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Alright, this is possibly the hardest chapter I have written. It's the shortest, but I hope you all like it. So, please give me your feedback and love.

Amelia sat next to Demetri in her little kia, looking at him in normal clothes; which was a little strange. He dressing a lot like Jasper, and Edward mixed and it was taking a little time to get used to. "Are you okay?" She asked, having noted how quiet he was.

"Yes, Amelia. I am fine." He replies, though he didn't sound very convincing.

"Are you nervous?" She suggested, and he looked at her instantly.

"About what?" He questioned curiously.

Amelia took his hand calmly. "I know you aren't really thrilled about being with humans, and the Kings have placed a lot of pressure on you." She told him calmly. His red eyes glanced at her again, mainly at how her hand was over his. He often found her treating him similar to how she treated Jane and Alec. Which was comforting, having a mother like figure in Volterra was going to help everyone.

"Thank you, and yes I am nervous. My control, though good...still-" she cut him off gently.

"Demetri, I am going to be with you..every step of today." She whispered. "What do I smell like to you?"

"I don't understand?" He questioned.

"Does my blood appeal to you?" She questioned.

He stared at her, before shaking his head. "You do, but I would never feed on you. I can't, and not just because your my queen; but you are like a mother to us all."

"So, if you lay your head on me to try and drown out the rest of the wouldn't feel the urge to drink?" She replied, and he understood.

"I don't think so." He replied, his eyes softening.

"Demetri, you can always lean on me." She promised him, while turning her attention back to the road. Pulling into the parking lot, of Forks high school and next to Edward's Volvo.

"Thank you." He whispered, while she handed him a thing of contacts. His eyes turning into a deep brown color, which oddly looked good on him.

She smiled as they both got out of the car. "Hey, Eddie!"

"Really?!" Edward called, making the two other Cullen's and one Swan laugh.

Amelia grinned, before she moved quickly and wrapped her arms around him. "You know I love you." She said in a cute voice, as if she was talking to a kitten.

"Your a bitch." He replied, but hugged her back.

Amelia just grinned. "You should totally say that to me, around Caius." She replied, and he stiffened.

"That would be funny." A voice spoke, which surprised the hell out of her, especially when she saw the familiar ebony haired leader glaring darkly at Edward, looking quite strange without his large grin.

"Aro!" Amelia squealed when she managed to get her voice back, running right to him once she let Edward go; arms around his neck quickly. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not staying all day, but I was curious about where you go off to." He explained, still giving a dirty look to Edward. "Pray tell, young Edward why you have the need to call your Queen such ad dirty name?"

Amelia jumped in quickly, by touching his lips with her index finger, gaining his red gaze on her. "Calm down, this is how Edward and I used to tease each other; before you came into my life. I know it's a little strange, but it is how our sibling bond grew."

Aro sighed. "He still should respect you."

"We are just playing, that doesn't make him respect me any less." She replied, before his lips touched her head gently.

"Alright, but you do realize that if Caius was the one who overheard…" He whispered.

Amelia chuckled. "His ass would be kicked." He laughed softly at that as well. "Now, no sharing to ensure that happens...I will get Edward in the mud dontcha worry about that."

The particular Cullen snapped his head in their direction. "Amelia." He whined, knowing she would do it.

"Yes, brother?" She asked, looking over.

"You are an evil sister, you know that right?" He questioned.

She just gave an innocent smile. "You just figured that out? Little disappointed, I thought you were the fast one."

Bella laughed brightly, before listening as her sister and boyfriend began throwing insults at each other. She taking this time to walk over to Aro, still a little intimidated by him; but doubted he would just attack her. "Thank you." She whispered to him.

"For, what Young Bella?" He asked.

"Making her happy." The girl replied, before looking back. "She has made it her goal to make everyone else happy, but often had forgotten about herself."

Aro nodded slowly. "Bella, she is my mate..her happiness I will ensure."

Bella nodded, not wishing to talk about something her sister wasn't ready; but she couldn't stop herself. "You know, two years ago..I thought I was going to lose her."

The king looked down at her. "How?"

"She went snowboarding, and didn't see the danger sign….she fell 100 feet off a cliff." Bella answered, and Aro snapped his head up instantly to his mate. "It's a miracle, doctors said she would never walk again; but she walks and runs."

"Why are you telling me this?" Aro asked.

"Because, I'm glad she has you. When I was first told I was skeptical, and I'm sure you knew that." She told him.

"Yes, Caius especially knew." He replied calmly.

"However, seeing her this happy...I want to make the effort to know my new brothers." Bella finally said, and he looked down at her once again. "What, you mated to her..means your my brother now."

Aro smiled at this. "Indeed it does." Turning back he let out a sigh. "I should go, but thank you for talking with me." He told her, before moving to embrace his mate once again.

"Already?" Amelia asked, pouting.

"I win!" Edward stated.

"I'm in my mates arms, you don't win anything jackass." She replied, before turning her attention back to Aro. "I love you."

He smiled. "I love you to."

"Bella and I are going back to my Dad's house after school, will you meet us there..after your feeding today?" She asked.

