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Here is more, as I love delivering. This is also one of my longest chapters, and do not worry they will get longer..especially when we start getting into why this story is rated M, tell me if your excited for that...mmm naked Aro or Caius time...who can handle those images? Lol. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter. (Ps there is no naked times in this chapter lol)

Amelia sat next to Caius, as Bella sat with Edward, both waiting for their mother to walk through the door. The former of the two, wishing for all three of her mates to be by her side. Society rules be damned, about having only one lover, she didn't give a shirt. "Aro, Marcus. Get in here." She called calmly, and they flashed to her side.

"Mia cara?" Aro question.

"Sit with me." She replied, noting how Bella grinned brightly at her sister.

Aro moved quickly, wrapping his arms tightly around her midsection. Marcus to moved, having to sit opposite to his brother.

"Jane, come here as well." Amelia called, and the blonde moved to her. Sitting between her queens legs on the floor, looking just like a small child. Jane felt her eyes moisten with venom, as her Queen pulled her closer, feeling her hair down being taken down and braided.

Alec watched silently, a little jealous of the attention that his sister was receiving; but he didn't act. It was nice to not be feared, and it was good his sister felt secure for the first time in years. He was just hoping for the same.

"Alec, you can join your sister if you would like." Amelia said calmly, and he ran quickly to sit on the floor beside his sister. Though strange to be like this in front of Caius's legs, the king also didn't seem to care for it; but he did not say anything.

"Thank you, my Queen." Alec whispered, as he watched his sister's eyes closing in contempt.

Bella stated at the sight in amazement. "Looks like you already have a family." She voiced, the three kings looked up for a moment, as did the two twins.

Amelia smiled at the thought, looking down at Alec and Jane for a moment. "Works for me, if they don't mind." She replied, bending down to wrap her arms around both.

Marcus's eyes went huge as the bond between the twins and his mate began to morph, watching as a violet hue began to replace the green. Nothing like this had ever happened, for a sibling bond to turn into maternal was extraordinary.

"Amelia! Bella!" A voice called, keeping the male from speaking about the bond.

"In here, mom." Bell called, as her sister stayed quiet. Pulling the twins slightly closer to her body, as green eyes watched the door. Amelia straightening up as it opened.

Renee grinned at her daughters. "Why hello Edward." She added, upon seeing him. "Amelia who is sitting with you."

"I am Aro Volturi." Aro replied, and it went like that.



"I'm Alec, and this is my sister Jane."

Amelia looked down at the boy sitting by her and Caius's legs. "Alec, Jane can introduce herself."

"Sorry, Amelia." He replied, looking down sheepishly.

Renee noted how Aro kept his arms wrapped around her daughter, but also saw how Caius would squeeze her knee in reassurance, and Marcus ran fingers down her arm. "Amelia which one is your boyfriend?"

"All three." Was the response, her mates were surprised she said that so casually. "What is the matter Renee, shocked?"

"Why yes, but if you are happy, then that is all that matters." The woman said after a moment, making everyone look at her. The obvious fake smile, and lie present on her face. "However, I would like to speak to both you and Bella."

Amelia looked to her sister, both knowing they needed to get this over with. "Alright." She sighed, turned to kiss all three men on their lips, her eyes glancing down to the two twins; before she hugged them close.

Jane and Alec smiled brightly, but gave the supposed 'mother' a dirty look as their queen and her sister rose. Neither liking what they knew was going to happen, not having to be seers to know that.

When the three walked upstairs, and a door closed. Renee released her frown. "I am terribly sorry about your father." She began with.

"Okay, Amelia and I aren't stupid. You didn't care about Dad, if you had you wouldn't have left." Bella stated.

"I took you both with me." Renee reminded.

"I loved Arizona, I will admit it..mainly because the back yard had interesting creatures." Amelia stated. "However, you took us away from our father for so many years. Men kept coming in and out of our house, before you found Phil."


"No! Do not interrupt mother, I have let a lot of things go; but I wanted to stay with Dad. Now, he's gone. Only got to spend a few childhood summers, and a half of year as teenager; before I went to England." Amelia stated, tears began streaming down her face.

Bella placed a hand on her sister's shoulder. "Our Dad is dead, and you walk in here and expect us to just go with you."

"You are my daughter's." Renee stated calmly.

"You just wanted the child support, also you are just a mother by birth; but that is it." Amelia replied.

Renee let out a sob, now that wasn't the two sisters intentions. "I knew I should have just taken Bella." Now, that hurt.

