neck, as soon as he nodded. "I love you." She squealed happily.

"It was Marcus's idea." Caius replied, gaining a dark look from Aro.

Amelia pursed her lips. "You weren't trying to take credit were you?"

"He was." Caius answered for his brother, who's glare grew only darker.

"Aro." She whispered, and he turned back to her. "No kisses."

He whimpered at that. "Amore."

"No." She teased, winking at him.

Aro soon understood this was a game to her. "Well if you don't give kisses, than I guess I must take what is mine." She playfully started to struggle, and he allowed her to escape behind Caius. Her arms could be seen wrapping around the blondes torso, as she stretched to reach his neck.

"You deserve a few kisses, don't you Caius?" Her voice could be heard, before head was seen, as she kissed what her lips could reach of his neck.

"You are playing a dangerous game, mia Amor." Aro growled suddenly, while Caius knelt down so she had better access. Truth be told, he was the one the craved the most attention from his mate. She gave willingly, of course. However, as of late she had been spending a lot more time with Marcus then either Aro and Caius; it bothering the two greatly.

"What are you going to do about it, Aro?" She taunted in response, oh yes Amelia was playing a very dangerous game indeed. As he sped over to her quickly.

"It is time you and I had a midnight stroll." He hissed in her ear, before jumping out of the bedroom window with her in his arms.

"Aro, I have nosy neighbors." She reminded, as he began sprinting to the forest.

"No one saw." He replied in response as they ran, she desperately trying not to laugh in the night, her lips finding his neck to help with that. "Thought you said no kisses for me?"

"Ah, I can't punish myself anymore." She whined playfully as they made it to the clearing, where the Cullens had played baseball together. He all but dropping her to the ground, as gently as he could. "Hey, it's cold ya know." She whispered, at the snow-covered land.

Aro removed his cloak in response, laying it upon the ground before gently pushing her on top. "You had your kicks teasing me, mia cara. It is now my turn." He propping himself on top of her body, causing the poor girl to swallow her saliva.

"Aro…." She whispered, before his lips claimed hers. A deep moan escaping her form, as soon as he did. No matter the teasing she gave him, in the end she would always succumb to her mate. He was her most sacred drug.

"Yes?" He asked, having heard her thoughts. His cold muscle touching her lips, before traveling down to her neck to continue his travels. Her body growing hotter in the cold atmosphere that they were in.

Amelia didn't reply, her hands starting to travel up his form, finding the buttons of his shirt. His own quickly stopping her.

"No, mia cara. We are not going that far." He grinned.

"How far were you thinking?" She replied in response, wanting the man more than ever.

"We are just making out, like the couples do these days...nothing more." He teased, making her groan in frustration. "You liked teasing me, you must be able to take what you serve."

Amelia glared at that, before smirking. "Guess, Caius will be the first one I suck off."

Aro snarled at that. "Don't you dare."

"What, clearly you don't want it." She teased in response, once again crashing their lips together, moans now coming from both sides as they gripped on to one another.

Everything came to a halt however, when she began shivering violently. "Time to return." He whispered softly.

"Indeed." She replied sadly, reaching up to kiss him one more time; enjoying the time alone. Between school, taking care of her late father's house, and her music competitions to start off; she missed this.

When she and Aro returned home, dawn was slowly approaching, as Marcus opened the door for them. Bella was up, having pancakes on the table and ready.

"That smells great, Bella." Amelia said softly, before she started walking up the stairs. "I'm just going to wash up." Marcus seemed to try and say something, but she was already making her way to the bathroom. Opening the door only to freeze, as someone was in the shower. That someone from what she could see had blonde hair.

Quietly, at least as she could stripped from her clothing. Her face was beat red, as she tried to will herself to enter the curtain. Slowly, making her way to him, and of course the tile had to creak making him very much aware of her presence.

"Amelia?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied, her hand about to pullback the curtain.

"What are you doing, mia Amor?" He asked, his back still to her.

He could heal her gulp, as she took the final leap of faith and entered the shower; her arms wrapping around herself. "Joining you." Her voice quiet, as he spun around in shock at seeing his mate. His red eyes darkening, as he took in her bare form. The innocent act of trying to cover herself, caused his mouth to fill with venom as he was desperate to gulp down.

"Amelia."0 He breathed, as she began to look him up and down. Her eyes traveling his pale form, with perfectly sculpted abs, straight to his rather impressive member.

"Holy shit." She breathed, as she could see his interest standing tall.

Caius smirked slightly, before gently removing her hands from her chest. "Beautiful." He purred, before taking her chin in his fingers. "You truly are the most breathtaking creature I have ever laid eyes upon."

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" She teased in response, and he grinned.

His lips hovering over hers for a split moment. "You are more, than I could ever be." With that, their lips were pressed against one another in passion.


"Dora, my sweet." A beautiful brunette questioned, with a voice of bells, as they walked through the forest. Her lips dripping gently with fresh blood, as a camper laid drained on the trail, her red eyes wide and mad.

The blonde beside her, equally gorgeous in every way looked over, red eyes just as wide and crazy. "Yes, Sully?" She asked, her voice dripping like honey.

"Why on earth would they downgrade from us?" Sully questioned curiously.

"I don't know, but it just isn't right...but the human will pay." Dora replied with a grin.

The dark haired goddess gave her own grin. "And once they realize how truly weak she is."

"How unfit of a Queen the food is." Dora added with a laugh.

"They will beg for our return." Both women cackled, as they lunged at each other. Shredding clothes, as they gave into their own carnal sins, that their husbands decided to abandon.

"Sully, we won't let them come back to us?" Dora asked, as the other woman dipped her head between her legs.

"No, we will end their existence and take over ourselves." Sully replied calmly, while arching her back in bliss, their plans falling into play. Their former husbands would not be prepared for them, they would fall.

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