"We will be there." He replied, before they released each other and he began leaving.

"Twelve o'clock." Bella suddenly said, making everyone in their group look over. Lauren was staring at them, once again.

"Demetri stay close to me, I may give her a right hook if you don't." Amelia called.

"Alright." The guard replied, standing next to his queen.

The day went by smoothly, unfortunately it didn't end that way. In the parking lot, after school Amelia was finally approached by Lauren. "Who the hell was the hunk this morning?"

Amelia glared at her. "My boyfriend."

"You mean to tell me, you are dating one of the most attractive men in this town...while your sister gets one the most attractive men here at school?" Lauren stated, while Demetri growled.

His Queen placed a hand upon his to calm him. "Lets go, everyone." Amelia called, the Cullens and her sister began trying to leave. But, Lauren was persistent; placing a hand on her arm. "I suggest you let me go."

"Yes, I would suggest you let my girlfriend go." The voice of Aro stated, which Lauren turned to look up at him.

"How did you?" She asked.

"Oh I called him to pick me up. Demetri is taking my car." Amelia answered, while yanking her arm free in order to moving into her lovers chest.

Lauren glared at her. "Where is his car?"

"The diner, it's not that far of a walk." Amelia replied, before slowly trying to walk away. "See you all at the diner!" She called to her friends/family.

Aro held her hand like always. "Why did Demetri keep holding and burying his face into your shirt?"

"I told him he could, to drown out the rest of the student population from his nose." She replied calmly. "It worked, wish it didn't for Lauren." He started laughing brightly at that.

"You want her gone, she's gone." Aro replied, while she giggled.

"That sounds perfect, but then questions could be raised..considering her father is a big deal lawyer around here." She explained. "Why I haven't broken the fake nose he bought her yet."

Aro smiled at her confession in understanding. "Are you hungry?" He asked.

"Yeah, I don't eat at who really called you?" She asked.

"Surprisingly Young Bella." He replied.

"Hmm, can't use young..she's older." Amelia replied, gaining a surprised look.

"Really?" He asked.

"Two seconds older, she likes to rub my nose in that fact." She replied, kissing his cheek softly.

"Yes I do." Bella said, walking up to them at the diners parking lot. Right, after Aro's lips touched America's.

"Really?!" Amelia snapped, after whipping her head to her sister.

"Yup. You do it to me, payback is a bitch." Bella sang, smiling at them both. "Besides, he is now my brother...gotta tease while I can."

"He is also a king, Edward is he is fair game." Amelia replied, and Aro started laughing. "Wait if she's teasing you, will she attempt to tease Caius."

"I love my life." Bella replied.

"Oh he isn't that bad, he really is a bigger teddy bear than Emmet when you get to know him." Amelia promised.

"To you." Bella replied.

"As you pointed out, Aro is your brother now..that makes Caius your brother to-who gets to tell him?" Amelia asked, looking to Aro.

Aro thought. "We need to make it fun."

"I got it." Bella said, and the two lovers looked at her. "Don't worry, everyone will laugh."

Amelia looked at her. "My sister, can be this will be funny."

Aro nodded. "Alright, we will leave it to you."

"With any luck. I will do it, when my sweet sister is taking a drink..your spit takes are great." Bella replied.


Amelia sighed, as she sat with her sister on the floor of the house. "This place is so quiet." She whispered.

"Yeah." Bella whispered. "I still have a half mine to expect him to stumble through the door."

Amelia nodded, before laughing. "So exhausted from his work, but he still made a point to ask if we wanted to go to the diner. Steaks, burgers, pasta, and salads."

"Yeah he did." Bella agreed, while Amelia began messing with the fireplace.

"What ya say, a Dad special. Fire in the fireplace, hot cocoa, and breakfast for dinner?" The younger of the two asked.

"That sounds great." Bella agreed, and the two began moving about.

The three kings, guard, and Cullen family found the girls like this. Sitting around the fireplace, laughing and drinking cocoa. Two plates of eggs and bacon being devoured as well.

"You two having fun?" Edward asked.

"Oh yeah, we found an old photo album." Bella said.

"Yeah, and-oh naked baby Bella in the tub. Who wants to se-" Bella was quick to grab the book with a glare.


"Aww, but you look so cute with a bubble beard." Amelia replied, and everyone laughed.

"Wait how do you know that's not you?" Alice asked.

Amelia looked at her. "Brown eyes give it away, and," she moved holding up another photo album with her name on it. "I'm not stupid."

Edward smirked walking up to her, and instantly grabbed the book. "Here ya go, Bella."

Bella grinned, as she started opening the book. "Let's see, oh the horse inciden-" she was cut off, by Amelia tackling her to the ground. "Sis!"

"You asked for it." Amelia giggled, and every vampire in the room started laughing loudly at the randomness of the two sisters. As they continued to roll on the floor laughing brightly as they did.

Carlisle probably smiled the brightest, his two soul daughters were going to be okay. That he was sure of.

Okay, what do you think Caius's response will be..when what ever Bella' plan come through. How traumatized will he be (in the upset temper way?)

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