Bella's brown eyes went huge. "So you wanted to separate me from my sister!"

"You really are a bitch." Amelia stated. "This is why Esme is more of a mother then you will ever be!"

Due to hearing the entire conversation, the mother of the Cullens walked into the room. "I think you need to leave." She stated, and Amelia all but ran to her. Bella following close behind.

"They are my daughter's!" Renee shouted.

"No we aren't!" Bella shouted back.

"Esme I wish you were my birth mother." Amelia added, which earned cold arms holding her closer.

"Why don't you go and cuddle to Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Bella, Edward is worried about you as well." Esme stated. "I will speak with Renee." The two girls left quickly, both upset as they went.

Renee glared at the woman before her, as she thought freakish golden eyes, and unnatural beauty drove her insane. "You stole my daughter's from me." She seethed.

"You stole them from their father, and then as Amelia told us would get drunk and have random men in and out. One even tried to touch Amelia and Bella when they were two, and you did nothing." Esme replied. "Sure, you managed to get clean and fox yourself; but the damage was done."

Renee glared. "Is Bella pregnant, is that why you are determined to keep her..and what is Amelia doing with three men. How can you allow a polymorous relationship?"

"Bella is not pregnant, they haven't even engaged in sexual my son believes marriage needs to come before such things." Esme hissed, her usual calm face twisted in a disgusted snarl. "Also, what do you have against Amelia being happy?"

"You can't be with more than one person, it's a sin!" Renee hissed, which pissed the vampire off.

"It is also a sin to have a divorce, not to mention letting a stranger endanger your children. Also, if you want to bring the "good" book into this. The bible teaches to love the sinner not the sin, that you cannot judge others; for God is the judge." Esme spat. "I love Amelia and Bella, for how they are. They could be pink, love women, want no romantic relations, or what have you. My daughter's, are perfect."

Renee was about to say more, when Carlisle walked into the room. "I ask that you leave, if you wish to stay for the funeral that is fine. However, being that Amelia and Bella are 18, you can't force them to go with you." He explained. "We can call the police if you wish to not go quietly."

Her brown eyes narrowed, but she eventually sighed and began walking out of the room and back down the stairs. Every single Cullen minus Edward glared at her, as did the Volturi guard. Passing the room, where she first spotted her daughter's. Renee could see Amelia sobbing in who she remembered to be Marcus's chest, Are and Caius glaring darkly at the woman when she met their eyes. Looking to Bella, to see the same sight just with Edward both comforting and glaring.

"Amelia, I didn't mean to hurt you." She finally spoke, and in an instant her redheaded daughter stopped sobbing, her head turned to her and Renee was terrified by her daughter. The glare of utter hatred could not be missed, due to all the fire within the green.

"Go." The voice strong and unwavering, who ever this was not her daughter. This was not Amelia, and that thought terrified her now disowned mother.

Renee turned and left, Rosalie went with only because she didn't have a car.

"You released your inner Queen again." Jasper stated, easing the tension smoothly.

Amelia sighed, before she turned and wrapped her arms around Marcus again. "I want to lay down." She whispered, and he instantly picked her up, carrying her to the bedroom they resided in at the Cullen residence. Aro and Caius following close behind, as she was laid down. "You will stay right?"

"Of course." Caius replied, as they quickly situated under the blankets and arms wrapped around her.

Amelia smiled softly, while moving to hold Aro again tonight. Her fingers ran through his hair softly, while cupping his cheek with her other hand. "What is bothering you?" Having noted they were quiet.

"Why did you suppress what your mother's third lover tried to do?" Aro asked. "Had we known, we would have forbidden her to be brought."

Amelia sighed. "It was so long ago, and I wanted to focus on everything that was going on now. Your here, I don't have to worry about that happening again."

"Noone, will lay hand on you like that." Marcus growled. "They would suffer in the worst of ways."

She smiled and nodded, moving her head in a way so she could catch his lips with hers. "I know."

"Rest, mia amore." Caius whispered.

Amelia looked at him, before biting her lip calmly. "When I said to lay down, I didn't exactly mean to rest." She whispered.

"Oh I know." He replied. "However, please we wish for your mind to be stable. We will hold you through this, however."

Amelia nodded softly, enjoying how they respected her. Refusing to take advantage of her weakened mind, it spoke more lengths than anything else.

"I love you." Aro whispered in her ear, and she turned instantly and caught his lips. Her fingers once again tangling with his long mane, as they pressed their bodies together.

"Aro…" She moaned, as they parted so she could breathe. Her saliva and his venom combined in a strand connecting their lips still. "Breaks over." She breathed, before crashing her lips to his again. This time his tongue and hers meeting in a vigor. He casually nipping her tongue, which unfortunately due to his teeth being extremely sharp caused a small open wound. Her blood filled his mouth in soft trickles, before his venom closed the wound.

He forced himself to pull away. "I don't wish to hurt you." He whispered.

"You weren't." She replied, her eyes never leaving his.

"I am glad you enjoyed it." Aro smiled, as she returned to caressing his cheek. "Oh, you enjoyed it more than I thought." He let out one of his cute laughs, that were slightly high pitched.

"Brother, we all can smell her arousal; but she must rest. At least before the newborns are brought before us." Marcus explained, which she instantly understood.

"Right." She giggled, before laying her head on Caius's chest. "My pillow for now?" She giggled at him.

"Do you miss your blonde teddy bear." Aro chuckled again, gaining a glare.

Amelia smiled. "Yes, but you are my teddy bear right now."

Caius smirked, looking at his brother; but was not greeted with a glare. Aro liked being her snuggle buddy, and sure he did to, but now he felt lesser to his brother. He groaned about being called a teddy, but now he wanted his mates warm arms around him. Tonight however, that would not be.

"Caius is feeling a little left out." Aro whispered, and she turned to her blonde mate.

"I can't have that, my sweet warrior deserves to be included." She replied, moving to kiss him softly. Moaning as his tongue was quite skilled, once he got over his shock.

Amelia briefly in this moment thought about what her mother said, that this was a sin, and so it was wrong. But, how does something that is supposed to be so wrong, feel so right? Heaven be damned, as they made her feel ten times then what the great sky could. As she knew that as long as they held her, kissed her, loved her, Amelia knew nothing bad could truly happen. This was hers, they were hers, just as she was theirs.


True to their words, the newborns were brought to them. Bella and Amelia were made to stand back, though the latter refused and sat in Marcus's lap instead. Jane floating to her side for extra protection, as she eyed all the newly turned vampires. Curious on how some of their short immortal lives would end, the only one that she could forsee saving was the little fifteen year old Bree. However she would have to be tried first.

"Do you know who we are?" Aro asked all of them.

"Riley said you were kind of like the police for vampires." One spoke up, his short shaggy blond hair and thin frame stood out slightly. His words making several chuckle, from Amelia's two covens.

"That is a fair comparison." Caius replied. "We are the closest thing to a royal family that you have, we are the judge, jury, and if needed executioners."

"Are you going to kill us?" The girl, Bree spoke, her trembling reminding all that she did not choose this. Her change was not a life or death reason, but simply for her to be a tool. It broke Amelia's heart to see her so terrified.

"Not all of you, we believe some have redemption." She spoke, eyeing the girl sadly.

"Certainly not you, your fate has already been spoken about Bree, Carlisle has agreed to take you in and teach you his ways, if you be willing." Marcus added, looking to his mate with a small smile.

Bree's red eyes went wide flinching when the dark haired one walked in front of her, his hand outstretched, and without thinking she took it. Not understanding he had a gift, like the yellow eyes that she was warned about.

"I see, such tragedy. You were blind sided during a rare family outing, when fully turned you were forced to drain your mother." Aro spoke sadly, and Bree looked even more broken. "Carlisle take her, and get her started she is hungry."

"Jasper will help he adjust." Carlisle whispered, while taking Bree's hand calmly. Both he and his spoken of son left with the newborn, and Amelia smiled that Bree would be sticking around. She felt responsible for the girl, though she didn't know why.

By the end of the trial, about thirty newborns were spared, most that were executed wanted death, the others followed their creator and were liabilities. A small handful were also to young, as twelve was still the age to be considered an immortal child. It broke many hearts to destroy them, but that law had to be upheld. The thirty would be escorted back to Volterra with Felix, and start their new beginning in this life right. They had to learn control, once done they would serve 100 years in the guard, before leaving if they wished.

Needless to say, the day was long and tiring, but a decent outcome came. Bree was alive, and the Volturi had new guard members, some Aro sensed they had gifts lurking underneath. All Amelia knew, was the next two days would be harder than this one.

Can I say this was so difficult, I didn't initially know how to do the I did probaby the easy way...but they aren't nearly as important as The Kings and their Mate. Now what new threats do you suppose they will face? Also when the time comes, should Amelia have a baby?

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